dazzling blossom


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Can’t wait to watch EP 12 (season finale) tomorrow. For my beloved Team TYRANNY is gonna meet Lord Grim, finally! In the meantime, this fanvid of team Tyranny is AWESOME. Captain Han and everyone looks positively DIVINE. This fanart artist is so talented, also the vid was well made. 

Han Wenqing - Desert Dust (striker) 
Zhang Xinjie - Immovable Rock (cleric) 
Zhang Jiale - Dazzling Hundred Blossoms (spitfire) 
Lin Jingyan - Terrifying Dark Cold (brawler) 
Song Qiying - River Sunset (striker) 
Bai Yanfei - Rota (elementalist) 
Qin Muyun - Nine Degrees Below Zero (sharpshooter) 

Guys, there is simply no way I can thank you all enough. I am super grateful for the community that’s gathered around me and all the friends I’ve made in these past 6 months. I honestly had no idea my blog would go this far, but 6 months and 200 followers later, here we are. I’ve said it so many times already, but I love all of you guys and thank you all for your support!

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Wasted Time | Pt. 2


They were out to lunch. Again. Taylor had lost count how many times they’ve done this. Like clockwork, it was a merry-go-round of jumping in and out of cars, sidestepping the scattered photographers, offering a curt nod and slipping inside restaurants and cafés. Hunched over a hummus bowl, they employed the pita triangles to scoop it into their mouths.

Karlie yammered on about Christmas cookies in between mouthfuls while Taylor sat, her whole body buzzing in her seat. Perhaps it was the rush of it all, hiding in plain sight. She had never been able to go out with her romantic counterparts in public without fear of every breath she took getting picked apart the next day. Yet, with Karlie, they flitted about the city, trailed by an admissible amount of lenses, and no one suspected a thing. The whole arrangement had her on a high. It felt like finally winning something she had been losing at for years.

So, you’d better believe she was taking full advantage. Since she got back to New York after wrapping up her tour, it seemed like all she’d done is take her… friend for lunch, late lunch, brunch, afternoon coffee and pastries, dinner, pre-dinner drinks, parties, events,, or any other scenario where she could stare at her from across the table like she currently was, dopey grin and all.

Karlie drew a shape in the air with her finger to illustrate something when she noticed Taylor shamelessly gazing at her, chin in hand.

She giggled, self-conscious all of a sudden, and wasn’t that adorable.

“What?” Karlie asked.

Taylor shrugged and answered, “I just love this, taking you out for lunch and stuff.”

“So you’re paying? Awesome, we’ll get some more appetizers.”

“Good to know I’m still useful.”

Karlie giggled and Taylor could have sworn a few lightbulbs shorted. Or it might have just been her brain.

“Oh, stop. I love it, too,” Karlie assured her, “I love being with you.”

The exchange stalled with Taylor’s pink cheeks and skittish gaze.

That was about as close as they would ever get to the subject, before one of them steered the conversation sharply left.

“So, pizza? I hear its what they’re known for,” Taylor evaded.

Karlie got too lost in the obscenely long toppings list to dwell. Taylor wondered how early was too early to order a drink; a drink drink.

Friends go out for meals all the time. She had an obscene amount of money, so she liked to treat her friends more often than the average person. So what?

Karlie took a hunk out of a slice as soon the plate hit the table. She chomped away on her mouthful and hummed with satisfaction. Taylor’s eye picked up on a smudge of tomato sauce on the corner of Karlie’s mouth.

The romantic comedy playing on loop in her subconscious was probably what inspired her hand to stretch across the table. By the time she realized what she was doing, it was too late to turn back. Taylor’s thumb hovered over her cheek and Karlie continued to chew with a puzzled look on her face.

“Sauce,” Taylor explained but the moment washed over her and the chill of stupidity crawled up her back.

She quickly swiped away the glob and tried to pull her hand back quickly in an attempt to wipe this moment from existence. Karlie had other plans, however, when she grabbed Taylor’s retreating wrist with a smirk.

“Waste not,” she said coyly, popping Taylor’s thumb into her mouth.

It would be a fool’s errand to try and keep track of every time Karlie Kloss had surprised Taylor Swift. This one will just go in the staggering pile with all the rest. She shouldn’t care how soft Karlie’s lips are, but she did, like hell, she did. It wiped her entire consciousness blank for the .5 seconds her skin made contact with them, all slow motion like just those trash teen novels say.

When all the blood rushed back to her brain, Taylor was able to recall her name once again, along with where they were and what they were doing in the first place. Lunch. Pizza place. She slipped her wrist from Karlie’s grip and back into her own possession.

The object of her flushed neck merely sat chewing her pizza, smiling sweetly and drumming her feet on the wooden floor. It made no sense and yet there they sat, as if neither of them were particularly special people in particularly special circumstances.

Taylor’s heart fluttered.

Karlie beamed.

Taylor shoved a piece of pizza into her cheshire grin mouth and was glad for the lack of windows because if you squinted, this could almost be a date.

