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Can I eat you out...Take you out! (Jason Todd x Reader) Part I

Fluff Jason with some flirty jokes.

This part 1 of 2. This turned out longer than I expected so I had to spilt it up.

Consider this a introduction-The best stuff will be in part 2!

She pronouns used.

-“Anything looking good on the menu?” The waitress asked clicking her pen while pulling out a notepad.

-“I don’t see your name on the menu, but I think that’s what I want.” Roy replied with a smug grin.

The waitress merely cocked an eyebrow and gave a surprised smile.

-“We don’t serve human, but I think our hamburger can fill your particular… cravings.”


He met many women who were different, but you truly were different. Odd might even be a better word. It all started when he and Roy decided to stop by this diner. Upon entering it seemed like two separate diners. One side was fully compromised of only middle aged men who dressed like they were going to star in the next James Bond movie. They all had fresh haircuts and a pocket mirror in their jacket. Looks were obviously the main goal on the right side.

However, on the left was filled with the exact opposite. Ancient men were huddled around the back tables laughing to stories with a cup of steaming coffee. Tired truck drivers with unshaved faces resided to the tables near the door eating a large amount of food before their next trip. And surprisingly young students with thick textbooks stuffed with lined papers sat on the stools nearest to waitress.

The waitress wasn’t much to look at compared to the other dazzling blonde on the right. But Roy was fed up with dazzling blonds due to his most recent one night stand. He slumped to a booth on the left side and opened the menu.

-“Anything look good on the menu?” The waitress asked clicking her pen while pulling out a notepad.

-“I don’t see your name on the menu, but I think that’s what I want.” Roy replied with a smug grin.

Jason gave a slight huff. I guess Roy was willing to flirt with anyone right now.

But the waitress merely cocked an eyebrow and gave a surprised smile.

-“We don’t serve human, but I think our hamburger can fill your particular… cravings.”

This comment made Jason laugh and Roy looked at you with his mouth agape. He never got that reply before… there wasn’t even a tint of blush on your cheeks. You were unaffected.

This got Jason curious. He watched the waitress walk to the kitchen with their order in her hand. She talked to the dazzling blonde who was constantly giving glances to them.

20 minutes later the waitress slid their order onto the table.

-“Hamburger for the human lover and pancakes for the ‘cute’ one.”

-“He gets a compliment, but not me?”

-“I’m just repeating what my co worker thinks of him. You’re the sexy one.”

Roy swerved his head to the dazzling blonde who gave him a flirty wink.

-“Oh my, Well enjoy gentlemen. If you need anything else I’m sure she will be very happy to help you.”

The waitress began to turn around but Jason blurted out.

-“Your name?”

She turned around with a tilt of the head.

-“Y/N. May I ask yours?”

-“Jason.. uhm. Jason Todd.”

-“Jason uhm Todd, enjoy your meal… you too human lover.” Y/N gave them an amused grin and walked over to chat with the ancient men in the corner.

You were a mystery. A big one. You even deflected Roy’s famous attempts of bad pick up lines to get a hook up. Heck, you didn’t even pause as you gave him that witty reply.

He had to know more.

The next morning he arrived to the diner and sat on the left side of the diner.

-“Boy you’re on the wrong side of the diner if you’re trying to get blondie over there.” A old man called out to Jason.

-“Maybe he’s trying to get me.” Y/N called out sarcastically with that same amused smile.

-“Jason uhm Todd. Nice to see you again.”

-“Never going to let that go huh?”

-“Nope. Human lover is not with you today?”

-“He’s kind of sore from…” Jason began.

-“My co worker, I know. Boy was she stoked when he gave her his number yesterday.”

Jason shifted in his seat to get a better look of you. In the moment you seemed way more attractive than the dazzling blonde across the diner. You were calm, but a thousand things were probably going through your head.

-“Jason uhm Todd you there?” You slightly poked him with your pen.

He seemed to be in a daze.

-“You broke him Y/N, he’s has something for you!” A truck driver yelled from the left with a booming laugh.

Jason suddenly snapped back to reality and whipped his head to the man. For once he was embarrassed and these old men and truck drivers weren’t making things better. He was making a fool of himself.

-“Don’t tease him, for once I get a attractive guy on my side of the diner and you’re all ruining my chances of a date?”

-“A date?” Jason piped in, obviously interesting into where this conversation might be going to.

-“They constantly tell me I need to get a date.” You sighed gesturing to the back of the diner.

-“But you’re way out of my league Jason uhm Todd. Way too attractive, I bet you have a girl at home?”

-“No! I-I’m not with anyone right now.”

Jason swears he saw you pause as you jotted down his order.

 Were you interested in him? He was getting mixed signals and it was killing him.

-“Don’t tell my co workers that. They think that’s the only reason why you’re sitting on my side of the diner.”

Tearing the paper out of the note pad you gave Jason a hurried smile and walked to the kitchen.

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Surprise {Chapter 9- Final}

Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x reader
Surprise MasterList   

Marvel MasterList 

Warnings: swearing , fluff,Angst , 😜

 The jet ride was silent , millions of questions whirling through your mind . Who are these people? Why did I get on this jet with them? Where are they taking me? Why does that blonde dude keep looking at me? Do I know him? Where are they even-

“ you probably have questions -” the girl Who found you says

Your eyes narrow at her, “ well wouldn’t you? Who are you people? ”

You look at each person on the jet, different forms of sadness and heartbreak showing on their faces .

