What can’t Harry Styles wear? The former boy bander has shown his playful side in floral suiting from Gucci and slick ensembles from Saint Laurent, and pushed the envelope with daytime dressing in Japanese cult label Blue Blue Japan. And earlier today in New York City, Styles took center stage in Rockefeller Center for his solo music debut on the Today show, sporting a bespoke suit from English tailor Edward Sexton. This isn’t the first time the cool crooner has opted for solid tailoring. However, his choice of color, millennial pink, energized the live audience and took Styles’s wardrobe into Bowie-like territory.

The custom suit featured natty ’70s-inspired elements, including a single button creating the illusion of a nipped waist, while a peaked lapel enhanced strong shoulders. A simple black button-down offset the bright hue and lent a boyish, Johnny Cash–esque spin to the look. The finishing touch? Styles’s famous wavy tresses, tousled like a true rock star.

Checklist for when feeling crappy
  1.  Is it late at night? Try to go to sleep. If it’s stressful try some white noise or audiobook or something, or just lay down but don’t turn off the lightsIf it’s not working, keep going with the list and try again later
  2. Are you cold? If yes, put on a sweater, or some socks, or a tuque and gloves if necessary
  3. When was the last time you ate? If it was more than three hours ago, go find something to eat
  4. Have a sip of water
  5. Have you taken your meds/vitamins today?
  6. Have you done any bit of exercise today? If not, do something, even if it’s small. Choose a short workout from Darebee or take dog for a walk
  7.  Have you showered in the last two days? Take a shower (or a bath if that feels right). If, once you’re in exfoliating sounds like a good idea, do that. If, once you’re out, moisturizing sounds like a good idea, do that.
  8. If it’s daytime, are you dressed? Put some comfy or otherwise feel-good clothes on
  9. Do you have any homework or similar pressing work to do? Spend five minutes working on that. Maybe you’ll get into the flow and do more, but if not, no biggie
  10. If you have pets, have you cared for them today? Check and make sure their spaces are clean and they have food and water. Pet and play with them
  11. Have you hugged anyone today? Go hug someone. If no people are available hug a pet, if no pets are available find a teddy bear
  12.  Is your living space clean? Spend five minutes tidying or cleaning something
  13. Have you done anything creative today? Try that for five minutes
  14.  Have you talked to anyone today? Even if no one’s around physically, send a text to a friend at least
  15. Have you gone outside today? If it’s light out and/or not too cold, go and spend a few minutes outside 

This was made with my own needs in mind, but if anyone finds it useful, feel free to reblog

Daytime male dress also changed. Nineteenth-century’s women’s fashions, dominated by the corset and bustle, accentuated the female’s bosom and backside. In short her sexuality was magnified, but at the same time men’s sexuality was hidden. Male fashions no longer drew attention to the legs and thighs. The tight breeches and stockings were replaced by the 1830s in England by looser fitting trousers. And the “full fall” of the breeches was replaced by the 1860s with the more discreet buttoned fly front. For formal occasions the middle-class male donned a black three-piece suit. For every day dress, drab grays, blues, and browns replaced lighter colors and coarser wools the finer fabrics. Recourse by men to corsets and cosmetics became a laughing matter. Swords were replaced by walking sticks; ostentatious jewelry by utilitarian watches and fobs. By the twentieth century, the only hints of color were found in the tie or cravat, which led the eye away from the genitals up to the man’s head. A glance at a portrait of Marx or Engels reminds us that even political radicals donned the new uniform of the bourgeoisie. The tone had been set by the American revolutionaries’ contempt for “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and the French sans-culottes of 1789, who attacked as reactionary and pretentious fops men who affected too much attention to their dress. In response the pose of the dandy was taken up by such decadent artists and bohemians as Baudelaire, Barbey d’Aurveilly, Wilde, Swinburne, and Beardsley who wished to parade their disdain for middle-class proprieties. The extent to which Western society sought to hide the male body was perhaps best evidenced in nineteenth-century artistic representations. Female nudes were found in libraries and town halls, representing everything from “Liberty” and “Electricity” to “Slavery” and “Morphine.” The nude male virtually disappeared from the painter’s canvas. Visitors to galleries could imagine a no more shocking idea than that of a naked man as a subject for artistic representation.
—  Angus McLaren, The Trials of Masculinity: Policing Sexual Boundaries

Cut it Out

Sweet and sexy cutout dresses for day and night

In innovative art and fashion, there’s value in negative space.

