more concepts:
  • yuuri and victor hosting dinner parties for all their skating friends all the time

“I’ll break out the wine!” “Ooh, where’s my pole???” “Christophe no!”

  • visiting hasetsu whenever they can to check up on the family (and because makkachin misses everyone so much)

“Yuuri, Vicchan!!! Please come in, I have katsudon ready!!” “Can I take a picture of you kissing??? The skating otakus will love it!” “Victor, please get your dog off of me.” “Oops, sorry Mari-chan.”

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Playing Civ 5

When you decide to play as a peaceful culture/science sort but then the first person you meet is Shaka or Attila or Monty or Genghis or any combination thereof

When someone offers a Declaration of Friendship and IMMEDIATELY starts begging for free luxury resources

When someone inevitably starts plopping down their cities right in your goddamn face

When someone finishes building that Wonder literally one turn before you do

“An Unmet player has lost their original capital!”

When all you can really do is ‘Denounce’ someone you don’t like because they’re too far away to actually threaten

When your Denouncement gets everyone else to denounce them as well

When your rivals end up going to war with each other instead of you

When you win your first war

When you end up an entire tech era ahead of everybody else

When your ranged units finally get that “Range +1″ promotion

When youteam up with someone to take out an asshole Civ

When someone you have a Declaration of Friendship with  declares war on you

When you FINALLY meet the Civs that spawned on the other continents and find out one them has become an unstoppable behemoth runaway Civ

When people start suggesting luxury resource bans in the World Congress

When you choose the Freedom Ideology even tho everybody else chose Order

When you’re winning and every other Civ tries to fucking dogpile you

my favourite spamano aesthetic is when they’re the secondary beta couple in the background of another ship’s fanfic and they split their time between CONSTANTLY fighting or making passionate love like a daytime soap opera. meanwhile Feli is pursuing Germany with all of his pure heart or America doesn’t fucking know how a normal relationship works or China is screaming into the void while this shit is happening


On this day in music history: March 23, 1982 - “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet”, the sixth album by Rick Springfield is released. Produced by Keith Olsen, it is recorded at Goodnight LA Studios in Van Nuys, CA from Mid 1981 - Early 1982. After ten years of struggle and setbacks, Rick Springfield begins to see his fortunes turn around when “Working Class Dog”, his first album for RCA Records takes off during the Spring and Summer of 1981. Deciding to strike while the iron is hot, he returns to the studio with former Sound City Studios engineer and producer Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Pat Benatar), recording at Olsen’s newly opened state of the art facility. Sessions take place during breaks in Springfield’s busy schedule while promoting “Working Class Dog”, and starring on the popular daytime soap opera “General Hospital”. The new album features various studio players including former Rufus member Dennis Belfield (bass), former Hall & Oates band member Michael Baird (drums), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Chas Sandford (guitar), songwriter Tom Kelly (“Like A Virgin”, “True Colors”, “I Touch Myself”), and future Mr. Mister lead singer and bassist Richard Page (background vocals). “Success” follows its predecessor up the charts, spinning off three singles including “Don’t Talk To Strangers” (#2 Pop), “I Get Excited” (#32 Pop), and “What Kind Of Fool Am I?” (#21 Pop). Like the previous album, the cover art features a humorous photo of Springfield’s bull terrier/great dane mix Lethal Ron, this time posed in the back of a limousine with two female poodles (with Springfield posing as the limo driver). “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” spends three weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


(via  For her birthday, here’s a tribute to one of my sis Julia LeBlanc’s  ( @moduinne-and-redjamie )favourite #GeneralHospital characters, Carly Corinthos. Hope both she and you guys enjoy! An E. Jamie vid. Credit for content to ABC. Song credit: That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony. Subscribe for more vids once, sometimes twice a week! Happy birthday sis! <3 


As a teenager, I had the opportunity to audition for this television series: a daytime soap opera. And I got the lead part. I had just finished ninth grade in school, so I skipped what we called gymnasium and started working instead. And realized that this is a life I can see myself living.

