dazzle dry

-Nail polishes used:
Cosmetic Arts - Frech White Tip.
China glaze - Dont Honk Your Thorn.
Cosmetic arts - Cool Table.
LA colors - Beach Babe.
LA colors - Gray Polish (no name label).
Santee - Black.

-Around my nails: Mess No More liquid tape by minimanimoo.com
-I used a reinforcement label cut in half for the halfmoon.
-Thin stripe tape from whatsupnails.com
-Top coat is by Dazzle Dry and you can also buy from whatsupnails.com
-Caviar Beads decoration wheel from Walgreens.


If you’re looking for a nail polish that lasts long then Dazzle Dry is the one! In the top picture you can see how it looks the first say that I applied to my nails, the bottom photo is 4 days after and it didn’t really chipped that much considering I do a lot of typing at work and NO other nail polish lasts on my nails with out chipping by the second day. I was truly impressed by this brand. You can buy it at whatsupnails.com it’s so worth it! Btw, It’s not gel, it removes with normal nail polish remover.

Here once again I’m using “Mess No More” from minimanimoo.com around my nails to protect from getting polish on my finger. Keep in mind that Elmer’s glue works the same! I get asked a lot, so if you can’t get Mess No More, no worries.. glue is cheaper and works perfect.

Nail polishes used:
China Glaze - What a pansy.
China Glaze - Lotus begin.
China Glaze - In a lily bit.
Make up sponge for ombre from Dollar Tree.
Black nail striper by Broadway.
Top coat by Dazzle Dry from whatupnails.com