Frieza: No Vegeta.

Vegeta: Yes Vegeta.

Goku: Vegeta no.

Vegeta: Vegeta yes.

Dende: Mr. Vegeta no.

Vegeta: Mr. Vegeta yes.

Tarble: Brother no.

Vegeta: Brother yes.

Bulma *quietly*: Vegeta…

Vegeta: Vegeta no.

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What would happen if Bra brought a boy home. Bra: *brings home a new boyfriend* Vegeta: *transforms into Beyond Super Saiyan Blue* Boyfriend: ...Does your dad always have pupils?


You just KNOW that this is exactly how it will happen!

Yeah, I can imagine Veggie being extremely protective of his lil’ girl, especially when the time comes for her to date guys, even though I’m sure that Bra would be able to kick some ass on her own.

Protective Papa Geets is the BEST Geets!

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