dazzling darling

hello my darlings! so a bit of news, i’m going on hiatus for 2-3 weeks! 
i’m going vacationing! i will miss being here and talking all the time with you lovelies, i’ll miss you a heckuva lot, but i will be here on IMs (hopefully) or skype (maybe-lly)! 
replies have all been drafted/queued, and i will see you all again very soon.
smooches! <3 


that scene when he is the only one who’s not participating in screaming..

when he sheepishly laughed like this..

and i saw that competitiveness turned on during the game.. ^_^

idk but HE IS JUST SO CUTE for an ahjussi ~ 

just as suave as this ~ so effortless ^_^

and that super cool 2nd attempt sniper SHOT XD

even when he is shocked he is just as dazzling.. 

no even if he is just staring like this.. so so so dazzling.. my darling..


but by the end of the day.. all i remember is this RICSYUNG :))) which made him super handsome in my eyes.. ps. thank you for taking care of Eric Ssi ^^


Stage Fright (Shigure x Soleil)

Soleil was bouncing on her toes. She had never felt this nervous about anything. Her breathing was rapid and drops of sweat were forming on her head. “Shigure, I can’t do this,” she protested.

Shigure had taken Soleil under his wing to teach her to sing. Though initially Soleil had wanted to learn to sing to woo cute girls, she’d eventually found herself wooed by Shigure himself. Soon after they began dating, and dates usually involved singing practice. Soleil now had a new reason to sing. After months of practicing, her singing, though not nearly as good as Shigure’s, was up to par for a performance.

“Relax, Soleil.” Shigure embraced her from behind, hoping to calm her nerves. “Waiting to go on stage is the worst part. Once you get out there and begin, you lose yourself in the performance.”

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