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Fun-A-Day Drawing: Jan 1

New England Offset Map

Pen, pencil, watercolor

9" X 12"


Per the urging of the ever-wise Tim Lillis, I signed up for Fun-A-Day tonight as a creative challenge. The process/outcome; I create (and post) one piece per day under the very general theme of New England landscape. Here we go…piece one

From Boston Fun-A-Day website:

FUN-A-DAY 2013!
Project starts JANUARY 1st
Ends JANUARY 31st

The GOAL: 
Begin the new year by doing something FUN/creative EVERY DAY for the month of JANUARY and document it!

Street Wear Map

Mapping of sneakers hanging from power lines between the Orange and Red line subway alignments in greater Boston.

Arch GIS, Google Street View, Illustrator, Photoshop

8" X 9"

February, 2013

Massachusetts’ Premier Ecological Engineer

In a moment of artistic ambivalence, I thought this creation may be too twisted for the fun-a-day project, but CC gave it two opposable thumbs up…so voila, behold the Massecoengicana, premierum.

Pen, ink, carbon transfer on paper.

Erratic Wisconsinan Gift
Ink, graphite, colored pencil and carbon transfer on paper
8.5 x 11”

Gift wrapping can totally make the gift. Add a ribbon and a quick Geology 101 and the big boulder is now a glacial erratic from the last ice age.

Jorgensen, Neil. A Sierra Club Naturalist’s Guide; Southern New England. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books. 1978.

Thorson, Robert M. Stone by Stone; The Magnificent History in New England’s Stone Walls. New York: Walker & Company. 2002.


“Sol LeWitt Hikes Mount Monadnock in Cambridge Music Room”*

Inspired by Sol LeWitt’s wall drawing #797 and views of Mount Monadnock.

1. Trace crest of favorite mountain in Illustrator.

2. Multiple Y value crest line by three for exaggerated mountain profile.

3. Copy exaggerated profile in black marker along top of wall.

3. Offset profile with four color markers to represent mountain in the distance.

4. Repeat offsets until you run out of wall.

5. Enjoy wall drawing for the price of 5 permanent markets.

11 X 7’

September 2011

*Collaboration with CC McGregor

Landscape Urbanism Bin

Digital media, Adobe PS3

April 2012

“Outdoor metal recycler and trash receptacle. Manufactured out of heavy duty aluminum. Will not rust. Can be finished in any of our Hammertone Powdercoat finishes. Hinged lid for easy access to liner”

-Intrex online catalog

Source image: http://www.intrexfurniture.com/products/product_detail.php?item=152

Sure, you can go to Brimfield to instagram rusty bicycles…or you can source unique site furnishings for your residential design clients. Vintage steel mill bin* ($35) with recycled mahogany top (custom) and cast iron cauldron ($40) are coupled with Woodard mesh sculptra patio chairs to fit the client’s industrial meets mid-century outdoor aesthetic.

*The hand-painted “8” puts this piece over!

Print Series Study

Series of six, two-color prints featuring images for stone wall field guide. Wall types currently being considered include: Dump Wall, Farm Wall, Tossed Wall, Gentleman’s Wall, Debris Wall, Retaining Wall, Pasture Wall, Stacked Wall, etc…..

Mixed media: pencil, ink, colored pencil, dab of PS.