reasons why my grandpa is the best:

  • he made my wife and i (i’m a woman) a giant banner for our one year anniversary 
  • when i was pregnant, the baby was kicking and when he touched my belly, the baby stopped and he called him a little shit
  • he once called and left a voicemail asking how to spell styrofoam
  • he flipped a table bc he saw someone hit a dog
  • he beat skrim in 4 days
  • he served in the korean war and when he came home, he learned korean so if he ever ran into a korean vet, he could “give them the same respect he’d give an american vet”
  • my son has two moms and there was a “special guy in your life” day at his school for father’s day so my grandpa went and showed up in dress pants and a pressed shirt bc he “didn’t want to embarrass him”. also, there was a little boy who didn’t have anyone there and grandpa asked if he could be his “special guy” and the little boy beamed
  • he knows all of the secrets to the zelda games
  • he’s had 4 open heart surgeries and can still kick your ass
dear evan hansen sky high au

the wonderful @galaticpanda and I spent the past few days brainstorming this

inspired by this les mis fic where les amis were all at Sky High


  • has the power to make plants grow anywhere
  • of course, his favorite type of plant to grow is trees
  • has a ton of little flowers and flowerpots growing in his room
  • gets too nervous going up to show his power so he ends up getting picked to be sidekick
  • doesn’t want to use it to harm people
  • let him grow his trees in peace
  • grows little bonsai trees and stuff when he gets anxious to calm himself down
  • when he goes full on panic attack things start to grow on him uncontrollably
  • always has twigs and leaves and petals in his hair. The other four are always pulling them out but he is never plant-free for long
  • connor thinks he looks adorable
  • leaves little flowers for people when he can tell they’re hurting
  • largely linked to his feelings/emotions
  • spends the night at connor’s or something and they wake up to a little rainforest 


  • power: invisibility
  • when he and zoe were younger, they’d play hide and seek and he’d always play little cute tricks on her by disappearing so she can’t find him
  • goes into his room and turns invisible when he wants to be alone
  • or when he doesn’t want people to see him at school
  • mainly uses it to avoid social situations
  • gets picked as hero because his power is useful, but he hates having that much pressure on him so he doesn’t try very hard
  • also turns invisible when he’s embarrassed, so when he starts liking evan he disappears whenever evan looks at him
  • evan thinks it’s because connor doesn’t like him, but later on he realizes that it’s actually because he does
  • of course when evan realizes this he makes a little bouquet of flowers for connor and there’s blushing all around (connor turned invisible for a solid hour)
  • when he doesn’t want to talk to his parents he uses his invisibility to make them think he left his house


  • technopath/computer genius
  • everyone expected it because of how good he was with computers
  • initially chosen as hero, but moved to sidekick after 2 days
  • he got demoted because he reprogrammed the school intercoms to say nothing but the word “kinky” on repeat for an entire day
  • the professors couldn’t do anything about it. the only thing they could do was make him a sidekick as a punishment
  • jared doesn’t really care. sometimes he makes the teachers’ computers flash obscenities to make evan laugh
  • they first find out about his power after connor throws the printer at the teacher and jared just walks over there and fixes it like it’s nothing
  • he’d fixed all of his robot toys at home so that they could move on their own and do other awesome things
  • still loves video games
  • his and evan’s personalities/powers clash, but in a good way


  • everyone thinks it has to do with music bc she can just play any instrument that she picks up
  • she just goes with it. doesn’t say much when they make fun of it or anything 
  • one day the murphys are camping and realize that no one knows how to start a fire so she just casually uses her powers to make one
  • she’s actually a pyro and they all freak out a bit
  • cue all the “zoe is hot” jokes
  • evan kinda realizes that this must mean that she’s actually just musically talented on her own
  • she gets picked to be a hero and she loves learning to use her powers
  • she’s the only person connor won’t mess with because he knows how much power she has
  • she and connor often refer to themselves as supergirl and the invisible boy


  • superintelligence/telepathy
  • this one’s no surprise to her or her family
  • she was obviously intelligent from a young age 
  • chosen as a hero, for obvious reasons
  • she knows the answers to questions before they’re even asked, so everyone originally assumes she can see into the future
  • in reality, her telepathy allows her to read minds so she already knows what they’re gonna ask
  • however, she also hears all the snide comments everyone makes/thinks about her
  • she has trouble filtering what’s said and what’s thought so she thinks of a lot of people as friends
  • she forgets who actually confides in her
  • she knows more about some people than they know about themselves
  • that’s why she said that she was friends with connor
  • she can hear his dark cloud of negative thoughts from classrooms away
  • she also knows about evan and his insecurities
  • when someone is having a particularly bad day she’ll sorta sneak positive thoughts into their heads like how evan leaves flowers for people

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Okay so what if the RFA members all were in high school/college together with the MC? How would they be around each other and would any of them have the same classes? :D

Author’s note: Okay so I turned this into a “RFA at school” headcanon, hope you don’t mind!!!


  • This poor child tries SO hard
  • He takes so many notes and tries to listen and do all of his homework bUT HE JUST CAN’T KEEP UP
  • Jaehee tutors him almost every day bless her
  • He’s the kid you see in the hallways playing Pokémon or YuGiOh with Seven ofc


  • He acts like every day is a fashion show
  • No SERIOUSLY, he always comes to class lookin’ fly af
  • He also gets up to blow his nose 10000000 times a class
  • His locker is always full of lover letters and chocolates


  • I’m not kidding they deserve to be put in a museum or something
  • Jaehee’s notes are color coded, super detailed, and very VERY neat
  • Jumin always copies them instead of writing his own
  • She always has coffee in her hand no matter what time of day


  • He ends up doing most of the work in group projects because he’s too nice to say no
  • Randomly gets sick and is gone for like a week at a time, but never seems stressed
  • Teacher’s favorite


  • Has the BEST lunches this is what happens when you can afford good food
  • All of his essays are about cats
  • Either pays someone to take notes or steals/copies Jaehee’s once again, bless her
  • Once he tried to bribe his teacher into giving him an A and it worked


  • ALWAYS has headphones on turn down THE VOLUME PUH-LEASE
  • Don’t talk to him before 9 or he will kill you
  • His notes are covered in doodles who am I kidding, his notes basically ARE doodles
  • He’s really quiet, but when he does actually talk in class he says something super deep he’s the savage quiet kid


  • He’s the type of kid that sleeps through every class but still makes straight A’s
  • When he actually IS awake, he always makes some sort of joke or pun insert groaning noises from classmates
  • Everyone HATES him especially Jaehee because he ALWAYS RUINS THE CURVE BUT HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY

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Read your tags, and the dangerous mission first kiss one sounds damn good I'm up for an essay honestly

*rubs hands together* i really hope you knew that i meant essay when i said essay (aka, more proof that you should never ask me about these two) 

