In line with the theme for this week’s outfits of staple pieces, I think a light blue dress shirt is the most versatile next to white.  I also had this shirt custom made for me a month or so after my white shirt by the same shirt-maker.  It, too, got worn a plethora of times.  I definitely feel that I got my money’s worth from it.

I also consider Chukka Boots to be a staple piece.  It is like the big brother of the Desert Boots.  Again, the last is quite bulbous, and some may not wear them with suits.  I personally think they look great with almost all aesthetics.

Suit:  Thick as Thieves

Shirt:  Custom made by Mr. Lee (in West Los Angeles, CA)

Tie:  J. Crew

Pocket square:  J. Crew

Boots:  Alden

THANK YOU ALL for your Bday wishes!!! Every year I’m blessed to have a family that loves me, a wife that conpletes me,the absolute best mother a son could ask for, one more year with my beautiful grandma, my boys who bring laughter to my hectic life day after day #Mancave and #DBNT a career that pays the bills and this passion for photography that allows me to meet new families, babies, couples and allows me to be a part of their intimate and special life….you were great 31, welcome me in 32!!! Cheers to another year of life! (at MY BDAY!)

This brown bomber has been hanging in my garage on a wire hanger for as long as I could remember. After walking past it x-thousand times I put it on to discover it now fits me perfectly. In the pocket was a Muni Transfer from 1994 - a little under two weeks shy of being exactly 19 years old, probably the last time it was ever worn. #DAMN! #SFMuni #Dadsoldjacket #19fuckingyearsofjustchillin #dbnt