I think i’m in love - peter parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Prompts 1 and 14; Based off the song “I Think I’m in Love” by Kat Dahilia

Y/N doesn’t know how to deal with the sudden and strong feelings that have been wracking her brain for weeks, and neither does Peter. But, he decides to take action.

-1. “Are you kidding me? How is dangling from a twenty story building, safe?”

-14. “I swear to god if you ever do that again…”

Requested: yes (anon)

Warning: language; VERY FLUFF

Here’s another request:) and I added this song bc it fit it so well! You can listen to it HERE:)! I hope u guys like this one!!



Time’s a ticking, hearts are running. Think that Cupid’s up to something. You ask me how I feel, I say nothing.

“Y/N/N? Are you okay?”

The sweet, scratchy voice that belonged to your best friend, Peter Parker, awoke you from your dreamy, afternoon daze.

“W-What? Oh, yeah yeah, I’m good,” you wave your right hand in his direction, as if saying that everything was fine and not to worry about.

The only consolation was, everything wasn’t fine.

Your wondrous mind had been slipping into an endless whirl-wind of confusion, guilt, and numerous other categories for the past couple of weeks. It seemed as if you didn’t know how to behave around anyone anymore, especially Peter for that matter. Every time someone would ask you a question, snapping you out of yet another daze, your state would jump into a lost one, confusion taking over as to what they were asking you. But, your mind was preoccupied with something, or someone else.

Peter Parker was the problem, and you hated it. Everything about him flooded your thoughts, day and night, all day, every day. You didn’t know how to control it, it just jumped upon you one day as he was speaking feverishly to you about one of his “Stark Internship Retreats". His eyes filled with excitement and wonder as he told you about his thrilling second life.

It seemed as at that moment, something inside you clicked, something that has never happened in the past seven years of your life with Peter. It scared you at first, your body and mind not knowing how to act in such a sudden and exhilarating situation.

Immediately, as you took notice of every little quirk and feature of Peter, your brain couldn’t help but make you blush and smile as the things popped into your head, over and over again.

And at that moment, you knew how your feelings were quickly laying themselves out. And you had no idea you wouldn’t be able to stop it.

But lately color seems so bright and the stars light up the night. My feet they feel so light, I’m ignoring all the signs.

’‘The sky is such a vibrant blue today, don’t you think?” you dazedly lean over to your friend Michelle, lying your head on her shoulder.

Michelle’s brown orbs tear away from her book,rolling her eyes at the interruption. Her eyes then narrow confusedly towards you, “Uhh, sure?” she questions, oddly looking down at your slumped figure.

Your lips turned up into a huge grin across your face while your Y/E/C eyes looked up towards the vibrant sky in a low haze. Your arms lay limp by your sides and your veins pursed with loving dreariness as the day went on. You couldn’t describe it. It was as if your thoughts clouded with no external thoughts of anything or anyone else. All that replayed in your head was…Peter.

Peter, Peter, Peter…

“What?” Michelle questioned you, her hand grasping her book as it fell by her sides, her attention fully faced to you.

Your eyes widened in confusion, eyebrows furrowing, “What?” you asked back defensively, wondering if you had made a strange noise or something that awoke her intent attention on the book.

Oh fuck, did I just say his name out loud?

Her finger pointed at you as your head shot up off her shoulder, “You just said Peter’s name like three times, out loud,” she pronounced loudly to you, your sudden thoughts just easily being exposed.


You shook your head vigorously back and forth, attempting to make your doubt evident to your friend, “No, no I didn’t. I said-”

“Noooo, you didn’t. You said Peter,” she came back instantly, not allowing you to let the topic go, “What is up with you?”  she tagged on, her head titled in your direction, bewilderment displayed across her features.

Your teeth grabbed your bottom lip in guilt and uneasiness, not knowing whether you should allow your new beheld secret to slip through your chapped lips. It was Michelle, you’ve been friends for awhile and you trust her with everything. She and Peter are the two you tell absolutely everything to, and of course you couldn’t tell Peter this.

Guilt subdued and you sighed before, grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her to a nearby vacant spot in the park, “Okay I need to tell you something, but you have to swear you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

Her hands flew up in defense at your statement, “I promise, my mouth is completely shut,” she pretended to zip her lips before easing you to go on.