Get to Know Me: Five Favourite Actresses - Rebecca Ferguson
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CBS soap reveals character is transgender

Transgender characters (and sometimes actors who play them) are suddenly everywhere in pop culture — they’re so mainstream they can even turn up on CBS’ long-running daytime drama with a blast of proud network publicity.

  • The 28-year-old soap revealed in Wednesday’s episode that Maya, a model now dating Rick Forrester, transitioned from male to female at a young age, after her sister confronted her with her birth certificate.

The network says B&B is the only current show on broadcast or cable TV to include a transgender character as part of the regular cast.

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go on and fill my lungs with light

Five ways Amy Santiago planned to tell Jake Peralta she loved him: Romantic Cruise Stylez. Oh, and the one way it eventually worked out. 

a prologue.

Amy Santiago is five years old the first time she imagines falling in love. She’s stuck at home with the flu, and her mother has brought her a bowl of chicken noodle soup to drink while they watch daytime soaps together. The two main characters are sitting in a hospital waiting room, holding hands while they wait to see whether or not the girl is pregnant. Amy watches as the boy takes a breath and turns, bringing his hands to frame his girlfriend’s face.

“Marcia ,” he whispers, “ whatever the test results are, whether you’re pregnant or not…. I want you to know that I love you. I love you more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, and nothing will ever change that, I swear .”

“Terrible,” Mama groans, wrinkling her nose. “A hospital is no place to declare love like that for the first time, especially when it’s your own fault the girl’s pregnant!”

Amy slurps her soup and giggles. “Mama,” she asks after a moment, “when did you and Papi first say ‘I love you’?”

Mama smiles, turning towards Amy and grabbing the remote to switch the tv off. “Well,” she says, “Your Papi was quite the romantic. We had been dating for a few months: going out to nice dinners and dancing, he’d taken me on picnics and walks through the parks and to movies I liked, and decided that he loved me–”

“Did you love him back?”

“Of course, mija,” Mama says, kissing Amy’s forehead. “To be honest, I would have said it first if he hadn’t beaten me to it.” She pulls away. “He took me out to my favorite spot, a park bench next to a beautiful garden, and just as the sun was setting over the horizon he whispered ‘te amo’ in my ear.”

Mama looks at Amy and brings up her hand to brush a strand of hair off of Amy’s slightly damp forehead. “Oh Amy,” she sighs, “I hope you have a story like that someday.”

And Amy Santiago, all of five years old and slightly feverish looks up at her Mama, looks at all of the love in her eyes and makes herself a promise.

“I will,” Amy says. “I’ll have a story just as perfect as yours.”

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For sometime I’ve been toying with some idea for Dark Shadows FanFiction. I finally typed one up. It’s not a complete story - more of a story treatment with minimal dialogue. The story is part of a large idea where the modern family is in peril. This segment follow Elizabeth as she flees from an unspeakable horror. I’ve included some actor suggestions above - Alexandra Moltke as a young Elizabeth, Roger Davis as young Paul, and fittingly John Karlen as young Jason. I thought it would be fun to imagine some guest stars - Vincent Price as Jamison Collins and Joan Crawford as Nora. Crawford once appeared on a daytime soap opera.

So here the scenario. Do you find it interesting? Should I flesh it out? Add your comments or message me.


Something was coming for her and she had to escape. If she locked herself in the tower room Elizabeth knew she would be trapped. She hurried down the corridor, trying to think of a route that would get her outside unnoticed. Then as she turned a corner she saw something that was wrong. Something that shouldn’t be there - a stairwell. She had been in this part of the house many times and this was the first time she every saw that stairwell. She had no choice but to go down the steps. There wasn’t another way out. She didn’t even know where the stairwell would lead her.

Tentatively she began walking down. Almost afraid the stairs would disappear out from under her. Each step she took, the air around her got colder… almost freezing. But as she reached the last step suddenly she was warm again. The temperature changed so abruptly that she stumbled. And when she looked back, the stairwell was gone.

