dazzle dancers

The Dim Sunshine

HAAAAAAPPY belated BIRTHDAY @asthenicia !!!!! of course im always late with my gifts coz of who i am as a person lmao I WISH YOU HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY IN YOUR LIFE!! thank you for being my friend and for filling my life with smiles and laughter. may one day we get to meet so i can squish u to death with my hugs. xoxo lov u :3c

 Once upon a time, there was a happy family.

 There was a jolly man, though his bliss was a creepy contrast to his love for death. He smiled often, laughed daily, always inflicted joy and caution wherever he stood. His skill for dark magic was unlike any other. His love for the undead and all that was unholy struck fear even in the boldest. He was quite a frail man, but his lack of strength was compensated by his terrible talent of the otherworldly. He held love for many things, both disgusting and disturbing, but there was one where he held the highest form of love.

 There was a breath-taking woman, though her love for dancing contradicted terribly with her crippling stage fright. She blushed often, stuttered daily, always instilled amusement and serenity in her presence. Her skill for dancing was unlike any other.  Her skill in battling struck bafflement and awe to enemies and allies alike. Despite the immense talent, her love for performance, her love for entertaining people remained true to her heart. She was a beautiful woman. A dazzling dancer. Even with her timid personality, she never shied away from danger or person’s call for help. Her heart, just as her face, was as angelic as her. She held love for many things, and was loved by everyone else.

 But, in the end, her pure heart fell madly in love with the man whose heart could no longer be considered human.

 However, just as she had fallen in love with him, the man soon realized that he too had a heart as well – that he too had a chance to obtain the happiness he so long had given up.

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