dayzewithyou asked:

i was like hhm i need some good posts i bet fashionwolf has a few and then i find a treasure trove of beautiful photos to reblog aaah love you x

aww this is like the nicest message ive ever got!

i always go on your blog when i need good pics too! ahh love yours! and you got a new icon! x 

dayzewithyou asked:

what a wonderful blog you run here! and amazing to hear you used to work for ysl, that is my dream! and you are so lucky to be able to travel, i would LOVE to go to new york and hollywood if i ever got the chance! i was also wondering if you can remember how much the neon bull head from carousel was? i cant find it on their website anywhere! thanks xx

Thank you so much! How cool is the neon bull’s head? I have to say I am still dreaming about it… however you may well beat me to the purchase if it is still there! From memory it was $500. Jessian is the owner - give her a call to confirm. Thank you for the lovely compliment. So happy you like my blog. Oh and make sure you get the chance to go to New York and Hollywood… don’t just dream about it. Find a way to do it. You will never regret it xo