“ we are your team y/n. You were taken from our home, and tortured and apparently your mind was wiped clean.” She says with a shakey voice . You can see her eyes glazing over with unshed tears , and your chest tightens at the sight and you aren’t sure why.

“ if I was- was wiped, how do I remember my name then? How do I know you aren’t the ones that ordered for me to be tortured ?”

“ you have to trust us. I can- I can show you . ” the girl says . She slowly approaches you, giving you time to stop her . She kneels infront of you, laying her palms face up , swirls of red rising from them.

“ what is your name?” You quietly ask . Her lips quirk up into a small smile ,
“ wanda . ”
You look into her eyes , watching as they flicker between her normal color and a bright shade of red.
“ your eyes are beautiful.” You whisper , you hand gently cupping her cheek, moving as if it’s a normal gesture for you. She leans into your touch,
“ you tell me that a lot , when I feel ashamed and scared of myself . You tell me how beautiful I am, how the world doesn’t deserve someone as kind as me.” She whispers back, the tears finally falling from her eyes . You swipe them away with your thumb, tears of your own involuntarily rolling down your cheeks .

“ I’m sorry , I’m so sorry I don’t remember you. ”

“ let me try and show you , please.” She begs . The red from her hands flaring up as she speaks .

“ wanda don’t, it might be too much for her-.” The tall blonde orders, his voice stern and commanding .

“ who are you to tell her what to do? To say what I can and can’t handle. I may not remember everything, but I can remember the torment I went through not even a day ago. I think I know what I can and cannot handle , so keep your orders to yourself .” You snap in defense . You look back to wanda ,
“Will it hurt ? Showing me ?”
“ i can’t say for sure , I don’t know how far they went in their wiping , which methods or how many they had to use . Your memories could be right under the surface , or buried far back. I won’t know until I’m in there.” You nod, placing you hands on top of hers, closing your eyes as she lets you know she’s about to begin .

Pain shoots through your head, a loud scream ripping through you.

You feel her hands twitch and you grab onto them, “ keep going .” You growl out as the pain spreads .

  The sights playing in your mind are foreign, like you’re watching a movie you’ve never seen before ; and you’re the star .You aren’t sure when one flash ends and another begins ,they blur together one after another ; but each one has you hooked , wondering what’ll happen next . You’ve watched numerous scenes of the man with blonde hair & dazzling blue eyes . You watch every time a smile spreads every time he engulfs you in a hug , takes your hand in his or when he’d wink at you. You watch all the intimate moments with him , your first kiss , the first time you had sex , the conversations while you laid naked in bed with him and the stolen glances you’d catch . You laugh when you watch the times him, the man with the metal arm and another darker man argue with each other or start food fights , and you’re brought to tears when a scene unfolds of you saving his life, a tingle shoots through your body as you see the bullet hit you and your body collapse .you let out a sob as you watch yourself die, but it settles when you see yourself waking up in a med bed , and you laugh when you see your adventures with the enhanced silver haired man . Then memories of being tortured play, your body buzzing as you watch yourself being shocked and abused . 

 You’ve seen probably hundred of memories , but nothing has changed your state . You don’t remember their names , but you atleast can grasp that you know them , and love them . The pain is ignored during the flashes, but when wanda takes her hands away a sharp sting startles you and brings you back into reality . 

“Did you- did you see all that?” You quietly ash wanda and she sends you an apologetic smile 

 “ yes, that was way more of steve than I’ve ever wanted to see ..” Steve , that’s his name .

The others try to hide their chuckles at Wanda’s disgusted face . You smile, and gently move to run your fingers down her cheeks again. Her hand cover yours , holding it to her face. 

“ you still don’t remember .” It wasn’t a question, just a heartbreaking statement . You nod, confirming her assumption. 

“ I don’t remember your names , ” you admit, looking around at everyone , stopping when your eyes meet Steves . “ but I do remember that I love all of you. I can feel it now, and I could feel it when me and wanda were looking in my mind. I love you .” 

 They smile at you, some letting tears rolls down their cheeks while others turn away before theirs can surface . Wanda moves away, only to be replaced with Steve now sitting infront of you. 

 “ I think I love you the most . I get this weird feeling in my stomach when I -” He chuckles ,

“ butterflies . You use to tell me I’d make millions of butterflies erupt in your stomach when I was near you.” He pauses and moves his hand to push back a loose strand of hair that has fallen in front of your face . “ I lost you once , and by some stroke of luck you came back to me . No matter what our lives throw at us , we will always come back to each other; there’s no doubt in my mind . You are mine, and I am yours doll.” 

 You let your tears freely fall as he speaks , the mix of sadness & confidence in his voice , his words hit you like a brick wall. You watch as his hand moves to take yours, the second it touches a spark burst from your hand to his & makes him flinch. You gasp , and open your mouth to apologize but he stops you. 

“ it didn’t hurt , that was mild compared to when you shocked me when you first came back. ” he chuckles . 

