Madonna, Debi Mazar and Daze photographed by Beth Baptiste, 1982.

“These photos were from a photo shoot by Beth Baptiste. I was invited to be a part of the shoot by Debi Mazar, who was a really good friend at the time. Debi was close to Madonna (for a while she served as her personal makeup artist and even went on tour with her) I was also friends with Madonna, as well as Adolpho Sanchez, Timmy, and Dontay. We were all part of the New York City downtown club scene. Going to the Roxy every Friday, Danceteria during the week, hanging at the Fun Gallery and going to openings every night. I think what Beth was trying to show was how diverse the scene was. The shoot took place on the street in Hell’s Kitchen, pretty far west. Madonna was not yet a big star. She just had one single out called “Everybody,” that’s it. We were all trying to make our way in the big world, trying to navigate through a scene that was sometimes difficult. We would all go on to become successful in some way. Obviously Madonna eventually became an icon.”

— Chris “Daze” Ellis


Daze the Daisy   ❁Cannot speak   ❁Very Cute   ❁Squeaks to communicate  ❁Can roam free around the garden peacefully  ❁Needs lots and lots of sun  ❁Lot of water 

Fly the Venus Fly Trap  ❋Carnivorous  ❋Do not allow him to roam free  ❋Likes to be carried around in a bucket  ❋Steals food off your plate and items that it can reach  ❋Clings and grabs at you  ❋Will eat other bitties and possibly small pets  

Bud the Rose  ❀Friendly to everyone  ❀Gets jealous if he doesn’t get enough attention  ❀Likes sunlight  ❀Wants you to take him with you when you go out  ❀Safe to allow outside to roam  ❀Speaks softly and has nice manners

Pan the Pansy  ✾Nervous  ✾Cracks a lot of jokes  ✾Witty  ✾Self conscious flower  ✾Likes lots of watering  ✾Needs company a lot of the time  ✾Gets bored easily  ✾Loves TV  ✾Comes in many many colours