daz varx

Daz looks sleepy, he should be i added more hair to his wig today! i also made them pillows for their bed too. (recently i made them a bed, a matress, a quilt.. i’ve been busy!) last night i made Una that dress, she had been wearing the same thing for too long.
The stuffed toy that una is holding belongs to Daz, it’s from his childhood. his grandmother brought it back from her travels, when she used to travel all around Tinar. basically i woke up and saw that face in a floral design on the sheets on my bed and had to make it!
Ohh and you can barely see it but Daz is wearing a ring, Una saw that everyone on earth that was married had rings, so she wanted to give one to Daz! it’s actually a bead that fit so perfectly on his finger. still haven’t found one that fits her finger though.