You inhaled deeply before shutting your eyes tightly, releasing them slowly as all of your thoughts for the past few weeks came flooding back, “Okay… I just sorta realized I’ve been in love with Peter for a really long fucking time and I don’t know how to deal that’s why I’ve been acting so weird and hazy lately okay it’s because Peter makes me go fucking insane but in a good way and it’s just freaking me out so that’s why okay I’m done-” you completely rushed out in a span of ten seconds, no pauses or breath being taken in your spill.

Michelle watched you oddly as you sucked in a new breath of air, regaining your previous state before rolling her eyes and throwing her hand up, “Uhm, obviously? I thought it was pretty mutual between you two?”

I keep on frontin’, yeah, I stay bluffin’. I keep you wonderin’, keep you huntin’ for my lovin’. But I crave us huggin’, yeah, I stay stubborn. ‘Cause I can’t admit that you got all the strings and know just how to tug 'em.

 “Are you kidding me? How is dangling from a twenty story building, safe?” you screamed out, face red with anger and concern towards your best friend.

“Y/N I’m fine!” Peter hollered back at you, eyes lit up with excitement once again as he came to your window still dressed in his attire, “I only came here to tell you how bad ass I was!”

You felt your protective instincts kick in as Peter blabbered on about how some bad guy tried to kill him once again. You couldn’t help it. Every time Peter approached you with yet another Spider-Man story, you couldn’t help but feel regret for that second persona he takes on almost every night. The risk of him getting severely hurt, or even killed put you in such a protective and weary state you didn’t know how to act or respond to his exciting stories.

These feelings have been immensely growing at a rapid rate ever since two days ago when Michelle spoke to you about her mutual sights and views between the two of you.

“Well, whenever I’m with both of you, one of the two of you always seems to be staring at the other. I mean, most of the time it’s you drooling over him in a lovey looking daze,” she laughs at your actions.

“Ha, very funny. Now, what else?” you pressured her, folding your arms over your chest and biting your lip.

She sighs, hand on her hip, “At lunch, when you'e always going on and on about how hard your math test was, he smiles a little, almost as if he liked seeing you talking non-stop.”

Your heart did a gigantic leap at the seemingly little yet grand gesture he felt towards you. God, that just proves how much of an impact this boy had on you. That small set of information from Michelle made you swoon for days.

I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I didn’t think it could be true. Let alone that it would be you. I think I’m in love again (I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love).

You’re so pathetic, Y/N. Pining after someone who only sees you as a friend.

You slide out of yesterday’s conversation and back into reality, only to have Peter still jabbering on still about his greatest moment.

Tired of hearing him brag about how he almost got killed tonight, you put your hand up in front of him, cutting off his talking, “I swear to god if you ever do that again…” you glare at him annoyingly, shaking your head in disappointment.

He smiles brightly, rolling his eyes playfully, “I promise I won’t. Who else besides you is gonna keep me on the ground if I’m not here?” his play on words and sarcasm knowing exactly how to tug at your heart.

Smiling widely at his flirtatious comment and gesture, he leans over and wraps his arm tightly around your frame, his head digging into the crook of your neck, “You’re such a good friend, you know that?” he mutters softly into your neck.

Your heart aches a little as the word 'friend’ slips from between his lips, Masking your defeat, your hug him tighter, “I know.”

 My heart’s pacin’, I’m confused, I’m dazin’. I saw something I never seen in you, It’s got me shakin’. I must be hallucinatin’, I hear it happens, I’m just sayin’. Babe, I’m just sayin’. Someone give me some paper, someone give me some crayons. I’m feeling like a child, I need something to play on.

One thing you didn’t know was that, Peter’s head had been occupied twenty-four-seven as well.

But, with thoughts of you.

He couldn’t describe it. I was as if everything in the world suddenly had a purpose, and that purpose was you. He knew it sounded crazy, of course it did. You were his best friend, the oe he confided everything to, and all of the sudden you went from closest confidant to someone Peter couldn’t slip out of his mind for just a second.

When you spoke to him, it was something that connected on a whole new level. Your beautiful Y/E/C eyes sprang into his with such admiration that he felt his veins pulse with nerves. Your pretty lips that moved feverishly as you yelled at him for getting himself into more danger, became something he could stare at all day.  And when you touched, oh. That set his whole body on fire. Your sweet, caring touch would send him into a daze of bliss as your bodies held each other in a hug.

He knew what was happening to him, and he knew he needed to act on it, fast. Unlike you, Peter was sure there was something magnificently mutual between you two, and he needed to show you.

 I’m trying hard to trust you when you say, “Give me your hand.” Baby, I’m fallin’, I hope you catch me when I land.

