DBSK au meme: dystopian world

They lived in a society made up of people who’d all been brainwashed into subservience upon birth.  A society where everyone was given different thoughts according to what category they’d been deemed as at birth ( Official or Worker) .  'Happiness’ came in the form of a pill called ‘Noridem.’ Upon taking one pill, a person achieved a dream like state that remained until the next day, then it’d be time for another pill. 

Neither of them had ever given much thought to the things their superiors fed them, of course, that was mostly because questioning the superiors’ authority was forbidden.  Every day they simply did what their roles as 'officials’ called for. Life had been great, until today when they found a seemingly harmless notebook in the storage room at work . With every page they turned, they started to realize how revolting the 'perfect’ world they lived in was. They started to question everything they’d ever known and who they were. They’d been lied to their entire lives and had been blindly following someone who ruled based upon his twisted notions of what a perfect world was.  

Fifteen minutes had passed since they’d finished looking over the tattered notebook.  Since then, no one had said a word. What could be said in such a situation? 

Yunho was the one who finally broke the silence, “It won’t be long for them to show up." 

The other four men shared the same agitated expression as they glanced at the nearby door. As unsettling as their reality now was, they knew they had to act quick if they wanted to survive. Jaejoong was the first to make a move, the other four followed as the door opened and the sound of nearby sirens reached their ears.

Who knew what life now held for them. For now, they could only hope to make it out alive….