reasons why my grandpa is the best:

  • he made my wife and i (i’m a woman) a giant banner for our one year anniversary 
  • when i was pregnant, the baby was kicking and when he touched my belly, the baby stopped and he called him a little shit
  • he once called and left a voicemail asking how to spell styrofoam
  • he flipped a table bc he saw someone hit a dog
  • he beat skrim in 4 days
  • he served in the korean war and when he came home, he learned korean so if he ever ran into a korean vet, he could “give them the same respect he’d give an american vet”
  • my son has two moms and there was a “special guy in your life” day at his school for father’s day so my grandpa went and showed up in dress pants and a pressed shirt bc he “didn’t want to embarrass him”. also, there was a little boy who didn’t have anyone there and grandpa asked if he could be his “special guy” and the little boy beamed
  • he knows all of the secrets to the zelda games
  • he’s had 4 open heart surgeries and can still kick your ass

Dasia is a very sophisticated animal. One of her greatest achievements was winning the “Girls Who Rule the World” Essay Contest. She keeps herself occupied doing things she enjoys such as: modeling, drawing, swimming, and helping out in the community through volunteer work. When she is not busy she enjoys eating, sleeping, jumping on couches and learning about life. The people that inspire her most are Lady Gaga and India Chairman. By being a part of the Teen Team she hopes to meet people that are as passionate about art and life as she is. 


grandmother said that one day i would grow up
and marry a nice boy, and i said okay.
i used to daydream about this nice boy,
about a nice family, about nice kids 
and a nice house. i never asked myself
whether that was what i wanted, because
that never mattered. it was what i should want.

the first time i noticed a girl, i sat down
and questioned it for years. i thought
‘this can’t be right,’ i thought ‘this is
not what i should be,’ i thought
‘this is not possible.’

i thought of boys touching me and i
felt sick. grandmother said that one day
she would find me a nice boy to marry
and i smiled and then went and threw
up in the bathroom when no one was looking.

i thought ‘maybe this will go away,’
and when it didn’t i thought ‘maybe everyone
feels this way at first.’ 

this is the story of how i put my love for
girls under the microscope. did everything
i could to convince myself it wasn’t real.
this is the story of how i swallowed my
lack of love for boys like a pill,
as though if i never questioned it i could
will it to become a reality.

years later and again, grandmother
says she’ll find me a nice boy. i can’t
say anything to her face but in my mind
i amend the sentence. think ‘one day
there’ll be a girl, and one day, i’ll find
her myself.’ think ‘there is a freedom
in knowing i do not have to love boys,
and i have found it at last.’

i think ‘this is enough,’ and then, at last,
‘i am enough.’

Alexis Ren Fitness Guide

Some of Alexis’s favorite foods to buy:

• raw cashews and other types of raw nuts
• hummus + carrots
• kind bars
• vegan plant protein powder + almond milk
• perfect bars (her favorite is the blue one)
• avocado
• apples + almond butter
• raw trail mix
• kale chips
• turkey bacon
• coffee (hazelnut is her fav)
• fruits. her favs include: strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, raspberries, mango, kiwi, blueberries

Food Examples: 


• Yogurt with fruit or almond butter mixed in
• Scrambled eggs with kale or spinach
• Smoothie or a shake

Typical Dinner for Alexis:

• Quinoa with avocado

A healthy choice of salad dressing: 

• lemon juice with pepper

Daily Diet:

No bread
No fast foods
No red meat
Try’s to stay off of sugar (minus fruits)
No alcohol
Organic, and raw foods

Alexis’s workout habits:

She works out 5-7 days a week

She loves running

She practices yoga every day

She goes to pilate classes in the mornings

Her workouts include: yoga, hiking, boxing, and self defense

Exercises either 6 am or 10 am

She tries not to lift too many weights for the reason being she doesn’t want bulky arms

Healthy Tricks/Tips:

Always have a full glass of water before a meal

Have dinner before 7pm and don’t eat unnecessary food after that

Honey and lemon mixed in w/ hot water before breakfast is amazing for the digestive system

Make sure to eat your vegetables

Water water water!

Wise words from Alexis herself:

“A crappy workout is better than no workout.”

Just know that you will not magically get a body that looks exactly like Alexis’s because you were born differently than her, and your bone structure may be different as well as your genetics. Please keep that in mind. To get rid of fat from your body, incorporate cardio into your workouts and to tone your body up, do strength training workouts. You will see results whenever you lose unwanted fat.  

