Sometimes I really miss second generation kpop. Not only the groups and music, but the way they interacted with each other and fans but also the type of shows and hilarious behavior in them. I really miss DBSK as five with that bond of brotherhood.  SS501 with the constant  bickering of Tom and Jerry. U-Kiss with Kibum and weird Alexander. Hanchul who stole my heart and Kibum of SUJU with his amazing smile. Ah, second generation kpop brought us so many wonderful groups to love, Wonder Girls, B2ST, 2PM, SHINee etc.  I am nostlagic today and wonder if I am the only one who misses this era.  Does anyone miss old style Kpop sometimes or just me?


But of course, Yoochun just had to top his fellow DB5K members audition. 😂😂😂

I wish that I live in an alternate world where DB5K is still in one group. 😭