i listened to this 

  • the war may be over, but it’s practically impossible for a demigod to go months without being thrown into some dangerous quest and with percy, annabeth, jason, etc. busy, all heads turn to nico di angelo
  • who of course attempts at getting out of it with his incredibly valid doctor note, except even that is not going to convince chiron this time
  • and as he’s packing to leave, will comes by the hades cabin and just stands in the doorway, not really doing anything besides letting his eyes rest on nico, who hasn’t noticed yet
  • maybe he’s drinking in nico—his figure, his movements, his little gestures, perhaps in fear the he won’t return from his mission.
  • when nico does notice, both of them perhaps look at each other a bit too long before will cracks a smile and nico reciprocates before busying himself with packing aka not letting will’s unbelievably blue eyes distract him from this 
  • and then will approaches him and they just do a lot of cute banter that’s light and carefree as if nico might not die today
  • near the end of the packing, there’s a lot of silences and parting lips as if they want to say something to the other but choose against it and instead exchange glances that look so adoring but with these worried undertones
  • eventually, the dreaded moment finally comes after they walk back together
  • it’s kind of awkward and neither of them know why. maybe it’s cause will has these words that are in his throat that he’s desperate to confess but instead he just swallows them down. maybe it’s cause nico is more fidgety than normal and his lips keep getting dry
  • if it’s going to be the last time will sees him, then his heart insists on embracing the smaller boy and getting used to his figure and warmth all too fast. except he knows nico really hates physical contact, and he isn’t sure what they are exactly
  • little does he know that nico really wishes he could bury his face in will’s neck as well
  • but they both settle instead on a few closure comments with half-hearted smiles and pursed lips and nods before nico turns away with a sole backpack slung over his shoulder and his iron sword securely around his waist
  • and as nico’s figure fades, the panic settles like a fire and it sinks in low until will feels sick to his stomach at the thought of nico getting hurt or even worse-–dying.
  • but he waves that thought away because that is the last thing that he needs to dwell on, and instead he walks back to the infirmary, perhaps shaking a bit, and finds excuses to stay there
  • will takes on all the patients at every given opportunity, leaving his siblings worried but unable to do much about it because will is far too stubborn when he’s nervous
  • and when there’s nobody left to heal anymore, he takes out his medical tools and organizes them all and skims over each book on his shelf but learns nothing because there are thoughts that are racing across his mind
  • will he be okay? will he be strong enough? will he shadow travel himself too much? will he know how to deal with injuries if he’s alone? 
  • and then he hates himself, because he might never see nico again and he didn’t have the guts to even tell him how he felt. 
  • in the process, will falls asleep with his face pressed against his arm and an open medical book on the desk. (kayla and austin have to drag his half-conscious ass to the apollo cabin when they find him) 
  • nico, on the other hand, is doing a bit better since he’s kind of distracted with trying to stay alive, even if he hadn’t seen much of anything for the past few days
  • he finds his target’s general location and when he gets sleepy, he decides to camp it out in the natural veil of a forest
  • nico ests his head on the back of a tree and closes his eyes, sighing.
  • the first image that comes to his mind is the sun kissed mop of blonde hair. it glimmers in the sunlight, and he isn’t sure if it’s a memory but the simple sight of it is comforting
  • eyes still closed, he can almost touch will’s tan skin and gaze into the never ending blueness of his eyes that darken like layers of the ocean. he can feel the presence of will, just the gentle and honest warmth and kindness that seems to circulate around
  • (it’s an easing thought to nico, especially in the dark of night with grumbling clouds above and the wetness of the dirt from an earlier rainfall)
  • just as he feels himself drift off to sleep to will’s voice, a simple creak makes his eyes snap open, and he’s immediately pulled from his thoughts
  • nico surveys the forest, grasping at his sword and holding his breath until the monster lunges from the trees and suddenly nico feels his entire body being crushed, the metallic taste of blood instantly trailing across his lips and all the air in his lungs being squeezed out of him
  • he can’t see well, but his grip on his sword is strong and with a jumble of movement, he’s able to roll free from the monster’s grip and stand on his own two feet, immediately going for a direct slash
  • everything is a blur to him but the groans of the dying creature are enough for him to confirm that he’s done his job before he falls unconscious 
  • will, on the other hand, hasn’t heard a thing from nico in a week by now. he keeps going to chiron, asking him if anyone has heard of him and his heart sinks every time chiron denies it
  • he’s tried his hardest to keep his chin up and act normal, but eventually kayla and austin see his condition and force him to get some rest at the cabin
  • in the silence of the cabin, will realizes that rest is the last thing he needs because it makes his thoughts wander and so he sits up on the bed and takes in a deep breath before considering his situation
  • it’s been a week and he hasn’t given any notice that he’s okay. 
  • will imagines a pretty horrible scene in his head of nico and that’s enough to jog memories of nico’s laughter and smile and he realizes how much he misses that
  • so he takes his pillow and he buries his head in that and lets his worry channel through his tears, and it isn’t long before his tears become more like sobs as he whispers things out to nico
  • please be okay. i can’t do this anymore. please let us know. please be alive. please be okay.
  • nico wakes up in a daze. the first thing he notices is that he’s alive and actually breathing despite the sore throbbing of pain that’s pulsing in his ribs. 
  • there’s still the taste of blood in his mouth and his vision is a blur for a few seconds before it becomes a bit too hard to breath correctly with his face stuffed in dirt
  • so nico tries to sit up a few times and fails before finally balancing himself on trembling legs and looks at the creature long dead before him, the knash in it’s abdomen prominent
  • nico puts a hand over his ribs, wincing at the pain and realizes that a certain son of apollo will be furious at him when he returns
  • the thought of will makes his throat tighten and he wonders how long it’s been since he last notified the camp
  • he’s worried sick about how worried will might be, and he trudges to camp, fighting his urges to shadow travel and get it over with because he knows that if he even tries, he’ll be dead in seconds
  • but eventually, he goes through camp half blood’s entrance and a few faces turn to aid him but he waves them off, insisting that he’s fine.
  • of course, he can’t have them worrying now. he needs to get to will. he doesn’t care what happens to him afterwards. 
  • the thought scares him, but that’s the last thing on nico’s mind at the moment.
  • so he limps along the path to the infirmary, getting more numb to the pain along the way and his heart swells when he see’s that blonde hair glistening in the distance
  • will is sitting down on the steps of the infirmary, and nico notices that his eyes are stubbornly focused on nothing in particular, and for will that means he’s thinking deeply about something
  • the simplicity of that is enough to make those familiar skeletal butterflies flutter across his stomach and there’s a sudden bundle of energy that bursts in his chest
  • he keeps watching the peacefulness of the sight and wants to, forever.
  • “hey” is the only thing that nico can choke out with a pathetically wide smile plastered across his face
  • will’s head shoots up to that voice that he’s been wanting to hear for such a long time now, and tears instantly prick at the corners of his eyes when he see’s nico, in all his torn and scratched up glory
  • he’s okay. he’s okay. he’s okay. he’s alive. he’s okay. he’s alive.
  • those are the only thoughts that are in will’s head at the moment, and he doesn’t know what to do with the sudden ball of happiness and relief in himself besides running up to nico and collecting him instantly in his arms.
  • will lets his head fall into nico’s neck, and he could care less that the smaller boy can feel the wetness of his tears. nico only lets out a light laugh that hurts a bit and he tangles his fingers into will’s hair, breathing in his scent.
  • will’s holding him a bit too tight, his fingers grasping at the fabric of nico’s jacket and he doesn’t want to ease up—he’s too afraid that nico will disappear if he lets go.
  • they part, both unwillingly, but before nico can speak, will captures his lips in a kiss with his own. nico’s lips are slightly cold and chapped, but will couldn’t care less because they’re his
  • nico, on the other hand, offered no hesitation and instead melted into will’s arms further feeling his heart swell with a sense of deliverance.
  • he couldn’t think of anything besides how warm will’s lips were and the taste of coffee that came with them.
  • for a few moments, they stay that away until both boys part and realize that they’ve actually kissed—which is huge considering they were pining nerds who couldn’t even brush hands without turning into every shade of red
  • and of course, they proceed to turn every shade of red when the realization kicks in, but it fades away as quickly as it comes because nico’s alive.
  • forehead touch!
  • …and then they kind of realize that nico has a pair of very possibly broken ribs and that he’s kind of slowly dying and now will is red, panicking and angry at him for every reason on the planet
  • nico couldn’t be happier

i am half asleep and this is such crap but i couldn’t stop myself after i started and it’s really long and im sorry and should i put this under a read more tag??

(also thank you for being a cute and reading my tags!!)

The RFA+V+Saeran giving you cute nicknames

heyheyhey i’m just procratinating studying for the 5 hour chemistry test i have tomorrow (kill me plz), so enjoy this fluff!


  • You know those sickening sweet nicknames
  • Like honey bunny, cutie pie and sweetie
  • That’s everything he ever calls you
  • Everyone hated him for it but he looked so happy whenever he made you blush, so you could never ask him to stop
  • Would die if you called him that as well, so guess what you did?
  • Lots of forehead kisses, hand holding and cutesy nicknames
  • #Goals


  • We all know he calls you babe and princess way too much
  • If you call him babe or prince, he will blush with 200% certainty
  • In private, he likes giving you playful and suggestive nicknames like hot stuff or pretty lady everything sounds playful and suggestive when he says it
  • If he’s tired after a long day, he will just ask for his baby girl to join him to bed


  • She calls you cookie
  • The first time she did it you were stressed about the next RFA party, because the emails you were supposed to answer didn’t make sense
  • How were you supposed to answer an actual cat?
  • When she hugged you and said “you’re a smart cookie, you will figure it out”, then she realized that it was the perfect nickname
  • You were sweet and comforting after a long day
  • She liked to joke about how she wishes she met you earlier when she worked for Jumin and only had time for a glass of milk for breakfast, saying how you already then would be perfect for her


  • He likes the traditional pet names, like sweetie, darling or princess don’t get me wrong i love those but what an old man
  • You bet your ass he will spoil you and dress you up as an actual princess
  • No suprises here, he also calls you kitten
  • You just reminded him so much of his Elizabeth
  • Both of you were loving towards him, smol, precious and soft