New Message

Pete:): Come over as soon as you can. I need to tell you something.

You stared down at your phone wearily. It must be important, Peter never texted you without ending it in a smiley face or something. Nerves instantly wrack your body as you decide to make your way over there now, curious as to what could be so important.

Oh fuck, did he find out? No, there’s no way. Michelle would never and you hadn’t made it obvious, had you? Oh god, had you?

Shaking off the nervous energy, you grab your jacket and earbuds before heading out the door. Once outside, you slip in your earbuds, clicking shuffle on your most recent playlist. 'I Think I’m In Love’ by Kat Dahalia came on as you began the few block walk to Peter’s apartment.

 "In my dreams you’re the dutch and I’m the duchess and your blunts are always loose, so I’m in charge of rollin’ dutches. And we getting so high, we always get the munchies. And we go for early brunches that turn into late lunches.  And we ain’t gotta label, we’re just rollin’ with the punches, I make fun of your belly and tell you to do some crunches. And you say, “Yeah, well, your ass jiggles, go and do some lunges.” I say, “Fuck you,” while I’m thinking of you as my husband. I think I’m in love…“

Damn, my girl Kat knows what’s up.

After ten minutes, your face comes in contact with Peter’s front door. As your hand began to knock, your phone buzzed in your pocket, signaling a new text.

Pete:): The door is open when you get here. Just come in.

Your hand redirects to the doorknob, twisting it open you walk inside his vacant apartment. Quietness hits you as you make your way to Peter’s bedroom door. As your feet make way to him, your nerves begin to buildup once again, your mind wracking numerous terrible and nerve wracking situations that could possible happen within the next two minutes. Your knuckles daringly hit the door twice, stomach churning as you impatiently wait for Peter to open the door.

And once he does, you are taken in by his state. His beautiful brown eyes looked to be a nervous wreck. Hell, he looked to be a nervous wreck.

Well, guess that makes two of us.

His hair was sprawled in all different directions, looking as if he had been running his hands through it for a while. Confusion swam over you and you looked oddly at him, stepping into his dark room.

“Pete? Are you okay?” you question him as he walks behind you to shut the door. He sighs heavily, his thin lips forming a small line across his face in intense concern.

He walks back towards you, standing awkwardly in front of you, his eyes scanning everywhere in the room except to pass yours, “Uh, what? Yeah, I just wanted to…” he trails off, voice slowly becoming distant as you look down at his nervous figure to his hands rubbing themselves together roughly.

What is he doing? Why is he so nervous? You’re the one that’s nervous! Hell you’re the one who’s been nervous around him 24/7.

You dared to speak, interrupting his sighing session, “Tell me something? You sounded kind of urgent in your text.”

His head popped up in your comment, eyes meeting yours in a weary yet odd look. You felt as if he was freaking out about something serious, and you had no idea what. Stepping closer to him, you lied a hand on his shoulder, expressing excessive comfort to him.

“You can tell me anything, you know that,” you urged him, head leaning closer to his. His eyes continued to stare into yours, little fleck of light brown swam around your gaze, heart now caught in your throat.

You showed him that you’re here, can he take a hint?

He stuttered out his next response, leaning closer to you almost in a whisper he muttered, “I know that. Its just, I don’t think I can tell you this. I need to show you,” his voice got quieter with every word. His intense gaze and proximity caused your body to flood with those feelings. Those feelings you couldn’t seem to get rid of. Those feelings that were so evident right now you were shocked he couldn’t tell .

Attempting to receive a response from him, you slowly asked, eyebrows furrowing at what his last statement meant, “Peter, what do you mean? You can just tell me, I’m not going to judge-”

Your reply was cut short, not by a comment, nor a statement, but by your lips being enveloped in someone else’s. You had to keep your body from leaping back at the sudden change in atmosphere. You were standing here, eyes shut tightly to absorb the unbelievable, enticing feeling of Peter’s lips on yours. You didn’t care as to why it happened, you just wanted it to never end. Your body lit on fire from the feeling as his hand reached up and cupped the side of your cheek as your hands unknowingly grabbed his cheeks in an attempt to pull him closer.

You felt the smile you loved so much play across his lips at your actions, your closed mouth turning up into one of your own. The room became weightless, the air turned warm and you felt as if you were flying. Nothing, could beat this feeling you had right now. It felt as if everything you had sensed in the past weeks was all coming together now. And you knew, finally, that he felt the same.

You finally realized what that feeling was, and it was incredible.