Sometimes what makes a dress is what’s not actually there. When you want to step it up a notch in the dress department, instead of going for a shorter hem or lower neckline, look for a frock with clever cutouts. Subtly sexy and tastefully chic, a cutout dress will add an alluring air to your look without the annoyance of adjusting it every five minutes. See a handful of our favorite cutout styles for day and night below, from an a-line denim dress to a black lacy slip.

Daytime Dresses

Denim Cutout A-line Dress

Cutout-Back Fit & Flare Dress

Motel Saraya Dress

Painted Leaves Jacquard Dress

Ecote Strappy Back Safari Maxi Dress

Cotton Knit Dress

Evening Dresses

Nasty Gal Laney Lace Cutout Dress

Cutout Body-Con Dress (Regular & Petite)

Cutout crepe dress

Cutout-back stretch-crepe mini dress

Taped Lacey Slip

ASOS Metallic Cross Front Cutout Skater Dress

But wait, there’s more! Search for more cutout dresses here.

FAQ Series: Royal Glossary of Terms

Abdicate: To give up, as in one’s succession place or the throne
Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne in favor of her son.

Abolish: To do away with
Greece chose to abolish its monarchy in favor of a republic in 1973.

Absolute monarchy: A form of government in which the ruling sovereign has total power 
An absolute monarchy is mostly a thing of the past, but Lichtenstein’s constitution gives one of the closest modern examples of an absolute ruling sovereign prince’s powers.

Accession: To reach the top of the order of succession.
Prince Charles’ accession will take place upon his mother’s death.

Aristocrat: An untitled individual of the highest social class; sometimes shortened to “aristo”
Prince Harry’s former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, is a popular example of an       English aristocrat.

Banns: A written proclamation of the intent to marry; traditionally read in front of a congregation of people
The reading of a royal couple’s banns of marriage is a historic ceremonial         tradition in some countries, most notably Sweden, that usually takes place a       few weeks prior to the wedding.

Black tie: A semi-formal style of dress worn after 6 PM
Men wear an evening waistcoat or dinner jacket. Women wear an evening         gown.

Civil ceremony: A legally-recognized marriage ceremony performed by a government official; also referred to as a civil wedding or civil marriage
Royal civil ceremonies usually take place a few days prior to the religious         ceremony and are traditionally smaller affairs.

Consort: The spouse of a reigning monarch
Queen Mathilde is a queen consort, meaning she is queen by right of               marriage, not birth.

Constitutional monarchy: A form of government in which the ruling sovereign’s power is determined and restricted by the constitution
This type of monarchy is the more frequently seen in today’s world.

Coronation: a formal ceremony involving the placement of a crown on the new monarch’s (and/or consort’s) head, officially marking the beginning of a new reign
Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was held 16-months after her actual                 ascension, due to the mourning period for her father.

Count: a noble rank below a marquess but above a viscount; known as “Earl” in some countries

Countess: The feminine form of Count or Earl; can be held by right of marriage or in one’s own right

Courtesy title: A non-substantive title that is based upon usage, not law, and is not inherited or directly bestowed by a monarch; it can be used to mean the title held by an heir or those used by members of abolished monarchies
Crown Prince Pavlos is the heir to an abolished monarchy (Greece). He holds the title of crown prince by courtesy only. 
Heirs to noble titles (such as James, Viscount Severn) usually hold one of their father’s lesser titles as a courtesy title.

Crown Prince: A hereditary title used by certain royal families to indicate whom will inherit the throne
As heir, Crown Prince Frederik is titled differently than his younger brother       Prince Joachim.

Crown Princess: The female counterpart of crown prince; usually held by female heirs and wives of male heirs
Crown Princess Victoria is the future monarch of Sweden.
Crown Princess Mary is the wife of Denmark’s heir apparent, Crown Prince     Frederik.

Defunct: No longer in use
The titles of abolished monarchies are considered to be defunct.

Dowager: The widow of a titled male
A dowager queen is the widow of a deceased king. 

Duchess: The feminine form of Duke; can be held by right of marriage or in one’s own right
Catherine is the Duchess of Cambridge because she is married to the male bearer of that title.
Princess Madeleine is the Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland because that title was bestowed to her, in her own right, by the king.

Duke: a title that can indicate a member of the nobility (ranking just under the monarch), or a monarch ruling over a duchy/dukedom
Prince William is now formally referred to as The Duke of Cambridge because   the title of duke outranks the title of prince.
Luxembourg is the only remaining area with a monarchial duke.

