dazzle dancers

HC : SLBP Lords as IDOLS

**Sorry anon that was the best i could do …~_~**

Nobunaga : Vocals, main dancer.
He loves his fans and he has one of the best voices in the group.

Mitsuhide : Vocals , dancer.
He is the silent type member with an amazing voice.

Yukimura : Rapper , main dancer.
Energetic type member with a beautiful smile.

Saizo : Rapper + Vocals , dancer.
A dazzling member with a mysterious aura.

Masamune : Vocals , main dancer.
Hot appearance on stage but shy with female fans.

Kojuro : Rapper + Vocals, dancer.
Sometimes he get the choreography wrong but he is close to his fans.

Inuchiyo : Rapper , main dancer.
He has an upbeat personality but he isn’t close to his fans.

Hideyoshi : Vocals, dancer.
He is suuper close to his fans and cameras love his smile.

Ieyasu : Vocals , main dancer.
He smiles a lot on stage but some fans seem to be afraid of him.

Mitsunari : Vocals , dancer.
He doesn’t smile even on stage but he is an appealing member.

Kenshin : Vocals, dancer.
He one of the shinniest members and he loves his fans.

Shingen : Vocals, dancer.
He is known to be flirtatious and a smooth-talker.His fans love him for his deep voice.


Shigezane : *screaming for Masamune and Kojuro from the audience*

Kotaro Fuma : *Screaming, crying and fanboying everytime Saizo in on stage*

Hotaru : *Looking happily and proudly at his brother. He wants to be a part of this but he knows he can’t..* (Poor baby let me hug you)