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ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Just kidding. ◕‿◕

◕‿◕: what is your guilty pleasure?

R: God, where to start.

M: Well, remember, this is a guilty pleasure. We don’t feel guilty about stealin’ or drinkin’. It’s gotta be something you’re really ashamed of, like, uh…

R: Cripes. Okay, okay, here’s my guilty pleasure: Comet beer. It’s our hometown brand and it’s the worst shit in the world, but it’s real comfort booze and it’s dirt cheap. If anyone saw me drinking that in public I’d be mortified, though.

M: Hah, I got no problem with that. My guilty pleasure…is daytime TV. Soaps and talk shows and Judge Judy and shit.

R: Hah! You’ll watch anything that’s in front of you, you glutton.

M: I know, I know. 

‘One Life to Live’ says goodbye to its ABC studio – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS by Abby West Categories: Daytime Soaps, EW Exclusive Comments 9 Add comment Lou Rocco/ABC A day filled with tears, laughter, and hugs erupted into applause when the last scene of One Life to Live finished taping in its ABC studio Friday. Today saw scenes moving along at the famously whiplash-like speed common for daytime soaps, but with increasing fanfare and emotion. Then the studio quietly began to fill up in the late afternoon as Erika Slezak (Viki Buchanan) and Jerry vern Dorn (Clint Buchanan, right) started to shoot that last scene (which is not the last one that will be seen on the show’s finale in January) in Viki’s Llanfair living room.

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Scott Turner Schofield cast on 'The Bold and the Beautiful' daytime's first transgender actor

Scott Turner Schofield cast on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ daytime’s first transgender actor

Photo Credit Facebook

Scott Turner Schofield will be making history as daytime television’s first transgender actor. Schofield was hired by “The Bold and The Beautiful” and will make his debut on May 8.

Scott Turner Schofield to make television history

Scott Turner Schofield, confirmed his new gig on B&B via his Facebook page posting,“Very proud to announce a big career move…

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