If you have any specific questions regarding this, feel free to ask me. X

Muslimah goals...💕


  • She worships Allaah alone
  • She regularly prays 5 x a day
  • She prays sunnah and nafl prayers
  • She performs her prayers properly
  • She pays Zakah on her wealth
  • She fasts during the day and prays during the night in Ramadan
  • She observes nafl fasts
  • She performs Hajj and Umrah
  • She is obedient to the commands of Allaah
  • She wears correct Hijaab
  • She does not sit alone with, freely mix with or shake the hands of strange men
  • She does not travel except with a mahram
  • She accepts the will and decree of Allaah
  • She turns to Allaah in repentance often
  • Her main concern is seeking the pleasure of Allaah
  • She understands the true meaning of being a servant to Allaah
  • She works to support the religion of Allaah (Islaam)
  • Her loyalty is to Allaah alone
  • She enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil
  • She reads the Qur-aan and ponders over its meaning often


Her body…

  • She eats and drinks in moderation
  • She exercises regularly
  • Her body and clothes are always clean
  • She takes good care of her skin, teeth and hair
  • She does not go to extremes of beautification or make a wanton display of herself

Her mind…

  • She takes care of her mind by actively pursuing knowledge
  • She is aware and learns from women’s achievements in the field of knowledge
  • She is not superstitious
  • She never stops reading and studying
  • She uses her time wisely and does not fill her mind with soap operas and things that do not benefit

Her soul…

  • She performs acts of worship regularly to purify her soul
  • She keeps company with righteous people and attends religious gatherings
  • She frequently repeats du’aa described in the Qur-aan and Sunnah


  • She treats them with kindness and respect
  • She recognizes their status and knows her duties towards them
  • She is kind and respectful towards her parents even if they are not Muslim
  • She is extremely reluctant to disobey them
  • Her mother comes first, then her father


  • She chooses a good husband
  • She is obedient to him and shows respect
  • She treats his mother and family with kindness and respect
  • She endears herself to him and is keen to please him
  • She does not disclose his secrets
  • She stands by him always and offers her advice
  • She encourages her husband to spend for the sake of Allaah
  • She supports him to call others to the religion of Islaam
  • She helps him to obey Allaah and makes it easy when she can
  • She fills his heart with joy
  • She beautifies herself for him
  • She is cheerful and grateful when she meets him
  • She shares his joys and sorrows
  • She does not look at, sit with, freely converse with or shake the hands of other men
  • She does not describe other women to him
  • She tries to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for him
  • She is tolerant and forgiving
  • She is strong in character and wise


  • She understands the great responsibility that she has towards her children
  • She uses the best methods in bringing them up
  • She raises them upon tawheed and teaches them to obey Allaah and be conscious of Him from a young age
  • She demonstrates her love and affection for them
  • She treats her sons and daughters equally and does not discriminate in her love, affection and care
  • She does not invoke against her children
  • She is alert and aware of everything that may influence them
  •  She instills good behavior, manners and attitude in them


Her daughter-in-law…

  • She knows how to make a good choice in selecting a daughter-in-law
  • She knows her place
  • She gives advice but does not interfere in their private life
  • She respects her and treats her well and makes herself approachable

Her son-in-law… 

  • She knows how to make a good choice in selecting a son-in-law
  • She respects and honours him
  • She helps her daughter to be a good wife to him
  • She is fair and never biased in favour of her daughter
  • She deals with the problems wisely


  • She upholds the ties of kinship according to the teachings of Islaam
  • She maintains the ties even with non-Muslim relatives
  • She maintains the ties even if her relatives fail to do so and understands the broad meaning of upholding ties of kinship


  • She is kind and friendly towards her neighbours
  • She adheres to the Islamic teachings regarding the good treatment of neighbours
  • She likes for her neighbours what she likes for herself
  • She treats her neighbours well even if they are not Muslim
  • She puts up with her neighbours mistakes and bad treatments and understands that a bad neighbour is a person who is deprived of the blessing of faith


  • She loves them as sisters for the sake of Allaah
  • She knows the status of the two who love each other for His sake
  • She does not forsake or abandon her sisters
  • She is tolerant and forgiving towards them
  • She meets them with a smiling face
  • She is sincere, kind and faithful towards them
  • She does not gossip with or about them
  • She avoids arguing, hurtful jokes and breaking promises
  • She prays for her sisters in their absence
  • She is generous and honours them


