shingeki no milk chugging

anon requested a competition between annie and mikasa smoking cigarettes without puking, but i think milk chugging is more appropriate for middle schoolers

both are stubborn and refuse to give up. they barf over everyone. no one wins.



him and christa get into subtle compassion contests where they try to out-nice each other. and i’ve made posts about this a few times but like. marco and christa being thinly veiled hatefriends means worlds 2 me. like 5 points for getting thanked. 10 points for every friend you make. 15 points if they offer to return the favor someday and you reject it 


middleschool au, the au that i can deeply relate with because of awkward haircuts, braces, pimples, and terrible fashions.

jean has the worst genes ever: crooked teeth, acne, bad eyes. fortunately, he takes off his braces, gets contacts, and grows out of his acne by the time highschool rolls around. marco never grows into his wide forehead.