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The Brit Next Door

Prompt; After viewing these sexy AF pictures of daddy playing basketball shirtless, I knew I had to write a boy next door sort of imagine. So I came up with the idea of the reader and her bestie hanging out in her backyard when the reader spots Tom and things go downhill from there. 

Imagine Type: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings; some language, sexy Tom, klutzy reader, and fluff

* * *

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Hey dog

“Good boy,” Frank grunts, carding his fingers through Kohe’s hair and down all the way to cup his neck. Kohe doesn’t say anything, he’s too busy panting with his tongue out and staring up at Frank with big, puppy dog eyes, glazed over puppy dog eyes that slip shut when Frank pulls on the collar around his throat. The metal dog tags jingle quietly, smacking together when Frank wraps the attached leash around his knuckles and yanks.

Kohe whines, sounding just like a naughty little puppy, but he’s a good boy and doesn’t move. He keeps staring at Frank, licks his lips and lets his tongue hang out again and god he looks beautiful. Frank never would’ve guessed Kohe was into pet play but he isn’t surprised, not really, Kohe loves being told how good he is, how pretty and perfect. And now, wearing fake dog ears and a plug with a short fluffy tail, and wearing a dog collar with metal tags on them with its own leash, Kohe looks like the best boy.

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Just; C.H. 13

“What has gotten you so happy nowadays?” Sherilyn smirks as she wipes the counter of the diner she had gotten a summer job at, an eyebrow quirked at me as I hum along to the radio softly playing through the almost empty diner, fingers tapping along to the tune.

“Can’t I be in a good mood?” I chuckle, flicking a crumb of whatever her way that has been laying to my right since I arrived here. I had been bored out of my mind, occupying myself by harassing Sherilyn at work for the past three hours. “When are you off?”

“Normally your good moods don’t last so long. Haven’t heard your mum in a while, have you?” Now it’s Sherilyn turn to laugh loudly, the towel she’d been wiping the counter with clutched within her fist before I punch her in the arm. “For that matter, no I haven’t. Might have something to do with it.” I shrug my shoulders, grinning at Sherilyn while I shake my head. “In an hour, by the way.”

I hum in response and lift my empty beer glass towards her. “Then fill me up again.”
“I haven’t heard from your tutoring with Luke or Calum in ages. What’s up with that?” Sherilyn states as she slides the now full beer my way, wiping her hands on the dish towel, lingering near my seated frame. The place was empty besides an elderly couple in the back and they were still enjoying their meal so wouldn’t be a bother for a while.

“Tutoring is going fine; I think he can pass if he keeps up the effort. Luke and I actually talked about Calum over a week ago after that night out with the boys.” My pointer finger is slowly dragging along the rim of the glass, eyes cast to the yellowish golden liquid instead of on my mate.
“I didn’t know there was stuff to discuss to begin with. Come on, give me some juice.” Sherilyn suddenly plops onto the counter, upper body resting on her crossed arms as she grins in my direction. I can’t help but reciprocate with a chuckle of my own, leaning back as my hands grip the side of the counter.

“Cal and I might have sort of almost kissed at the club that night, and he saw that. He wanted to know what we were.” I decide to give her the short version, leaving out the doubt and conflict battling within me for the past two weeks.

“And what are you exactly, Y/n?” Sherilyn smirks, batting her eyelashes towards me. “Friends, still.”
I notice the eye roll I’m receiving, everyone in a ten-meter radius probably had seen that one.

“It gets awkward-er. Listen,” I laugh, Sherilyn immediately shutting up as her eyes widen. “Is that possible?” I widen my eyes and slowly nod my head before squeezing my eyes closed.
“Luke forced Calum and I to talk about what’s going on. We didn’t really, uh, talk.”

Sherilyn doesn’t say anything but her eyes are not begging, more like demanding me to continue. “He’s a great kisser. I kind of forgot to pay attention to that the first time we uh – “ I look over my shoulder to the elderly couple to see if they were still preoccupied and I breathe out when I see them laugh to themselves, their plates cleared.

“You’re unbelievable,” Sherilyn laughs, her head shaking vigorously as she fills my beer up again without another word from me, sliding the newly full glass back my way. I grant her with a bright, thankful grin as I bring the glass to my lips.
“So you’re dating now, right?”