Earl: A noble title indicating rule of an earldom; ranking below a marquess but above a viscount; known as "Count” in some countries

Enthronement: a formal ceremony marking the beginning of a new reign, similar to a coronation, but without the placement of a crown
Albert II of Monaco had an enthronement, instead of a coronation, because      of his princely status.

Grand duke: The sovereign ruler of a grand duchy; below a king, but higher than a sovereign prince
Luxembourg is the only nation currently ruled over by a grand duke.

Heir: The person first in line to the throne

Heir apparent: An heir whom cannot be displaced; a concrete position, unless extraordinary circumstances take place
Catharina-Amalia is heir apparent in the Netherlands because a future               brother would not displace her.

Heir presumptive: An heir whom can be displaced; a tentative position
Leonor is Spain’s heir presumptive because a future brother would displace     her.

Hereditary title: A title that is automatically inherited according to a set tradition or precedence 
Most noble titles, like Earl of Wessex or Duke of Kent, are hereditary and are     traditionally inherited by the eldest son.

HIH: The style used by members of an imperial family 
His Imperial Highness/Her Imperial Highness

HM: The style used by a reigning monarch and/or consort 
is Majesty/Her Majesty

HRH: The style used by most members of a royal family 
is Royal Highness/Her Royal Highness

HSH: The style used by members of a princely family 
His Serene Highness/Her Serene Highness

Illegitimate: Children born out of wedlock (to non-married parents) 
In most cases, illegitimate children are not given succession rights.

Name Day: A public celebration of a royal’s birthday
Victoriadagen is the official celebration of Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday.   Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday celebration is marked by a parade event   called Trooping the Colour.

Investiture: A ceremony in which someone is given a new title or honor; occasionally interchanged with enthronement or coronation
Willem-Alexander’s investiture ceremony was held on the same day his           mother officially abdicated as queen. 

Monarch: The head of state in a monarchy; usually the king or queen regnant
Felipe VI is the current monarch of Spain.

Morganatic marriage: A marriage where there is no gaining of succession rights, styles, or titles by the spouse or resulting children
A rare occurrence in modern royal times.

Morning dress: a formal daytime dress code; usually consists of a morning coat (with tails) and top hat for men and a knee-length or midi-length dress (not gown) and hat/fascinator for women
Morning dress is the traditional dress code for Royal Ascot and most                daytime weddings (i.e. the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s).

Noble title: a title held by a member of the nobility; usually held by a non-royal individual (ex: the Duke of Northumberland), but the title itself may have a royal history, even if the current bearer does not possess an HRH
Many royals also hold noble titles in addition to royal titles, such as HRH           Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Parure: A matching set of jewels intended to be worn together
The Napoleonic Amethyst Tiara is part of a parure.

Popular monarchy: A type of monarchy in which the sovereign’s popularity with the people determines his or her power
Belgium is the only popular monarchy in a existence today; this explains why   King Philippe is known as King of the Belgians instead of the king of Belgium.

Pretender: The claimant or heir claimant to a defunct throne

Primogeniture: The preference given to the order of succession.
Spain and Monaco have male-primogeniture laws, meaning male heirs come   before female heirs (in a respective family), regardless of age.
Great Britain recently adopted absolute, or equal, primogeniture which             allows the eldest child to inherit, regardless of gender.

Prince Consort: A formal title that may be granted to the spouse of a queen regnant
Queen Margrethe II gave her husband Prince Henrik the title of Prince               Consort in 2005. 
Although Prince Philip is the consort (spouse) of Queen Elizabeth II, he has     not been formally bestowed the title of Prince Consort (with a capital C).

Principality: A sovereign state, not large enough to be a country, ruled over by a prince
The principality of Monaco is governed by its sovereign prince, Albert II.

Queen dowager: the surviving widow of a king
Queen Noor is considered a queen dowager because she is the widow of
King Hussein of Jordan.

Queen mother: a woman who is a simultaneous dowager queen and mother of a reigning monarch
Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon was a queen mother from the time of her husband’s       death in 1952 until her own in 2002.

Regent: The guardian of a young monarch who is not yet old enough to reign/The temporary substitute for an absent monarch
Princess Benedikte acted as regent when her queenly sister and princely           nephews were out of the country on holiday.

Regnal name: A name, other than a given name, adopted by a monarch at the time of his/her accession to rule under
Prince Albert, Duke of York chose to rule under the regnal name King George   VI when he took the throne in 1936.