  • Most of the time he jokingly calls you his monkey, as you’re able to put up with (and return) his crazy jokes
  • Sometimes he also calls you alien, claiming that you’re “out of this world”
  • When he’s in a more serious mood, he uses names like my love and doll bc you’re so precious and he’s till lowkey scared to hurt you
  • Will most definitely dress up as a ghost and call you his boo


  • Like Jumin, he would use those old, cheesy nicknames he’s also an old soul don’t blame him blame where he grew up
  • Like angel, honey, darling or love
  • After he has gotten his eye surgery, he couldn’t stop looking at you and repeating that you were beautiful
  • That kind of stuck around, now he calls you beauty or beautiful more often than you bother to keep track of


  • He honestly isn’t too big on nicknames, claiming they’re stupid
  • He does call you babe sometimes, especially if you’re in public and he is worried that someone is flirting with you, but usually he just calls you by your name
  • Unless you’re alone, then he would feel more comfortable with calling you things like baby girl or princess
  • When he’s feeling extra affectionate he likes to hold you close, kiss your forehead and say that you’re his everything not really a nickname but shh

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Hi! Your blog is so great! I'm smiling whole day after reading it. Please make a scenario where mc finds out about rfa + v + saeran secret hobby (like collecting super cute hairpins or sewing soft toys:) ) which he/she is ashamed of 'cause thinks that it is unproper for his/her age, sex, life style or for any other reason and doesn't want to show mc this uncool side of his/herself. I think it may be funny:) Thanks in advance!

Sorry it took so long! Hope you like them^^ 


  • You were on your way back home from somewhere, and Zen’s house was on the way
  • So you decided to stop by to say hi
  • When you arrive, he’s walking back into his house from taking out the garbage
  • He’s only wearing slippers, and you can see his long, bright orange socks with racecars on them
  • “Whoa! You got a party on your feet,” you chuckle
  • He yelps and gets super flustered.
  • “MC! Don’t look!”
  • He runs into his room and emerges with plain black socks
  • But the damage is already done
  • You tell him that you think the socks were pretty cute
  • He admits that he’s collected bright, silly socks over the years
  • They add a little spice to his normally hectic schedule–only around the house though
  • When you keep gushing about them, he finally shows you the different ones
  • He’ll make an exception and wear them around you sometimes


  • Finals call for all nighters
  • He usually wears his little hairpin to keep his bangs out of his eyes
  • But, when he has late nights like this, he pulls out his collection…
  • He has these cute scrunchies and pins to put his hair up in
  • That particular night, he fell asleep with them on
  • In the morning, he remembered he was supposed to meet with you and rushed over to your place
  • You see the cute bunny ear scrunchies tying up his hair in various ponytails and start giggling
  • When he realizes, he’s mortified and starts yanking them out
  • You ask why he didn’t tell you before…or change his pin once in awhile
  • “You might think me childish!”
  • You promise you only think it’s cute and you’ll keep it a secret
  • As long as you can borrow some and you two can get matching ones


  • You were visiting her one Saturday afternoon
  • You offered to make you both some coffee or tea as she was finishing up some last minute paperwork
  • She recently moved things around so you’re a bit confused where the mugs are 
  • You find a huge assortment of them in the back of a cabinet
  • “MC! No, not those!”
  • She’s really embarrassed and tries to shuffle you out of the kitchen
  • But you actually show interest at all the unique mugs she’s collected
  • When she finds this out, she lights up and starts explaining the story of each one
  • You start a tradition where you buy her a mug yearly to add to her collection


  • Elizabeth meows loudly from another room in the penthouse
  • You go to check it out and find that tangled in blue yarn
  • You try to help her as you wonder where all the yarn is coming from
  • Jumin comes in to see the commotion and silently starts wrapping it up again
  • You realize he’s especially quiet
  • When you see the crocheting needle, you start to put two and two together
  • “Jumin…you crochet? You never told me!”
  • “….It’s not exactly something one brags about.”
  • True
  • He explains that it relaxes him on particularly stressful days
  • He showed you a few pieces that he’s made, like scarves and headbands
  • You ask if he could teach you a few things


  • He was finally moving out to a place with windows
  • But he has so much junk to sort through first, so he calls you for back up
  • You’re in the process of going through his junk closet when you find a bunch of boxes with different dates on them
  • When you open them, you see so many game consoles…Xbox, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance…
  • When he finds you stumbled upon them, he freaks out
  • You thought his was obsessed with collecting cars? Ha.
  • You ask if he actually needs that many of the old consoles….in different colors
  • “Just trade them in for some cash!”
  • “They’re of sentimental value!”
  • You eventually just let him have his way, compromising to put them in the same box though
  • He makes you pinky swear not to tell Yoosung
  • He’d never hear the end of it


  • You’re writing out a to-do list and your pen runs out of ink
  • You ask Saeran if you can borrow a pencil, as he always seems to have one
  • He nods and tells you to look for a bag on his desk
  • You find a rather large one and open it
  • “No! Not that bag–”
  • But it’s too late
  • You stumble across a bunch of number 2 pencils with cute designs on them
  • Some have turtles on clouds, some have ice cream erasers, and there were so many…
  • He gets super defensive about, that those were the only cheap pencils
  • After a bit of coaxing, you get him to admit that he likes collecting them
  • They make him feel warm inside…especially when he’s doodling
  • You make a point to buy him pencils whenever you’re out shopping now


  • Jumin had once again mentioned something about V’s 20 spoons in the chatroom
  • After visiting V a few times, you know he only has a few forks and knives
  • So, you ask him about the extra spoons
  • He gets a little blushy, but decides to show them to you
  • Each spoon has an intricate design on the handle
  • He says that he picks one up every time he travels to a new country or city
  • He thinks it’s weird because…they’re just utensils
  • But you actually think it’s really cute

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Girlfriend! Rosé

~For anon!~ I’m so excited to write this omg

  • UltimatE biAs alertttttt
  • okay here goes asdfghjkl
  • she would sing in the shower and it wouldn’t even be annoying
  • like, you’d appreciate it so much cause she’d sound like a freaking angel
  • she would leave you cute lil notes on the bedside table
  • letting you know that she will be at work longer than usual
  • and that she will miss you
  • ok ok
  • snapchats, lots of them, almost constantly, no matter how busy she is
  • ‘lisa says hiii <3′
  • ‘jennie just called me a potato im so shook rn help me’
  • weird shiz like that
  • but it would totally make your day 100x better knowing that you’re always on her mind
  • because of her busy schedules, she’d make the most out of every minute you guys have together
  • you would be in her arms a lot, intertwining fingers and listening to her releasing the stresses of the day
  • she would confide in you a lot, and would listen to you because you always come first. 
  • to her, you are no exception

Originally posted by chunghas

  • she is no jamie oliver, that’s for sure
  • the microwave is her best friend most of the time
  • ‘rosé you’re supposed to take the packaging off before you put it in there’
  • she’s so clumsy like wowww
  • grabbing onto you when she trips in the street
  • instantly laughing afterwards cause she’s an awkward bean
  • OH
  • she’s the best kisser
  • period
  • whether its a peck on the cheek or a full blown make out session, she knows exactly how to turn you on
  • its insane
  • you can’t keep up with her most of the time, it almost feels like she knows you better than you know yourself
  • she’d buy you cupcakes and leave them on the kitchen table as a surprise
  • usually with a cute lil note (this is a thing ok) saying
  • ‘just a reminder of how much i love you, but dont forget to leave me one ok. dont be a greedy bitch’
  • so yeah
  • i’m just gonna go and dig my own grave now
  • rosé is a blessing

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hamilton + death reactions

Can you do a headcannon of Hamilton characters reaction to your death?