 Your eyes shoot up to his , and an idea pops into your mind . If shocks took away my memory… could they have the fever affect ? You think back to the memory you saw with wanda,your first kiss with Steve you shocked him so bad he flew back into a wall. Maybe this isn’t the best idea since we are still in a jet … 

“we are landing in 5.” A voice calls out . You smile , and look at steve. You look at wanda , repeating your plan in your head as you lock eye contact with her . She doesn’t speak, just sends you a nod and wide smile . Steve helps you off the jet , and your eyes go wide as you look around . Where the hell am I?

“guys, we need to go to Tony’s lab, now.” Wanda announces , not answering any of the questions the others are throwing at her . You follow them to the elevators , then follow them when you get to whatever floor this lab is on . You stop before completely entering, fear creeping in on you when you take in the room. It looks like the lab you were kept in when you were rescued , except not as terrifying . The white walls and tables still putyou off .

 “ you’re okay, it’s just Tony’s lab . There’s nothing medical in here, just his technology and experiments. ” steve whispers in your ear . You nod and step more into the lab. 

 “ hands off everything children, no touchy the techy.why are we in my lab wanda ? ” you assume the man is tony who is speaking . 

“tony , get the table out that you used when you had to tinker on Buckys on, the one with the straps . And that material you were testing that was able to bounce electricity for y/n’s new suit .” 

 “ what the-” 

“don’t ask questions.” She snaps . You see everyone’s eye widen at her tone . 

“ who switched your orange juice with bossy juice this morning , geez .” Tony mumbles , and you can’t control the laugh that escapes your lips. You watch as wanda instructs him on what to do , still not fully revealing the plan. Tony hands her the suit , and explains how the material absorbs electricity, even if the person wearing it get hit on exposed skin, and allows the energy to bounce off. Tony says how he made it in case you ever lost control of your powers or something odd happened . You watch tony wheel out a long table with arm, leg & chest straps . He backs It up to the wall, moving a few things out of the way.You take a few breath as you turn to steve . 

“I need you to put that suit on & get On that table , & get strapped in, okay?” 

 “ wh-” 

“do you trust me?” You quickly ask

 “I-yeah of course .” He moves to the table , and the man with long brown hair and metal arm moves forward to buckle him in. 

“are you sure this is a good idea? ” wanda asks and you nod 

“someone want to fill us in?” Tony asks , you don’t answer you just focus on your emotions . 

You let anger deep in , making your fingers tingle from the sparks that are staring to build . You think of the torture you watched yourself go through before you were rescued , you think of the fights you saw you & Steve have . The anger radiates off you in waves, visibly showing by the numerous sparks now fully shooting from your body. You open your eyes, locking then with Steves as you step closer to where he was restrained . You pray the suit works, and remind yourself that even if it didn’t , that’s what the table was for ; so steve didn’t go flying into a wall and getting hurt. Bucky , the red head , dark skinned man and tony step forward but wanda shouts at them to back away. When you’re in reach of steve , you lean forward and crash your lips to his . When they connect it’s barely two second before your energy releases to him, and another second before it bounces from him to you; sending powerful shocks through you so rapidly that you’re the one flying backwards . You hear steve shout and the restraint squeaking as he fights against them . Thankfully wanda cleared a path, and you flew right into the bare wall behind you. Your eyes falls shut as you hit it with a loud thud, then your body slides to the floor. The others can see the purple and blue sparks still snapping around you .

 instead of darkness, your mind is filled with the same memories as before, except now it wasn’t like watching a movie ; you were in your own shoes . You could feel Steves hands on yours , you feel yourself laughing with Natasha and wanda , and you remember your family. You’re not sure how long you were spiraling through your memories, but it must not of been long, because when you open your eyes you’re still on the floor . Steves face is hovering above you , filled with worry . You smile up at him, 

“ you look a little worried there, Doll.” At your words, his face brightens up . A beautiful smile blooms and his eyes crinkle as he chuckles . 

“ didn’t you learn that you can’t get rid of me that easily ?” The others laugh as steve helps you up, pulling you into a passionate kiss . 

 “ uh , we’re still here guys .” Sam says through a chuckle . You pull away from steve and run to Sam, leaping into his arms . You hug each and everyone of them , crying as you do. How could I forget them? How could I ever forget my family? You linger on wanda , holding her tightly to you. 

“thank you, for trusting me and my plan.” You whisper . 

“ always y/n.” You move from her to pietro ,and smirk . 

“thank you for speeding me out of there quickie . ” he pulls you to him, kissing your head as you wrap your arms around him. 

 You move back towards steve, placing your hand in his and tugging him out of the lab without a word. You hear a chorus of groans and whistling as you shove him in the elevator . When the doors close you walk him backwards until his back hits the wall. 

“ you’re right,” he gives you a confused look before you continue,“ we will always come back to each other Steve. I am yours, always have been & always will be. And you Steve rogers are mine, and I will not let you go without a fight.”    He smiles , leaning forward to gently lock your lips with his . The elevator opens on his floor , and he swiftly lifts you and carries you to his room . You laugh as you move, feeling like a koala the way your legs are wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. 

He drops the two of you on his bed , pushing his weight off you so you can look at each other. 

