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the main four + mettaton receiving a kiss on the corner of the mouth from their crush after a day of hanging out?


…heh. Wow, he knew you were sweet, but he wasn’t expecting so much sugar. He wasn’t expecting you to just lay one on him like that. Don’t worry, he’s not mad though. Just…kind of out of it, for a little while. It takes him a few seconds to process, but after that he’s on cloud nine. He spends the rest of the day spouting the worst puns possible, all with a huge (genuine) grin on his face. Despite the fact that the puns drive Papyrus crazy, he can’t help but note how happy his brother looks.


OH!! He’s fallen right into your trap!! You mastermind!! You fiend!! You devil!!! Well, now he has no choice!!! He, the Great Papyrus, will do you the honor of becoming your date-mate!!! …That is why you kissed him right?? Of course it was! Your feelings (& subsequently his feelings as well) are very obvious!!! Don’t think this has ended just yet date-mate, he’s still got a trick up his sleeve! It’s…HOLDING YOUR HAND!!!!


Ah. Fufufu, you sneaky little devil!! You totally got her, holy crap!! I hope you like noogies, because she’s giving you noogies. You might have caught her off-guard, but don’t count on doing it again!! She’s gonna get you back for this–with a couple hundred smooches of her own!!! …If that’s okay with you, that is.


…?? She just kinda stands there blankly for a minute, completely oblivious, before the realization just smacks into her like a train. Her entire face goes red & next thing you know she’s screaming internally like a stereotypical anime girl. All the while rambling about how ohmygod was that a kiss did you just kiss her she totally wasn’t prepared her breath probably smells & she didn’t even kiss you back ohmygod are you going to kiss again can you please???


Oh! Goodness darling, if you wanted a kiss, you could have just asked. He quickly returns the favor, planting one on your cheek with as much glamour & pizzazz as he can muster. If you really wanted to dazzle him, darling, you would have aimed a little more to the left. No problem, though, you just need a little practice~.

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Any headcanons for Sidon with an s/o that is just as romantic as he is, if not more?

(You guys better prepare yourself for some major diabetes from all the sweetness I’m about to throw in your direction~ Enjoy!~)

Romantic S/o:

Warnings: Extreme levels of sap and sweetness

  • Sappy Flirting 24/7

- Romantics are known to have a unique way with words, Sidon himself uses is able to string long speeches of praise with a wide vocabulary fitting of a well-educated Prince

- Though most of the time he does not intend to talk so much he is able to talk up a storm without losing a single bit of the passion and love that he is trying to convey to the person he cares for

- So, you’d have to be a really good smooth talker because his sweet words only get sweeter when he has a partner to shower them in meaning that your discussions will often be an exchange of playful and passionate flirts

- Every conversation would have a dash of romantic sweetness because of your flirting

- Everyone is convinced that you two are stuck in a permanent “honeymoon phase,” regardless if you’re married or not, because of how ridiculously sweet you are to each other

- Any chance you get you are wrapped around each other going back-and-forth with witty lines that belong in a sappy poem or romantic play, not a casual conversation between two lovers

- “My pearl, you’re absolutely radiant today, if you leave this bed I am afraid the sun will be ashamed.”
“But my prince, if I do not leave then I fear that I will blind your dazzling eyes.”

- “Darling dearest, I would give anything to freeze this moment so we could stay in it together.”
Sweet treasure of mine, then how would we create new memories together?”

- “Oh sweet prince, does your mighty strength know no bounds?”
“I’m afraid not, my sweet minnow, for if I was not so strong I would not be able to protect your beauty from the cruelties of the world.”

- Sidon adores being able to share these moments together, he loves expressing his passion to you and if he gets some equally sweet words back when he does then it is a win-win scenario for him

  • Pet Names Galore

- (probably noticed it already but) The amount of times that you use pet names are through the roof, neither of you can go one sentence without addressing the other by one of the infinite number of nicknames that you have created for each other

- It starts out teasingly but rather quickly it becomes a tradition between the two of you to call each other by cute nicknames and occasionally you will sit down cuddle up together as you go back-and-forth addressing each other by one name after another

- You call Sidon: My prince, My sweet prince, Darling dearest, Darling, My love, Zora of my dreams, My one and only, Fishy wonder, Prince Charming, My knight, My anchor, My king, etc.

- Sidon calls you: My pearl, My sweet pearl, Princess, My treasure, Little minnow, Envy of the heavens, My angel, Beloved, Precious, My everything, The object of my affections, My queen, etc.

