So, it’s crazy it’s been an exact year since I did these.

as you can tell a clear direction was given almost immediately: Punk, DIY, and change the chair so she’s not just another long haired blonde on the team. this change was to reflect a new angry, vengeful dazzler.

obviously, a8 was the one that was ultimately chosen, with no changes needed.


Marvel has revealed to the Huffington Post a new comic coming out of Secret Wars, A-Force written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite K. Bennett with art by Jorge Molina. A-Force will be an all-female team of Avengers, starring women like She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa and Nico Minoru! It will also introduce a new heroine, Singularity. 

So many questions. Who is leading? Will the core cast have a diverse array of races and sexualities?  Will we get a chance to buy that gorgeous cover art? Sam Maggs from The Mary Sue asks… will we perhaps get a trans heroine, finally? So much hype! 


Part of the “Jules Jammal Superhero Art Auction”, with 100% of funds raised will go towards funding annual scholarships for future SJSU animation and illustration students.

All artwork open to bids until September 7th, 2014, HERE.

Artwork by: Jeffrey BiancalanaJonathan GlabasJohn ClappNigel LiJay HasrajaniTim HeitzLizette BiancalanaOwen AurelioJon Magram & Erik Evans.

  • what he says:I'm fine
  • what he means:the 1982 Dazzler comics were some of the most beautiful things to come out of the Marvel universe and it's honestly baffling that we have not gotten a movie where Dazzler has not been included. She can literally turn sound into light. She wears discoball finished high-heel roller skates. She is in a band. She's a rock star. She literally dazzles people. She punches men who objectify her or don't treat her with respect because she's a hot babe. Her backstory is tragic and about how her dad was abusive to her mom and she finds out and sets shit right. She's beautiful. She literally turns into light and glitter some times. She D A Z Z L E S people. The early 80's aesthetic is so wonderful and I would sell my soul to see a movie made today about her. Please