50 Cute This or That Questions
  1. cacti or succulents
  2. butterflies or honeybees
  3. typewritten or handwritten letters
  4. flower crowns or oversized sun hats 
  5. polaroids or film
  6. road tripping in a VW bus down the coast or camping in the woods on summer nights
  7. cozy beanbags or breezy hammocks 
  8. oversized jumpers or fluffy bathrobes
  9. banana bread or pumpkin spiced loaf
  10. the smell of old books or the smell of petrichor
  11. chapstick or matte lipstick
  12. macarons or eclairs 
  13. a candlelit bath or a naturally lit reading room
  14. a matinee at a musical or a evening at the art gallery
  15. creamy hot cocoa with marshmallows or dippable hot chocolate with churros 
  16. poetry or prose
  17. vinyl or cassettes
  18. antique shops or second hand stores
  19. a heavy, rich chocolate cake with ganache and caramel or a light, summer sponge cake with cream and fruit
  20. purikuras or photo booths
  21. cozy scarfs or warm beanies
  22. rose gold or copper
  23. watching the sky at sunset from the beach or watching the city below from an airplane at night
  24. mason jars or coffee mugs
  25. puffy clouds and blue skies or thunder and lighting on rainy days
  26. a cup of hot tea or a bowl of warm soup
  27. picnic on a grassy hill or tea in a flower garden
  28. silk or lace
  29. sketching in a museum or journaling in a café
  30. converse high tops or beaded summer sandals
  31. sweet crêpes or fluffy pancakes
  32. galaxies or nebulae
  33. cuff-chain earrings or full finger rings
  34. knee socks or leggings
  35. in bed or out in the rain
  36. the muted colors of winter or the vibrant colors of summer
  37. autumn leaves or spring flowers
  38. summer fruits: peaches, berries, cherries, and apricots or tropical fruits: pineapples, mangos, papaya, and grapefruit.
  39. malt shakes or ice cream floats
  40. smooth jazz or lo-fi
  41. waves lapping at the shore or wind rolling over wheat fields
  42. sunflowers or lavender
  43. enamel pins or embroidered patches
  44. fresh cheeses and cured meats or fresh bread and homemade jams
  45. fireworks or sparklers
  46. bath bombs or scented candles 
  47. library borrower cards or vintage postcards
  48. singing and playing the ukulele while walking or singing in the car with the windows down
  49. filling your passport with stamps from each place you travel to or collecting souvenirs from every place you’ve traveled to
  50. _____ or _____
remus lupin head canons

Depressed and sarcastic little shit

He’s queer and he’s here (or more specifically bisexual)

Doesn’t make a big deal about being sick or hurt because he truly thinks that its not

Except for stubbing his toe

He’s swears like a bloody sailer

“Stubs toe””Curses to heaven and beyond””closes eyes, takes a deep breath” I’m fine

Is an amazing student but his process on being one is a mess

Will go from studying until he hasn’t slept or eaten for days, to where he can’t even remember how to study and James freaking Potter has to force him

Procrastinates so hard but still gets perfect grades? wtf

Can grow facial hair easily, Sirius is jealous

Stands at the sides during parties because they make him uncomfortable

Only dances if James, Sirius, or lily force him to

Once on the dance floor he starts to loosen up, but the second any of them leave him he is sitting right back down

He’s either dead asleep or up until 4 in the morning there is no in-between

Does everything for pranks expect execute them because if James and Sirius get caught there is no way to tie it back to him

His side of the room makes no sense

Some parts will be tidy but others are a complete mess

Like his side table and trunk look perfect, but his desk and bed look like a tornado floor through their dorm

Messy messy hair

Loves to read. boy has a new book everyday

Always complains about the weather

Snowing? Remus is grumbling under his breath while wearing three coats

Hot out? Remus is acting like a 70 year old man and not a 17 year old kid

Talk shit about his friends and you will end up in a jinx so bad you’re in the infirmary for days