Regnant: In his or her own right.
Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Margrethe are both queens regnant, meaning     by right of birth, not marriage.

Sovereign: an individual that holds supreme power, usually a monarch
King Harald V is Norway’s current sovereign monarch, although most               contemporary sovereigns are just figureheads.

Style: A manner of address often used in reference to members of a royal family
Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden
His Majesty The King of Spain

Subsidiary title: A lesser title that is held, but not regularly used; sometimes referred to as “secondary titles”
The Princess of Asturias holds several subsidiary titles, including Princess     of Girona and Princess of Viena.
The title of Viscount Severn is one of the Earl of Wessex’s subsidiary titles.    His son and heir, James, is referred to as Viscount Severn by courtesy. 

Substantive title: A title that is based upon law and one that usually follows the bearer’s name
Princess Catharina-Amalia holds the substantive title Princess of Orange.

Succession: The order of inheritance to a throne
Princess Isabella is third in Denmark’s line of succession.

Title: a form of identification by which royals and nobles are distinguished
Carl XVI Gustaf holds the title of King of Sweden by right of inheritance.
Prince Daniel holds the title of Prince of Sweden by royal decree.

White tie: The most formal style of dress code; Worn after 6 PM to state dinners, formal balls, and evening weddings
Men wear waistcoats or tailcoats with white bow ties, women wear ball             gowns and tiaras. State decorations are also worn.

Disclaimer: Every attempt was made to simplify the information here to improve overall understanding, sometimes at the expense of technicalities. Definitions provided here are intended to contextualized as applied to royalty and not any broader applications. *Read: Please don’t bless me out over small-ish details or inconsistencies; If you spot an error that majorly affects the understanding of something, privately and politely message me so we can discuss it. 

To be updated as necessary. Part II pending.

The Laundry Room

Pairing: Chuuaku

Rating: G

Summary: Everyone has their quirks. Chuuya’s is doing laundry in his red boxer-briefs despite being in a university dorm, but that’s hardly surprising. Akutagawa’s is wearing pink Hello Kitty pajamas, but that’s damn near unbelievable.

Author’s Notes: Happy birthday, @ariukoart !! I’m really glad I dragged you down into Chuuaku hell with me, I needed an excuse to write more Chuuaku fics and your birthday was the perfect opportunity <3 It’s a bit short but I had a lot of fun writing it!! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!! Happy birthday, dear! I love you! <3

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Sugar Baby Style Summer ‘16

A LOT of you beauties ask me what to wear on a POT date in the summer, so I actually reached out to my SD and asked him what he likes that I’ve worn this summer. So here we go:

1.For Casual (lunches, coffee dates, meet and greets)

~Summer Fun~

I always get criticized for looking too “business like” on dates (I blame this on me having lived in DC for too long), but since you’re young and fun I highly recommend you play that up. Bright colors, show some leg (but not too much) (; and it’ll be easy for him to spot you that first time you meet.

2. Daytime dates

I recommend dressing youthful but fashion forward ( I HOPE you’re going somewhere chic) show off your edgier side with a constructed outfit but natural free flowing hair and a classic pair of sun glasses. Especially in a city you will blend in, yet your gorgeous look will make you stand out and your POT won’t be able to keep his eyes (or hands off of you). At the same time though, ALWAYS keep it classy (:

3. Nigh time dates

My personal favorite, this is where you can really show off your sexy side (if you choose to). My daddy LOVES when I wear white in the summer (I have an olive complexion) and a jumpsuit will FOR SURE show off your body. Again, it’s classic but sexy. The white hue will make you stand out, but with natural makeup and flowy hair you’ll look like a goddess

I hope this helps and best of luck babies!!!

Finders Keepers Part 1

In which the course of love never did run smooth, especially when your best friend is being stalked by a vampire and a second man is added into the mix.

Genre: Keepers!AU, Vampire!AU, romance, fantasy

Words: 3,054

JiminXReader, JungkookXReader

Part 1

Originally posted by sugutie

You had been at the bookstore for an hour already when Jimin came in to find you. His face was still a little flushed, and that satisfied smile shone on his features. He practically glowed.

“How’d I know you were here?” He cocked his head to the side.

“Was it a young couple this time?” you asked. You recognized that look.

“No, they were both in their fifties. It was even cuter than when little kids find their soulmates,” he laughed.

“Aw, that sounds nice, although I’m glad I didn’t have to wait that long,” you told him with a grin.

“Can you imagine how awful that would have been if Park Jimin didn’t find his soulmate until he was old? My dad would never have let me live it down.” He shuddered. “But what have you been up to?”

