Till  Infinity

                            -Shikha Singh

Near the rocky shore

she stands

with a candle

in one hand

The other hand

on a cane 

while she rests

Gazing at the sea 

as the sun sets 

Neither is it daytime

nor yet night

Upholding a promise

she’s there at twilight



in a blue silk dress

Her long grey hair

tied in a tress

Patiently awaits

return of her beau 

Long ago

who sailed


with his crew

Six decades passed

since she saw him last

People say

lost forever

never to be found

the ship sank

on its way back

before it could touch the ground


And the sea

they believe


all men aboard

To hell

or to heaven

serving as a

quick road

Despite their belief

she has kept

her hopes high

She has waited


without a painful sigh


She waits

and she waits  

Possibly will

till the day

she dies


To guide her swain


from the rocky shore 

when it is dark

at night

with her candle’s




(The Gifs belong to their rightful owners whom I can’t acknowledge because I don’t know who they are )

the hacked!sombra au

suggested by an anon!

  • maybe this isn’t exactly following lab safety regulations
  • but hey, sombra’ll let it slide any day
  • she tips her head back against symmetra’s shoulder as the woman continues lavishing attention on her pulse point
  • ‘i should really- oh- do this research,’ she says breathlessly. her knees are weak.
  • who can blame her, really.
  • symmetra hums against her throat, hands stroking at her hips. ‘you really should.’
  • ‘i should,’ sombra agrees, and then symmetra bites at her earlobe and she lets out a groan.
  • ‘but you could also do something else.’
  • ‘i could do that too.’
  • ‘yes.’
  • ‘i think that’d be good too.’
  • ‘i’m glad we agree.’
  • and then symmetra flips her around and kisses her properly and-
  • whoops she might have just ruined some vital gear but who the hell cares anyway wow
  • when sombra’s slightly distracted with ripping satya’s clothes off, symmetra slips a hand to her gun, and taps in a piece of code, smirking deviously
  • fast forward past the smut to the next infiltration
  • sombra points her gun out at the target, grinning.
  • ‘gotcha.’
  • she fires.
  • nothing happens.
  • she fires again.
  • nada.
  • one more time-
  • nope.
  • what the- fuck who would do this no one has access to my gun not even talon hq why would anyone ever do this but who could have nobody really knows how to code on overwatch or talon- except for symmetra.
  • symmetra.
  • goddamn her.
  • she hacks reaper’s gun stash really quickly and yanks one out of nowhere, slamming the trigger. the target’s down.
  • thank god it worked
  • reyes sniggers at her as he passes by and she rolls her eyes at him. just because the gun doesn’t go with her colour scheme doesn’t mean she didn’t look badass.
  • now sombra has some words for her girlfriend.
  • she strides angrily into symmetra’s lab.
  • satya looks at her, smiles innocently, and turns back to her work.
  • ‘what the fuck. you did not just make my gun malfunction.’
  • ‘it didn’t malfunction.’ symmetra says, still smiling. ‘i think everyone enjoyed your little display.’
  • ‘wha-’
  • symmetra points to the sky.
  • sombra rushes to the window, where there are sixteen letters, in neon purple hard light constructs, displayed brilliantly across the sky.
  • ‘satya. what is this.’
  • ‘i liked it. it was very romantic.’
  • ‘reyes saw this. oh god. that’s why he was laughing. i’m never going to hear the end of this.’
  • ‘well, if it makes you feel better-’ and satya reaches down, plucks the code out of the gun- ‘it put me in quite a mood.’
  • and god, sombra’s whipped. she sighs, kisses her girlfriend lightly.
  • ‘fine. but you better not hack my stuff again.’
  • satya just smirks.
  • ‘no promises.’
Counting the Days


1 day

Tyler assured himself that it was fine. Sure, he usually texted him by now. But maybe he was already on the plane and his phone went out. Tyler didn’t worry much, settling for a workout and going to sleep early.

2 days

Tyler felt the worry on the edge of his consciousness. Maybe he decided to stay and extra day. It was fine. He was always fine. Tyler decided to record a few videos and edit, trying his best to distract his worried mind.

3 days

The worry was the forefront of his brain, reminding him at all times. Tyler continued to ignore the problem, distracting himself in every way known, until he fell into a fitful sleep.

4 days

It was all over the news. But that surely wasn’t his plane right?

