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  • he tells you that there’s no reason for you to feel that way
  • “you’re strong even if you aren’t an exorcist”
  • his family absolutely loves you and it makes him happy
  • “just because I’m training to become an exorcist, doesn’t mean you need to”
  • tells you that you’re strong in your own way
  • secretly wishes that you could attend the crash course classes for the day
  • says that he’ll teach you some basic sutras if you’re up for it


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  • waking up in his embrace
  • often saying how beautiful you are even when you just awake
  • carries a chair for you cause he can’t help you take the stuff on the top shelf
  • kiss your palm on your date
  • take you to the studio and make you the first person to watch the live dance/vocal practice
  • brings you flower after practice
  • starring contest but he end up smiling non-stop
  • tickling fight in the bed and end up cuddling
  • singing while cleaning the house
  • work out together
  • disney pixar movies marathon and caught him sobbing
  • ask you to massage his shoulder when he is tired
  • massage you back in return
  • dog walking at the park or by the riverside
  • sings you a lullaby to sleep


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  • waking you up by kissing your face
  • your very own clinging buddy
  • kiss your nape, whispering “i love you…”
  • giggling at you and your clumsyness
  • offer you a piggyback ride when you’re too tired walking in your high heels
  • gives you his coat when you’re cold
  • apologizing for being late at your date
  • pay it by buys you your favorite snacks
  • grilled you the best meat in town
  • feeding you with his homemade porridge when you’re sick
  • he loves it when you wear his clothes and leave your scent in it
  • you’re the only one he lend his lipbalm to
  • “my princess is the cutest of all” “you’re so pretty” “no one fit that dress like you do” “i bet everyone’s jaw drop by only looking at you” “every clothes looks good on you” 
  • laid you on him while he comb your hair with his fingers till you fall asleep


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  • waking up with him singing to you with smile on his face 
  • watching movies covered by his arms around you
  • cuddling on the couch in a rainy day
  • saying “I Love You” randomly while pecking your cheek
  • him observing you with his smile
  • buys you a lot of new outfit
  • your own stylist
  • a long, meaningful goodnight kiss
  • cooking together with him is the best thing to do
  • introduce you to his friends as his prettiest angel exist
  • he wants you to sing even when you’re voice is not that good
  • admiring the sound of your laugh and says that is a beautiful melody in his ear
  • take bunch of pics of you sleeping, cooking, smiling, laughing and make them as his phone’s wallpaper
  • reads you his favorite quotes/book
  • long-deep-meaningful goodnight kiss


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  • you are the one who have to wake him up by tickling him
  • half awake when he help you making the breakfast
  • gives you the best bear hug
  • tying your untied shoelace
  • get you the stuff you want from the top shelf
  • saturday night game marathon with you guys’ favorite snacks and beverage
  • always agree by nodding every time you ask him about your looks
  • shy smiles here and there
  • “yes ma’am” “sure things” “on it” “okay” when you need a favor
  • pillow fight
  • him holding your hand and put it in his pocket
  • watching drama with his head on your lap but he fell asleep even before the show’s airing
  • teach you how to win a game
  • being invaded by the hyungs coming over one day without confirmation
  • your mom would love him the first time you brought him to your parents
What being Rap Monster’s Crush would be Like

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  • Longing glances from Namjoon
  • Him walking you home every time you hang out
  • Getting random gifts whenever he gets home from work
  • Calls in the middle of the night
  • Getting his sweater whenever you wanted
  • Random affectionate outbursts when you guys hang out (i.e hugs, forehead pecks, hand holding, etc)
  • Cuddling when it’s cold because other than that he has no reason to ask for it
  • Him always showing up when he finds out you’re sick so he can take care of you
  • Tacky couple items even though you’re not dating
  • Adventurous dates that end in you two just sitting together talking for hours
  • Him always calling you first when he needs someone to talk to and vice versa
  • Getting sent really sappy love songs and being told “this could be us but u playin”
  • Calling him whenever you see him on tv/on the internet
  • Always getting asked who you would choose in BTS (don’t say him and you can guarantee he’ll be crying)
  • Being the one taking the #KimDaily selca’s
  • Back hugs whenever you’re upset because he doesn’t want to see you crying
  • Watching a movie with him really late
  • Him laying his head on your shoulder and looking up at you
  • Namjoon letting you wear his sunglasses (wow are you guys married)
  • Taking personality tests together to see if you’re compatible
  • Cheek pinching
  • Always making him smile to see his dimples
  • Never lacking in skin ship
  • Really sincere advice from him after Namjoon listens to what you need to say
  • Giving input on his outfits only for him to wear something totally different
  • Really sweet texts/messages from him that say things like “I keep thinking about you” or “I bet you look sooo good today!”
  • Snapchats w/ double chins
  • Telling each other “I love you” but not knowing if the other means it seriously
  • Both of you unconsciously playing with the other’s finger/a strand of hair until the other asks what you’re doing
  • Him sending you stupid pictures he finds online while asking if it’s you
  • You replying with “yeah that me”
  • Him getting obsessed with something and forcing you to get obsessed with it
  • After you’re obsessed with it he doesn’t like it anymore
  • Showers of compliments, especially when you’re not feeling good enough that day
  • Saying something which gives him an idea on song lyrics
  • Him purposely saying things too quietly so he can lean closer to your ear and whisper it
  • Using him as a pillow when you’re laying places
  • Texting each other really sexual jokes that end up making you both frustrated (and not the angry frustrated)
  • Accidental make out sessions (okay maybe they weren’t that accidental)
  • After an ‘accidental’ make out session you both just kinda agree to be in a relationship instead of pretending not to like each other
This is an appreciation post for my grandpa

He rewrites nursery rhymes (eg Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her crunchy granola. Along came a spider that sat down beside her, so she beat it to death with her spoon // Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone, when she got there the cupboard was bare, so he bit her.)

He moved to North Carolina from Florida just to have a yard so he could own chickens. He one day would like to have a goat or a cow.

He will absolutely refuse to drink Pepsi. Coke or nothing.

Once refused to cut his hair for nearly a year so he could blend in with the rest of the farmers around him and insisted that no one could notice the baldness if his hair was long

Wore a man bun as soon as his hair was long enough.

Posted this on Facebook:

His favorite color is pink:

His favorite show is Spongebob

He literally owns every Nintendo system released in the US, the first three playstations, an atari, and has four computers.

Calls on everyone’s birthdays every year to sing happy birthday over the phone, very loud, very off key

Built an in ground swimming pool because my grandma mentioned it off hand one day

Says he doesn’t snore. Will argue with you about it. My brother and I recorded him snoring when we were younger, he said it was forged. Will wake himself up with how loud he snores.

Is the self proclaimed nap champion

Once drew a beard on a picture of him as a teenager to prove it was him. It actually worked.

Posted this:

Does this every single year.

Insisted on naming his puppy Lucifer

Calls Donald Trump his favorite cartoon character

Names most of his chickens Dinner

Wants to change his name to Rust because it sounds cool and “if he gets old it could be descriptive”

“Will trade roosters for oreos or pizza”

Had, and might still have, a karaoke app so he could send love songs to my grandma