She could see a light at the end of the hallway and she walked slowly towards it. A radio was playing… swing music like she used to dance to as a girl. Standing in the shadows she looked into the room - it was the kitchen. But it was the kitchen of her youth, with all the remodeling undone. Matilda, the family’s cook stood at the counter filling a china teapot with hot water. Elizabeth had always loved Matty, her name for the cook, and the delicious muffins and cookies she would bake.

Elizabeth slowly looked about the room, trying to make sense of it all. Then she saw a calendar on the wall. She nearly gasped, having to cover her mouth in case she made a sound. The year was 1946!

Each preceding day had been carefully X’s out. Today was March 2, 1946. It two days Elizabeth would have one of the most important and saddest days of her life… her daughter would be born and she wouldn’t see the child… Victoria… for over 20 years.

Elizabeth couldn’t repress the tears so she moved further back into the dark shadows of the hallway. She was about to turn away when she heard Matty speak to one of the maids.

“Phyllis,” she said, “Miss Nora will be retiring to bed soon. Please take this tray of tea up to her room.”

Nora! She had forgotten Aunt Nora was staying at Collinwood that winter. She didn’t know what to do but she knew Aunt Nora would help her. If she could only explain how she got there.

Elizabeth made her way up stairs using the servants stairwell. She hid in a linen closet, with the door slightly ajar, and waited until Phyllis came up stairs with the tea tray and put it in Aunt Nora’s room. When the coast was clear, she entered the room. The lights were on but she quickly turned off the lamp at the table. Then she sat in the darkness, waiting.

Later Elizabeth heard someone at the door. It was Aunt Nora. She fumbled at the doorway and tried to turn on the light switch but it didn’t work.

“Aunt Nora… I’ve turned off the lights…”

“Elizabeth? Is that you? You know you should be out of bed. The Doctor said—”

Elizabeth interrupted. “Aunt Nora… bear with me for a minute… please… I need help.”

Nora sounded concerned, “What is is Betsy? Is the baby coming?”

“No, it’s not that. Will you come in and close the door. I need to tell you something.” Elizabeth said.

Nora entered the darkened room, shut the door and sat on the side of the bed nearest her. “Very well, Elizabeth… what’s wrong?”

“Aunt Nora… do you remember that time you and I went to Frenchmen’s Bay. We had such a wonderful time. You let me sip my first taste of champagne…”

“And you promised not to tell you father!” Nora smiled.

“I never told him… I never told anyone. You and I are the only ones who know about that day. You also told me about many of the strange things that happened at Collinwood when you were a girl. Some were so fantastic they were hard to believe. But because you told me, I believed you.” Elizabeth explained.

“It seems as if every 20 or 30 years things go bonkers at a Collinwood.” Nora said. “Then things go back to normal for a while.”

“I think something strange has happened again.” Elizabeth said in a whisper. “Earlier today I was upstairs near the tower room. I discovered a stairway I had never seen before—”

“The stairway…” Nora said to herself.

“I went down the stairs and found myself… in a different time… it sounds incredible but I seem to have traveled 20 years into the past!” Elizabeth turned on the table lamp and stood up.

Nora stood as well, in shock and in joy. “Elizabeth! Betsy! You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman!” Nora crossed to Elizabeth and embraced her.

After many hugs and tears, the two women sat on the bed side by side.

“My grandfather told stories about his crazy inventions. A stairway through time! We never believed him but Jamison once swore that he saw a stairway appear out of nowhere with a woman with red hair hurrying up the steps. Then he said the stairway disappeared.”

Elizabeth didn’t tell Nora the circumstance that she found the stairway. She didn’t want to scare her aunt. Just that she was now in 1946 and didn’t know how to get back. Nora concocted a plan. Nora and Jamison had a cousin by their uncle Caleb. She would be about the same age as Elizabeth was now. But she moved to California many years earlier. Until they could figure out how to return Elizabeth to her own time, Nora would introduced her as cousin Katherine Collins.