5 days

No survivors. Flying from England, bound for Los Angeles. Tyler punched the TV.

6 days

He hadn’t moved for hours. He stayed in his bed, staring at the blank ceiling. His phone buzzed with a new notification every minute, but none of them were his.

7 days

He was gone.

2 months

The apartment felt too empty. No giggles or sunshine filled it. Instead, the harsh realities of the world reminded Tyler every day. He couldn’t look at the pictures anymore. That smile, his face. He would never get to see him smile again.

7 months

Every day was as painful as the last. Pain had become the constant in his life. No day went on without something reminding him of the love of his life. The way the sun would set and the sky would burst into that bright orange, just how he loved it. Pink bubblegum was unbearable. Smiles were the worst.

He would never know. He would never know how much Tyler loved him.

1 year

He still hadn’t moved on. Maybe it was for the best. He wasn’t planning on sticking around for much longer.

1 year and a day

Craig opened the door to their apartment, feeling the silence envelop him. It was eerie, he was so used to the laughs and bright smiles that filled the space.

He set his bags down with a thud and was greeted by thudding footsteps. And he saw that face, his face and smiled the biggest he ever had. Home.

And While We Live (chapter 2)

Uncle Lambert’s little helper


It was so windy… So loud. Such a turmoil inside my body. It looked like my organs had separated from their cavities  and stood in suspension for a while, before they return to their place. I felt my hair in the air, I felt so light.

Glasgow, present day

She had dreamed of that day, tonight. And she had dreamed of Uncle Lamb again. It was all a mess in her sleepy mind… Opening the curtains of her bedroom, she noted how the clouds seemed to match the turmoil going inside her brain. They were white and grey and so, so angry. I am not angry. I am confused, I am tired of battling demons I don’t recognize. Adapting to a new place, a new job, a new time (JHRC!!), was not easy. Letting go of the past, of the literal past, felt like tearing up an arm. But she had made a promise to her Uncle, a promise she was hell bent on keeping.

A few months after moving into her apartment, Claire was still in a whirlwind of new things, shiny discoveries, amazing places that she reached without leaving the same spot. On that Netflix programme, she found and watched the most amazing film - “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Sean Connery reminded her so much of her Uncle Lamb, that she found herself putting it on for company and comfort, while she cleaned or cooked.

Uncle Lambert knew. He knew a lot and while he hadn’t prepared her for it, he had left everything ready for a life she had to now live as if she hadn’t had one before. She was thinking about her old life, as she made her coffee and toast. The war was over, it was time to think about other things. About marriage, about family, about where in the world Uncle Lambert was now. About not wanting to stop being a nurse… What would Frank think about that? Quentin Lambert Beauchamp was a Blitz survivor, a true bachelor of the english kind. If he was a wanderer before, the war had just turned him into a bigger one. While he hadn’t asked to raise Claire and certainly wasn’t a by-the-book child tutor, he had done a good job. Claire was who she was, in part, because of the life she had led with this man. All the adventures, the stories, the work, letting her be who she wanted and do things considered not proper for an english little lady or lady to be…

After the stones, however, Claire had a turmoil of doubts about Uncle Lamb. The pieces of the puzzle started to be put together quickly after her arrival.

In the 30s, Lambert Beauchamp had settled for a bit in merry old England while Hitler rose to power. He had decided to teach at Oxford. There, a few years later, Claire met one of her uncle’s students, Frank Randall: dashing historian, older man. Uncle Lambert liked Frank and never stated any sign of approval, or disapproval, for that matter, regarding the relationship. But he did insist on them not getting married right away, not for the wrong reasons, or so she thought… “Wait until we settle this mess, my darling girl.” This mess being WW2. Claire saw right through him and while Frank would have liked to be legally married, Claire followed Lambert’s advice. Nothing prevented them from meeting and act like husband and wife when their leaves from duty allowed it. What was a piece of paper? But now, it seemed Uncle Lamb simply didn’t want that tie to exist, that legal impediment. What else Uncle Lamb, what else? Frank and Claire had seen each other and had a good relationship and courtship for a year, until war erupted. The United Kingdom did its call to arms, Claire followed her calling and trained as a nurse… you said it would be the appropriate thing for a woman, Frank, but if you saw me now… And if you had listened to me then… and Frank put his knowledge to the service of the MI6 after being recruited from officer training.

