This is my personal #truth if you have never gone to the end of yourself then you really don’t know the depths of your mind,body, and soul. The limitless potential which waits within you is truly beyond compare but you must be guarded because it gives way for you to be victim to the darkness which waits to devour you, but it also gives way to #spirit of #god to bring you to a place of freedom and peace you can never fathom. I was told once one can not know the fruits of the spirit according #christ like joy, peace, and love without knowing suffering, pain, & heartache only then can you appreciate it. #jesuschrist #faith #db3life #believer #revelation #meditation

If this quote bothers you then he is speaking about you as apart of that society. We must #detach, #realign and #meditate on the course and the path that it will lead. With a society of propaganda built on buzzwords and suggestive programming we have come to believe in the us against them scenario then even more division comes within the subculture with phrases such as “haters,” “thirsty,” and derogatory views of self such as “bad bitch,” or “real niggas!” I know I’m guilty of a few of them as well but we must begin to change the programming internally to propel it externally! #Jesus said it best, “ The world hates itself because it is in darkness and you are called to be the light of the world!” #conqueror #peculiar #prophetic #db3life

I’m not sure if he actually said this, but I do agree with the words! The bar has been set! It has to be about something more than just a physical attraction!#truth #malcolmx #db3life

#revelation after this mornings #prayer and #meditation time. Before you begin to transform the world around you then you must begin to venture inside the inner space to discover that, which holds you back. Once you realize it then don’t ignore it, but release it so that you don’t fall victim on your journey to your higher understanding which reveals your purpose. #enlightened #igphilosper #zenbuddhamoment #db3life #spiritual