  • he wasn’t sure how to react at first
  • he couldn’t wrap his head around the thought of not only his wife, but his best friend leaving him alone in life
  • at first he hated you for leaving him
  • he found it selfish that you so willingly were gone and left him alone to forever think about you
  • but now he was torn apart more than ever
  • nobody
  • and he means nobody
  • could ever replace you 
  • no matter what his friends tell him, he will never get over you


  • how does one react to losing the love of their life?
  • especially when he witnessed it right before his own eyes?
  • john would never drive down that road again
  • he knew that if he just so glanced at the small memorial friends set up for you beside the road, he might just swerve and lose control on the spot
  • every time he steps into the garage and sees his car, all he can be reminded of are memories of the two of you
  • he will never be the same


  • he still does things he once did when you were alive out of habit 
  • when he gets home from work, he puts down his things and goes to bring you a glass of water to leave beside your bed
  • he gets half way up the stairs before he suddenly remembers
  • he has a collection of glasses of water on the side of your bed
  • he doesn’t have the heart to dump them out
  • he just continues to bring you glasses of water and wash and fold your towels and put them on the bottom towel rack like you always did
  • he was just numb and like a broken record player
  • he couldn’t stop doing the things he did for you


  • he tries to act like he’s handling things well
  • and on the outside, he’s doing pretty well
  • in fact, on the inside, he isn’t as bad either
  • that is until you step into his house
  • and you see the sweatshirts you left on the couch a month ago still sitting there
  • and your extra toothbrush on the counter beside his
  • and your clothes in the bottom left drawer of his dresser
  • and your perfume placed on top of his dresser 
  • he never had the heart to throw away any of your things
  • and nobody ever has the heart to tell him to


  • he makes himself sick from how much he tries to avoid the thought of you
  • whenever somebody ever so mentions you, he leaves the room or changes the subject
  • he blocks you out of his memory so much he practically forgets the sound of your voice and the feeling you gave him
  • he knew how upset you would be with him
  • he was hopeless without you though
  • he was doomed to never be happy again and he knew it


  • she rereads every single letter, note, poem, and text you’ve ever sent her each day
  • she slept on your grave for the first month since you passed away
  • she has this look in her eyes like she’s seen a ghost
  • she sometimes refers to you as though you were alive still
  • “I can’t wait to show this to Y/N!”
  • “Oh wait.”


  • she’s fairly strong when it comes to your death
  • the first few months afterwards though, she was completely broken
  • she would wear your clothes everywhere and listen to only your music
  • she would never go out and make up excuses not to go out 
  • people often saw her at your grave
  • talking to it as though the gravestone was you sitting there
  • some people believed that’s what she saw


  • she doesn’t know how to react quite frankly
  • she just has a fair off look to her eyes
  • no words ever are detected by her 
  • she just nods or shakes her head and sometimes shrugs
  • she’s just in a constant state of shock
  • she’s become accustomed to the way you lived, she begins to embody your habits 
  • she orders her coffee the same, reads the same books, sometimes even talks the same
  • there’s nobody who could replace you and nobody had the heart to tell her to try and move on


  • he feels like his world has come crashing down
  • he hears that everyone has a breaking point
  • and being as headstrong as he was he never thought he’d have one
  • that was until your death
  • and he slowly just started deteriorating
  • and he sometimes hallucinated and saw you
  • people began to question his stability
  • thomas jefferson finally broke


  • it was especially difficult for james since nobody knew about your relationship
  • you and james were planning to tell everybody about your relationship that night
  • that was until you never showed up to james’s house
  • and hours went by
  • that was until james was told you passed away in a car crash
  • nobody ever understood why james was so undeniably heartbroken
  • and why he put fresh flowers on your grave every single week
  • but they never asked why
  • and they never asked why he blamed himself for your death

CAUGHT OUT; Luke Hemmings Imagine..

Summary: Y/N and Luke have been friends with benefits for a while but what happens when someone catches them out?!

Words; 1.7k 

Message me if you want a Part 2 of this!!

Part 1 

“Hey Y/N” i heard from behind me

i was just getting out of my car when i heard a voice

It was Luke

“Hi Luke” i said back to him

I couldn’t help but think about last night, the way his hands were on me and the feel of his lips..

but i have to remember we are at school..

“I want to show you something after school” he said

Really? Again..

can’t he go without sex for one day?

My leg’s still hurt

“ don’t you have practice?” i asked

I hope he has plans, i don’t think my body can deal with another orgasm..

he smiled and leaned against his truck and said “ I don’t have practice today?”

i could feel my heart beat faster and faster

maybe he just wants to hang out..

Ha Luke hemmings just wants to hang out..that’s a new one

“and what do you want to show me exactly? i’ve already seen your penis?” i smugly said  to him

his smile got bigger and then he said “you will just have to wait and see after school”

and then he was gone

oh my god

i heard the bell go of in school..


I couldn’t help but think of Luke all during break..

i wouldn’t know what you call me and him.. we aren’t exactly friends but we aren’t together

he is sitting with his popular friends.. the footballers and the cheerleaders while i am over here sitting with my girl friends..

i don’t know how it started really..

i was asked to help him study in maths.. of course i denied it but the teacher said he really needed help so i gave in and told her i would do it and before this happened i never really liked Luke, yes hes hot but it’s my friend Hannah who likes him more than me and she couldn’t believe that i got to spend a whole hour after school with him..

It wasn’t until our third study session it happened.

He was pissed of because teachers had been giving him a hard time and he took it out on me which is wasn’t getting away with, i wasn’t the source of his problem and i wasn’t making him my problem

but after he said sorry for the way he talked something changed..

the feeling in the air.. the tension between us and then next thing i remember was our clothes on the ground and Luke pressing me up against the book shelf in the library

that was 3 weeks ago.

we can’t keep away from each other, no matter how hard we try..

our study sessions lead to us in bed or in the back of his car with our clothes off.

nobody knows this.

it wouldn’t matter if someone found out, we are both teenagers having sex there is nothing wrong with that but i’m a private person but i know if my friends found out they wouldn’t be my friends and i will be labelled just another girl on Luke’s list.

When the final bell went i was so happy

i met Hannah by the locker once i got out of my last class

“Did you see Luke today, he looked so hot” she said just as i opened my locker

i rolled my eyes at her, this obsession she has is getting out of hand.

if she likes him so much why can’t she talk to him?

she has nearly every class with him

she is the one person i would hate to find out about me and Luke.

“Did you try to talk to him today?” i asked her

she laughed and said “ Of course i didn’t”

i shook my head at her, she needs to get over this and him

“Oh my god, here he comes” she whispered and then she was silent

i didn’t know what she meant but it didn’t take me long to figure out he was behind me

“Ready for this study session Y/N” i heard Luke say

Hannah had already left, she can’t stand to be any where near him she’s scared in case she says something stupid.. which she probably would

i turned around to look at him, most people had gone home now

so the hall was pretty empty..

“Yes” i repiled with then i closed my locker

i wonder what he want’s to show me

he smirked and then started walking down the hall to the exit

once we got to his car he told me to get in

so it involves us going somewhere…

i got in the car and put my seatbelt on but Luke didn’t start the car just yet

which i found weird

he turned to look at me.. why does he look nervous..

“You know me,Cal and Mickey and Ash have been thinking of starting a band?” he said

i nodded my head and then he continued

“Well we sort have been working on this EP for a while and i want your opinion” Luke said

i was surprised about this

he wants my opinion

i couldn’t help but smile at him

“Okay.. play it” i said to him

he turned his car on and put this CD into the player..

the song started to play and then i heard Cal’s voice

“Back in high school we used to take it slow

Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos

Had a job downtown working the servo

Had me waiting in line couldn’t even let go

‘Cause I never wanna be that guy

Who doesn’t even get a taste

No more having to chase

To win that prize

You’re just a little bit out of my limit

it’s been two years now you haven’t even seen the best of me

And in my mind now I’ve been over this a thousand times

But it’s almost over

Let’s start over

we have been driving for a while”..

(Out of my limit by 5sos)

the song stopped and Luke was quiet

wow i didn’t know he could sing that good and i didn’t know Calum had a voice like that!

they sound so good together

i couldn’t help but feel the butterflys in my stomach

i want to hear it again

“Well…” he said

i looked up at him, he looked nervous

“I loved it” i said to him

he smiled and then he leaned forward and smashed his lips against mine

Our lips pressed together and the kiss started getting deeper, his tounge waited at your lips for permission and i gave it to him.

he pulled me over to his side of the car so you would sit on his lap.

he bit your bottom lip, slipping his tongue into your mouth as he gripped your hips, slowly grinding his hips into yours.

i felt him grow from underneath me so i pulled away

“Luke we are in the school parking lot?” I said to him trying to catch my breath

“I need you” He grinned mischievously before attaching his lips against my neck.

i deep moaned left my mouth and i knew i needed him as well

“Get in the back” Luke said seriously..

i smirked at him and then i climbed into the back, very unlady like

Luke followed behind just as my back pressed against the seat,he smirked as he moved me so i was laying down my head pressed into the door.

it was uncomfortable but when i felt Luke’s lips against my neck it was forgotten about

As you wrapped your arms around his neck,Luke gripped your hips moving you so you were in his lap barely breaking the kiss as he did so.

We broke the kiss off and i pulled his top over his head, my hands moved up his defined torso and onto his shoulders.

he is in such good shape.

You pulled him closer to you, sucking on his neck just above his collar bone, grazing it lightly with your teeth.

I could feel Luke growing even harder against your thigh as he took off your top, throwing it onto the front seat before undoing your jeans.

