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Mom! (Can I call you that?( What's happening with Smackdown?? I'm working and missing it

Okay soooooo Carmella came out talking shit about how she’s Ms. MITB and DBryan can’t do shit about it. All the women have been going to DBryan telling him to fix that shit immediately. He said we should have an official decision soon.
Big E beat Jimmy in a match.
Naomi and Lana are gonna have a rematch next week.

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I guess a photo of just Renee by herself wasn’t interesting enough." Renee by herself isn't interesting enough for anything she does, be it filming a tv show or hosting a show. She needs a more charismatic/experienced person to prop her up at all times and keep her relevant. Without Deano or DBryan at her side, nobody gives a shit.

I know a lot of people said they were excited to have DB back on Talking Smack. It was a tad better than the last several weeks but being honest that isn’t saying a whole lot. 

If Eve kisses Punk, I will throw myself off a bridge. Eve annoys me when she’s in storylines. Wrestling wise, I love her, but we don’t need to add more people into the AJ/Punk/Bryan storyline. It’s fine with just the three of them. The mystery GM ships AJ/Punk, so it should stay AJ/Punk with Bryan being himself and alone and annoying lol.


my reaction to the end of summerslam

I finally hit 1k followers, so I decided to make a follow forever. These blogs fill my dash with flawless, hilarious wrestling shit every single day on Tumblr, so thank you! :)

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