dazzle dry

-Nail polishes used:
Cosmetic Arts - Frech White Tip.
China glaze - Dont Honk Your Thorn.
Cosmetic arts - Cool Table.
LA colors - Beach Babe.
LA colors - Gray Polish (no name label).
Santee - Black.

-Around my nails: Mess No More liquid tape by minimanimoo.com
-I used a reinforcement label cut in half for the halfmoon.
-Thin stripe tape from whatsupnails.com
-Top coat is by Dazzle Dry and you can also buy from whatsupnails.com
-Caviar Beads decoration wheel from Walgreens.


If you’re looking for a nail polish that lasts long then Dazzle Dry is the one! In the top picture you can see how it looks the first say that I applied to my nails, the bottom photo is 4 days after and it didn’t really chipped that much considering I do a lot of typing at work and NO other nail polish lasts on my nails with out chipping by the second day. I was truly impressed by this brand. You can buy it at whatsupnails.com it’s so worth it! Btw, It’s not gel, it removes with normal nail polish remover.