  • Date Nights

- You two have a special game where you try to surprise the other on free days trying to see who can surprise the other the most with a super romantic date to help them de-stress after their long day (you do it most of the time)

- But you also plan to have dates on certain days of the week where the two of you can sit together, enjoy a nice meal, have some fun (take that as you please), and just enjoy each other’s company

- They’re always super extravagant and over the top because the two of you are hopeless romantics who adore showering each other in the finest of all things

- A trail of rose petals leading toward a room lit only by the many candles carefully placed around the room illuminating the full meal laid out on the floor ready to be fed lovingly to whoever followed the guidance of the petals

- A visit to a secret waterfall illuminated by colorful paper lamps made by hand and strung along the trees outlining the secret oasis that only the two of you will be in

  • Playfully One-Upping Each Other

- Just like with the dates, the two of you have an unspoken game where you try to playfully out-romance each other by going out of your way to top whatever the other does with surprise visits and dates, gifts, grand gestures, etc

- If Sidon delivers breakfast to your bedroom when he must leave early to carry out some tasks around the palace, then you will make sure to bring him lunch in his office and treat him to a sweet desert to get their mind off work for a bit

- If you find a pretty gem on the bank of a river while swimming and bring it to Sidon as a memento of how the most beautiful things can be found in the most unexpected places, then Sidon will have the gem crafted into a dazzling piece of jewelry so that the beauty can be put on full display of something just as beautiful

- If Sidon can take the rest of the day off and decides to spend his time with you, then you will be sure to pamper him to help him de-stress and reward him for working so hard for the kingdom

- If your favorite outfit is ruined, then Sidon will quickly have a more resilient and finely tailored outfit made just for you

- If his favorite bow breaks, then you will have a stronger, sleeker bow crafted to replace it

  • Everyone Around You Is Gagging On The Inside

- The two of you are almost dangerously sweet together and while everyone loves seeing the two of you so happy when you get lovey-dovey and start spouting your Shakespearean words some people simply can’t handle that amount of raw love and devotion

- You’re just too sweet and when you coo at each other and exchange light kisses because romantics like you two are definitely big on PDA

- Only around casual company that is, not any of the political or official people that Sidon often meets with being the Prince and future heir

- Which means that your closest friends get front row seats whenever the two of you start being affectionate toward each other, whether they like it or not (third wheeling everybody whoo!)

- The two of you would probably be too caught up in each other to notice the awkward and slightly disgusted tension in the room until Link or one of the others says or does something to get your attention and remind you where you are

- Link would probably be the first of everyone to snap you out of your love trance but mostly for the sake of everyone else

- He thinks it’s great that you two are so close and he doesn’t really like interfering with people’s personal business, but could you maybe tone down the canoodling just a little

- You’d probably break away for the sake of your friends but you wouldn’t stop completely and you might slip back into it again (whoops)


that scene when he is the only one who’s not participating in screaming..

when he sheepishly laughed like this..

and i saw that competitiveness turned on during the game.. ^_^

idk but HE IS JUST SO CUTE for an ahjussi ~ 

just as suave as this ~ so effortless ^_^

and that super cool 2nd attempt sniper SHOT XD

even when he is shocked he is just as dazzling.. 

no even if he is just staring like this.. so so so dazzling.. my darling..


but by the end of the day.. all i remember is this RICSYUNG :))) which made him super handsome in my eyes.. ps. thank you for taking care of Eric Ssi ^^

Two Demons & a Winchester

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I request a Supernatural oneshot where Crowley and Cain are fighting over Sam and Dean’s sister?

Here you are, lovely! Sadly, I do not own Crowley, Cain or the Winchesters. They belong to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: Um…none that I can think of unless Fluff actually counts

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader x Cain, mentions of Sam and Dean

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You never thought you’d find yourself in this situation. Never. You were a hunter for goodness sake and a Winchester! Demons and all other forms of monsters were all in line to kill you. Not to date you. Yet, here you were listening to two demons fighting over you. They didn’t know you could hear them since you had stopped around the corner when you heard the raised voices.

               "And why should she be interested in the Father of Murder? Y/N is a woman of class despite growing up with Moose and Squirrel,“ you heard Crowley say. You weren’t sure if you should be flattered or offended by that comment. “She is indeed a woman of class, which means she would be interested in a gentleman, something you are not,” Cain’s calm voice argued with the King of Hell. You honestly couldn’t believe your ears. They were both interested in you?

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Stage Fright (Shigure x Soleil)

Soleil was bouncing on her toes. She had never felt this nervous about anything. Her breathing was rapid and drops of sweat were forming on her head. “Shigure, I can’t do this,” she protested.

Shigure had taken Soleil under his wing to teach her to sing. Though initially Soleil had wanted to learn to sing to woo cute girls, she’d eventually found herself wooed by Shigure himself. Soon after they began dating, and dates usually involved singing practice. Soleil now had a new reason to sing. After months of practicing, her singing, though not nearly as good as Shigure’s, was up to par for a performance.

“Relax, Soleil.” Shigure embraced her from behind, hoping to calm her nerves. “Waiting to go on stage is the worst part. Once you get out there and begin, you lose yourself in the performance.”

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