He pulled them down your legs, leaving kisses on your skin as he did so, before you kicked them off of your ankles.

He took off his own jeans, before doing the same with his boxers.

he is big.

i always forget how big he is..

He moved so i was laying down again,His impressive erection seemed to beg for you as he quickly pulled down your pants, teasing your entrance with the tip of his cock.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked looking into my eyes

I couldn’t be more ready, i’m glad there is no foreplay because i am soaking enough and i need him now.

“Yeah..fuck me please..”

Luke smirked at me and then his lips reconnected with my neck and he started sucking hard..

he pushed my legs apart with his hands and then he broke away from my neck

he leaned over and grabbed his jeans and lifted out a silver foil packet, he opened it with his mouth and then he rolled it on himself

“ ready?” he said smirking at me

i nodded my head

He positioned himself at my entrance and thrusted into me

“Fuck…” i moaned

His thumbs lightly pressed into your hips as his wet kisses moved to your breasts, his thrusts becoming harder as he sucked and kissed all over your chest.

As your fingers tugged at his hair, he groaned, reaching down to rub your clit with his thumb.

“Are you close Y/N?” Luke  asked

i couldn’t speak

i have lost my voice

i nodded my head and he smirked

he thrusted harshily into me and i came.

i came so hard.

“Oh my god..” i moaned arching my back of the seat feeling my orgasm take over my body

“Fuck..i’m gonna cum” Luke said

i felt him fill the condom inside me, i clenched around his cock as he released into me letting my orgasm take over my body

Luke pulled out, i tried not the feel sad with the lose of contact as he sat up..

i couldn’t move, i knew i would be sore for a few days

he leaned back on the seat as my legs draped over his naked ones

“Fuck that was good..” Luke said once he got his breath back

i was about to speak when there was a knock at the window

me and Luke both turned to look to see who it was


It was Hannah and Mrs Brandon the Principal

Let me know that you thought of this Imagine.. 

Message for Part 2!

Thank you 


cutedreams36  asked:

RFA+V+Saeran how would react to very talkative, cheerful and energetic MC? Like, she is always laughing, talking and can't sit even one minute. 😁

Sure! Here you go. Hope you like them~


  • He finds your energy really charming
  • When you two first talked on the phone….you talked a lot
  • But he never gets tired of hearing your voice, so it’s cool
  • Also, you’re very open to him about your feelings
  • It’s easier to understand each other
  • He’s an actor…he gets pretty loud
  • But you can match him
  • You and him end up being work out buddies
  • It’s the best way to let out some of that extra energy
  • Even if it’s a jog in the park at like 9 o’clock at night
  • Honestly, you work together so well


  • He’s little overwhelmed at first
  • You jump from one thought to another really quickly
  • Sometimes he just kinda stares at you until he catches up
  • When you guys go out though, it’s great because you always fill up any potential awkward silences
  • It gets crazy though when you both play LOLOL
  • He starts screaming…you start screaming…the neighbors are scared
  • Your cheeriness really helps when he gets sad about Rika or upset at V
  • You get him out of the house a lot more


  • She could not take you seriously at first
  • But she could feel how genuine you were in your cheeriness
  • She still manages to follow your train of thought
  • She can match your excitement when she fangirls though
  • Oh, and when you get into musical marathons, she’s belting songs out right next you
  • Finds your chattering calming when she’s stressed
  • Not gonna lie…she does need a break from you sometimes, just to recover from your energy
  • But she always looks forward to talking with you as you always brighten her day


  • Talk about complete opposites
  • He’s a man little of words, and you …have a lot of words
  • But he finds you presence refreshing
  • You are the source of his energy after long days in the office
  • Sometimes he’ll call you and put you on speaker while he does his work
  • Are you background music now
  • He takes videos when you’re playing with Elizabeth
  • You talk to her like a normal person and he finds it cute


  • Prepare for trouble
  • Make it double
  • Everyone around you is always confused about what you’re talking about
  • Tangents galore
  • When he gets too serious, your bright attitude always cheers him up
  • His favorite part of the day is when he gets cheery little messages from you
  • He doesn’t always like that you drag him out of the house
  • But you two always end up getting into some fun shenanigans so it’s all good


  • He’s really taken aback by how much energy you have
  • He’s a good balance for you though
  • He brings you back down to earth when you get a bit too excited or cheerful
  • Your positive attitude helps when he gets into his depressive moments
  • On one of his bad days, he asks you why you’re so happy all the time
  • You give an explanation on how you like to see others happy
  • He hasn’t seen such sweetness before in his life…you’re so precious to him


  • He’s also super positive as well
  • He’s mellow and you’re talkative, so it’s a nice balance on most days
  • He likes to take pictures of you laughing and smiling
  • You didn’t know he takes them, cuz he likes these moments candid
  • It’s good that you like to get out
  • Because he’s always finding new places for photo shoots
  • You’ve become his new muse and also his model for most of his photos

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

Sex with Cheryl would include:

  • Cheryl would own a lot of very fancy lingerie
  • babydolls galore
  • Cheryl wasn’t a really horny person, but the week after her period you had sex every day
  • she loves topping 24/7
  • Cheryl’s a screamer and her moans are so loud omg
  • every occasion (valentines, easter, christmas, etc.) Cheryl had a new set of lingerie for you, and sometimes she even gifted it to you randomly
  • Cheryl wasn’t into doing it anywhere but a bed, classy
  • Cheryl is very slow and sensual in bed, making you feel every lick and movement of her tongue and fingers
  • she’s not into quickies, she’d rather wait until you had more time
  • she’s got the highest stamina you’ve ever seen holy
  • Cheryl’s a major tease, but she always made sure you felt good in the end  ❤
Haikyuu Children Headcanons

Based on my omegaverse series, particularly Just for the Week. 


  • First pregnancy was a surprise. It caused Bokuto to quit volleyball after a year of playing professionally
  • Tore Akaashi to pieces, especially since that was his biggest fear anyway. 
  • Didn’t really matter that much to Bokuto because the only thing he ever wanted was a family anyway.
  • But they got over it and had bigger things to worry about because surprise! Twins :D
  • They’re fraternal, one boy, Itsuki, and a girl, Kaori. Both have Akaashi’s temperament, which is why they’re described as ‘angels.’ Itsuki is a beta but Kaori is an alpha, so she’s a tad bit more adventurous. 
  • Itsuki most definitely has a crush on Sakura. 
  • Both of Bokuto’s pregnancies were pretty smooth, but he needed a c-section for Jiro because that kid is stubborn and wouldn’t move.
  • Jiro is an alpha, and cries a lot. More than likely has ended up with Bokuto’s temperament. 
  • All three children have black hair


  • were the first to have a kid
  • Oikawa had really bad morning sickness all throughout his pregnancy
  • Sakura is an alpha and about a year older than the BokuAka twins. 
  • Is fully aware of Itsuki’s crush on her and uses it to boss him around.
  • This makes Oikawa a proud mama. Iwa not so much lol. He’s always telling her to give the poor kid a break. 
  • Very intelligent but seems to have no interest in playing volleyball or any sport. Despite this she knows all the ins and outs and could potentially make an amazing manager one day
  • She has Oikawa’s brown curls, and Iwa’s green eyes. 
  • More than anything she wants a baby sister. 


  • Have yet to have a child
  • Have managed to save a shitton of money as a result (at least when compared to their friends)
  • Despite this still live in a tiny ass apartment
  • Kuroo really wants a boy
  • Tsukki thinks a girl would be more manageable
An “Out-of-the-Ordinary” Family // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: angst, domestic fluff, family fluff

Words: 5.2k

Relationship Status: Married

Warnings: swearing, homophobic attitudes, gender roles

Summary: Isabella Lester, Dan and Phil’s youngest child, normally loves her psychology class. But one lecture where her teacher uses Izzy’s “out-of-the-ordinary” family as an example changes all of that. Dan and Phil must help their daughter in some way.

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MC met the RFA+Minor Trio at a nightclub

This happens a few weeks to months before the events of the story, dances with them, and gives them their number (which they accidentally lose and are super bummed about).