“Even if I wanted to, it would never happen. He made it clear he wanted to be my friends and he was the one to stop our make-out because friends don’t do such things… And Calum doesn’t date,” I end the conversation there, shrugging my shoulders as I feel my tongue involuntarily dart out to lick my bottom lip. “You didn’t either, Y/n.” Sherilyn raises her eyebrow, untying her apron from around her waist as she already walks to disappear into the back. “I’ll be out in a second, wait here.”

“Have you heard from Sarah at all lately?” I groan as I make a U-turn, swerving onto the parking lot of my own frat, Sherilyn clinging onto the door handle for dear life.

“I haven’t. But isn’t it always like this? She’s probably busy with a summer fling and we’ll have to comfort her as soon as she’s back here.” Sherilyn sighs, probably rolling her eyes behind her sunglasses as she gets out of my car. Sherilyn wasn’t too off, it happened. On multiple occasions. Sometimes she’d even just crush on some guy in one of her classes at the beginning of the semester and by December she’d be a crying mess because the guy hadn’t noticed her yet.

Sarah was a very romantic and needing person and it sometimes just clashed with Sher and I. Sherilyn did date, she believed there was one true person for everyone, but she still could find herself in my point of not wanting to date anymore because the energy you put in is never the energy you receive.

Sherilyn hadn’t been with anyone in a while after a nasty break up with her former boyfriend Kyle. I wanted to smack that guy’s face in but Sarah had convinced me otherwise right when I was about to pay him a visit.
“It may be horrible for us to think that way, you know.” I breathe, pushing past my front door. I hear collision of pots and pans in the kitchen and make a right turn, motioning Sher to follow me as I see Linda and Rosalee in the kitchen, bickering.

“What’s going on here?” I raise an eyebrow, opening the fridge and pushing a can of coke in Sherilyn’s awaiting hands in the meantime.
“We wanted to throw a party tonight and are trying some cocktails. Rosalee and I just don’t seem to agree.” Linda glares at Rosalee, who reciprocates with an obvious, over exaggerated eye roll.

“Well you definitely don’t need pans for a cocktail.” Sherilyn laughs as she brings the can to her lips, a snort leaving my own as I slide into one of the chairs.
“Oh wise ass shut up. I know that.” Linda wavering the pan in our direction and I grin at Sherilyn who drops right in front of me. “When is this so called party we’re apparently throwing?”

“Tonight, of course. You invite your man toys if you want, although I’m sure they’ll show up anyway.” Rosalee winks at me and I know she’s referring to Calum and Luke and I can’t answer with anything else than a loud, booming laugh. “Bitch.”

“Sher, you can stay if you want. Meg’s out of town for the rest of the week anyway.” Linda points out as she drops the pan back into the cabinet, grabbing two bottles of wine out of the cabinet as she comes back up. “What can we do with this?”

“Make some sangria, that’s wine based if I’m not mistaken. Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong.” I shrug my shoulders, raising to my feet as I nod my head at Sher to follow me. “Well if we’re partying, I’m going for a hot shower. You can lend something of mine, let’s go.” I wave to a snickering Linda and Rosalee as I push Sherilyn in front of me up the stairs.

“To come back to the conversation, we might have been bad friends by not calling her either.” Sherilyn sighs as she reaches the end of the stairs, stopping and turning to her side so I can pass her easily and push myself through my half open bed room door.
“It’s more like I don’t want to interrupt her. I wouldn’t appreciate it if I were on holiday and you’d be phoning me every five minutes.”

“Guess you’re right.” Sherilyn breathes, shaking her head slightly as her head disappears into my closet for an outfit for tonight. “Since when am I not?” I laugh as I throw a towel over my shoulder, phone in hand to text the boys of the plans tonight.


The party is already in full swing, music blasting from the speakers Rosalee and Linda had dragged out of the basement only an hour prior. I’m still laying on my bed, my dress riled up near my hips as I look at Sherilyn doing her makeup. She’s lightly dabbing lipstick along her lips, puckering them in the mirror before turning towards me.