“I love you .” You say as you smile up at him .he returns the smile ,

 “ I love you y/n. But seriously , no more dieing , or getting kidnapped . I don’t want to lose anymore time with you.” 

“ mmm I can’t make any promises . Gotta keep you on your toes Captain.” You say with a wink. Steve groans and drops his head into the crook of your neck , obviously not expecting that response from you. You feel him sigh into your neck before hearing his voice again ,

 “ you’ll never stop surprising me doll.”

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Yuuram in Novel 1

Because yuuram is life, I will make a megapost that will include every yuuram moment in every novel and extra story we have available in English so far. 

I’ll make a post per novel and then make the megapost that will link to them when I have them all. They’ll be long but who doesn’t need a reminder of these wonderful moments in their lives? 

To make it fun, I challenge you to count the times that Yuuri calls Wolfram beautiful.

Let’s begin! 


Novel 1. ch.3
-The first time Yuuri sees Wolfram-

“As for the super beautiful shape of the fourth person, even I might be able to match his physique physically. It can’t be helped because characteristics like the length of the legs is a racial feature, like height and shoulder width and body weight. Since when did I become someone who only worries about body build. Maybe, because of that day when the second pitcher said, "You, since you’re a small target, it’ll be hard to throw a ball into you”.

Even if our bodies are evenly matched, when I just glanced up, I’ve already been defeated. How can he be this beautiful! Because of them, his face emits an aura. Although it’s likely to seem that way because of his dazzling blond hair. His looks and voice are like an older Vienna chorus boy. His white skin seems transparent, and his irises are an emerald green that make me think of the bottom of a lake, and furthermore he doesn’t have a split chin. He’s an angel, definitely an angry angel. However, being in this place, he’s also probably a beautiful Mazoku.“

Novel 1. ch.3
-Gunter talking about Shinou and Daikenja - cuz it applies

"Shinou is the darkness, and the Daikenja is the light. They yearn for each other, love each other, and are born bearing each other’s colors in body. In short, darkness is light, and light is darkness!”

Novel 1. ch.4
-Yuuri slapping Wolfram-

It seemed like he wasn’t going to stop attacking under any circumstances. Wolfram gulps down his glass, and because he’s beautiful the way he glares this way is all the more fierce.

There are moments when my small-town sense of justice can’t be suppressed. As a catcher, that’s a fatal flaw. It’s very disadvantageous in life.

Right in front of me I had slapped that beautiful face.

Novel 1. ch.6
-The reason why Yuuri chose sumo for the duel-

The common people wear trunks, while the rich people or nobles generally wear panties with ties on the side. As a gung-ho noble, Wolfram would almost positively be wearing the panties. I don’t want to see him in his underwear, but he has a figure that looks like it’d come off easily during the match. If that happens then the match is mine. You’re immediately defeated if it falls off. There is a rule for that.

From the start I take a low position, and with a quick forward movement I struck Wolfram’s waist while he was unprepared for a lunge. Instead of a loin cloth I took hold of his belt. It was an instant victory.

Novel 1. ch.7

-Wofram pov: sort of good-looking brat-

If he was going to kill him, then kill him. Although it was humiliating that this sort of good-looking brat had him by the neck, it was much more honorable to die like a warrior, than kneel and beg for his life.

Novel 1. ch.8

-Wolfram accepting the proposal-

He looked away from me oddly, lifting his chin diagonally in an unnatural way.

“And so young partners…”

Leaving behind a meaningful phrase, the aged one left the room.

Novel 1. ch.8

-Wolfram being cute-

“Are ‘grip’ and 'bat’ the names of the weapons you’re used to using?”

“No no. On of the pieces of gear you use for baseball is like a stick, as well as a glove and ball, and the pitcher throws and the batter tries to hit it, and if he does the batter becomes a runner, and the catcher takes out the runner.”

“As I thought, a life and death match.”


Novel 1. ch.8
-First time he calls Yuuri henachoko-

“At any rate a worthless maou like you can’t even ride a horse by himself! I can gallop with extra luggage on my horse without any trouble, even if you seem uncertain. You’re the first maou to be such a henchoko, so it can’t be helped!”

“D-don’t call me a henachoko!”

Novel 1. ch.9
-Second time he calls Yuuri henachoko -

“My older brother should have arrived there by now, so everything might already be under control. It isn’t that dangerous, but since you’re a henachoko don’t go where I can’t see you.”

“Don’t call me a henachoko.”

Novel 1. ch.9
- When they meet Adalbert-

“Don’t listen to him!”

Wolfram’s voice sounded hoarse as he shouted. The uneasiness made my shoulders tremble.

“Ah, huh, you could talk?!”

“Don’t listen to that guy! He’s…”

It wasn’t just my shoulders, but my arms were wrapped around his waist and his entire body was trembling. As he turned his head to face forward I could see beads of perspiration forming at the nape of his neck.

“That man, he betrayed us… He’ll try, to bring you, into his group, too.”

“Wolfram, if it hurts then don’t talk.”


“From the looks of it, they’re not planning on killing you. It’ll be troublesome if you get hurt trying to resist. Go with Adelbert for now.”

“But, you and everyone…”

“Don’t worry about us.”