  • Okay, so his college buddies had to work really hard to drag him away from LOLOL
  • Because Yoosung doesn’t like to go out like that
  • And he doesn’t really like to drink
  • But his friends manage to get a couple of drinks into him and he’s loosening up and having fun
  • Then they see this beautiful girl on the dance floor, swaying to the music and Yoosung’s friends are practically drooling over her
  • Yoosung’s just watching in utter wonder, blushing furiously (nobody’s sure if it’s the alcohol or the girl)
  • Eventually, the girl spots them, and they all look away, pretending not to have been staring
  • But then she starts coming over to them
  • The guys are anticipating her talking to them
  • Except Yoosung
  • She’s so out of his league, he doesn’t think she’ll talk to him
  • But she bypass all his friends, comes directly up to him, and says, “Hey, cutie! Wanna dance?”
  • Now they’re sure he’s blushing because of the girl as he nods, completely mute from surprise
  • They dance, have fun, he manages to loosen up even more, and they end up laughing a lot
  • Eventually, they realize how late it is and have to say they’re goodbyes, so she writes her number on a napkin, kisses it, and winks as she walks away
  • Yoosung goes home and passes out
  • He wakes up, realizing he’s going to be late for class, and while he’s on his way to class, he empties the pockets of his day old jeans and dumps some stuff into the trash
  • Including her number
  • He doesn’t realize that he lost it until that afternoon when he’s talking with his buddies and he panics
  • He’s super depressed for a few days, but gives up
  • Little did he know, he’d meet her again in the messenger a few weeks later


  • Jaehee prefers cafes, but when she finished work early (miraculously) and a coworker invited her out to a mixer, Jaehee found herself interested and managed to change into some causal clothes before she went
  • She didn’t realize the mixer was at a nightclub, not a restaurant
  • Jaehee was super uncomfortable
  • The place was loud, it smelled like alcohol, and the place was just too dark
  • MC was one of the people at the mixer as well
  • She approached Jaehee, recognizing that she was really uncomfortable and they started talking
  • After one drink, Jaehee was already drunk
  • Much to MC’s enjoyment, Jaehee started hitting on her
  • MC flirted back easily, they got out onto the dance floor and definitely caught the attention of some guys, one of which came up behind MC and started grinding against her
  • When MC pushed him away, saying she wasn’t interested, he didn’t take it well, partially because he was really drunk, and tried to grab her
  • Except Jaehee intercepted and flipped him so the guy ended up on his back
  • Then Jaehee grabbed MC’s hand and dragged her out of the club
  • Once they were safely outside, MC hugged Jaehee, gave her a peck on the cheek and called Jaehee her hero.
  • MC then pulled out a notebook from her purse, wrote down her phone number, and gave it to Jaehee
  • “Maybe you can call me and we can go for coffee sometime. ;)”
  • Then MC hopped in a cab and went home
  • Jaehee put the number in her pocket, and went home
  • The next day, she was staring at the number while at work, a little distracted, and the number ended up shuffled into the paperwork she had to give to Jumin
  • When Jumin found it, he assumed that it was something some woman who was after him slipped in while Jaehee wasn’t looking and threw it out
  • By the time Jaehee realized it was gone, it was too late
  • She was really depressed because she really did want to see MC again


  • He went out to a nightclub at least once a month with his cast mates
  • They would drink and dance, but Zen rarely did much more than drink and talk
  • Of course there were women interested in his beautiful face and wanted to dance with him, and sometimes he would comply, but once they made a move, he usually went back to the table
  • This one particular day, he bumps into MC at the bar
  • And he can’t help but stare because she has beautiful eyes
  • And he tells her such
  • She blushes and laughs and Zen’s heart skips a beat
  • “Is this love at first sight?” He thinks to himself
  • They end up dancing, he grinds against her a little, and she’s all for it
  • Later into the night, after they’ve both had more than a few drink and their inhibitions are all but out the window, they find a nice little secluded part of the club and start making out like there’s no tomorrow
  • One of his cast mates interrupts them by accident and Zen ends up going home because it’s getting late and he has work the next day
  • She writes her phone number on his arm and gives him one last parting kiss
  • But because Zen can’t sleep without working out, and he needs to “work off the beast” he ends up working out really hard, sweating really hard…. and accidentally smudging her phone number so badly he can’t even read it
  • When he realizes this, he’s distraught
  • He finally found a beautiful, confident, kind woman who seemed to like him for more than his looks (well, with his looks for sure), and now he may never see her again
  • He tries to go back to the club for the next few days, asking the staff if they know anything about her, if they’ve seen her since, if they can give her his number if they see her, but he never gets a call
  • However, when MC finally shows up at his house during his route, he recognizes her instantly
  • And of course he’s thinking that this is fate
  • This kind of chemistry can’t be a coincidence
  • MC, knowing the kind of effect she can have on him because of their meeting at the nightclub, is in no way afraid to put on some music and dance with him a little while they’re hanging out
  • She also thinks it’s adorable that he blushes holding her hand after literally grinding against her and making out with her with no shame


  • The only reason he was at that nightclub was because a business associate had invited him to the grand opening of his new club
  • Jumin for the most part was just sitting in the VIP area with a glass of wine, watching the debauchery unfold with little interest
  • Commoners were so strange
  • His associate was talking his ear off about something or another when Jumin looked across the room and accidentally met a pair of golden eyes
  • The owner of the golden eyes quickly looked away, blushing furiously, which Jumin, surprisingly, found very amusing
  • After that, Jumin couldn’t help but watch her from a distance
  • At some point, he completely lost track of her because his associate distracted him by trying to invite some woman to sit on his lap
  • Jumin managed to politely refuse, but was disappointed to find the woman with golden eyes has disappeared into the crowd
  • A few minutes later a voice spoke to him from just outside the VIP area
  • “Aren’t you dressed a little too formal for a place like this?”
  • He looked down from the platform and saw a woman leaning with her arms crossed on the railing, gazing up at him through the gap with her stunning, golden eyes
  • “I’m not accustomed to places like this.” Jumin explained.
  • “Oh, so this isn’t really you’re scene,” she said, curiosity flashing through her eyes. “Then why come here? Surely you could’ve found something you would’ve enjoyed more.”
  • “I was invited by a business associate,” he stated plainly. “It would have been rude to refuse.”
  • She mulled that information over in her mind for a few moments
  • “Then I suppose you would consider it rude to refuse an invitation from a lady?”
  • “Yes, I suppose.”
  • “Then I would like to invite you to dance with me!”
  • Jumin was surprised to say the least, but her cheeky smile seemed to be stirring something inside him
  • “Do you have any idea who I am?” He asked.
  • “Of course,” she stated, matter-of-factly. “You’re the guy bored out of his mind at a nightclub. C'mon, it’s not like dancing will kill you!”
  • Jumin was intrigued, so he put down his wine and left the VIP area to dance with this beautiful young woman
  • He was unaccustomed to this style of dancing, but she quickly adapted it for him so that he was more comfortable
  • She laughed easily when he made a joke without thinking, and for some reason, he forgot about all the tangled strings in his head and just enjoyed her company
  • They talked for the rest of the night, danced for half of that time, and when the place finally started to close, she tucked a piece of paper into his jacket pocket
  • “If you ever want to have another little chat, feel free to call. ;)”
  • Before he could ask what she meant, his business associate distracted him by calling out to him
  • When Jumin turned back, the woman was gone
  • Of course, after the whole night, Jumin was downright too distracted to take he paper out of his pocket and check it
  • So his suit went through the wash the next day while he was at work, it was thrown away, and he never saw that it was her phone number
  • However, when she showed up at his apartment after joining the RFA, he was shocked
  • But she smiled, and formally introduced herself, and he found that calming effect that she had washing over him again
  • And truth be told, that dress he bought her, he’d seen it before, passed by the store regularly and knew the moment he saw it, it would be perfect for the woman from the club, but never bought it because he never thought he’d see her again
  • When he finally got to see her in it, he was very satisfied to know that he had been right


  • It was probably the weirdest mission he’d been sent on
  • Supposedly, the owner of the club was selling illegal drugs
  • Of course, he buys a drink to blend in (he buys ginger ale because they didn’t have any Ph.D Pepper, shame on them)
  • While he’s sipping and using his phone to hack the system, a girl approaches him
  • She’s a little tipsy, but she walks right up to him and drops one of the cheesiest pick up lines he’s ever heard
  • “Are you a parking ticket? Because you got fine written all over you.”
  • He can’t help but burst out laughing
  • So he says one back
  • “Are you a campfire? Because you are hot and I want s'more.”
  • She laughs back, and they start firing bad pick up lines back and forth at each other
  • Eventually, they settle down because they’re both laughing hysterically, and MC admits to the fact that she only came over because her friends caught her looking at him (because she thinks he’s cute) and bet her twenty dollars that she couldn’t make him laugh
  • He promptly comes back with, “Then I think you owe me $10!”
  • “Oh yeah? Why’s that?”
  • “Because I made you laugh!”
  • She concedes, gets her $20, goes to the bar to break it, then gives half to Saeyoung
  • They talk while he continues to hack, and eventually, he admits that she should probably stay away from him because he’s a dangerous man (but he says it in a way that sounds like he might be/is probably joking)
  • MC says, “Oooh. A dangerous man? How exciting.”
  • She ends up inviting him to dance with her, which he does, but while they’re dancing, his phone goes off, indicating that the hack is done and he needs to find someplace private to finish this up
  • He tries to excuse himself, but MC quickly jots down her number and says, “Feel free to text me if you come up with any more pickup lines.”
  • Saeyoung’s probably the only one who didn’t lose her number
  • He flushed it
  • To him, a sweet, funny girl like her deserves better