“Sorry I took so long. Glad you’re still awake though.” Sherilyn chuckles as she perfects her hair, standing to her feet and showing me her finished look, body con dress covering her hips.
“Won’t be long ‘til I – zzzzz.” I fake snoring loudly, chuckling after as I crawl out of my bed and onto my feet. I pull on the flowy part of my dress, waving my hips around a bit to get the creases to lessen and step into my heels.

“Will Ashton be here?” Sherilyn question as I hold her hand while she steps into her heels. I raise my eyebrows, a comical grin on my lips. “I didn’t know you had the hots for our Ash.”
The blush immediately crawls onto her cheeks as she averts her gaze, but not before slapping my biceps, the smack resonating through my room.

“I mean like, I get it. He’s cute. But he’s also a frat boy, you realise that, right?” I chuckle and duck away when she tries to slap me again. When we started college she called me a lunatic for joining one and for immediately crushing on one of them. I realize that there are a lot of comedies and other genres that portray frat house like either a bunch of murderous bitches or guys that sleep with anything that has a heartbeat, but I was sure – and now I of course know – that it isn’t really true. The murderous bitches part at least.

“Don’t be like this, I don’t torture you with Calum either.” Sher rolls her eyes and I scoff hoarsely, shaking my head as I step closer to the door. “I only had to listen to your lame ass jokes for almost two years. But don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word for you.” I wink and I hope she knows I’m sincere. If there’s any guy I know that I’d trust to not completely stomp on my friend’s heart like some craze-dazed elephant, it would’ve been Ashton.

“Do you think they’re here already?” Sherilyn questions as she walks behind me down the stairs, our bodies manoeuvring between people making out or just slumping against the wall. “Probably, it’s almost midnight and I know Michael likes to be drunk before that.” I laugh, pressing my hands against the wall to steady myself, legs wobbling as I take the last step down. I immediately hear Michael’s gibberish laughter and turn to my right, spotting the four boys almost at an instant. “See.”

“Y/n! Finally!” Luke laughs as he throws his arm around my shoulder, hauling me against his chest. “And Sherilyn, of course.” Ashton winks and I can see Sher flutter her eyelids and almost visibly swoon. My gaze lands on Calum, who is already staring at me through his lashes. We hadn’t really had a full conversation since the last time I had seen him, where we had – instead of talking – made out for the majority of the time. Things weren’t awkward, but my hormones were going berserk and I didn’t know how I felt about it either. I had tried to, as every girl does, overanalyse the situation but came up as good as empty handed.

Calum subtlety winks and I can’t help but smile wide and bright, muffling the grin by bringing my hand to my mouth. I throw my arm around Luke’s waist, squeezing him against my much smaller frame, Luke shrieking in response.
“Tell me. How bad is the sangria?

Counting the Days

Author: Skylar
Characters: Reader (Y/N), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Paring(s): Reader (Y/N) × Dean Winchester
Word Count: 2,061 *whoop! whoop!*
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: major character death/reader death, angst, mentions of demons/Hellhounds, metions/descriptive of Hell/Purgatory, mentions of torture, bad decision making, more angst, extra angst, so. much. angst.
Song Inspiration/Lyrics in the story

A/N: Wow, this is a lot longer than what I normally write. This is an original idea that I came up with and I just love this song so so much. I hope you enjoy it, but I just have to warn you that this contains major feels, which made ME cry and I’m the one who wrote it. There will be a part 2 (which I’m working on right now ^-^) from Dean’s P.O.V. I hope I don’t stab you in the feels too hard. ♡ ily and I’m so not sorry about this.

(Y/F/N) = Your Friend’s Name


  It’s been 364 days. 364 days. 362 days since that werewolf hunt took a turn for the worst. 363 days since I decided I couldn’t handle it. 364 days since I kissed my soul goodbye. 365 days since Dean woke up and I told him he’d been out for 48 hours. One year of torturous countdowns up until this moment… and now I have just one day to live.

Love of mine
Someday you will die
And I’ll be close behind
To follow you into the dark

 I couldn’t tell Dean or Sam. I couldn’t handle the disappointment on their faces. I’d been lying to them for a year about what really happened on that hunt. I never told them that Dean had died that day. I ‘forgot’ to mention the look on his face as I watched the werewolf rip his heart out of his chest. I kept quiet about the crossroads demon I made a deal with the very next night. If today was my last day on Earth, I was not going to ruin it by watching my friends pity me as I flinched every time I heard the tick of a clock.

