monster factory zodiac signs according to the date each video was published

aries: justin “rude boy” man, the junker

taurus: squirtle, G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D., Totinos™

gemini: dark vader, daytrader vader, cousin specialagent, d-bomb

cancer: the pebble, truck shepard, mëlissa, daz, trüllbus, cid finalfantasy

leo: dino landsbury, ja’am, stang

virgo: the boy mayor of second life, shreck, garretttt, the pink man, chomp mom

libra: toucan dan, jerry potter, snakel from frands, the real boogerman, tony hawk???

scorpio: chiquita dave, the final pam*, roachie, trash hulk, turbovicki, zeke teenweed

sagittarius: ghost shaun

capricorn: borth sampson

aquarius: randyjohnson, panpan, succotash, rat baby, knife dad, knife dad’s gay daughter, jefferson tallpipe

pisces: dark souls arbys witch, #noid, dj slime time

*technically the final pam transcends all zodiac signs and is all zodiac signs at once, but this is when she was introduced to our mortal world

the signs as monster factory creations
  • aries: chiquita dave
  • taurus: daytrader vader
  • gemini: d-bomb
  • cancer: christopher christopher "the pebble" christopher christopher
  • leo: THE FINAL PAM
  • virgo: the boy-mayor of second life
  • libra: dino lansbury
  • scorpio: toucan dan the toucan man
  • sagittarius: cyber g.a.r.f.i.e.l.d.
  • capricorn: truck shepard
  • aquarius: borth sampson
  • pisces: squirtle man
tiny details that i did love about  tf5
  • tiny dinobots
  • how the baby dinobots just appeared with no explanation other than they’re here now 
  • The assumption that either the dinobots just had baby dinobots with them on lockdown’s ship, or they just frickitty fracked and all of them gay
  • cogman has been trying to calm his temper 
  • drift meditating…with swords…
  • hound’s appreciation for dramatic/loud entrances wherever he returns to base
  • crosshairs’ watches star wars (c3po knockoff)
  • the fact that cade is the dad of all these aliens and strays
  • bumblebee was a ruthless killer during ww2 and no one talks about it
  • the fact vivian may be bisexual considering she does not object or deny to her mom searching for women interested in women for her
  • cogman. Running.
  • all the autobots just have this hatred of the baby dinobots even though they literally did nothing wrong (ungrateful!)
  • crosshairs playfully teasing hound about being a “chunky autobot”
  • megatron has a flamethrower installed in his fusion cannon 
  • megatron throws two temper tantrums to get his way as always
  • cogman listens to ludacris
  • everyone hates daytrader 
  • barricade getting hit by a truck 
  • crosshairs wakes everyone up in the morning
  • the fact crosshairs is an early riser or refuses to recharge
  • prime stores things in his boobs
  • my/the assumption that the matrix is probably in optimus’ boob too
  • the fact the autobots got swindled out of lockdown’s ship by daytrader
  • hot rod’s “little lady”
  • crosshairs really, really likes optimus’ motivational speeches
  • quintessa probably slapped megatron too to give him her “mark”
  • there is more but im too tired to list it all

for as long as I live the most important moment from any McElroy property will be Griffin angrily yelling “NO.  YOU CHAT WITH BOYS.” at Daytrader Vader

it’s amazing how versatile it is in terms of things to yell at people

Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me
Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me

Daytrader | Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me

Maybe, just maybe,
Fate will cut me one last break,
Cause it’s black,
But it’s all that I’m used to