Their correspondence kept them alive to each other, the rare but well enjoyed encounters had been good. And they were planning on getting married once the war was over. In the autumn of 1945, they were in Scotland, in Inverness, in a magical romantic inn. They had been together for a few days. They would have gotten married on *that* day, if it weren’t for Uncle Lambert’s accident, that delayed his trip north. Accident…? It was going to happen the day after, if it weren’t… If it weren’t. More than 70 years had passed, it literally felt like yesterday. Claire also thought about those days with some longing, but with a tug in her heart, a question mark forged into her sixth sense. After years of seeing each other scarcely, of two day trips where the needs of the flesh were more urgent, after letters that were rare towards the end and in which a quick “hello, I’m alive, I’m alright” seemed enough, there had been some awkward conversations, some clouds of doubt that were quick to dissipate when the adrenaline of the decision of getting married rose in her heart and in his pleading arguments.

Claire’s loneliness made her heart ache for Frank and what could have been… But she had made a promise to her dear Uncle. She promised to carry on living, she promised to follow her dreams, she promised to not look for him, she promised not to look for Frank. There had been a Claire Beauchamp in 1945. Unfortunately killed in action, or so the documents said *snort*. But there was a new Claire Beauchamp in the 21st century, born in 1989. One that had in her hands a pack of letters to open, in order, per another request.

“Please madonna, please follow your uncle’s instructions and open one by one, follow the dates on the envelopes. Trust us.” “Please Claire, ye have to promise us.” She was still so confused, so dizzy, but these people were there, they knew her, they knew Uncle Lamb, they were standing in the middle of the square in Inverness while she was running around looking, wanting to go to the police because surely someone must’ve stolen her car after. “I feel asleep picking flowers. That was it! I must’ve forgot to have a decent breakfast.” They were there when she started looking around and getting out of her frenzy state into a slightly more frenzy scottish town with cars that really weren’t cars, street signs that she did not recognize, clothes that looked strange. Everything was the same and everything was different. The short froggy man and the tall read headed woman approached her, casually, “Hello Claire, please keep calm.” “WHERE AM I?” They smiled like she hadn’t just screamed, like she had just said hello how are you dear friend. “Please Claire, we are friends, we are here at the request of your Uncle… I’m Gillian, this is Raymond.” And so she went.

Claire shook off the memories, the doubts, the questions. Every three months she opened a letter, an action that left her with more questions than before. She had been so tempted to look for them. When the loneliness was almost strangling her. But she kept the promise.

Putting the mug in the sink, she checked her reflection in the mirror, applied lipstick, tucked her shirt in her jeans, put on her coat and went off to another day of classes. As she turned to close the door on her building and check something in her purse, a black motorbike stopped at the traffic light in the road ahead. The helmet didn’t quite completely hid the mop of red hair peeking underneath. The biker liked what he saw, when he turned his head while waiting for the light to change.

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“When Pretty Emily woke one day

She saw the world a different way

Her eyes now looked with a stranger’s guile

Her dainty mouth smiled a stranger’s smile

Her hands now worked the stranger’s wrath

Her feet now walked a stranger’s path

Emily fed, another grew stronger

The stranger’s cravings drove her onward,

And no one who looked on Emily’s face

Ever guessed who ruled in Emily’s place.”

When I read this in game I was just like this: :OOO

Percival Graves is (probably) a good man

Another instalment of my headcanon series…

  • Percival was on a secret mission when he got captured and detained by Grindelwald, which is why no one noticed his absence
  • Plus Grindelwald only took his place for a few days
  • He is still enraged when he is freed and understands what happened
  • People get fired when he comes back. Some get hexed too

  • He insists that Tina is promoted a few weeks later
  • They have an open-heart discussion about what happened while he was “away” and they end up being quite good friends

  • When he learns about Credence’s “death”, he’s the one to get funerals set up and to make sure there’s a place to go to mourn him
  • He also takes his dispositions to make sure every one of the kids that were helped by Mary-Lou is safe and taken good care of

  • Tina eventually tells him that Credence is actually alive and well and away
  • But she also insists that they can’t meet as it would probably traumatise both of them
  • He doesn’t like the idea but gets convinced by the necessity of preserving both Credence and himself
  • He still asks her to tell Credence he would like to meet him if he ever wants to
  • She does tell him, two years later, when Credence asks about the real Mr.Graves
  • They eventually meet and it’s painful and awkward but also offers them both a sort of closure

