Tsingy de Bemaraha (Stone Forest) - Madagascar

The Tsingys are karstic plateaus in which groundwater has undercut the elevated uplands. Because of local conditions, the erosion is patterned vertically as well as horizontally. In several regions on western Madagascar, the superposition of vertical and horizontal erosion patterns has created dramatic “forests” of limestone needles. The species of flora and fauna are not to be found anywhere else in the world like the Decken’s Sifaka pictured above.

Below you can see an illustration from The National Geographic explaining these formations. (click image to enlarge)

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Pictures above by Emma Smart

Photoset pictures by Stephen Alvarez


Norway and it’s amazing Fjords

Hello all, it has been a while since my last post, I have been very busy and neglected the blog for a while, hopefully I’ll have time to post more often.

This post is dedicated to the Fjords in Norway, it is a country I have been longing to visit, my mom lives there and I haven’t been able to visit yet, she is always talking about how gorgeous the scenery is, North, South, East, West, it doesn’t matter where you go, you will find beauty everywhere and I can totally see by the pictures she shares with me, there are many places worth having their own post, that’s why I wanted to focus on the Fjords this time.

So what are they? Fjords are deep, long and narrow inlets that have been carved by glacier movement during the ice age, once the glacier retreats the floor is filled with sea water, they are u shaped, are not connected to rivers or streams but can be several miles long. Norway is the country with most Fjords in the world, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Chile and New Zealand also have notable Fjords.

The most known Fjords in Norway are Romsdalsfjord and Nordfjord in the North; Geirangerfjord and Lysefjord in the South West; Sognefjord, Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord in the South and Hardangerfjord in the West close to Bergen with the most popular tourist locations being Kjeragbolten (a round rock wedged solidly in a mountain fissure) and Preikestolen or better known as The Pulpit Rock ( a flat mountain plateau).

Enjoy the pictures.


Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

The largest and highest salt flat in the world, covers an area of 10,582 square Kilometers, at an altitude of 3,650 meters (11,975 feet) above sea level, in the dry season the salt planes are completely dry but in the wet season lake Poopó overflows and covers Salar de Uyuni with a thin layer of water making it the largest natural mirror in the world, giving it the effect of floating in the sky.

Underneath the surface is lake Ubrini, around 2-20 meters deep, this lake is a concentration of sodium chloride, lithium chloride and magnesium chloride in water. The “islands” found around the center are actually tops of ancient volcanoes.

The area is a perfect breeding ground for flamingos. The algae provides food specially Laguna Colorada which is not far away from Salar de uyuni, it’s pink color is caused by red sediments and pigmentation of the algae.

For people wanting to visit the best place to stay would be one of the salt hotels around the area, , everything in the hotels is made of salt, making it a very unique and unusual place to complete the journey.


Beautiful Croatia

Today is the day for Croatia, I have to admit I had no idea there were so many amazing places in this country, and to be really honest I didn’t know much about it at all, since last year I started looking it up due to a show I watched on T.V, the scenery is breath taking, the clear lakes, the cliffs, the coastal towns, the islands, everything about it has me “daytraveling” big time today, just look at the pictures to get an idea of what I mean and you too will wish you could book a plain ticket right at this moment.


Swimming pigs of Big Major Cay - Bahamas

Paradise living, It is said these pigs were left behind by passing sailors about 2 decades ago and for some reason never came back for them, they live in an inhabited island in the Bahamas, if you take a tour boat make sure you bring them food, they will swim to the boat to feed, they are now raising their family there, not a bad life at all.

Check out the whole set of pictures from echeng on flickr.


Tham Phraya Nakhon - Thailand

Located in Sam Roi Yot in Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is probably the most photographed cave in Thailand.  The cave is made up of two large sinkholes which collapsed and now let in the sunlight giving it a very ethereal feel. In the middle of the cave is a Thai-style pavilion built for a visit by King Rama V in 1896. The cave was named for Phraya Nakhon, ruler of the city-state of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Cartagena - Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, the 5th largest city in Colombia founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, situated on the northern coast and facing the Caribbean Sea with 500 hundred years of history since the colonization by Spain, it’s a coastal city full of charm and romance, it’s fortresses (Castillo de San Felipe-the largest in the Americas), the cobblestone streets surrounded by houses with balconies and colorful flowers hanging from them, it makes you feel like you stepped into the 16th century.

Cartagena’s port, fortresses and monuments were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Several festivals are held every year like the Cartagena International Film Festival which is held every march and is the oldest film festival in Latin America.

Cartagena also consists of modern neighborhoods like Bocagrande, El Laguito and Castillogrande with hotel towers and condos, fancy restaurants, art galleries, malls and nightclubs.

The colonial town is surrounded by the fortified wall which gives the city the nick name of “La Ciudad Amurallada” (The Walled City), it was build to help the town withstand the attacks from pirates.

There are plenty of colonial churches, cathedrals, monuments and museums to see, the Cathedral of San Pedro Claver, el Palacio de la Inquisicion (Palace of Inquisition), the monument to India Catalina are a few examples.

There are several beaches and islands a few minutes away from Cartagena, Playa Blanca, Islas del Rosario attract tourists looking for white sand beaches and clear blue water.

I went here as a little kid, all the memories are still fresh in my mind, the people are warm and welcoming, the food is amazing, the architecture takes you to another era, hopefully I get to go back one day.

Tulip Fields - Holland

You would think this is a painting, carpet perhaps? processed wool? No, this gorgeous scenery are thousands of colorful tulips covering the fields of the countryside of South Holland, you can find them in full bloom from March until May between the towns of Hillegom and Lisse, not far from Amsterdam.

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Close by is Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world and one of the most photographed places too, it is said they plant around 7 million flower buds every year and with 32 hectares of land it is for sure one place not to miss if you are visiting The Netherlands around this time of the year and if you are lucky you can catch one of the flower parades.

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Mount Roraima - Venezuela/Brasil/Guyana

This is the highest Tepui (flat-topped mountain) in the grand sabana, reaching a height of 2,800 meters. The tabletop mountains of the Pakaraima are considered to be some of the oldest formations on Earth dating back 2 billion years, it’s flat terrain is due to the constant rain and winds, it rains almost every day of the year making the impressive waterfalls that can be found all around it, many of the species found here are unique, not to be found anywhere else in the world.

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Dragon Falls

One of the many waterfalls found around this Tepui.