I take in his words. If I leave them behind, what will happen to them?

Wolfram whispers briefly again.

“Hurry and go, Yuuri!”


Novel 1. ch.9
-Interesting foreshadowing-

“No, I’ll shout, I’m allowed to shout! I’ll be Japanese until I’m twenty, even if I have the soul of the maou, I’ll be Japanese until I come of age. I think Japan is more peaceful that this country, so even if you tell me to stop I’ll continue talking! I oppose war, completely oppose, I’ll oppose it my whole life, even if in death I’ll oppose it!”


Novel 1. ch.10
General knowledge -Gunter

“As I explained to you, majutsu is a quality of the soul. Your majesty, having the soul of the maou, can make the four elements obey you gladly, without going through the trouble of taking the oath and such things.”

Novel 1. ch.10

-Are you seeing this, Gyun-gyun!?-

From the far side of the corridor, the blond with wavy hair comes running. The intense navy blue uniform suits him; the mazoku Prince Wolfram. 'Although he’s a man he’s this beautiful, Günter’ I muttered in a sigh.

Novel 1. ch.10

— Golden wings—

“Appearing without any treasure, don’t embarrass my older brother and me!”

Before I could open my mouth to respond, Wolfram grabbed my chest and fastened a shiny golden decoration to me.


“My uncle Bielefeld gave this to me when I was a child. It doesn’t have any special origin, but it suits someone who hasn’t gone out on the battlefield, let alone military merit. Anyway, considering Yuuri can’t even ride a horse, he’s the most henachoko king in history.”

“Don’t call me a henachoko~.”

“All right, settle down.”

When he says all that in unnaturally fast speech, Wolfram half-runs away.

The present fastened to the left side of my chest is a gold bird with both wings spread. Conrad smugly gazes after his little brother’s back.

“It seems Wolfram has taken a liking to Your Majesty.”

“Eeeeeh?! That Haughty-Whatever-Sama Royal Highness!?”

Can I eat you out...Take you out! (Jason Todd x Reader) Part II

Part II, Final chapter!

2 weeks.

Two weeks he’s been coming to the left side of the diner. You can learn a lot in two weeks, which is exactly what he did.

He learned how the diner dynamics worked.

You controlled the left side of the diner and the dazzling blonde controlled the right. It seemed to work because you both would draw different customers which ultimately gave profit.

He learned that everyone on the right wanted the attention of the dazzling blonde.

He learned that everyone of the left just wanted a good meal and a nice conversation with Y/N.

But he learned something very important in those two weeks.

He learned that he had a undeniable and unstoppable infatuation for you.

-“Jason Todd!” A voice chirped out.

Boy did he wish that was your voice. It was full of excitement and joy, but it was too high pitched and the smell of artificial fruity perfume invaded his nose. Sadly it was not you, but the dazzling blonde.

-“Hey.” Jason replied monotonously.

Recently she has been prowling for Jason whenever he appeared in the diner. The thing with Roy just ended and she was feeling lonely or as Jason knows it, horny.

-“So when are you going to sit on my side of the diner.” The dazzling blonde said drawing circles into his chest.

Jason shifted uncomfortably and craned his neck to look at Y/N.

What were you thinking? You had that same amused facial feature as every time the dazzling blonde tried to hit on him. With a mumbled excuse Jason quickly walked to the left side of the diner and sat on a stool.

-“Boy she almost got ya!” One of the ancient men shouted.

-“Not yet sir.”

-“When are you going to admit your feelings kid? She won’t get it if you keep staring at her with googly eyes!”

-“Well it’s… difficult sir.”

-“If you don’t confess to her soon then I’ll do it for you!”

Jason chuckled to himself as he watched you talk to a over caffeinated college kid. You were trying to make the kid drink orange juice instead of his fifth cup of coffee. He needs to take Tim here, but the man was right, he needs to confess his feelings.

-“Jason uhm Todd, Same order as usual.” You said sliding his plate in front of him.

-“Thanks heartbreaker.”

-“You’re welcome lover boy.” You replied with a smile.

This was one of the inside joke you two had. He witnessed you completely shut down a man who was trying to make ill intentioned advances towards you. One of the many reason he held back from asking you out. You didn’t seem that interested in a relationship.

It wasn’t like he wasn’t trying to catch your eye. I mean for once in his life he looked in the mirror twice before heading off to the diner. Not to mention he subtly hinted many.


Times that he was single and did all the tricks that the usual women would love.

He did that sexy laugh that women fawned over and that cute head cock that women loved. After a while of this you caught on. Instead of giving him the answer he wanted you gave him a different, and rather confusing one.

You propped you elbows on Jason’s table and leaned your face closely to his.

-“Is Jason uhm Todd using all his moves to try and flirt with me?”

Well he wasn’t expecting this and it certainly didn’t help that you put your hand in his hair and began to stroke it slowly.

He was so caught up in the moment. You were touching him… and your lips were awfully close to his. All that came out of his mouth were incoherent mumbles. You pulled back and gave him the cutest smile he ever seen.

Another thing he loved about you. You somehow made him stutter over your words. It was amazing, he went blank just thinking about you.

But today.

Today he was going to confess.

