A little food for thought #2

So the wife is watching Dragon Ball Super(DBKai) and I remembered seeing that Kishitmoto said Boruto is his Gohan and Sasuke is Piccolo. 

Ok let’s then check the differences between Dragon Ball Super and Boruto:

1) Piccolo does NOT have his own child to train, he trains Gohan out of goodwill only. Sasuke on the other hand HAS his own fucking child to train, who he does NOT give a shit about and ABANDONS in order to train Boruto. 

2) Gohan actually DOES love his father Goku even if said father spends most of his time training or fighting, because when he’s NOT training or fighting, he’s home with his kids, playing with them, going out, living a normal life with them. Boruto on the other hand doesn’t get to see his shit father even when said father isn’t doing jack shit, Naruto simply does NOT LIKE his own son and AVOIDS THE FUCK out of being near him, and that causes Boruto to HATE his father.

Now let’s take a small twist and compare Vegeta and Bulma to Sasusaku (lol) since SStards like to compare both couples so much:

1) Vegeta actually DOES love Bulma and Trunks, that is EXPLICITED often in Dragon Ball Super, from Vegeta using the ugly uniform Bulma made for him ONLY because she made it for him and his protecting her ALL THE TIME and ACTUALLY INTERACTING WITH HER often without ever treating her badly to the fact that HE trains Trunks and has a HEALTHY father-son dynamic with him, so much so that he ends up training Goten with Trunks because he KNOWS his own kid and appreciates the fact that they fight better together. Oh, and Vegeta LIVES happily with Bulma and Trunks. 

Now let’s analyze Sasusaku (lol):

Sasuke does NOT live with Sakura and Sarada, he REFUSES to train Sarada, he has ONLY MET Sarada when she was fucking TWELVE years old (and worse yet, he spent those 12 years away doing a USELESS mission that yielded ZERO results) having NEVER contacted her or Sakura before that, he NEVER even looks at Sakura’s way when she needs to be protected, hell, he won’t even HELP PAY THE FUCKING BILLS and he STILL TREATS SAKURA LIKE SHIT WHENEVER SHE’S AROUND HIM. 

Isn’t it ironic that Kishimoto wants to compare his HORRIBLE story to Toryiama’s actually GOOD familial dynamics?