  • She has a good attitude and treats others well
  • She is truthful and avoids giving false statements
  • She gives sincere advice
  • She guides others to do righteous deeds
  • She does not cheat, deceive or stab in the back
  • She is characterized by shyness
  • She does not interfere in that which does not concern her
  • She does not beg
  • She refrains from slandering the honour of others and seeking their faults
  • She does not show off or boast
  • She is fair in her judgements, even to those whom she does not like
  • She avoids suspicion, backbiting and the spread of malicious gossip
  • She avoids cursing and foul language
  • She is gentle and kind, compassionate and merciful - she does not make fun of anybody
  • She strives for people’s benefit and seeks to protect them from harm
  • She helps to alleviate the burden of the debtor
  • She does not remind beneficiaries of her charity
  • She is patient, easy going and does not bear grudges
  • She is not envious
  • She avoids boasting and seeking fame
  • She is friendly and likeable, light hearted and has a sense of humour
  • She tries to make people happy
  • She is not over-strict
  • She is not arrogant or proud - rather she is humble and modest
  • She is moderate with regard to her clothing and appearance
  • She loves noble things and strives to aim high
  • She honours her guests
  • She prefers others over herself
  • She frequently checks that her habits and customs are in accordance to Islamic guidelines
  • She follows Islamic manners in the way she eats and drinks
  • She spreads the greeting of salaam (assalaamu alaykum)
  • She does not enter a house other than her own without permission
  • She does not converse privately with another woman when a third is present
  • She avoids yawning in a gathering as much as she can
  • She follows Islamic etiquette when she sneezes
  • She chooses the work that suits her feminine nature
  • She does not imitate men
  • She calls people to the truth, and enjoins good and forbids evil
  • She is wise and eloquent when giving da’wah
  • She strives to reconcile between Muslim woman
  • She mixes with other woman and is tolerant with their shortcomings
  • She repays favours and shows gratitude
  • She visits the sick

I highly, highly recommend the book “The Ideal Muslimah” by Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi to all my Muslim sisters. May Allaah subhaanahu wa ta’aala make us from amongst the best of women, ever.

okay so everybody always talks about how amazing sam vimes is, and i love sam vimes to the bottom of my heart, but i do not see enough sybil appreciation on my dashboard.

sybil is a zarking goddess okay, and i will not hear a word against her

  • she calls the PATRICIAN of Ankh-Morpork ‘havelock’.
  • she actually just calls pretty much everybody by their first names
  • people who are not scared of vimes will listen to sybil any day
  • she’s perfectly level headed, until vimes calls her a duchess, when she will become the most overbearing, duchessy duchess the disc has ever known
  • her haggling for fat with the low king.
  • her being brought up to act small, so as to make everybody feel bigger. then using that to her advantage because i’m pretty sure she knows how amazing she is.
  • being so compassionate she can see the good in anybody without even trying, even nobby nobbs
  • being the first person in forever to actually see the potential in perpetually drunk, undernourished, broken sam vimes and taking away his alcohol and giving him food and being there so he can actually grow to be the sam vimes that we love.
  • being sybil ramkin, the dragon obsessed, charitable spinster who is pretty much the only person left in ankh-morpork who actually respects the night watch in guards guards, and seeing exploding swamp dragons as lovable pets.
  • singing opera so well she becomes an honorary dwarf
tsukishima kei
  • tsukki once lost his glasses for an entire three days
  • when asked where they went he said he was “being a teenager” and “going through a phase” and told his parents not to bother him
  • everyone wondered why he was so angry those three days
  • he was actually just squinting really hard because he literally could not see
  • akiteru does not let him live this down, ever


yeah that happened once. luckily noone saw since i’m usually stuck in the back

I don’t know how she managed to hide in my hair undetected but i’ve been more careful since. she did behave herself though, but got upset because she didn’t understand why I didn’t let her come back the next day

she even used the same hair-hiding tactic

the lapeeps do some weird stuff but once they do … at least they’re predictable

Facts about Jonghyun from BNR

All facts are from Jonghyun himself from Blue Night Radio


  • His fetal nickname was “Chi Guk”
  • He tried to knit a muffle once in 6th grade
  • He didn’t believe in Santa Claus because his parents never tricked him
  • He listened to Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” a lot during trainee days
  • He claims he didn’t sleep enough during middle and high school (which caused his short height)
  • He used to go to a friend’s house daily and listen to music, especially n*sync
  • He had to cut his hair twice to comply with school rules
  • When he was 3, he lived in front of a marketplace.
  • In his first year of elementary school, he liked a girl in another class. He would run in front of her and look back to a “friend” just to look at her.
  • He used to want to be a police officer then a Korean teacher.
  • His mom took him to piano lessons when he was around 6 but he quit
  • He and his sister lived with their grandparents for some time during elementary school
  • He used to have a husky named Choro
  • His middle school band’s name was Zion because he went to a Christian school
  • His family received welfare support during his middle school years and he didn’t like getting the help
  • He was the class president in primary school