I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). Baby, I think I’m in love again. I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I didn’t think it could be true, let alone that it would be you. I think I’m in love again (I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love). I think I’m in love again.


when I was thirteen, I had my first love 
There was nobody that compared to my baby 
And nobody came between us no one could ever come above 
She had me goin’ crazy 
Oh I was starstruck 
She woke me up daily 
Don’t need no Starbucks 
She made my heart pound 
And skip a beat when I see her in the street and 
At school on the playground 
But I really wanna see her on the weekend 
She know she got me dazin' 
‘Cause she was so amazin' 
And now my heart is breakin' 
But I just keep on sayin’

(Take out with full credit.) cr. @/nctmark


(full view recommended, since Tumblr eats a lot of the details!)

A few months ago I got the opportunity to contribute to a @dragonagezines magazine about History and Legends. Today I got permission to post my piece.

I chose to work with the history of the Qunari and the Qunari Wars. While I had a lot of fun drawing this, I also cursed it from time to time, especially while doing the colouring. OTL

But it worked out in the end, hope you like, and if you do, don’t forget to pick up your copy of the DAZINE!

「Personality Swap Incident ~in the case of the quiet group~」
Shuu Sakamaki(Kōsuke Toriumi), Subaru Sakamaki(Takashi Kondō),Reiji Sakamaki(katsuyuki konishi)
「Personality Swap Incident ~in the case of the quiet group~」