No blinding lights
Or tunnels to gates of white

  I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to Hell. Gigantic hounds only I can see will rip me limb from limb before dragging my soul to Purgatory. Darkness and anger will consume my being as I go through unbearable pain. All of it was worth it. Anything is worth watching Dean smile these past few months. The only regret is not being able to tell Dean that I love him. I love him and that is why I chose to sell my soul. To save him. It’s a small price to pay for making sure Sam has his brother. The only thing left to do was make an excuse to leave for tomorrow.

Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for a hint of a spark

  Taking a deep breath, I make my way to the Bunker’s library. Sam and Dean are both on laptops looking for a new case.

  “Hey Y/N,” Dean says, not looking up from his screen.

  “Hey,” I reply, walking to stand in front of the table the brothers are sitting at. “I just got a call from a friend of mine, Y/F/N. She’s another hunter… She needs some help on a case in Wichita. It should just be research and a salt ‘n’ burn. Pretty simple,” I lie.

  “Oh, okay… Want some help?” Dean asks, looking up at me. I force myself not to get lost in his deep green eyes as I come up with an escape.

  “Nah,” I shrug nonchalantly. “It’s just a two girl job.”

  “Want some company on the drive down?” Sam asks, still researching.

  “I can just take the Charger from the garage,” I offer.

  “Sure?” Dean presses. I’m mentally fight with my cliché feelings for the man in front of me. I would love to spend my last few hours driving around with my boys. I would be so much happier sitting in the Impala, listening to classic rock and joking around with the Winchesters.

  “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” I lie again. “I’ll see you guys in a couple of days.”

  “Have fun,” Sam jokes, giving me a little wave. I want to walk over and hug him and cry. I want to tell him how much he means to me, and how thankful I am to have him as my best friend. I want to say goodbye properly, but I know any of these things would seem suspicious.

  “I’ll walk you out,” Dean says, standing up. I walk with him to the garage, wishing I could tell him how I feel. I wish I could be honest with him. I just want to have a little more time with Dean.

In Catholic school
As vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles bruised
By a lady in black

  I shove my duffle into the trunk of the 1971 Charger and shut the lid. I only packed a bag so as to fool Sam and Dean. I can feel the eldest Winchester watching my every move as I prepare to leave the Men of Letters Bunker for the very last time.

  “Are you sure ya’ don’t want me to come with you?” the hunter asks again.

  “Dean, it’s just a salt ‘n’ burn. I’ll be fine.”

  “I know you’ll be fine, but I’m bored,” he whines. “Me and Sammy can’t find any new cases; plus, I wanted to spend some time with you.” He gave me a puppy dog face, and I managed a small chuckle. “Y/N, let me come with you,” he practically begs.

  “Why do you even want to come with me?”

And I held my tongue
As she told me, “Son,
Fear is the heart of love”

  “‘Cause I like you, Y/N,” Dean grins. He took a step closer to me… very close. I found myself trapped between a rock and a hard place, or in this case, Dean and a classic car. “I thought it was kind of obvious. I guess I wasn’t conspicuous enough,” he chuckles lightly.

  My mind took a moment to register what he was saying. Dean likes me? I felt like I had a billion butterflies in my stomach and my words got caught in my throat. It took a minute for my brain to catch up with reality before I felt like I was being stabbed straight through the heart. I remembered the real reason I was leaving and I forced a smile onto my face.

So I never went back

  I didn’t know what else to do and I knew this was my last chance. I stepped up on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against Dean’s. Our lips began to move in sync while he pulled me flush against him. I felt his hands slide down to my waist and he rested them on my hips as I wrapped my arms around his neck. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, and yet it didn’t seem like long enough.

  Dean smiled at me when we pulled apart and says, “I’ll take that as an, ‘I like you too, Dean’,” he chuckles.

  “I like you too, Dean,” I confirm.

  “Still sure ya’ wanna go on the hunt alone, sweetheart?” My heart fluttered then broke all over again at the sound of my new petname.

  “Yeah,” I nod. “I’ll see you soon.”

  “Be safe, okay?”

  “Okay,” I say, holding back a sigh.

  “Call me if you anything.”

  “Okay,” I say, climbing into the Charger. “Goodbye Dean.”