He decided to come to a later time when there was less people. Pulling on his leather jacket he gave on last mental pep talk and drove to the diner.

There you were on the left side of the diner refilling the coffee cups of the ancient men. On of them spotted Jason and gave a thumbs up. He sat at his usual stool and a couple minutes you appeared with his meal.

-“Thought you weren’t coming in today, I almost missed you.”


-“You here now so I can’t miss you.”

You gave him another one of those amused smiles that he loved so much. Unfortunately it made him blank out.

-“Hey Y/N, Do you want… I mean, Can I eat you out?”


He just realized how much he screwed up in one sentence. He just asked you for sex, definitely not what he wanted right now. For once in his life he saw you cheeks turn red and you had no witty response for him.

-“Take you out!” Jason quickly intervened the comment you were about to make.

You put your hand to your mouth to stifle your laughs.

-“I’ll take you up on the second offer, but the first offer might need to wait a bit.”

anonymous asked:

How would u described the MPHFPC character's looks in the book?

Hugh: very very tol, from Japanese descent, wears dark goggles bc he’s sensitive to bright light and prone to bad headaches, very long legs and surprisingly strong arms, always has a couple bees around his mouth, dark brown eyes, well kept black hair that typically is underneath his golfer cap (Fiona really wished that thing gets lost)

Millard: also very tol, freckles, he used to be a little on the chubby side when he was young, once he became older & taller he lost the baby fat but still had some beautiful stretch marks to show (well he’s invisible but you get what mean), he has striking green eyes, lanky arms and legs, super messy brown hair, and dimples, DIMPLES EVERYWHERE!!

Horace: Lil short stack, dazzling blue eyes, slicked blonde hair, his ears are a little big which makes him a bit insecure which is why he wears his top hat 24/7, long legs and short torso, sparkling smile that can blind anyone (he really has a thing for over whitening his teeth)

Fiona: wild reddish black hair, She’s African Irish, very round and bright face, broad shoulders, beauty marks and freckles galore, she has prominent one by the left side of her mouth, beautiful golden greenish eyes, always is barefoot, she never shaves her legs :)

Emma: long blonde hair, dark brown eyes almost black, strong arms & broad shoulders, frown lines, very full eyebrows, small nose and very full lips, not very tall, not very busty but has some shape, when she smiles she has very cute dimples

Enoch: dirty blonde hair, SMOL, a cute LIL nose that kinda points upwards making him look a little stuck up, very very very green eyes that look glossy all the time, dark rings under his eyes, always seems to have dirt or blood smudged onto his face, his teeth are a little crooked

Olive: strawberry blonde thin hair, cute little smile, her cheeks are always flushed with color, hazel eyes, very strong for such a SMOL child, freckles all over her face and body

Jacob: Average height, green eyes, thick black messy hair, sweaty awkward teen,very long arms, lots of birth marks, face isn’t very clear, breaks out mostly on his forehead where his hair comes over, does the awkward side smile a lot

Claire: bright blue eyes and bouncy curly blonde hair, small mousy face, always has her nails painted, cute little smiles ;)

Bronwyn: light brown pixie cut hair, very busty, large muscular arms and legs, doesn’t like to shave her legs bc honestly who does, has a very contagious smile, beautiful light brown eyes, Filipino descent


At the beginning of this year, my best friend and I drove down the Great Ocean Road. We went around a curve in the road and I drew in my breath because the forests were laid out before me in a startling contrast of gold lace against shadow. The next moment I realised, with another quieter shock, that the shining woods were burned land and the bright leaves were ashes.

It was my first time in Australia, and I loved it so much that I planned to go back this winter. But for a while before that, I was enjoying being in Ireland with Loved Ones, etc.

MUM: So you’re getting ready for Australia.
SARAH: Yep, I bought ankle boots!
MUM: Cool priorities. You might want to see the doctor before you go, just for a check-up about being so worn down and that cough.

I went in for a quick check-up. I wasn’t all that concerned. Writers are just sick a lot: we have an awesome job, but we also have a weird job where you often overwork and keep odd hours and do not take care of yourself. A guy I know worked so hard he got shingles and lost his hair. One of my close writer friends got pneumonia and broke her rib coughing. I got pneumonia from overwork four years ago, and since then have had recurring bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia, depending on my luck! So I went to the doctor and was like ‘Check me out, not to brag but I haven’t had bronchitis since February and it is September, but if you could do something about the persistent cough that would be great.’

Away I went. A few days later it was my birthday, and my phone rang. I was asleep, due to being a lazy toad who regularly wakes up at I’m-too-ashamed-to-tell-you o’clock. I flailed about in my bedsheets and seized the phone, assuming muzzily it was a Loved One with birthday wishes.

SARAH: Hey, sweetie!
DOCTOR: Er, hello… this is your G.P…
SARAH: Hey, er… doctor sweetie… I just feel very close to you since the thermometer incident… No. Uh, why are you calling?
DOCTOR: So your haemoglobin is half the haemoglobin of a normal person’s.
DOCTOR: I would never have thought you were as sick as you are when I saw you!
SARAH: I cannot say you have a soothing bedphoneside manner, doctor.
DOCTOR: Go to the hospital. Soon.
SARAH: Okay, I promise I will. Soon!

