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Day 8 - Favourite Anime Couple

Vegeta x Bulma

Ah geez, where do I start? They are my ultimate OTP after all! I think of everything I’ve seen, Vegeta has the best character development by far and I think that’s a lot to do with Bulma. After Namek, she allowed him to stay with her at Capsule Corp and was one of the only characters to start trusting him. Even after Vegeta pushed her away because he refused to show emotion towards anyone, she persisted because she truly believed that Vegeta could be a decent person underneath it all. Although it took a while for him to start acting like he loved Bulma, even after they had Trunks he didn’t seem to care! But after he realised he had to swallow his pride and protect the ones he loved in the Buu saga, their love became so unique! Their marriage isn’t the most traditional of course, but It works really well and the rare (Until Dragon Ball Super showed up!) and cute moments they share just make it the perfect pairing!

30 Day Anime Challenge


Better than Zoolander vs Hansel, the epic battle of poses between cats super models: Zarathustra vs David Bowie! #FatCatArt
Young and dynamic DB challenged the famous master of poses, Zarathustra the Cat! Who will strike the best pose? 😻 #zoolander #supermodelcat #supermodel #battle #zarathustralive

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Day 18 - Favourite Supporting Female Character

Bulma Briefs

Does Bulma even count as a ‘supporting’ character? I don’t even know anymore…But either way she deserves appreciation. Bulma is one of my favourite Dragon Ball characters to be honest, A lot of people would say she’s useless because she can’t fight but are they forgetting she made most of the technology they use in the show? Like seriously this woman is a complete genius and I really like how even though she’s really intelligent, they didn’t feel like they had to turn her into some anti-social geek girl; like Bulma is stylish as heck! Anyway, she’s also half of my OTP and I’m in love with the fact that she plays such a huge role in Vegeta’s amazing character development. Not to mention she’s sassy as heck, she even slapped Beerus for God’s sake! 

That’s my BULMA!!

30 Day Anime Challenge


I work from home, so there is no expectation or requirement that I wear a tie. I could stay in my pajama pants and t-shirt all day. But, I refuse to fall into that trap. As a personal kick in the pants, I decided that Friday will be ‘formal,’ which for me means full suit. Some of my suits would not pass muster in a formal work environment, but I like having an excuse to wear one.

Here, I’ve paired my gray flannel DB with a green PS and a paisley tie in blue, green, pink and orange. The tie is a new eBay acquisition after my partner indicated she likes it when I wear paisley. 

Behind me you can see a map of the world. I’m busy plotting my take-over…



This is what I wore the day I did my comprehensive exam. 

This is about as conservative as I get. In theory, it’s a very conservative outfit (red socks notwithstanding). In practice, however, a trim double breasted on a young man is not particularly conservative, since you will definitely call attention to yourself. That’s why dressing well is all about context. Think of this as my take on conservative business dress.


Pattern Mixing

This would be destroyed by the Style Forum community. There is a trope over there that pulling off denim and tailored jackets is next to impossible. Also, what the hell am I doing wearing desert boots with a double breasted jacket? I’m experimenting. 

Recently, I’ve been greatly informed by the ‘coherent combinations’ thread that I’ve posted about. But, today I decided to make a wild departure from that. I’ve put together four patterns, trying to be cognizant of mixing scale. I do not have enough options in my wardrobe to play with textures and materials as much as I might have liked.

On the bottom I’ve gone totally casual. I think it looks pretty great, although others might think it incoherent.