Nora went through her own wardrobe and found several outfits that would fit Elizabeth. She gave her “niece” a stylish traveling suit to change into, then packed the other items into a valise. She called Hendricks the chauffeur to bring the car to the entrance at the rear of the house. When he met her, she told him she’d forgotten her purse and asked him to fetch it. That’s when Elizabeth snuck into the rear of the limousine. When Hendricks returned she asked him to drive her to the train station. Nora knew from her many trips from Boston that a train would arrive at the Collinsport station in 20 minutes. She asked Hendricks to park then told him to go an fetch some coffee from the cafe. Once the we’re alone, Elizabeth, now Cousin Katherine, climbed out of the car with her luggage, and enter the waiting room. A few minutes later both Hendricks returned with the coffee and the 9:05pm train from Boston arrived.

Elizabeth exited the waiting room just as the passengers from the train filed out of the station. Nora greeted her “cousin” with a hug and instructed Hendricks to pack her bag into the car. They returned to Collinwood, with Elizabeth’s new identity established.

Jamison, the current head of the household, seemed perplexed by the arrival of Katherine Collins. But it seem like a tradition for one odd cousin or another to arrive at Collinwood unannounced. The fact that Katherine looked like an older version of his daughter Elizabeth was not unusual. One only had to look at a few of the family portraits that lined the walls to see how strong family resemblances passed on through the generations.

Elizabeth wanted desperately to meet her younger self and warn her of the heart ache to come. But she knew that was dangerous. Jamison her father would take her baby away and put it up for adoption. Then in less than a year’s time he would marry her off to Paul Stoddard. At the time she felt like damaged goods. But there was one important thing that came from her marriage to Paul - her second daughter Carolyn. Elizabeth needed to make sure that she didn’t do anything that might Carolyn’s birth never happen. Even if that meant marrying Paul.

But once Carolyn was born… if Elizabeth was still stuck in the past she would make sure both her daughters lived happy lives.

Two days later Elizabeth could hear the faint cry of a baby. Young Elizabeth had been sequestered several months with a delicate unspecified illness so that no one would discover she was pregnant out of wedlock. History repeated itself and her father Jameson had the baby sent to an orphanage never to be seen again. But Elizabeth already knew which orphanage… the Hammond Foundling Home.

With Nora’s help, Elizabeth would ensure the baby would not be forgotten.

When young Elizabeth eventually recovered, she was pleased to meet her new aunt Katherine. Older Elizabeth showed affection to the girl but was careful not to get too personally involved… just yet. When Nora was ready to return to her townhouse in Boston, Elizabeth/Katherine joined her. As much as she wanted to stay at Collinwood she knew that she needed to let history follow it course.

Soon they heard news of Young Elizabeth engagement to Paul Stoddard, a young manager that Jamison recently hired. Of course Nora and Katherine attended to wedding but Katherine (older Elizabeth) stayed in the background, making sure she never appeared in any of the photos.

Then two months later Jamison died in a car accident. And Young Elizabeth was now the mistress of Collinwood. When it first happened Elizabeth was too grief stricken to consider he might have been murdered. But with a clearer head, older Elizabeth saw other possibilities. Paul Stoddard had never been ambitious in the sense that he wanted to improve himself. But he was greedy and wanted easy options. Could he have murdered Jamison to get at the Collins fortune that much quicker?

After Jamison’s funeral Nora and Kathrine returned to Boston and waited. Older Elizabeth finally told Nora her suspicions and about her misery with Paul. How he had mistreated her and cheated on her. And of Paul odious friend Jason Maguire. And especially of how Maguire tricked her into thinking she had killed Paul. And her self imposed exile at Collinwood. How different her life would have been if she never married Paul. But the bright spot was her daughter Carolyn.

Could she hide out in Boston for 20 years while her younger self was in a prison of her own making?

Nora asked for details of Elizabeth’s last night with Paul. And exactly how Maguire tricked her. Elizabeth clearly remembered it was exactly 6 months before Carolyn was born. Carolyn was born in July 16, 1947 so the date was January 16 of the same year.

For a year and a half since her arrival Elizabeth avoided impacting the timeline. But now Nora insisted they do something.