  • His favourite colours are bright orange and light green
  • Percival has the worst fashion sense
  • He goes to work all pretty and dressed up because he knows how to follow a trend
  • But when he’s at home he wears the ugliest jumpers ever
  • They’d burn your eyes if you looked at them for too long

  • He was a bit concerned when his hair started greying but when no one made fun of him at work he just started forgetting about it
  • Except when his colleagues annoy him. Then he blames it on them
  • He doesn’t have lots of friends, but those he has go back to school and he would trust them with his life
  • There was a rumour he was secretly married to Seraphina Picquery. They never laughed so hard together before the day they learned about it
  • They’re not even actual friends, but they do have a lot of respect for each other
  • They both think the other’s job is incredibly difficult and they wouldn’t want to exchange their places

Other headcanons :

Credence  Queenie  Newt  Tina  Jacob

Aside From Angels

A demure delightful spirit
never one to harm a living soul
seeking within her songs of sorrow
the tenderness to take her home
and yet
in this world too oft cold and callous  
aside from angels, she walks alone
sadly while with no heart to offer her
I still have to hope one day
she’ll find all she desperately desires
in the love that she so dearly deserves   

look guys if Derek Nurse is anything like me he has a favourite art gallery back home that he goes to on bad days

he is there so often that he doesn’t really need to look closely at any of the exhibits because he has seen them all

but he just sits down for a bit in every room with a bench and takes in the atmosphere

there’s this one exhibit that’s more closed off than the rest. the walls are painted a deep blue and the light is so warm and soft. he spends a lot of time there, just drifting from piece to piece

when he goes to Samwell he feels lost because he doesn’t have this escape anymore

Lardo kidnaps him one day and takes him a couple of towns over. the gallery is small and quiet. he loves it. she never says anything but her smile is gentle.

rfa members + holding your hands


  • his hands would be so BIG COMPARED TO YOURS 
  • sometimes your hands would slip out of his naturally so he would grab it and hold it tighter and im honestly not crying YOURE CRYING
  • his freaking thumb would rub small circles around your knuckles what the S H I T


  • holds your hand very tightly because he wants people to know that you are his
  • kisses your hand when you go out with him in public LETS FIGHT BINCH
  • he would quickly grab your hand when he sees another person checking you out


  • his hands would obviously be really sweaty bc he is so nervous around you i hate yoosuNG HE YOOSUCKS
  • you would be the one to grab his hand all the time because he doesnt know if youre okay with it or not 


  • jaehee would do the halfASS HANDHOLDING YOU KNOW THE ONE


  • he doesnt even hold your hand he fucking pinkies with you the FUCKING SHIT
  • he high fives you and laces his hands in yours after your small accomplishments im still crying

okay so everybody always talks about how amazing sam vimes is, and i love sam vimes to the bottom of my heart, but i do not see enough sybil appreciation on my dashboard.

