people were fucking wild for dbry but they can’t muster that anger anymore? like, not for sami, not for finn, even, if someone in the company deserves better there’s not the same outcry and rage and rioting for them. the closest thing we got was #GiveEmmaAChance and that led to a sequence of events in which the company mocked her, discredited her, and released her without looking back. like. if you think someone deserves better you find it easier to just give UP and fall into apathy because what’s the point? wwe isn’t listening. what does it matter

wwe is vilifying performers by showing that they have the AUDACITY to want better for themselves, and wwe refuses to acknowledge they they are in control of the booking and it is IN their power to give their employees better, instead just making it…stupid and selfish and laughable to think you deserve better. they did it with emma. they’re doing it with sami. they’re edging towards it with finn. it’s…like. 

the yes movement couldnt happen today. wwe’s just wrung its audience and its performers so thoroughly now that no one even has the energy to try anymore. its. just. yknow

If I hear the following words in WWE, I would die:

-“Look in my eyes. What do you see? The cult of personality!”
-“Let’s light it up!”
-“OH OH it’s time to rock n’ roll!”
-“I think I’m cute… I know I’m sexy!”

WWE showed an Edge retirement package, talked about Christian not wrestling anymore, had Ryback talk about depression and there is a possibility of DBry retiring. 

Whoever wrote this episode of Raw is severely suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

anonymous asked:

Why you hate DB?

First off, Hate is such a strong word. I don’t ‘hate’ him. I don’t even know him. I simply think there is absolutely nothing ‘great’ about him as a wrestler. He is average, really.

He can’t cut a promo. He is vastly overrated. His in-ring skills are not nearly as good as everyone says they are. There is nothing impressive about two submission moves, repeated kicks screaming the word yes, and a running knee. His character is another washed up, crowd pandering face.
He only got over in a storyline that was a stick to Punk for walking out on the WWE. The fans preach that he is constantly misused and mistreated because they can not differentiate between a storyline and reality. He is simply nothing special.

I can make you a list of individuals who are more talented than Daniel Bryan

Seth Rollins - Good promos, plays both a convincing heel and face, best in ring worker in the WWE at the moment, hands down.

Randy Orton - never, ever puts on a bad match. Some people think he is boring on the mic but he has had some fantastic promos, especially as heel.

Dean Ambrose - Best wrestler on the mic right now, hands down. Plays his character better than anyone. Out of the park chrarisma

Cesaro - Could use a new gimmick but way better in the ring than Bryan and could make a very good funny face or heel.

Wade Barrett - Even with an accent that could be hard to understand he cuts some of the best promos in the company. Never, ever puts on a bad match. Good look too. 

Bray Wyatt - great on the mic - even when he repeats the same thing every week.

The Miz - I will get hate for this one but it is the truth. Miz can sell any character, the annoying heel, the cocky arrogant hollywood actor, the goofy face and do an killer promo doing it.

Damien Sandow - So athletic, much better in ring work than Daniel Bryan. Also cuts extremely good promos and can carry any gimmick.

Chris Jericho - Best promos ever. Amazing in the ring, never puts on a bad match, plays both the face and hell perfectly.

Sheamus - he might not be the best at promos -but he ALWAYS puts on a five star match, even with wrestlers who have difficulty having five star matches.

Dolph Ziggler - Dolph can be overhyped but he is AMAZING in the ring and can cut a decent promo. Didn’t flop as a face even though he was a fantastic heel. Also a crowd panderer, which is annoying but makes up for it with Charisma and flawless in ring work.

So yes, Daniel Bryan is over-hyped and overrated.