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hi hello :,) i'm the sad audition anon and idk probably like some daddy newt praise imagine or something :/ i'm just like self loathing rn whatever really don't stress out about it haha thanks for responding

Im so sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. Either way, I hope it helps you feel better in some way. ❤️

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Imagine: Receiving praise from Daddy Newt

Newt’s green eyes screwed tightly shut, his tongue poking out to lick across his lips as he grunted out in pleasure. It took every last shred of his control not to spill his seed into your warm mouth just then. But, damn…the way your lips slid up his length, sucking down on him and slurping like that. It was far too naughty, but he was more than happy to continue this little session.

“That’s it, my darling…just like that…” The wizard sighed out, brushing his fingers through your hair as he bucked his hips up. Your fingers gripped the hem of his waist coat, trying to gain some leverage as he fucked your mouth.


He chuckled at the muffled moans spilling from your lips, his eyes opening up again to gaze down at the top of your head as you bobbed up and down in his lap. It was a heavenly sight, that much he could say.

“You’re making Daddy so bloody proud.”

His words only served to fuel your desires, making you want to please him even more as he leaned back against his chair. You applied just enough pressure on the underside of his cock that he growled out your name, thrusting forward and spilling some of his cum inside your awaiting mouth. Newt pulled back, his length falling from your lips. He gripped around it, stroking himself to completion and looking down at you as his seed clung to your lips and cheek.

You happily, and eagerly, lapped it all up wanting to make him happy with your work. Newt smiled down at you sitting obediently between his legs, and he leaned forward his finger brushing against your cheek and wiping some of his seed off.

“Come on, then. All of it, for daddy…”

You giggled softly, parting your lips and holding your tongue out as he placed his fingers in your mouth, watching proudly as you licked it all up.


Dayummmm son. 🔥

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