(Cut for super length and pictures, but I hope you read on!)

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Oh my god. So guys, guess what happened to me today. I have art class for second period with my friend Ubi. We always talk about the weirdest shit and just fool around. Well there’s a guy in our class who is super hot, you know…dazzling smile, blue eyes, blond hair, tall, muscular, he’s an artist, and he’s really nice. Today, he walked past Ubi to go sharpen his pencil or something and we’re just sitting there talking about how we would tap dat ass so hard(literally). He walks back to his seat, and as he’s walking back to his seat, he turns and stares right at us with this smirk and I was like like ‘DID HE REALLY JUST FUCKING HEAR ALL OF THAT!?!?’

And so we laughed about it for the next 54325267t1241526488822 years

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ML: If you give a cat a cookie chapter 3

Link to chapter 1 here

chapter two here

Paris is a beautiful city. Having lived there all her life, Marinette was use to seeing the buildings, parks, gardens, etc. As ladybug, her view of the city was expanded upon further, seeing it from the rooftops helped show the blunette how marvelous it looked. But this was an experience that was beyond what she had ever known.

She was being carried bridal style as Chat noir effortlessly jumped from rooftop. She was without her costume, the only thing keeping her from falling was the blonde hero in a black cat suit. She could feel every step he took as he dashed, she could feel his arms cradling her softly, yet firm to ensure she was secure. She could feel the wind blow her hair back and see all of the cities shining lights.

It was exhilarating, but yet somehow serene. Normal people would be terrified by the concept of seeing the city this way. But she was having the time of her life!

“This is incredible!” Marinette exclaimed as the cat hero jumped over an impressive gap between rooftops. The blonde teen smiled at the girls excitement.

He could hardly believe that this was happening. He was holding the girl of his dreams as he carried her around the city. Seeing her laugh and smile from the excitement. This night was one of the bests nights of his life, and the night had only just begun.

“I am glad you like your gift Princess. Any places you would like to see? Consider me as your purrsonal Trans-Paw-tation for the evening.” Chat noir smirked as he heard he giggle at his line.

“That was terrible.” She stifled a laugh. She still thought his puns were cheesy, but it was part of his charm.

“But it did managed to get a cute giggle from you, so it served its purpose.” The cat’s grin growing. Her kind laugh was always something that would always make his day no matter how tired he was.

“Fair enough, how about the Eiffel tower? Call it Cliché, but it is my favorite monument in all of Paris”

“Excellent Choice Princess. Though I would highly recommend you hold on tight for this one.” Chat noir answered as his cheshire grin graced his lips.

Marinette wrapped her arms around chat’s neck as the cat hero slightly tightened his hold on her. In a moment, Chat noir sprinted at top speed towards the metal tower.

Within a few minutes, Chat noir and Marinette were right in front of the magnificent monument. Chat noir gently let Marinette down as he pulled out his staff. He extend it to the height of his body and looked at the blunette.

“Going up?” He asked rhetorically. She moved close to him. Chat noir wrapped his arm around her waist as she held on to his shoulders. Chat made his staff extend upright in the blink of an eye. Now just a bit above the top floor of the tower, Chat noir helped Marinette get on to the highest balcony before getting on himself. He retracted his staff back to it’s normal size before putting it back in its place. 

It was absolutely gorgeous. Marinette had been on the Eiffel tower far more times then she could count, yet the view was always incredible. Especially in the night sky with the city lights below shining. The view always seemed to have a magical principal about it, like a place would only see in their dreams or in fantasy novels.

“So Princess, how do you like the view?” His eyes transfixed

“It is amazing Chat noir. Thank you.” Marinette thanked him as her blue eyes sparkled with admiration and gratitude. The blonde teen smiled at the girls kind words. “What do you think of the view?”

“It is something spectacular. I could see this astounding beauty everyday for the rest of my life and still be blown away by how incredible it is. If you were talking about the view from the Eiffel tower, that too is pretty astounding.” Chat noir replied flirtatiously.

“Silly cat. “ Marinette laughed at the flirty comment. Doing her best not to turn completely red from his cheesy yet charming flirtations.

A cold gust of wind hit the two, causing Marinette to shiver a bit. Chat noir noticed the subtle shake and took off the hoodie she had given him. He quickly gave it to her.

“Now I wouldn’t want you getting a cold on my watch. Put this on.”

Marinette felt her face heat up at his kind gesture.

“I-I-I couldn’t! If I took it.. You would be cold.” Marinette stammered as she held the hoodie.

“I am perfectly fine. I am use to being up here, plus all of the travel around the city has warmed me up plenty.” Chat noir reasoned.

Marinette sighed in defeat and put on the hoodie. It was a bit big on her since it was made for him. It felt warm and instantly made Marinette feel cozier then before. She even noticed that his scent was now absorbed into the fabric, which seemed to make her feel even warmer. She felt a twinge of embarrassment at noticing his scent, but she decided to ignore it for now.

“Feeling warmer now princess?”

Marinette pulled the hood over her head and nodded. Chat noir couldn’t help but find this action adorable.

“Good. So where do you want to go nex…”

Suddenly the blunette pulled the cat hero into a soft hug. Catching the cat completely off guard.

