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Aston Martin DBS V12 517cv 570N.m 1695kg 307km/h 0-100 en 4.3sec Prix en 2008 : 241 400€ Prix en 2015 : 140 000€


Have you ever wanted to see Saitou dual-wielding swords?

Okay, could just be me. But in this case his alter ego (because let’s be honest here) is using Shotsuren and Daitsuren, the Yukimura blades AND reputedly Suzuka Gozen’s own swords. 😍

I will say this: I picked the right route.

Big surprise, my favourite characters are a Yukimura who is suspiciously like Saitou and an Amagiri who reminds me of both Amagiri and Harada. 😊 I don’t mind being predictable - we all are which is why these games do well.

Shin gets awesome lines though. I just can’t imagine him with anyone other than himself… 😂

On the whole, I’m having fun, which is cool, and I’m enjoying the history (Japanese and Oni). And most of it doesn’t align too badly with previous headcanons or the framework of Teachings of Demons, so yay!

This game isn’t Hakuouki, and I *really* miss the voice acting, but it’s not bad either: I categorize it on the high side for a mobile adaptation of a spinoff.

Final note: as @kurokiorya has pointed out, the art is done by the same artist who did Code Realize. 👍 Sorry @shell-senji… I know that makes it worse!

PS shall I go on sharing screenshots?
PPS I’ll tag any spoilers as db spoilers.
PPPS My theories on furies are working out well so far!