sybil is a zarking goddess okay, and i will not hear a word against her

  • she calls the PATRICIAN of Ankh-Morpork ‘havelock’.
  • she actually just calls pretty much everybody by their first names
  • people who are not scared of vimes will listen to sybil any day
  • she’s perfectly level headed, until vimes calls her a duchess, when she will become the most overbearing, duchessy duchess the disc has ever known
  • her haggling for fat with the low king.
  • her being brought up to act small, so as to make everybody feel bigger. then using that to her advantage because i’m pretty sure she knows how amazing she is.
  • being so compassionate she can see the good in anybody without even trying, even nobby nobbs
  • being the first person in forever to actually see the potential in perpetually drunk, undernourished, broken sam vimes and taking away his alcohol and giving him food and being there so he can actually grow to be the sam vimes that we love.
  • being sybil ramkin, the dragon obsessed, charitable spinster who is pretty much the only person left in ankh-morpork who actually respects the night watch in guards guards, and seeing exploding swamp dragons as lovable pets.
  • singing opera so well she becomes an honorary dwarf
Things I adore about Hyungwon
  • He would literally laugh at anything x x
  • Called ‘British’ a language x
  • “I’m going to buy this tea bag that smells like feet”
  • This choreo x
  • Thought a rug was Wonho or Jooheon x
  • Meme x
  • Legs for days
  • He’s the actual maknae not Changkyun x x
  • Visuals af
  • Kihyun has to spray him to get him to wake up now because of how difficult it is to pry him from his bed x
  • Did aegyo that made even the king of being cheesy Wonho question his life choices x
  • His voice is so good LISTEN I could preach about his voice for days give him lines x x
  • “He’s playing as if his eyes are closed!” x
  • Got called out for pretending to be cool x
  • MC Chae x
  • Once acted like he wasn’t scared of ghosts then screams the loudest when a ghost appears in front of him x
  • Kept trying to cheat to make sure his team won x
  • Somehow finds a way to trip on his own feet, or almost fall of a chair, or trips on nothing, basically he’s just clumsy x x x
  • “My mouth smells like a stable!” apparently he’s the poet of the group idk x
  • Loves to annoy Kihyun like it’s his full time job x
  • Asked if he could curse after Shownu chose to save Minhyuk over him x
  • I don’t even ship hyungwonho but Hyungwon was testing me this day x
  • Likes to mock Wonho’s dance in Hero x
  • Made a MC speechless because of how good looking he is x
  • Once almost broke his wrist trying to get a good toy, ends up getting a bad one anyway x
  • Frog prince Hyungwon
  • “I would have cracked my shirt open in Busan.” x
  • Doesn’t even need to try and he looks beautiful af x
  • When he’s not annoying Kihyun, he’s helping him with scaring Jooheon x
  • He invented glasses and floral prints x
  • He’s so easily distracted, just give him a toy and he good x


grandmother said that one day i would grow up
and marry a nice boy, and i said okay.
i used to daydream about this nice boy,
about a nice family, about nice kids 
and a nice house. i never asked myself
whether that was what i wanted, because
that never mattered. it was what i should want.

the first time i noticed a girl, i sat down
and questioned it for years. i thought
‘this can’t be right,’ i thought ‘this is
not what i should be,’ i thought
‘this is not possible.’

i thought of boys touching me and i
felt sick. grandmother said that one day
she would find me a nice boy to marry
and i smiled and then went and threw
up in the bathroom when no one was looking.

i thought ‘maybe this will go away,’
and when it didn’t i thought ‘maybe everyone
feels this way at first.’ 

this is the story of how i put my love for
girls under the microscope. did everything
i could to convince myself it wasn’t real.
this is the story of how i swallowed my
lack of love for boys like a pill,
as though if i never questioned it i could
will it to become a reality.

years later and again, grandmother
says she’ll find me a nice boy. i can’t
say anything to her face but in my mind
i amend the sentence. think ‘one day
there’ll be a girl, and one day, i’ll find
her myself.’ think ‘there is a freedom
in knowing i do not have to love boys,
and i have found it at last.’

i think ‘this is enough,’ and then, at last,
‘i am enough.’

Being Spencer Reid’s child would involve:

  • He’d give you plenty of room to be yourself, but also being there if you need him
  • Spencer would try to push you to be the best you can be
  • When you were young, he’d read to you like he read to his mother
  • Very involved with your school. Helping you with homework, going to every Open House, volunteers for Career Days
  • He’s not so good at the emotional part of raising a kid, but he’ll try his best and offer advice off statistics
  • It’s a good thing you’re going to be very close with the team. You can go to them if you need advice
  • The team is family to you and they’ll do whatever they can to help you

Requested by Anon~

You know that saying you’re not a cat person until you have a cat.
I think Andrew was like this