Sh: Diabolik Lovers More Blood
R: Shop Special CD
Su: Personality Swap Incident; in the case of the quiet group
Sh: *snoring*
Su: Tch…so noisy… The music is leaking too… Fucking hell, isn’t this place a living room!? It should be a space where anyone could stay. But is he thinking that he could ignore that fact and bother other people? Hey, don’t you think so too?
Su: I see, that’s how it is. Argh…so fucking noisy…! Hey… Hey! Shu!!
Sh: *snoring*
Su: You bastard…you’re ignoring me o purpose, aren’t you!?
R: Oh? Subaru and…ah, that idler is here too.
R: Honestly…I wish from my heart that just because it’s a day off, that you for just daze around in the lounge.
Su: What? I’m not dazin’ around, am I!? The only one who’s doing that is this lazy ass eldest!!
R: Please don’t be so attacking on him, just because he annoys you by simply being within your sight… Shu… Shu!!
Sh: *snoring*
R: …ah you were here too. Yes, you. Who else could it be? This is an order. Make that idler retreat from here as soon as possible.
R: Pardon? Impossible? Are you trying to resist your master and give up before you start anything at all, even though you’re a mere bait of ours? Jeez…just do something about it. If you’re successful about it, I’ll reward you. Besides, if it was your wish, then perhaps that idler there may do something at least.
Sh: Ngh…oh it’s you… What’s your problem…? You must have a massive gap in your personal qualities when it comes to delicacy… You must have a pretty good determination for you to disturb my Beethoven… What? ‘If you have time to say that, move out of the room’…? Huh, why do I have to be told that by the likes of you.
Sh: If you want me to move, then you can carry me out. If you do so, I wouldn’t mind sucking your blood…
R: *sigh*…What does he think he’s saying? As I’ve thought.
Sh: Reiji…
Su: tch…he’s so damn obvious that there not a piece of humor in this… Jeez. Well, I guess it was good that the leaking of music stopped for the moment…
Sh: *sigh* there’s two nuisances… Oh well… Hey you, let’s just go to my room… I’ll devour your blood…
R: Stop! You may leave her behind, and go by yourself.
Sh: …what?
R: She’s not yours solely
Su: In truth, she’s mine. It’s not like you guys can do whatever you want with her. Don’t mess with me
Sh: She spoke to metell, you know? I wouldn’t need to tell you who she thinks is the master, right?
R: Hmph. That’s only because I ordered her to do so. In other words, I wouldn’t need to tell you what I want so say in conclusion, correct?
Su: Tch… You two stay there and have a fight. Hey. You aren’t thinking that these two selfish men are your master, right?
Su: I thought so too…
Sh: Well, even though we can argue as much as we want about it, it’s all up to her in the end.
R: Well you seem like you’re very confident indeed! I’m sick and tired of you. You don’t do anything, nor do you think about anything. You act mighty for a mere idler.
Su: Hey…you’d choose me, right!? *smashes something*
Sh: You rely on violence to gain a woman…you’re such a brat…
Su: What!? Wanna bring it on!?
R: Please refrain yourself. Whenever you rage in the house, the house corrupts! I hope you have the least amount of knowledge to be able to understand who fixes up the aftermath…
Su: Ha! I just wish that this whole fuckin’ house corrupts!
R: Subaru! It seems like you need painful lessons…*gets a whip out*
Su: Ha, what are you planning to do with a whip in your hand? Hey Shu! Isn’t he also trying to make people obey him using violence? He’s a brat too
Sh: Argh, what a nuisance. Don’t mess it, brat.
Su: What? Say it again!! *smashes the wall*
R: Wait…!
Sh: The wall is seriously…
Su: Wha!?!?
*everything falls down*
Sh: Didn’t I tell you countless times that the house will break down…? Jeez…
R: What a bother…this shitty old house breaks down of a mere kick…
Su: Ah…so drowsy…I can’t keep up to this…Hm? What? What’s happening…?
Sh: …huh? Why is myself in front of me? This voice too…
R: …!? Why the hell am I wearing glasses!?
Sh: Is it because of that collision that caused our bodies to remain the same, but our personalities to be switched around…?
Su: Hey Reiji… Have you ever heard that the vampires have that kind of ability…?
Sh: I never have. If I knew, then I would have tried it way before. Aside from that… It feels uncomfortable to be said that kind of thing from you, who has Subaru’s appearance… Ah, I’m starting to feel nauseous
R: Shu who’s talking so quickly and efficient sounds disgusting too…what the hell is this. Hey you, do you know what the hell’s going on!?
Su: As if you’d know…ah, beside… Reiji that has the appearance of mine…Subaru that has the appearance of Reiji…and I who has the appearance of Subaru… What a bother…
Sh: However, this is worrying… Besides, I’m hating this situation right now. Who on earth would be happy to be in this idler’s body?
R: That goes the same for me too! First of all, this so called glasses… My nose itches and makes me feel bad! I feel like smashing it…
Sh: Hey! Refrain yourself from smashing it!
Su: Anyway…what are we going to do? Are there any possible solutions to this? Ah…this is very bothersome…
Sh: I bet there’s no other way but to have the same impact like before…
R: No matter how much time goes by, I can’t get the uncomfortableness out of seeing that appearance with that way of talking…
Sh: You also shouldn’t use any impolite languages or do any violence in my appearance
Su: Ah…I don’t care less about this anymore…I feel sleepy…. I’ll leave everything up to you guys
Sh: Wait, Shu! Don’t sleep yet.
Su: …*sleeps*
Sh: …this idler…
R: isn’t this a fine situation? While he’s asleep we can do him with this…
Sh: …Where did you obtain that hammer from…?
R: does that really matter to you? Besides, you were the one saying that we need a similar impact… How about we test that hypothesis with this sleepy head?
Sh: Ah…I get it. Perhaps that’s a good option.
R: Aside from that…I have this feeling out not wanting to smash my own body… What are to interrupting for!? Huh? Then are you telling us that you can put us back into our original bodies? Of course you can’t! Then just be a spectator there…!
R: *swings the hammer*
Su: *avoids the hammer*
R: That’s fast…! Hey Shu! Don’t escape from it!
Su: …I didn’t try to. The body instinctively avoided it. Oh…so the body abilities are the same as Subaru’s.
Sh: Well then…I shall help you out!
R: Hey Reiji…where the hell did you get that hammer out from…
Sh: You have no need to ask that! *swings the hammer*
Su: that was close…shit…what a bother…
Sh: Get ready! *smashes*
Su: …phew
Sh: *swings again*
R: Wow! That was so close. What the hell old geezer, at least train your body!
Sh: *swing* did you just say old geezer…? You just called me old…! *smashes*
Su: …tch. This isn’t going to end…hey you shouldn’t just stand and watch. Help out. Capture those two.
Sh: *swings the hammer again* that’s my line! Come on, rather than staring into the air, help us out! *smashes again*
R: Shut up! You’re mine…so you better help me out! Hey, where are you heading!? Don’t run away!
Sh: Subaru! You’ve let your guard down! *double swing*
R: Ha, that’s so weak of you! As if I’d be stupid enough to be hit by an old geezer’s hammer!
Su: ah…shit, the house is all smashed up…what are we going to do about this… I would want to be sent up by my father… What a nuisance… I’ll say this straight, but you guys are as guilty too. Obviously, you, who’s escaping, too.
Sh: tch, I wouldn’t allow such thing!
R: As if there’s such thing as allowing or not!!

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NEW ARCHY TUNE “Blood Stained Sheets”  LESGEDDIT