  • Okay, this would have to take place before he met Rika, so he met her at least a few years before she got involved in the RFA (and probably a year before it was founded)
  • Of course, it was actually a exhibition of his work that happened to be taking place in a night club because the owner offered him the wall space and a promotional night
  • It right at the beginning of his career, so he couldn’t pass up the opportunity
  • MC was admiring one of his pieces when he passed her, but she recognized him and complimented him on his work
  • He thanked her, and after a conversation and a couple of flutes of champagne, he offered to dance with her as the music was picking up a little
  • She gladly joined him, and they did as young people do
  • A giggle here, a flirt there, and MC ended up trying to give him her number because he was sweet and cute and kind
  • However, the dense boy didn’t get that’s what was happening and left her number on the table
  • Once they parted ways, she waited for his call, and when it didn’t come, she realized that feeling that she didn’t click with him the way he did with her was real and he didn’t want to call her because he hadn’t felt a spark
  • Oh well


  • He was scouting night clubs for potential people to use to infiltrate the RFA
  • He thought it’d be easy enough, but there were a ton of men and women who looked promising, but just didn’t fit the bill for whatever reason
  • He bumped into MC when she was kinda drunk (and wearing tight leather pants, black boots, a red crop top, and a choker necklace)
  • After a conversation with her (and bugging her phone) he realized she was actually a very naive, trusting person
  • When he asked for her number, she agreed almost immediately, but forced him to dance with her in order to get it
  • He was a little uncomfortable, but she was so comfortable in her own skin and with everything, he ended up enjoying himself more than he thought he should have
  • Especially since this was just another step in his plan to destroy Saeyoung
  • He was the only one to not lose her number because he put it directly into his phone because he needed to use it later


  • He was doing recon
  • Supposedly there was a target that the agency needed tracked for a little while
  • What was supposed to happen after that, Vanderwood had no idea and didn’t really care
  • MC stumbled into him, by accident, very drunk, and spilled her drink all over him
  • She apologizes a lot and attempted to help him clean up
  • Vanderwood tried to shoo her away, but she was very insistent
  • Eventually she looked him in the eyes and said, “hey, you’re really pretty, you know that?”
  • He’s like, “okay drunkie, time for you to go home and go to bed”
  • She whines and says she can only go home once she’s danced with someone attractive
  • MC then says Vanderwood is the perfect candidate
  • As they’re dancing and she’s all over him (again, veeeery drunk) she slips her number into his coat three times
  • As soon as the dance is over, he calls her and her friends a cab because seriously it was getting ridiculous and she was in the way of his work
  • He never goes through his coat pockets anyways, so he never checks them and doesn’t ever realize her number is there
Girlfriend: Irene | Headcanons

okay lawd let’s start

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  • type of gf who says she always thinks of you and actually means it
  • becomes hesitant in the beginning of the relationship in terms of initiating things
  • she wants to ensure you want the relationship too
  • but when she’s absolutely sure and confident, even then she doesn’t bombard you with barrages of texts every day
  • she doesn’t want to annoy you
  • gives you souvenirs after EVERY tour
  • bracelets, T-shirts, blankets, etc
  • cooks for you when she can
  • breakfast in bed every morning you can share together
  • doesn’t admit it, but dresses up for you most of time
  • like she hates it when you see her with just a bare/no makeup face
  • except when you pepper her face with kisses when she wakes up, then she’s more than confident
  • is so happy when she sees you and the rest of the Red Velvet girls getting along
  • she loves seeing her favorite people so happy and friendly together
  • keeps anything related to a comeback a secret
  • she wants you to be surprised and proud of her
  • excessive cuddling and constant backhugs
  • seriously Joohyun backhugs you so much, she barely knows what to do with her arms sometimes when she isn’t holding you
  • she loves when you two are late up at night and the room’s dark and all she can feel is you locked in her arms as she holds you and warms your forehead with occasional kisses
  • inviting Wendy over for “weekly cooking night”
  • in which you three cook something and then while waiting for it to cool off, Joohyun plays on her phone and you sit on her lap and Wendy just awkwardly stands there by the oven
  • and when the food’s actually ready to eat, Joohyun whines when you try to leave and keeps postponing eating time until she’s done playing Angry Birds because she wants to eat with you
  • and then ten minutes elapse and you and Wendy are like, “Fuck it”
  • And Irene’s pissed
  • “Fine, go sleep with Wendy then!”
  • “When you need someone to cuddle, Seungwan can help you, right?”
  • but then she immediately softens when you feed her and she’s a great big cuddly mess and she apologizes to Wendy and Wendy just holds her head and is like, “It’s okay. I get it. It’s okay”
  • literally praises everything you do
  • like you can trip down thirty-seven flights of stairs and Joohyun’s like, “Babe, are you okay? Great job on not hurting yourself too bad, though!”
  • “Babe, this cake is so good! You killed it!”
  • “Ohmagosh, babe, you’re like Picasso, that’s great!”
  • but also offers constructive criticism when you need it
  • in the sweetest, kindest way
  • like she’s not holding back, but she’s also showing she’s doing it because she loves you
  • secretly loves when you startle her on purpose
  • like I know she should be really pissed and stuff, but she loves the way you laugh so hard at it
  • so she literally is so EXTRA with it sometimes
  • oh, and speaking of extra
  • that random shit she does in the music videos
  • like the lip bites and winks and hair flips
  • YUP
  • she knows how it effects you so with every scene she’s like, “What can I do to make (Y/N) break a sweat?”
  • and BAAAM
  • and like she doesn’t give two shits when the fans are like “IRENE GOD YOU’RE SO HOT I CAN’T”
  • it’s when you say it
  • that’s when it starts to matter
  • then when she hears it from fans, her pride just mounts
  • and when you go to a Red Velvet concert, she tells herself not to dedicate all her attention to you
  • but then Be Natural comes on and she HAS TO BE EXTRA
  • just because she knows what it does to you
  • like she stares at you the whole time
  • and all the fans in front of you are like “OMG IRENE’S STARING AT ME OMG”
  • and Irene winks cuz she’s not staring at them
  • she’s staring at you
  • going grocery shoppping every Saturday and having the best time
  • when she goes with the Red Velvet members, she’s mainly too busy solemnly buying all the groceries for the dorm to really have fun
  • but on Saturday, you just stroll around and buy things you might need
  • and Irene cracks up watching you put on hats and dance to EXO in the middle of the video game aisle
  • and lowkey lets you sit in the cart sometimes
  • slaps your ass like thirty-eight times
  • then pretends she didn’t do it and nonchalantly reaches over your head to get a pack of bacon
  • and “accidentally” slaps your forehead with it
  • then bursts into laughter cuz she just can’t hold it anymore
  • randomly stares at you for like a whole minute just to annoy you
  • or to test if you’re even paying attention to her
  • like you two’ll be hanging with Wendy and Seulgi
  • and Wendy and Seulgi will be in there own world talking and you’ll just be alone eating
  • and you’ll revert your eyes over by Seulgi’s shouler and see Irene just piercing holes into your eyes and you’re just like ‘O’
  • and then she smiles and pretends absolutely nothing happened
  • mostly does this to sexually frustrate you
  • and prevails
  • every single time

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RFA, V, and Saeran dealing with MC as a scientist for a 6 month NASA mission to the ISS? I love your writing! Keep being awesome!