A lot of people think he’s shy but he’s really not

Just very indifferent towards people, and really good at keeping his constant panic in his head

Always looks like the undead, no matter how many hours of sleep he gets

Forgets to eat because when he was younger anytime the full moon would draw near he’d be too anxious to eat anything

Was reluctant to become friends with James and Sirius at first

Wanted to keep a low profile and he knew these two loud ass boys were not gonna help

But then he over heard them talking about a prank and chipped in some advice after hearing their rubbish planning 

They wouldn’t let him go after that

Doesn’t talk in class 

It takes too much effort to not get caught and its not worth a detention

Will throw the other Marauders under the bus if its to get out of detention

Doesn’t understand or care for Quidditch

Breaks James poor heart

Told James and Sirius that calling themselves The Marauders was very cliche and ridiculous but went along with it anyway

Denies that he’s a meddler but he really is

The worst out of the bunch (next to Marlene of course)

He’s just way to smart and observant, so he likes to take control of situations so they will move along faster

James thinks most of the plans to get him with Lily were devised by Sirius, but no that was all Remus

His comebacks will kill you

Cracks Sirius up all the time

Talks/mumbles to himself

Gets migraines easily

Got a nose piercing in seventh year and Sirius almost bust a nut

His accents a mix of English and something else but no ones knows and remus feigns ignorance

It makes Sirius want to pull out his hair

Believes he’s a monster

Anytime he’s told otherwise he’ll roll his eyes and sarcastically say “suuuure”

Frustrates Sirius

Makes James unbelievably sad

Lily is a mix of both

And thats all the head canons i have for now!


the kids score is 6,378,531 points, and it has been shown that you gain one point per one planet killed (assuming it takes one shot to kill a planet)

i used a very primitive method to see how long it takes to load one shot and fire immediately, cutting an audio file of the video where the shot starts and right before the next one fires

given that:

  • the kid didnt miss any shots
  • the kid kept firing the gun as soon as its available to be fired
  • there are no “bonus planets” (planets that give you more points for being shot down)

it took the kid at least 10,652,146.77 seconds to achieve this score

that’s around 177536 minutes

or 2959 hours

or 123 days

a classic gaming emotion

I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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Behind the Scenes on Glee’s Final Days

As the beloved Fox series ends on March 20, actor Darren Criss shares the most special moments from the last episode’s taping. Catch the two-hour series finale on Friday, March 20, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox

It’s a look back in time for Criss and his on-screen husband, Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), who shoot a final high school hallway scene. “The last setup was very emotional because we never knew when the last take was going to be,” Criss explains.

“By the time we wrapped Glee, I had the joy of getting to celebrate five birthdays on set,” Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) tells PEOPLE. “Birthdays on set were always fun because craft services always made a point to surprise whoever’s birthday it was in between camera setups with cake and candles.”

*Originally posted on March 19, 2015, the day before the Glee finale

anonymous asked:

"Go then!! Leave!! See if I care!!" scenario between RFA members + MC :)

(i legit cracked my knuckles before starting to write bc I just KNOW this is going to be a long wall of text filled with angst boiiiii… ALSO this has a sorta happy ish ending bc…… my mood is too high up to write pure angst???? crushes can destroy a person rip)

((also I didn’t write V?? because I love him and honestly I can’t… squeeze my brain to get a clear image of what he’d do??? if I find a good and actually logical reaction, I’ll add him later on- but this is already super long and all-sorry!))