On January 15, the two women took the train to Collinsport. When they arrived at the Great House there was tension in the air. Young Elizabeth, barely showing from her pregnancy with Carolyn, was distraught. Paul Stoddard and his crony Jason Maguire were drunk. Paul had sent all the servants away several days earlier. They taunted each other and teased Elizabeth, even with her two aunts present. It was clear Stoddard thought he was king of the Collins empire.

What happened next was Nora’s doing. Older Elizabeth might have stopped her if she knew in advance. Nora asked Katherine to help Elizabeth to bed and sit with her.

Alone with Paul and Jason, Nora point blank asked Paul how much he wanted to leave Collinwood and never return. He laughed. Why should he give up collinwood when it was already his. But Nora reminded him that with a wife and child on the way, he would never be as free was he wanted. Then there was Elizabeth’s brother Roger. He was away at college but he owned half of the estate. Wouldn’t Paul be happier without any strings attached.

Maguire told Paul to listen to the logic of the offer. If Nora, who had wealth of her own, could buy them out, then the two of the could travel the world as carefree playboys. It was Maguire who negotiated. He asked for half a million dollars. Nora looked him straight in the face and said yes. She had jewels worth twice that much that she would give him. They were the famed jewels of Naomi Collins given to her by a pirate in 1767.

As part of the agreement she asked Paul to write a letter to Elizabeth, asking her forgiveness and saying they should get the marriage annulled. Paul did so quickly and Nora put the letter in the desk drawer. She told the two friends to come join her at the limousine outside where she had the jewels in a box.

Stoddard and Maguire were both still tipsy from the wine and Brandy they had imbibed that evening. At the car she asked them to wait on one side while she got the jewels. Maguire was already talking about how he knew where to fence the jewels and where they should go first. Both men were nearly shocked sober when they saw Nora walk around the car with a shotgun.

The men protested. They threatened. Paul said he could get rid of Nora as easily as he had gotten rid of her brother. If Nora had any hesitation, it was gone now. She would avenger Jamison and ensure Elizabeth would have a happy life.

Nora ordered the men to walk towards the nearby forest. They didn’t obey until she shot a round into the air. Paul seemed genuinely scared but Maguire was convinced the old lady was bluffing.

Soon they found themselves at Widow’s Hill, the dangerous cliffs overlooking Collinsport Bay. Nora gave them a choice - jump willingly off the cliff. Since they were both new comers, they didn’t know how dangerous the cliffs were. She told them they had a better chance diving into the bay than surviving a shotgun blast to the gut. Maguire wanted to try and overpower Nora but she told them she was an expert shot. She fired the gun into the air again but Paul was so startled he lost his balance. He reached out to Maguire for help but he’d already started over the edge. Maguire tried to pull away but Paul clung on to him. Soon both men tumbled over the edge, into the darkness. Nora could hear them both scream then a moment later the splash into the fridge water below. Nora had never heard of anyone surviving that fall.

She would tell the police how both men had been drinking all evening. How they decided to walk down to the village. She warned them to stay on the path but at night it could be very confusing. They must have turned left instead of right and ended up at the cliff. Such a shame. Now Elizabeth Collins Stoddard was another widow.

Back at Elizabeth room, Older Elizabeth heard the first gun shot near by then a few minutes later another, but from further away. She considered going down stairs to investigate but decided to stay with her younger self.

A short while later Nora returned and suggested that she and Katherine go to bed. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

The next morning Nora called the sheriff’s office to report the men missing. A few days later a fisherman found them washed ashore miles north as the current flows. Based on Nora’s, Elizabeth’s and Katherine’s testimony, the authorities concluded the two men accidentally fell of the cliff while intoxicated.

A short time later, Nora showed Elizabeth the note from Paul. It helped to ease her grief.

Six months later Elizabeth second daughter was born - the beautiful Carolyn. While Nora split her time between Collinsport and Boston, Katherine (the older Elizabeth) helped with caring for the baby. She noticed that sometimes as young Elizabeth nursed her child, she looked wistful.

