dbs ultimate

Dragon Ball Z Games Graphics Comparison. 

I think that Raging Blast 1 had the best graphics. It could’ve been improved but it was very much near to perfect! 

Which do you think is better?

David can you just not be so cute? Can you just please be a little less cute? For me? Please? Like how can I not think about this:

Its not fair! And seriously the arrogance is just….

Okay being that you probably have god for definite knows how many TV sets, You can probably see this post so please be less this:

And perhaps a little more this:

Oh fuck it! You’re too damn cute no matter what you look like!

And too flirty too!

And Too perfect

Meanwhile this always ends up being me:

Or this:

And yes even this:

Because the sassy cuteness is just too much to take! And you’re probably looking down reading this post and seeing this images of you and looking like this:

Thanx David. Thanx a lot.