The curve of his lips, his jaw line strong, the way he laughs with his forehead scrunched together and all his perfect teeth showing and how he puts everything into it, just listen to how great his voice is, imagine him saying “_____I love you” over and over again, His crazy, perfectly messy “sex” hair,  his lovely lovely eyes with their chocolate brown color tinted gold (like a night time fire reflected off the sand), how strong his hands look and how defined his body was in The First Time, he’s the perfect size for you to curl up next to and wrap your arms around while giving him a hug, just the thought that he’ll do anything to make you smile and laugh, he dresses so comfortably but yet it works for him, he doesn’t have to try, he looks good in everything, I don’t know, it might just be the way I see him.

But…like…how can you just not find Dylan O'Brien Attractive in some way or another?