“D-Do you mind if we just stay here for a bit longer? It is really amazing up here.” Marinette asked as she looked up into his eyes. The eye contact made them both realize how close the both were.

The world around the two seemed to fade as he returned her hug. The city’s lights seemed dimmer, and the bustling sounds were quiet whispers. The black cat hero’s emerald green eyes were transfixed on Marinette’s bell blue eyes. Their heart beats seemed to synchronize along with their breathes.

Both of their faces mere centimeters from one another. Both could instinctually feel the atmosphere that they were in. Both were innocent in their pursuit of love, so pure. But the feeling that was enveloping them was something that seemed intriguingly powerful.

“Princess…” Chat noir breathed softly in her ear. Marinette’s ears burning at the nickname.

“Y-Yes Chat?” She answered softly, as if raising her voice above a whisper would shatter the world around them.

“I… I would….” he gulped hard and continued. “I.. would love-Like to… to…” His face going red as he tried to say what he wanted to.


“To kiss you… I would very much like to kiss you.” Chat noir managed to say. His ears ringing in anticipation for her response.

Marinette felt time stop as the words exited his mouth. His nervous smile and warm emerald look cemented that his words were genuine. Marinette prayed that this was not a dream.

“If it isn’t okay, you can say…” Marinette used her hand and gently cupped his cheek, pulling her face closer to his.

There lips made contact. It was a light touch, a peck, a simple taste. The two parted lips for a second to process what was happening. 

The second kiss was where everything clicked. This was the kiss that blew the doubts of whether this was real or not out of their mind. The confirmation of the feelings they had for one another. It was bright, powerful, and dazzling. Like a firework explosion.

The second kiss quickly turned to a third kiss, which transformed into a fourth. Each kiss becoming more passionate then the last.

After several minutes, the two finally stop to catch their breathes. The two both reflecting on what had just happened.

 “Wow. That was… that was… Dazzling!” The blonde hero  breathed heavily, the kiss taking far more of his energy than the trip around paris. The cold wind felt nice on his red face. He could get struck by lightning three times in a row and still claim to be the luckiest person in the world.

“Definitely.” Marinette agreed. Her face practically radiating heat after the event that just transpired. She felt like she was about to explode from happiness.

An hour had passed when Chat noir had brought Marinette back to her balcony.

“And now you are safe at home.” Chat noir declared.

“Indeed I am. Thank you for that lovely gift.” Marinette said as she smiled at the ground, she felt a bit sad that their time had ended so soon.

“I am glad you liked it.” The blonde responded happily. “Purrhaps I could come by again? If you will have me.”

Marinette looked up to see the cat as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.

“How about next Saturday? Same time as today. I would definitely like to see you again.” 

Chat noir’s eyes began to shine at the comment.

“I look forward to it.” Chat noir then approached Marinette, “May I kiss you again?”

“Of course.”

 He excitingly kissed her, which she happily reciprocated. The two enjoying the tender moment. After he broke the kiss.

“Until next time My princess.” 

Marinette watched as he disappeared into the darkness. She sighed sweetly as she put her hands on her chest, realizing that he forgot to take his hoodie back.

“That silly cat forgot his hoodie.”

Chat noir made it back to his room and transformed back into his civil lain self. He landed on his bed with his heart pounding like an engine.

“Congrats kid. You actually managed to kiss her. She even wants to see your mug next week. I am honestly impressed. Though there is no way you should keep this up. This is a huge waste of my powers” His black kwami stated.

Adrien still on cloud nine. He kissed Marinette! He actually did it. It was something absolutely astounding.

“Plagg, I will get you a wheel of Camembert tomorrow.”

“Make it two wheels and I won’t fight you on it for a month.”

“Ill get you 5 wheels.”

“Do it for as long as you like best host in the world.” Plagg shouted in joy.

Adrien felt himself begin to drift off into sleep. His dreams replaying the events of the night over in his head.

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The Christmas Spent Alone: Part one of three

TITLE: The Christmas Spent Alone


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / angst / fluff

FIC SUMMARY: Clara is spending Christmas alone until her neighbor shows up at her front door and her holidays suddenly become more interesting.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I know I never written something in a long time AND it’s really odd of me to not write anything christmas theme related since it is in three days. So, this is it. I will update one part each day and the last part on Christmas. :D i hope you like it! Each chapter is fairly short but hopefully fluffy and interesting. I would love to hear what you think. 

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Big-Sister Talk.

Swarto one-shot, totally SFW, SFF and fictional! 1000+ words, thoughts?

Replying to one last email and closing her laptop with a soft thud Sarah breathed a contented sigh. Off the clock at last. Rising from her post on the sofa she quietly padded into the kitchen.

‘I’m going out babe! See you later’ a voice called, echoing throughout their shared apartment.

'Wait, Hannah’ Sarah frowned, and rounded the corner to see her girlfriend pulling on her jacket.

'Where’re you going’ the blonde questioned, confusion pooling in her green eyes.

'I have plans’ Hannah smiled, grabbing her keys from the shallow bowl by the door.

'Plans..? Hannah I’m your manager, I know when you have meetings, appointments and all that shit. You’re free tonight’ Sarah stated, a small frown creasing her forehead.

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