  • Neil on the other hand melted at very sight of their first cat
  • Falling in that familiar love that a cat owner knows oh too well
  • When Andrew comes home to find the little devil making itself comfortable in their apartment
  • he stares it down
  • And it stares right back
  • ‘Who the fuck are you? Uh?”
  • the cat of course like looks up at him
  • neither move
  • Andrew is waiting for the cat
  • and the cat is waiting for him 
  • it’s a stalemate cause cats are probably just as stubborn as Andrew Minyard
  • “He needs a name.” Neil says days later
  • Andrew has exactly grown fond of the little guy in those days
  • He doesn’t leave Neil alone
  • Meows loudly at 2AM
  • Claws at Andrew’s legs to get his attention
  • and disrupts a lot of things
  • kissing, handjobs, everything
  • and Andrew swears its on purpose
  • (it is; cats are great like that)
  • “Asshole,” Andrew says squinting at the cat,
  • Neil glares
  • Everyone seems to call him “little king” because he acts like he owns everything
  • But Neil isn’t sold
  • The cat remains nameless until the day Andrew has to be left alone with him
  • still on a strict feeding schedule
  • “Fluffy shit come eat.” He calls and the cats knocks something off a table
  • how he could manage to find something breakable is insane
  • but he did
  • Andrew holds the cat up at eyes height
  • the cat meows 
  • Even Andrew as to admit the little shit is cute
  • he feeds it and it snuggles up against his leg
  • purring and meowing at him
  • Andrew gives him a rough pat on the head
  • Neil has a basket of cat toys that little No Name doesn’t seem to mind
  • so Andrew pulls the feathery thing out and waves it around
  • the little cat loses his mind trying to catch it
  • when Neil gets home Andrew and the little guy are sitting on the couch together
  • “How’s the cat?” He asks
  • “He needs a name.” Andrew answers
  • “Asshole.” Neil says smug
  • a death glare follows
  • “Alright what were you thinking?”
  • “Fluffkins.” 
  • “King Fluffkins.” Neil added without missing a beat
  • “King Fluffkins.” Andrew repeats, almost smiling, almost
  • After a few more days Andrew is the best Cat Mom™ in the world
  • who loves his cat child
Facts about Jonghyun from BNR

All facts are from Jonghyun himself from Blue Night Radio


  • His fetal nickname was “Chi Guk”
  • He tried to knit a muffle once in 6th grade
  • He didn’t believe in Santa Claus because his parents never tricked him
  • He listened to Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” a lot during trainee days
  • He claims he didn’t sleep enough during middle and high school (which caused his short height)
  • He used to go to a friend’s house daily and listen to music, especially n*sync
  • He had to cut his hair twice to comply with school rules
  • When he was 3, he lived in front of a marketplace.
  • In his first year of elementary school, he liked a girl in another class. He would run in front of her and look back to a “friend” just to look at her.
  • He used to want to be a police officer then a Korean teacher.
  • His mom took him to piano lessons when he was around 6 but he quit
  • He and his sister lived with their grandparents for some time during elementary school
  • He used to have a husky named Choro
  • His middle school band’s name was Zion because he went to a Christian school
  • His family received welfare support during his middle school years and he didn’t like getting the help
  • He was the class president in primary school


  • His grandfather is still alive but grandmother isn’t (mother’s side)
  • The biggest regret in his life was an argument with his mom
  • His sister, Seodam, works at a cosmetic company
  • His mom sold fish shaped buns and rice cakes and he would ask her for money to play at the arcade.
  • Seodam is a huge fan of Shinhwa
  • His mom and sister have many couple items
  • Both Seodam and his mother go to church
  • His mom entered university at 36
  • His mother studied women’s & child psychology; she worked as principal at a daycare center and now works as a psychosocial therapist
  • Jonghyun often sets his sister’s picture as his phone’s wallpaper
  • His mom calls him a workaholic
  • His mom can use his credit card
  • His mom doesn’t want him to get married until he’s 35
  • He called his father a “thieving guy” because he married his mother at a young age
  • His mother sing in her church choir
  • His mom had to have knee surgery but didn’t tell Jonghyun until after his concert
  • His father is over 180 cm but his mother is 150 cm tall
  • When he enrolled in music school, his father didn’t know and tried to cancel his enrollment
  • When he goes out with his older sister, she often gets mistaken for his girlfriend or younger sister
  • He lived with his grandparents (mother side) in 1st and 2nd grade.


  • He has bad eyesight without glasses/contacts
  • He doesn’t have a religion
  • He can only doggy paddle/can’t swim
  • He can’t draw
  • He never had a cat
  • He loses a lot of things
  • He is camera shy
  • He always tells Roo goodnight
  • He wears glasses at home
  • He wants to make a children’s album someday
  • His bedroom is mostly black
  • When the members all lived in a dorm, Jonghyun was in charge of getting them all together to eat and play
  • He has Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression, usually in winter months)
  • He has bad handwriting
  • He is sensitive to smell


  • Food made with bones like pork bone stew
  • Dogs—especially ones with short legs like a corgi or dachshund
  • Carp bread
  • Candles
  • His career
  • Rain
  • Tea
  • Bunk beds
  • Mangoes


  • Puzzles
  • Heat/summer
  • Comparisons
  • Christmas
  • Being on tv programs

(English translations:  cosmicsticks, thatcoolcatmeow)