Just a little Sebby edit to help you enjoy your weekend :)

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I dare you to say he’s not attractive
like he has better cheekbones than me, his jawline could cut wire and his accent 😍 and he’s just so good at singing and acting AND would you LOOK at that hair
like JAMIE cAn YOU NoT


Lestrade is asking John about fatherhood and how the “baby” is coming along. You can see him looking towards the direction where Sherlock is going to pop out of in the next clip. HIS BEDROOM!! JOHN IS TUGGING ON HIS SHIRT. A tad nervously. (Look at his face as Lestrade walks away) He is smoothing it out. Almost fixing it as if maybe it was…oh I don’t know…just recently DISHEVELED!! Queue Sherlock coming downstairs, also fixing his suit coat as if it was…OFF!! You do understand what I’m saying here, right? @fleurdelisandbees @visionandperception @shag-me-senseless-watson @romantic-sherlock @inevitably-johnlocked @johnlock-in-love

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Just because …

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