  “Bye, Y/N.”

If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied

  I hold back hot tears as I pull out of the Bunker garage. I don’t know where I’m going now, but I know I have to get away. I look in my rear view mirror and see Dean smiling and waving at me as I drive away. Not being able to say goodbye properly breaks my heart.

  My mind wanders as I keep my foot firmly pressed on the gas pedal. I don’t know how long I’ve driven, or how far, but I can’t bring myself to care anymore. All I can think of is Dean. Dean Winchester. My Dean. His laugh. The way he gets those crinkles by his eyes when he smiles. His stupid, corny jokes. His beautiful green irises. His ridiculous attachment to his car. The childlike face he has when I made pecan pie. His warm hugs. His deep voice. His lips.

  How will Dean handle the relization that I’m gone? What about Sam? Or Cas? I wrote them a note on my bed, telling them how much I care about them all, and that this wasn’t their fault. I begged them not to make any deals for me.

  I turn the radio on, going to take my mind off the Winchesters. As if fate was playing a cruel trick on me, ‘Carry On’ by Kansas started to play. Thr floodgates burst as the guitar solo started. This was— is one of Dean’s favorite songs. I choke back a sob as tears stream down my face.

  I shakily reach out and change the station. Trying to even my breathing, I hear Ben Gibbard’s voice drift from the speaker as ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’ by Death Cab for Cutie starts. “How appropriate,” I think, chuckling weakly.

Illuminate the “No’s” on their vacancy signs

  My thoughts lead me to the night Dean told me about his time in Purgatory. It had been three months since he’d gotten rid of the black eyes, and the Mark was passed on to another unfortunate soul. Sam had been out on a solo hunt and Dean and I were asleep in our respective beds.

  I remember hearing the elder Winchester’s screams, and I jumped into action, sprinting to his room. When I got there, Dean was thrashing around on his bed, entangled in his sheets. I ran to his side, shaking him and yelling— no, begging him to wake up.

  “Dean! Dean! Wake up! It’s just a dream, Dean, wake up! Please, wake up!”

  The hunter shot upward in his bed, breathing heavily. He tackled me to the ground in a crazed daze, his hands closing around my neck. Dean studied me with an feral look in his eyes before coming back to his senses and releasing me. He ran a hand through his hair, an anxious habit of his I’d noticed.

  “Y/N… Y/N, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I jus— I just thought—”

  “Dean, it’s okay. It’s okay now,” I replied breathlessly.

  We sat in silence for what seemed like a lifetime. I slowly got up from the floor and sat myself next to him.

  “You— do you want to… to tell me about it? It might help to talk,” I whispered.

  “It was about my time in Hell,” he says, almost inaudibly. “I’m not sure you really wanna hear about that…”

  He wouldn’t meet my eyes as he fidgeted next to me, anxiously carding a hand through his hair again. “Dean, you know you can tell me anything,” I assure him, trying to soothe him by rubbing a hand on his back.

  Dean sniffled before letting his head hang defeatedly. “I— the demons… Alistair… they tourtured me for, well, for what felt like years. A month here is like a decade down there. I took on their pain for 30 years… Then, I just— I jus—,” he started to sob. “I broke…” He looked at me with tear filled eyes. “I gave in… They… they made me… I tourtured and killed so many… so, so many,” he practically whimpered, voice cracking.

  I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he sobbed into my neck. He clung to me tightly like a child to a security blanket. I’d never seen Dean that broken before.

If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks

  Now I know what’s coming for me. Torture. Pain. Killing. Anger. Hatred. I don’t know how long I will last, but I know I have to hold on as long as possible for Dean.

  After crossing the state border into Oklahoma, I found an isolated forest area and pull over. Turning off the car, I put the keys behind the sun divider and get out, leaving any and all of my remaining possessions behind. I start my journey deeper into the woods.

  I have no idea how far I’ve walked. The world around me numbs. Suddenly, loud howling rang in my ears as I stop in my tracks. I know it’s the Hellhounds. It’s over.

I will follow you into the dark

  Unbearable pain ripped through my body as the smoky black hounds tear my body apart. My life flashes before my eyes while screams pass through my lungs. The last thing I remember is Dean’s smile, before everything went black.

I will follow you into the dark