One day while Baby Carolyn was napping she spoke quietly with the young mother. She revealed she knew where the first baby was… now named Victoria. She suggested that she could adopted the child and bring her to live at Collinwood. Elizabeth’s two daughters could grow up together without anyone knowing their secret past.

Young Elizabeth hugged her older self. There was a small part of her that made her realize that Katherine wasn’t who she said she was. But she knew in her heart that Kathrine cared for her more than anyone could know.

Soon the great house was filled with laughter like it had never been before. Dark haired Victoria playing gleefully with her cousin (sister) Carolyn. Even Roger who usually had a sneer on his face enjoyed the company of his two little “kittens”.

Katherine wondered whether she should warn Roger about Laura Murdoch. But she had a few years to decide.

anonymous asked:

It's fun to read all the predictions and disappointments from the fandom. I think one thing is obvious: we've all been raised on soaps (or soap'ish shows) and have been programmed to think and predict a certain way. We all have to get out of that antiquated way of storytelling and surrender to the new modern way. Don't you think? That is, after all, why I love this show so much.

Excuse you, Anon. A little respect for soap operas, please: 

“Serialized series borrow from the playbook of daytime soap operas— with the marked difference being that nighttime serialized dramas (such as Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Revenge, and Dexter) air once per week (versus five times per week for a daytime soap), tend to move much faster (versus daytime, where a character might be pregnant for several years!), and are much more nuanced when it comes to character development.” (The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap)

Okay, so I seem to have been sucked into watching Will/Sonny, which is a canon ship on an American daytime soap opera called ‘Days of our Lives’ (at least I assume it’s daytime - I’d heard all soaps air during the day over there).  Leaving aside the dodgy dialogue and clearly indoor “outside” sets, I was expecting coy glances, cutaways and fades to black once their relationship became more intimate.  

Holy shit I was wrong, they’re proper going for it and I am seriously impressed!  You’ve completely surprised me trashy American soap opera.



Currently playing the character Melinda May on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., self-proclaimed “geek gal of all trades” Ming-Na Wen got her first major recurring role as Lien Hughes on As The World Turns, becoming the first Asian-American actress to land a contract role on a daytime soap opera.

Wen moved on from the series in 1991, eventually scoring two big screen gig as June Woo in The Joy Luck Club and Chun-Li in Street Fighter. Around the same time, she costarred on the sitcom The Single Guy and began her first run as the character Deb Chen on the NBC medical drama ER.

In 1998, Wen acted as the voice of the title character in Disney’s critically acclaimed animated film Mulan. Her voiceover work earned her an Annie Award and led to future jobs as Detective Ellen Yin on The Batman, Jade on HBO’s Spawn and Aki Ross in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. She would reprise the role of Mulan in the 2005 direct-to-video sequel, as well as a 2014 appearance on the Disney Channel series Sofia the First (alongside her daughter Michaela Zee, who has a recurring role on the show as Princess Jun).

Mulan was not the only role Wen came back to, however. The producers of ER decided to revive her character in 2000, bringing her back as a series regular up until the show’s eleventh season. Dr. Jing-Mei Chen has been described as “one of the program’s most enduring characters“.

Wen has also starred in Stargate Universe as Camille Wray, the first openly lesbian in the Stargate franchise. Beyond that and her current stint on S.H.I.E.L.D., she has held brief roles on Eureka, Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal, Private Practice and Nashville.

Reflecting on her career, Wen once expressed interest in eventually returning to her roots as a stage actress: “I’ve been lucky, knock on wood. But you have to have a sense of humor and grounding about all this stuff. I have a gypsy spirit. That’s why I keep an apartment in New York for when I want to get back to theater, because Broadway always will be my final fantasy.“

Odd Job Gem

The Big Donut cashes in on a sudden spike in the popularity of coffee and donut holes by opening up a second store in Beach City. Lars gets promoted to manager of the new Big Donut, but with literally no one else willing to work for him, Lars begrudgingly asks Steven for help. Steven proposes hiring Lapis so that she can meet more people in town, but Lapis soon comes to resent working 9-to-5 for a tough boss while Peridot gets to stay home at the barn playing video games and watching daytime soap operas.