“They haven’t gotten the new shipment in yet, so I just reread Black Bird for an hour,” you replied, shutting the fifth volume of said series.

“That’s the demon one, right?”

You nodded.

“Well, I have to admit,” he laughed, “the artist got the good looks right.”

You scoffed, “You say that like you’re a demon.”

“I just know a few, and they’re all very handsome,” he said.

“More so than Keepers?” A playful glance shot from the corners of your eyes caused Jimin to latch onto your waist and pull you flush against his body. You gasped, and your hands flew up to his chest.

“If you say things like that, I’ll just have to keep you in the house all day to prove otherwise,” he practically growled.

Yes, this was what it was like to be the soulmate of the Keeper of Love Park Jimin. You had only met a few Keepers over the years, but you knew that there was one for nearly anything you could imagine. In the past, they had been mistaken for gods, like Jimin’s father, Cupid, but in reality, they were more like guardian spirits.

“But I have Youngmi’s birthday party tonight, “ you reminded him.

“Ah, that’s right,” he sighed, “It’s at the club, isn’t it?”

You hummed an affirmative.

“Promise me you’ll be safe? I don’t like it when you’re in those situations without me. There are too many sleazy guys,” Jimin requested. How could you ever say no to those eyes?

“I don’t plan on even looking at any guys. Why would I when I already have the love of my life right here?” You smiled.

“No matter how many times you call me that, I think it’ll always set my heart fluttering.” He leaned down to peck the tip of your nose, which you scrunched in response.

“I was actually talking about Kyo from Black Bird,” you teased.

He shot you a look. “How you wound me.”

“You know I love you,” you said and went up on your tip-toes to kiss the heart-shaped birthmark just under his jaw.

“You’re not making it any  easier for me to hold back from keeping you home all night, I hope you know.”

But you did end up leaving for your friend’s birthday party that night with sore legs and a promise to be safe. While you knew that most of the other girls would be wearing dresses, you had opted for a tunic and leggings. You were always nervous to wear a skirt in places packed with alcohol, drugs, and sex-fueled people. Pants had the magic ability to make you feel safer. The conservativeness of your attire also helped to ward off potential flirts. You already knew your soulmate.

You met up with your friend Chaekyung at the bus stop. Just as you had suspected, she had chosen a shiny silver number for the night; it was her signature color.

“Nice dress,” you commented.

“Thanks, I got it for like half off.” Chaekyung grinned.

“Whoa, sweet!” You hi-fived.

“Yeah, I bought it a while back but haven’t had a chance to wear it. It’s an appropriate length and all,  but it’s not exactly a daytime dress, and you know I don’t go out much,” she said.

“Why are you so adorable?” you groaned.

The girl was the oldest of your friend group at 23, but she was the one who got carded the most. Even wearing a dress that was clearly for clubbing, she looked more like a pure, little seventeen-year-old with the way her short curls framed her wide eyes and cherub cheeks. It was a wonder that no one had asked her out – or, at least, it had been until Jimin had confessed to you that he could sense the mark of a vampire in her aura, which worked to drive away would-be suitors. You didn’t think that the poor girl had any idea of this.

She blushed and quickly replied, “I’m not; you are! And you’re a part of the cutest couple.”

“What can I say? Like attracts like.” You shrugged.

“Oh, shut up,” she snorted.

The ride to the club was uneventful but enjoyable as you hadn’t met for a few weeks. You had a lot to catch up on. Chaekyung had been waking up with a sore neck for the past few days; you and Jimin had been looking at dogs. She was writing a very exciting obituary; you had just gotten a promotion at work. Before you knew it, you had arrived at your stop. You quickly ran off the bus, Chaekyung shrieking as she jumped from the last step.

Although your friend didn’t wear high heels as often as you, she was the one who was able to strut down the sidewalk. You saw several men follow her with their eyes, but you also saw how, the second they looked away, they would blink and seem to forget what had aroused their attention in the first place. You sighed.

The club was packed inside, so you were grateful that Youngmi had reserved a section in the loft. You would be able to hang out and drink without being bothered by the sexually-charged dancers a floor below.

And that was exactly what you did.

Youngmi had the time of her life. Every present seemed divine after doing five shots of peppermint schnapps – everything from the designer journal and necklace set to the candy cane vibrator.

“How sheashonal,” she had twittered. It was March.

