So today I decided to go up on the hill to visit my grandpa up by the tree. I sat there in front of his cross trying to get ahold of my tears when my little angel came up to me. She stood there with me, resting her nose on my head. She let me sit there and cry, and when I was ready to walk back to house, she followed me all the way back.
If you don’t believe the incredible love your animals have for you. You are missing an incredible feeling.


um hi

What makes DayZ so special? 36 hours in a foreign, familiar land

What makes DayZ so special? 36 hours in a foreign, familiar land

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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ayZ is a multiplayer video game, created by Bohemia Interactive. As a standalone product, 2 million units have been purchased in the six months since it has been released. It’s also critically acclaimed and award-winning. But just what is so great about this particular zombie-horror game?

After 30 minutes of anxious, tedious running into the interior…

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acacii-deactivated20150421 asked:

i absolutely love your blog! How is your day going? (((:

!! this will probably be the only one i get !! thanks hehe but my day is going just dandy, there’s snow here! (but i stayed in all day blogging) :D 

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sometimes i wish i could be mean to people. the jerks will be jerkish to me and i’ll be nice to their face and then they’ll be jerks to my face and then i go home and just roll my eyes and then roll into a ball and then roll in an oven and then sleep in there and then wake up and then roll out and then roll into the street and then roll around and then people will see me rolling and they’ll all be hatin ugh

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