Said not-dates carried on in as nonchalant of a manner social outings could for Taylor. As spring crept quietly up the chilled streets of the island, texts lit up her phone on random Wednesdays and late Sunday mornings suggesting lunches and park walks.  

Time spent with Karlie began to fill in all the little gaps in her schedule, as easy and unfettered as the bulbs popping up above the dirt in her flower boxes. She drank in Karlie’s warmth and let it thaw the lingering icy parts of her, one’s she’d forgotten about or had merely grown accustomed to.

Funny how a long winter can make you forget what the fresh breath of spring feels like.

Dazzling tulips and poppies blossomed across her rooftop garden, and brilliant smiles bloomed across her cheeks with every secret kiss Karlie pressed to her lips.

There was probably some deep, underlying theme connecting the recurring trend of her falling for someone in the spring like this. A song was in there somewhere.

But that would have to wait, what with Karlie pressed against her back, arms around her waist, lips on her neck. Taylor’s hips dug into the counter edge in her new kitchen, and her spatula hung limp in her right hand. She had been doing something with it, but the thought was long gone as her body leaned back against Karlie. Pecks were replaced with her open mouth and hands fiddled with the front knot of her apron.

A jarring buzz rang throughout the apartment, causing both of them to jump, and Taylor’s spatula equipped hand to flail. Karlie grabbed the clamoring cookie sheet as Taylor composed herself.

“That would be Cara?” Karlie asked, eyes still dark in the amber kitchen light.

Taylor nodded, smoothing out her clothes. She decided to give her racing heart a second before trying words. Karlie strolled over to her and pecked her cheek.

“We can pick that up later,” she assured Taylor, her voice low and suggestive of things Taylor still blushed about. With a wink, Karlie popped a cookie in her mouth before heading out into the foyer. It wasn’t until Karlie left the room that Taylor let out a deep breath she didn’t altogether remember holding.

It was getting harder for her to fall back into ‘friends’ in the company of others. Cara was hardly a stranger, really, but they still kept their distance and kept the mood light. The cookies didn’t last long, and the models helped themselves to a wine bottle that was demolished within the hour. It was all lazy Friday girl talk and bad 90’s pop sing alongs as the night settled into an easy coast.

She was almost in the clear until Karlie jumped up to get another bottle, and Cara’s gaze on her shifted into a skeptical one.

“So, how’s city living going for you,” she chirped from the armchair.

Taylor shrugged, and replied, “Good, not as scary as I thought it would be.”

It was the generic answer she gave in all her interviews, nice and safe.

“‘Course, it must help with Karlie around all the time, or at least it feels like she’s around all the time,” Cara continued.

Taylor shrugged again.

“What is that about, by the way? You two BFF’s now? Gal pals?”

She enunciated her words pointedly with a ghost of a grin, causing Taylor to shift in her seat.

“Pretty much,” she confirmed, smiling what she realized was a terribly fake smile, and not convincing at all.

Cara swirled what was left in her glass and nodded slowly. Perched as aquiline as she was, eyebrow cocked, it gave the otherwise shorter girl quite the intimidating stature. And Taylor was 5’11’’. Without heels. She found herself shrinking into the couch.  

“I mean, Karlie’s great, isn’t she? Like one continuous sugar high or something,” Cara raved with a buzzed giggle.

“I know!” Taylor exclaimed, feeling the buzz herself, “She’s just so damn happy all the time, it’s infectious.”

“Totally, who wouldn’t fall for her, you know? She’s basically perfect,” Cara goaded.

“Tell me about it,” Taylor slipped, praying she didn’t say that out loud.

Her smile faltered and she cleared her throat as Cara peered over her wine glass at her expectantly. Something akin to victory had settled on Cara’s face

“Yeah, I mean, J-Josh is, um, super lucky,” she stuttered, tacking on a nervous laugh to the end. If she could smack herself she would. Where are her cats when she needs them. Actually, where is Karlie with the wine?

With terrible timing, Karlie waltzed into the living room swinging the uncorked bottle in her hand.

“Sorry, took forever to get the cork out,” she elaborated with that charming giggle of hers that Taylor sort of hated right about then. Karlie spotted the stricken look on her face and ventured to ask, “Uh oh, what’s wrong?”

She looked right at Cara who didn’t miss a beat. Cara cleverly claimed Taylor was worried she had left the oven on. Karlie assured her she hadn’t, and wine sloshed suddenly in Taylor’s glass. As soon as the bottle was tipped back, she took a healthy gulp.

As Cara held up her glass to cheers their evening in together, the interrogating stare was gone, replaced by a soft and understanding one.

Upon review, Taylor considered that it might be nice to have someone know. What Cara knew, she wasn’t sure. She wasn’t even sure herself what there was to know.

“To friends,” Cara proclaimed. It was echoed and their glasses clinked together over the ottoman.

Cara threw Taylor a nod, and Taylor sent one right back.