You shot Jimin a text every now and then to say you were okay, knowing he would be worried until he had you wrapped safely in his arms again. You also remembered to update him on Chaekyung’s condition. At one point in her drunken excitement, Youngmi had thrown an arm around the older girl, which had tugged down the collar of her dress just enough to expose several pairs of bite marks dotting her skin. You would have to keep a close eye on her over the next few months. The vampire that had marked her aura had begun the process of taking her. She could be dead within the year if you weren’t careful. As a result, you were wary of letting her go down to the dancefloor on her own, so you encouraged another girl by the name of Aemi to accompany her.

“Sho…” Youngmi slurred, “I think I need another drink.” She reached for the almost-empty bottle of schnapps, but you slid it further away.

“Give it!” she whined.

“I think you’ve had enough,” you chuckled.

“Com’on, ish my birthday. Let’s do one more together,” she pleaded. You paused for a moment, but you ultimately decided to give in this one time. You didn’t even stop her when she snuck a swig from the bottle. The mint coated your throat, but you knew that soon Youngmi’s throat would be raw from puking her guts out.

“You know, I’m up here getting wasted, but I’ll probably be the only one home alone later – and ish my birthday!” She slouched in the booth.

“Oh, that’s not true,” you sighed and awkwardly patted her head, “and even if it was, it’s nothing to be upset about. You’re such a romantic that you would be offended by a one night stand.”

“I know. It’s just… You have Jimin, Aeri’s dating that guy from accounting, and Yoonhee is even trying for a baby with her husband.” Tears pricked at her eyes.

“Chaekyung isn’t seeing anyone,” you reminded her.

“That’s what I’ve been telling myself too – even though it’s kind of mean – but look! Even she’s getting some down there.” Youngmi pointed at the lower level. You followed with your eyes, and the sight that met them made your blood run cold. A group of three guys had cornered her. Such a scene should have been impossible because of the vampire’s mark, so you could only assume that all three of them were also walking nightmares with fangs. You mumbled a quick excuse and grabbed your and Chaekyung’s things. You had to get out of there as soon as possible.

You fought to keep your eyes on the girl as you pushed through the throng of people covered in a mixture of sweat and glitter. The bump of the bass and the strobe lights hadn’t bothered you before, but now every vibration rattled your bones, and each flash sent a wave of anxiety coursing through your veins. It felt like an hour had passed by the time you reached her.

“Chaekyung!” you gasped out, but she didn’t seem to hear you. However, you could make out what her companions were saying.

“Why don’t you just tell us who he is? We’re really not that different from him, you know,” one asked. His voice was deep, and his eyes were covered by round, colored glasses despite the darkness of the club.

“I don’t have a boyfriend – that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Chaekyung blushed as another, taller man wrapped one of her curls around his finger. You saw a spark of red light up her eyes, and you knew that you had to act.

“Stop!” You shoved yourself into the circle. “She doesn’t know anything, I can assure you.”

“And who might you be?” the man with the glasses asked.

The third man, whose distinguishing feature was his broad grin, leaned forward to sniff your hair. You tensed; you had never been this close to a vampire, and you had honestly hoped that you never would be.

“She’s a Keeper’s girl.” His grin dropped quickly. He scrunched up his nose like even the term was repugnant. He reached for the heart necklace that Jimin had given you shortly after you had discovered his true identity, but you slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” you snapped.

The man by Chaekyung rolled his eyes. “Relax, Hoseok already has a girl. He doesn’t need you too.”

“You’re not my type anyway,” Hoseok added.

“What are they talking about?” Chaekyung’s voice trembled.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. You won’t remember this part of our meeting, after all,” the tall man told her.

“I-I won’t remember this,” Chaekyung repeated. Her eyes glazed over.

“Oh, buzz off,” you tried to pull her away, but the man with glasses held you back.

“Why don’t you buzz off? You’re the one sticking your nose into other people’s business,” Hoseok said.

“She’s my friend, therefore her well-being is my business,” you retorted.

“Is it though? Typical Keepers,” Hoseok scoffed.

“This is for our safety. If she hasn’t been officially claimed yet like you say, whoever this guy is will be exceptionally jealous if he finds out we exposed his before he planned,” the tall one explained, “and judging by those bite marks, he’s been visiting her. So, even if she doesn’t know him while she’s awake, I guarantee her subconscious know, and I want to know who I’m dealing with.” He tipped up the entranced girl’s chin so their eyes met. “So tell me, cara mia, what you call your mysterious suitor.”

