Sam Winchester Smut Daddy’s Birthday

    A/N- This was supposed to be up last night but by the time i got done trying to fix the shower, i worked out and showered, it was past midnight and i was beat. Anyway, here it is :) I love you guys, enjoy!! <3

     Laying on the couch on top of Sam, your legs were open around his, your back against his chest. You rested your head on his shoulder, your arms around his neck. “What do you want for your birthday, baby?” You asked, your fingers running through his hair.

     Sam’s hands traveled down your sides slowly, resting on the front of your hips. “You know…” He began, running one hand further to cup your heat. “I want you to call me daddy..” Sam’s breath tickled your collar bones as he leaned his head forward to kiss your chest. “Yes Daddy…” You moaned out, his hand starting to rub you through your jeans.  

    Pressing your head against his shoulder, you squeezed your lips shut, trying to conceal the moans that threatened to escape. Sam smiled widely, as he moved his hand and undid your jeans. Slowly, he pushed his hand down, making sure his index finger ran along your slit. Your breath ragged, you brought one of your hands from his neck to his hand that rested upon your hip and intertwined your finger. “Do you like that, Princess?” He asked, slowly inserting a finger. “Fuck- Daddy yes.” Your back arched and he hit your G spot,  causing you to groan loudly.

   Foot steps came from down the hall in the bunker and you turned your head to Sam. “Grab the blanket or I’ll stop..” Sam sat up so you could grab it, fanning it out on both of you. Dean walked into the living room, holding three beers. Sam removed his finger from your dripping core and your breath hitched. “You okay?” Dean raised an eyebrow and you nodded. “She has a headache..” Sam said kissing your cheek. Dean made an ‘ew’ face and left back to the library.

    Sam placed the beers on the table, running his hand back down your body and dipping his finger inside your core. But this time, he kept his thumb on your clit, causing your legs to shake. Biting your lip harshly, you closed your eyes, trying to conceal every little pornographic moan that threatened to escape your lips. “Daddy..” You barely got out before Sam put his hand over your mouth, kissing your jaw. Thrusting his finger fast, he grazed your g spot multiple times, causing your back to arch and ass rub against him.

   Sam thrusted his hips up onto you, feeling his hard on through your jeans. Slowly, you began to clench around him, your walls closing. Just as your juices started to flow out, Sam removed his hand, bringing it up to his lips.  Sucking the juices off, he put his hands down and buttoned your jeans. Tapping your thigh, Sam sat up and grabbed you. Picking you up, he carried you down the halls, taking you to his room.        

    Throwing you down on the bed, Sam immediately took off his shirt, then quickly pushed his pants and boxers down. You bit your lip, quickly removing your clothing. Sam watched, his cock twitching as he brought his hand down to wrap around himself. Turning around, you bent down on all fours, opening yourself wide. Hearing Sam’s breath hitch, you assumed he was pumping himself. “Daddy please fill me..” You moaned, waiting for his cock.

   Pulling the pillow down and under your chest, you felt Sam come behind you, his cock pressed against your core. His pre cum was hot on your slit as he ran the tip through your folds, spreading your wetness. Moaning, you gripped the back of the pillow, biting the front as he put his tip in your entrance, shoving himself in. “Daddy you’re so big..” You moaned loudly, clenching your jaw as he stretched you in a way only he could manage. You felt his cock sides run across your walls, your body shaking from pleasure.

    “You’re so fucking tight, baby girl..” Sam’s thrusts were fast, bringing his hand around your front as he held your hip with the other. He ran his index finger up your slit, his cock still filling you as he started to run fast, harsh circles on your clit. “F-fuck..” You moaned, pushing your back down. Sam moaned as your walls clenched around his thick cock, your juices running down his length. “S-Shit Y/N..” Sam groaned as he quickly pulled out and ran his tip across your clit, your legs shook violently as he pulled away, shoving himself back inside you. Buried deep, Sam continued to push harshly inside you, his cock twitching as he came hard inside you, his hot cum filling you. Moaning, Sam pulled out, slowly laying next to you. “I love you, beautiful..” His breathing fast, he pushed a lock of hair behind your ear, pulling you down to kiss his soft lips. “I love you too, Daddy…”