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I might have watched over and over the last DBS ep for like 4 hours or so :3c. I never thought these 5 would team up!! And it’s a dream come true UwU


Gods of Destruction and their speculative name meanings!

  1. Iwen = Wine
  2. Helles/Herres/Jerez = Sherry (Jerez means sherry in Spanish, Jerez is pronounced like herres)
  3. Mosco= moscato
  4. Quietela = tequila
  5. Arak = arak (anise flavored alcohol)
  6. Champa = champagne
  7. Beerus = beer
  8. Liquir = Liquor
  9. Sidra = Cider
  10. Rumoosh = Rum
  11. Vermoud = vermouth
  12. Jin/Geen = gin

Note: spelling and meanings may change as the official English translations are made available!

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Top 5 favorite couples?

I’m gonna assume you mean in anything, and bear in mind I’m including some runners up as this was a hard choice.

Krillin x Android 18 (Dragon Ball)

Jio Freed x Ruby Crescent (O-Parts Hunter)

Peter Parker x Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man/Marvel)

Black Star x Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater)

Touma Kamijou x Mikoto Misaka (Raildex series)

Goku x Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)

And honorable mentions:

Ryuuji Takasu x Taiga Aisaka (Toradora)

Daniel Jackson x Vala Mal Doran (Stargate SG-1)

Music Correspondences: The Elements

So I’m still a newbie witch, but since I found out about different types of magic, I wanted to try writing spells using music. Since I am still new to this community, please correct me if I am not approaching this the correct way, but this is the information I have collected. (If this goes well, I do plan on writing spells using these).

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What are some things you hate about Super?

The things I dislike about super so far are: 

1. The story arches are either really boring that I don’t care to watch it. Like for example, Frieza saga. OR the story ideas are good but then executed poorly. I other words I feel they could have done something more interesting. Like for example Black Goku saga, Champa Saga tournament,  and so far the current Universe tournament saga.  Those arches aren’t bad or anything but it’s just not something where I go “Wow!! I want to know what happens next!!” It’s more like “meh, just watch it cause I don’t have any other anime to watch really or I want time to pass by” 

PS: I admit there are some parts that did keep me on my toes but then it’s like the next episode dies and I’m like oh …oh ok never mind. 


((In the anime it’s not too bad because it does make you think that they are having a misunderstanding. In the anime Vegeta does not specify what he is talking about.))

BUT on the manga it does very much sound like Goku never kissed Chichi because this time on the manga Vegeta specifies that he is talking about kissing. And Goku replies with Of course not! 

3. The part where Goku tells Vegeta who cares if you train while Bulma is pregnant. 

And then how he seems not to feel bad at all that he was dead when Chichi was pregnant. (and we know that while he was dead he was training and fighting opponents in other world) So for me, he seems to be like lol, hey vegeta I still trained while Chichi was pregz cause I was dead. She wasn’t mad at all.

4. Half of the fight scenes (or most) are animated very poorly. I just don’t feel the punches and adrenaline like in their old DBZ animated fights…….

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Also, for me personally you could feel the raw emotion more on DBZ

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Than DBS…..

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5. I still dislike how they made this cute scene on the anime (that was both a Briefs and Son family moment) into a Briefs family ONLY moment on the manga.  

6. This is minor, but I just didn’t like how in this scene Goku had Goten on his back and he just gets up very quickly (almost seems like he forgot goten was on his back or he didn’t care) and then you see goten thrown off goku’s back rudely. Personally I just didn’t like it. I can’t remember the episode and can’t find a longer GIF that shows goten getting thrown off but this was part of the scene. 

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7. So far from what I’ve seen on the DBS manga chapters, I feel like it’s mostly about Goku + Vegeta, or Goku + Vegeta + Bulma, or Vegbul, Or Trunks x Mai. than any other characters…

8. When Goku acted kind of annoying on these scenes: 

1. When he kept nagging about whis training him 

2. When he wanted Zeno to hold a universe tournament and kept being a block head. (he was such a shit head on this episode. I know you want to fight but geez goku….) 

Ya for the most part that is what I dislike about DBS.