You held your breath. If you could find out his name, then maybe there was a better chance of hunting him down before Chaekyung was lost forever.

She breathed out, “Suga.”

There was a pause.

“You’re kidding. That guy finally stopped lazing around?” the man in glasses snorted. They all appeared relieved. You, on the other hand, were not.

“You know him? That’s not even a real name. But tell him to stay away from her, all right?” you huffed.

Hoseok had you pressed up against the wall before you could blink.

“Stop acting like you’re a part of this,” he snarled, “Just go back and suck off your precious little Keeper before I really take a bite out of you. I’m sure he’d much prefer the former.”

“He doesn’t make my decisions for me, and I can tell you now that if you lay a hand on me, you will regret it,” you growled right back.

“Hoseok, let’s go. She’s not worth our time,” the boy with the glasses sighed. He had stuck a lollipop between his lips, so his words were a little garbled.

Hoseok gave you one, final, red-eyed glare before he shoved you away. You made sure they were gone, then turned your attention to your friend. Her legs had turned to jelly, and she leaned heavily on the wall. Light gradually returned to her eyes.

“Are you okay? Can you answer me?” you asked. You held her arms to steady her.

“I feel a little light-headed. I think I had too much to drink,” she groaned, massaging her temple. She had had only two shots, and she was by no means a lightweight, so you knew that wasn’t it.

“I already got our stuff, so let’s go ahead and get you home,” you said.

“I should tell Youngmi goodbye.” She tried and failed to pull her arms from your grasp.

“She’ll understand. Us getting out of here is more important right now,” you sighed, not letting her go even for a second.

“But haven’t you noticed  how down she’s been lately? I don’t want to leave her all alone,” she argued. That made you pause for a moment. Hadn’t Youngmi just been telling you about that before you had run off to save Chaekyung? But she was drunk, and the moment had passed. You started moving again.

“There are at least ten other girls still here.” Or at least you hoped there were. Either way, you had to leave, so you wanted it to be under the best conditions possible.

You called Jimin as soon as you left the club to let him know what had happened.

“I’m bringing her over tonight. I know she can’t just move in with us, but she could maybe get one night of rest,” you told him. You rested against a telephone pole while Chaekyung sat on a bench about ten feet away. The bus would arrive in just a few minutes, but until then you would just have to watch over her.

“That sounds good. The poor girl will need her strength. I’ll talk to Jin and see if he knows of a way to deter a vampire.” Jimin’s voice came through all crackly, but it was still comforting all the same. Even though the mist outside was chilly, his tenor tones warned your insides from your toes to your cheeks to your fingers and heart.

“All right. I have to let you go now, but we’ll be at the house in fifteen or twenty minutes,” you said, shuffling your feet. You could see a man in a hood with his hands stuffed in his pockets swiftly making his way down the sidewalk, and you wanted to be near Chaekyung just in case.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

You hung up, knowing that Jimin would never hang up first unless there was an emergency on his end. You walked back to the bench, subtly eyeing the man as you did. Hunched shoulders were never a good sign unless it was windy or freezing, and while it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t cold enough to warrant that position. You finally breathed a sigh of relief when he passed by her, but then that feeling was gone when he bumped into you. The impact nearly knocked you over. The man lurched forward to grab your arm.

“Are you okay? I’m so… sorry.”

You looked up at the owner of the smooth voice to find that he wasn’t really a man at all, but a boy around your age. He had a cute face like a rabbit’s that contrasted with his broad shoulders and thick arms. His eyes were charming too. You mentally chastised yourself. You hadn’t looked twice at a guy since meeting Jimin, so what was it about this one that made your cheeks turn red?

“I’m sorry too. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” you apologized. He didn’t say anything, just stared at you with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

“Are-Are you okay?” you asked, but then you caught sight of a little mark in the shape of an eye that rested just below the bottom of his hoop earring.

“Ah.” You grinned, finally understanding. “You’re a Keeper, aren’t you?”

That snapped him out of his stupor. He blinked as he jerked back to life.

“What?” he gasped.

“Am I wrong? I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else,” you backtracked quickly, blushing. You hoped he wouldn’t ask what a Keeper was.

You tried to slide out of the situation, but he latched back onto your arm, his grip firmer this time.

“No, no.” He shook his head. “I am; I just wasn’t expecting you to know. That’s actually really, really great.” His smile was free and easy, and the light of it made a smile creep across your own visage.

“Yeah, Jimin has a similar mark on his neck, so I just kind of figured,” you explained.

