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I DONT THINK YOU'VE SEEN THIS aboardthelarryspaceship(.)tumblr(.)com/post/84102936364/harry-actually-shoots-louis-with-finger-pistols-or

I keep saying it can’t get any worse, but it DOES. It just KEEPS. GETTING. WORSE.

So first Harry blew him a kiss


Then he did the finger pistols/pointed at Louis. Lots of jokes can be made about that. “Shot me out of the sky.” “Lovestruck” etc. etc. I swear if he pretends to shoot a bow and arrow next time you’ll hear me screaming from space


And then Louis laughed and said “yes”



??????what does Louis change the words to at 5:02 when he is signing Little things with Harry??????

Then does harry change it to “All his little things” again at 6:42??


Take 40 Interview one direction
some of you were asking for a youtube version of this

Sony VS Modest

I’ve seen some posts saying the winter girlfriends question was planted by 1DHQ to make fun of Harry’s past PR girlfriends to ease people into the idea that they were fake (which I totally agree). But then, I thought, why ridicule Harry’s relationships while pushing Louis’ one (with the mention of the dog)? 

I don’t believe Louis has a dog at all, I think Bruce is Eleanor’s dog, and they are trying to make us believe it’s theirs.

THEN I realized that they mention the winter girlfriend in the Scott Mills interview and in the Hits Radio interview.

And that the dog is mentioned in the Yahoo interview.

In the Scott Mills interview, they talk about winter girlfriends but they also talk about iCloud leaks (around 12:36). Louis says “You know what, I have never used iCloud I have been tempted but since this, no never’‘ 

In the Yahoo interview, Louis says he only has iCloud for his calendars, and after being asked what is on them he mentions ’'haircut for the dog”. (Liam actually mentions a dog haircut right before Louis)

Wait, what? I thought you didn’t have iCloud at all Louis?

I always thought his answer was set-up (because Louis doesn’t have a dog), but like I said, this was contradicting with the whole winter girlfriends theory. 

I noticed the Yahoo interview was entirely focused on the book (Modest), and the radio interviews were about the music/album (Sony).

In short, Modest and Sony have two different agendas. I’m curious to see where this is going.

Just a bit of reference:

This is the last 30 days

blue: Louis’ searches peak on babygate day. Second peak is the GMA confirmation.

red: Zerrie, only time it is searched is when their split is announced.

yellow: Ben and Jennifer 

green: Gwen and Gavin recent divorce news. They couldn’t even MAKE THE LIST!!! because Louis’ searches are THAT high!

This is the same in the last 7 days:

Green: Now Gwen/Gavin are having the same number of searches as Louis has on the QUIET DAYS.

Red: Zayn made news but nowhere close as Louis on GMA day.

Yellow: Ben and Jennifer are not worth to mention.

Daylet this was for you :)

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In this video: youtube,com/watch?v=BidNDscvIEI at 3:40 when Louis says he was looking for a headband does Harry say "I have one" ?? because if so I'm going to need you to punch me in the face.

HE DOES. HE DOES SAY THAT. I’ll punch you if you punch me!!!! XX