dayton audio

Even though it looks more like the top to an easel rather than a record, that is The Beatles’ “White Album” fronting the top of one of my new speakers in a system that is finally complete! The Dayton Audio speakers have worked out splendidly so far, and the Lepai digital amplifier has done a wonderful job bringing the whole sound together. 

I had my struggles toning the sound to just where I needed it to be at first(and I’m still tweaking it), but I’m impressed with how it looks now and how much better it sounds! Everyone needs to come on over and listen to this immediately! In fact it’s given me an idea for my blog here that I’m going to roll out soon….


Finally put it online! Here’s a vid of Field of View A’s semi-finals debut in Dayton of their show entitled “Pathways”. I added the audio afterwards so it sounds a bit low-quality. But enjoy!