“Jimin, the Keeper of Love? Of course he would be involved,” the boy laughed, “Did he tell you about soulmates?”

“Well… yeah.” You furrowed your eyebrows as the boy’s hands traveled down your arms to hold yours. The first raindrop of the night fell right between your joined hands.

“I guess I should introduce myself then. I’m Jeon Jungkook, the Keeper of Jealousy, and you’re my soulmate.“

hey so why does valentino advertise that theyve got free shipping? do they think it’s the $20 rush fee that’s got me second-guessing putting that $12k silk-lined embroidered crepe daytime dress with chiffon appliqués in my cart? for whom would that matter

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Prompt: One shot AU- Riley and Lucas are single parents and they meet each other at a playground with their kids. They decide to go on dates + “I’m falling for you and I hope you’re falling for me.”

Word Count: 2,801

For: @josiebearx Thank you for waiting. I hope you’re pleased. :)

“Riles, you two got divorced two years ago. I think it’s time to move on.”

Her blonde best friend was right, but the wounds of her divorce from Charlie Garner were still fairly tender. In high school Riley was swept of her feet when Charlie asked her to homecoming by being a cliche romantic. He filled her locker petals, made balloons fall from the ceiling, and even got her classmate Yogi to rollerskate to hand her bouquet of flowers. After the dance they began dating through the rest of high school and two year of college before he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Everything felt perfect to Riley. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian Ryder. Riley’s fairytale soon came to halt when she found Charlie and some red haired woman in their bed. 6 years of marriage down the drain.

“Hon, are you still there? Listen, I know you feel like you can’t trust another man after what happened, but you can’t give up on love, Maya said sincerely through the phone.

“I know, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back in the dating world,” Riley confessed.

“You don’t have to right now. Just get out of the house and take a peek at the other fish in the sea. And I have the perfect idea on how you can: take Sebastian to the playground,” Maya suggested.


The best thing that came out of her marriage with Charlie. Riley was allowed to gain full custody of him because Charlie’s new girlfriend didn’t want kids. Sebastian was currently the only boy that could make her smile and filled her heart with so much love.

Riley looked over to her 5 year old son who was currently playing Jurassic World with his dinosaurs in the living room.

“I guess that’s not a bad idea. Sebastian could use some fresh air,” Riley agreed with her friend.

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Rereading Harry Potter now and wondering why the first movie didn’t, like the book, start with a long sequence in which Vernon Dursley goes about his day looking at Things He Doesn’t Understand, including strangely dressed people, Daytime Owls, and Suspicious Cats, and scowling at them

University - Chapter Nine

(Hartbig) Multi-chapter AU: Grace and Hannah meet during their first year of university

other parts

Grace smiles shyly at Michelle, whom she has finally, just now, come out to. It’s a massive step to tell your female roommate that you’re into girls, a step that Grace wasn’t sure she could handle. She would’ve waited longer, but she likes Michelle. It felt wrong, a little dirty, not to say something. Not after Michelle has been such a wonderful friend. 

“Well I’m glad you finally told me. I was starting to believe you didn’t even trust me.” Michelle says, feigning offense. “Which would be ridiculous because I’m pretty awesome.”

Grace laughs at her roommate, bathing in relief from Michelle’s understanding.

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LOTD: Chris Hemsworth

The GQ cover star looks sharp in a casual suit

With multiple films coming out this year, including Blackhat and Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a skill for slick style, it’s safe to say that Chris Hemsworth is on a roll. One of his latest looks says it all. Spotted in New York City this month, he wore a subtle blue suit with a gray shirt, dress shoes and a classic pair of aviators, proving that great style stems from keeping it simple. Take a cue from Chris and keep in mind that a more casual suit can easily be worn from day to night with the simple swap of a shirt. Copy this look with our similar items below for the next time you want to look extra clean cut.

Chris Hemsworth in New York City

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‘Original Aviator’ 58mm Sunglasses

Savoy Bracelet

Heels or flats?

Heels. I’m 5’1” — I need that height!

What’s your #1 “going out” outfit?

If I’m in LA, it’s pretty much casual so a cute pair of jeans, nice pair of heels that are not too dressy or too high and a cute top. Could be a crop top or a flowy tank top.

What’s your perfect brunch outfit?

I would say a cute daytime dress, like a maxi dress or a romper.

What’s your traveling/ airport outfit?

I’m all about comfort so it’s either leggings and a top or sweats and a sweater. Jeans on a plane — no way it’s just uncomfortable.