  • His grandfather is still alive but grandmother isn’t (mother’s side)
  • The biggest regret in his life was an argument with his mom
  • His sister, Seodam, works at a cosmetic company
  • His mom sold fish shaped buns and rice cakes and he would ask her for money to play at the arcade.
  • Seodam is a huge fan of Shinhwa
  • His mom and sister have many couple items
  • Both Seodam and his mother go to church
  • His mom entered university at 36
  • His mother studied women’s & child psychology; she worked as principal at a daycare center and now works as a psychosocial therapist
  • Jonghyun often sets his sister’s picture as his phone’s wallpaper
  • His mom calls him a workaholic
  • His mom can use his credit card
  • His mom doesn’t want him to get married until he’s 35
  • He called his father a “thieving guy” because he married his mother at a young age
  • His mother sing in her church choir
  • His mom had to have knee surgery but didn’t tell Jonghyun until after his concert
  • His father is over 180 cm but his mother is 150 cm tall
  • When he enrolled in music school, his father didn’t know and tried to cancel his enrollment
  • When he goes out with his older sister, she often gets mistaken for his girlfriend or younger sister
  • He lived with his grandparents (mother side) in 1st and 2nd grade.


  • He has bad eyesight without glasses/contacts
  • He doesn’t have a religion
  • He can only doggy paddle/can’t swim
  • He can’t draw
  • He never had a cat
  • He loses a lot of things
  • He is camera shy
  • He always tells Roo goodnight
  • He wears glasses at home
  • He wants to make a children’s album someday
  • His bedroom is mostly black
  • When the members all lived in a dorm, Jonghyun was in charge of getting them all together to eat and play
  • He has Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression, usually in winter months)
  • He has bad handwriting
  • He is sensitive to smell


  • Food made with bones like pork bone stew
  • Dogs—especially ones with short legs like a corgi or dachshund
  • Carp bread
  • Candles
  • His career
  • Rain
  • Tea
  • Bunk beds
  • Mangoes


  • Puzzles
  • Heat/summer
  • Comparisons
  • Christmas
  • Being on tv programs

(English translations:  cosmicsticks, thatcoolcatmeow)

“When Pretty Emily woke one day

She saw the world a different way

Her eyes now looked with a stranger’s guile

Her dainty mouth smiled a stranger’s smile

Her hands now worked the stranger’s wrath

Her feet now walked a stranger’s path

Emily fed, another grew stronger

The stranger’s cravings drove her onward,

And no one who looked on Emily’s face

Ever guessed who ruled in Emily’s place.”

When I read this in game I was just like this: :OOO

Things I adore about Hyungwon
  • He would literally laugh at anything x x
  • Called ‘British’ a language x
  • “I’m going to buy this tea bag that smells like feet”
  • This choreo x
  • Thought a rug was Wonho or Jooheon x
  • Meme x
  • Legs for days
  • He’s the actual maknae not Changkyun x x
  • Visuals af
  • Kihyun has to spray him to get him to wake up now because of how difficult it is to pry him from his bed x
  • Did aegyo that made even the king of being cheesy Wonho question his life choices x
  • His voice is so good LISTEN I could preach about his voice for days give him lines x x
  • “He’s playing as if his eyes are closed!” x
  • Got called out for pretending to be cool x
  • MC Chae x
  • Once acted like he wasn’t scared of ghosts then screams the loudest when a ghost appears in front of him x
  • Kept trying to cheat to make sure his team won x
  • Somehow finds a way to trip on his own feet, or almost fall of a chair, or trips on nothing, basically he’s just clumsy x x x
  • “My mouth smells like a stable!” apparently he’s the poet of the group idk x
  • Loves to annoy Kihyun like it’s his full time job x
  • Asked if he could curse after Shownu chose to save Minhyuk over him x
  • I don’t even ship hyungwonho but Hyungwon was testing me this day x
  • Likes to mock Wonho’s dance in Hero x
  • Made a MC speechless because of how good looking he is x
  • Once almost broke his wrist trying to get a good toy, ends up getting a bad one anyway x
  • Frog prince Hyungwon
  • “I would have cracked my shirt open in Busan.” x
  • Doesn’t even need to try and he looks beautiful af x
  • When he’s not annoying Kihyun, he’s helping him with scaring Jooheon x
  • He invented glasses and floral prints x
  • He’s so easily distracted, just give him a toy and he good x

look guys if Derek Nurse is anything like me he has a favourite art gallery back home that he goes to on bad days

he is there so often that he doesn’t really need to look closely at any of the exhibits because he has seen them all

but he just sits down for a bit in every room with a bench and takes in the atmosphere

there’s this one exhibit that’s more closed off than the rest. the walls are painted a deep blue and the light is so warm and soft. he spends a lot of time there, just drifting from piece to piece

when he goes to Samwell he feels lost because he doesn’t have this escape anymore

Lardo kidnaps him one day and takes him a couple of towns over. the gallery is small and quiet. he loves it. she never says anything but her smile is gentle.