  • he literally doesn’t know how to feel
  • MC gone for 6 months? terrifying
  • MC going to the ISS for their job? amazing
  • he spirals out of control in his life in a sorta passive way
  • like MC just walks to the kitchen one night and he’s eating lucky charms at 3 am because he couldn’t sleep thinking about MC’s mission
  • but then he also makes pancakes with the shapes of stars the day before they leave?
  • he’s a bit of a wreck while MC is gone, at least for the first days
  • he calls MC from time to time 
  • plans a big space-themed meal for when MC gets back


  • lowkey worried but appears super happy 
  • like ok she is super happy she isn’t faking it
  • but she’s also worried and doesn’t want to show that to MC because they don’t need that kind of negativity when going to such an amazing mission
  • much like Yoosung, she makes drinks and sometimes latte art with little planets or stars on the days leading up to the mission
  • she reads up a bit on the ISS and how phone calls would work there to be sure communication with MC won’t be too hard
  • while MC is gone, Jaehee stresses out lots- much like she used to before meeting them- but luckily, talking with them helps reduce that greatly


  • has he ever been not supportive of something honestly
  • it came to him as a bit of a shock, since going to actual space wasn’t something he thought he’d hear MC would do
  • but boy howdy is he amazed and proud
  • he doesn’t like the idea of MC going to space for half a year- that means he can’t hug them, or kiss them, or even cuddle- but he tries to tell himself as soon as MC is back, he’ll give them the time of their life to make up for it
  • the days leading up to MC leaving are pretty hard for him, since he’s not a fan of knowing MC has to leave for such a long time, but he distracts himself by taking MC out on nice dates 
  • while MC is gone, he starts drinking more even though MC expresses worries about that on the phone, and he tries not to be spotted outside too much because he can hear the gossip articles about how “musical actor Zen has not been seen with partner for months” writing themselves


  • hhhhhhhhnnnnnnng
  • he’s absolutely wrecked
  • proud? of course! he’s super happy to see MC going so far in life! 
  • but being away for 6 months-
  • it almost feels like he’s being stabbed
  • he can hardly stand a month away from MC on a business trip
  • he genuinely tells his assistant to look into trips to the ISS, maybe he could go? maybe?
  • he knows he can’t. it’s just a childish attempt to feel better
  • MC calls super often- more than they had planned to- even before they leave, just so Jumin gets used to hearing them on the phone instead of right next to him all day
  • while they’re gone, Jumin acts a bit off. He’s always fidgeting with pens, asks his maids to please keep Elizabeth 3rd in his sight at all times, and his employees claim he’s been more strict


  • when MC tells him, his eyes light up
  • hjkhkjhjhhow fucking cool? MC is actually going to the space station??
  • he constantly says he’s bummed that only MC gets to go
  • keeps asking MC to take lots of pics
  • on the inside tho, he’s much more sad
  • he feels almost vacant at the thought of MC not being there for such a long time
  • he realizes how he’s gotten used to them being around, and even though they have a heartwarming farewell and promise to come back, he feels like it’ll be forever
  • reads up all the webpage on the ISS almost daily because it makes him feel close to MC after the calls


  • oh boy
  • MC almost felt guilty telling him- they knew how badly he could react to them leaving for such a long time
  • he tries to take it in slowly and maintain his cool
  • MC will call- they’re not gone forever- they will come back, they’re not escaping
  • it’s… not the easiest thing
  • the weeks before MC has to leave, he sometimes shuts himself off in his room to just lay there
  • but the day before, he seems to be relatively ok; he makes breakfast, talks with MC about the station, and even wishes them good luck with a big smooch and a tight hug
  • his brother stays with him during those 6 months, to make sure he takes care of himself and takes his meds, and also give him some much-needed company


  • the smile he gives MC shows nothing other than sheer happiness
  • he hugs them tightly, and keeps congratulating them
  • he wants to do a space-themed photoshoot before MC leaves
  • of course he knows he’ll miss MC a lot, and gosh knows how well he’ll be able to manage them being gone, but for the meanwhile he just wants to focus his positive feelings
  • when MC has left, he tends to invite the RFA over at least thrice per month because he feels lonely
  • sometimes when they’re all over (even Yoosung, who comes only because he has to) he calls MC so they feel included


so, i’m a normal girl. I work a basic fast food job, have pretty short hair buzzed on the sides it’s chill man.

one day, i’m in my usual spot in hell (the drive-thru) an older couple orders, they pull up to the window, and I take their money and exchange drinks. the norm, but as I attempt to close the window, I see the older woman slowly turn to her husband with her mouth covered bc this is some top secret shit she about to speak of. ME, being my nosy ass self wanted to know what was up, so I take a lil listen, she spoke with horror..

….I can’t believe…we’re being one of those…tRANSEXUALS.

believe me when I say I was SHOOK. I waited for their food to arrive and I seriously didn’t know what the hell to do. Does this elderly woman know what a transsexual is? DO I NEED TO EDUCATE HER? her food arrived and I knew I needed to take action, fuck this job. I put her trays in the bag, and opened the window with a gigantic smile. the only response I could gather was,

you have a gay day

she turned to me shocked and exclaimed, excuse me????

oh, you have a great day

Rin Okumura Discovering He’s Attracted to a Male! 

(Request! And something I haven’t done before so I hope I do this justice!) 

  • it started out that he just liked hanging out with this guy
  • nothing more
  • or so he’d thought
  • they, of course, became good friends
  • they spent a lot of time together
  • and Rin really really liked being around him
  • he didn’t think there was anything else to it
  • he always wanted his friend to be happy
  • and whenever his friend was sad or hurting - he was hurting for them too
  • if anyone said anything negative about the guy in front of Rin - he’d practically go ballistic! 
  • (not flames and shit, just - a lot of yelling) 
  • Rin just thought that he was protective of all his friends like this
  • it took a flippant comment from Ryuuji or Yukio to cause Rin to realize that this might be different
  • he only ever wanted to spend time with this guy
  • he didn’t want anyone to get between the two of them
  • he wanted to make him happy
  • he…wanted him
  • Rin thought long and hard about this for days
  • he realized that he had always liked how the guy looked
  • how he smelt
  • how he spoke
  • he liked him
  • and more than just a friend
  • and it scared Rin
  • what if he loses his friend because of this revelation?
  • who could he talk to about this?
  • who would understand him?
  • what would his father say?
  • so Rin started avoiding this guy 
  • didn’t answer calls or texts 
  • wouldn’t find him between classes
  • and it hurt
  • but he thought this was the best way to handle this
  • and it wasn’t
  • Finally Yukio couldn’t stand it anymore - all the moping and the hiding and the sneaking about between classes
  • so he did what any good brother would do - which was sit down to talk with Rin 
  • “Tell me what’s going on. You’ve been avoiding Y/N for days now. He’s worried sick thinking he’s done something wrong and you’re hurting by doing this to him - I can tell. Spill.”
  • Rin, at first, denied the whole thing
  • but Yukio didn’t take no for an answer
  • he didn’t push either
  • he just let Rin rant and rave until finally…the truth came out
  • “…How am I supposed to expect for him to have feelings for me too?! How am I supposed to explain that to him?! What the fuck is wrong with me?!” 
  • “Nothing’s wrong with you Nii-san - you have feelings for Y/N - there’s nothing wrong with that.” 
  • “Nothing wrong with that?! How can you say that?!” 
  • “Rin - dad wouldn’t be upset with you.” 
  • that got his attention 
  • /and it made him sit down/
  • “Dad wouldn’t care if you liked men or if you liked women or if you liked both or neither - he loved you. He loves you. He only ever wanted us to be happy. Everything he did - he did for us. And besides that, its healthy to explore these things when they arise - there’s nothing wrong with a man dating a man or a woman dating a woman. If I came to you and told you I had a boyfriend - you wouldn’t care. I know you wouldn’t - so why did you think I would care? You’re my brother - and I want what’s best for you. And what’s best for you - is what makes you happy. Y/N makes you happy Rin…don’t lose him because you’re afraid. Tell him. There’s only two responses you can get from him - one is for him to agree to date you and the other is a refusal to date you. And if he refuses - I’ll take you out to get sukiyaki and we’ll move on. It’ll be that simple - I promise.” 
  • “What if he refuses and he never wants to see me again?”
  • “Then that’s his loss - cause you’re a good man Rin. Anyone would be lucky to have you - male or female.” 
  • the two hugged it out for once and headed to bed
  • the next day - Rin finally approached Y/N 
  • convinced him that he needed him to skip class - that there was something important he needed to tell him 
  • so the two left school 
  • and sat by the river with a couple of sandwiches - but Rin was still so quiet 
  • Y/N didn’t push - just waited nervously 
  • and Rin confessed 
  • confessed to everything 
  • he spoke and explained and his hands shook and he couldn’t meet Y/N’s gaze 
  • and once he was finished there was silence
  • deafening silence
  • and Rin thought it was game over 
  • but then Y/N laughed
  • a relieved laugh 
  • and when Rin looked over to him - Y/N almost knocked him over with the force of the hug 
  • and it was Y/N’s turn to confess 
  • and Rin was so relieved 
  • and so happy 
  • all he could do was hold onto Y/N