  • it’s hard for Yoosung to express his anger in a healthy way
  • he’d usually just play LOLOL and beat up monsters until he felt calm, but…
  • he can’t quite do that
  • MC had told him clearly:
  • he’s spending so much time on the game, it feels like MC is living alone
  • deep in his heart, he knows it’s true
  • with the increasing difficulty of classes, he just… naturally dove deeper and deeper into LOLOL
  • when he counted back, how much time had he spent with MC…?
  • had he even spent time with them in the past month?
  • it’s just when MC asks him for what seems like the hundredth time if he’s going to turn off the computer
  • it’s that what just sets off the stress
  • he really hates the anger he can feel bubbling up in him, but he can’t even avoid it
    • “Will you shut up?! I’ve answered you before! No! How hard can it be to understand?!”
  • it’s hard to tell who’s more shocked
  • him or MC
  • “What- what the fuck, Yoosung?! I’m just trying to spend some time with m boyfriend! Is it that wrong?! Would you rather just me leave?!”
  • he replies without thinking too much
  • his head is too full of anger led by stress
    • “Nothing is stopping you! The door is there for you to leave!”
  • he wasn’t shocked when MC ran out the room
  • he…. knew he’d acted like an asshole
  • what shocks him is the sound of the front door being slammed shut
  • he suddenly feels all the guilt washing up on him and he calls MC
  • no answer
  • he sits by the door for hours, but they don’t come
  • a week passes
  • every time he enters the chat they leave
  • his grades are dropping, he’s gaming for longer, and he can’t remember the last time he even ate a proper meal
  • he could have probably collapsed when the second week rolled around
  • living off cereal and random energy drinks he bought and gaming all day
  • it gets his mind off the trouble
  • when MC finally comes back, it’s more for concern about his health
  • at first he thinks he’s reached his limit. he’s hallucinating- stared too much at a screen and fried his brain. it can’t be. it can’t be MC. it’s a prank
  • MC scolds him- how could he let it get this bad? he could literally collapse and probably even die!- and also hugs him
  • both feel guilty, and Yoosung can’t even stop crying and apologizing as he hugs MC


  • little by little her stress builds up
  • this recipe didn’t come out like she wanted
  • too much work
  • her CD player broke
  • small things add up and up and don’t ever go down
  • it probably takes a full month before she’s at the limit
  • and it’s like a delicate sculpture- even the smallest touch could shatter her patience at this point
  • and that little touch just so happens to be delivered by MC
  • it’s a small mistake
  • just washing the dishes and accidentally breaking off a mug’s handle
    • “Gosh, sorry love, I’ll put this in the trash before one of us accidentally cuts themselves with the jagged end-”
  • Jaehee hears nothing
  • this has been the most stressful and tense month of her life AND NOW THIS HAPPENS, AT HOME, WHERE HER CALMNESS IS SUPPOSED TO BE-
    • “Are you stupid? How could you just break it like that?!”
  • She speaks oddly calmly for someone who was holding back stress and let it all loose at once
  • and it puts MC off
    • “I- it was an accident, Jahee- you’ve, this has happened to you before too,”
  • that just makes things worse
    • “Now it’s my fault?! I didn’t even touch the mug- stop shifting the blame onto me, specially if it was caused by your own clumsiness! Get ou- just, out!”
  • jaehee doesn’t know what she herself means with out
  • she half expects MC to get angry and shut themselves in the bedroom
  • or maybe shut themselves in the bathroom
  • she just needs to be alone and MC is in the kitchen- out, out out!
  • what she didn’t expect was for them to literally go out
  • they rush to the bedroom, and a few minutes later the front door creaks open and 
  • they’re gone
  • MC is gone
  • jaehee purses her lips once she realizes this, but she tries to stand strong
  • she was mean, and if MC need time alone too, that’s ok, right?
  • a day passes
  • two days
  • a week
  • MC is clearly alive- sometimes entering the chat to deliver an important message or so, but leaving quickly without even acknowledging her
  • for some reason, she can’t seem to throw herself into her work to avoid thinking- that’s how distressed she is
  • her work becomes slow and sluggish, and she can’t even seem to concentrate on basic tasks
  • it’s hard, but for one time- after so many tries- MC picks up the phone
  • after two weeks, she’s hearing their voice again
  • apologies are flying all over when MC walks in- she’s prepared food, MC’s favourite drink, and she fixed the mug with some superglue she found on the store
  • she can’t even express how much she needs MC, and fully accepts the fault for the situation, while asking MC to maybe… stay….


  • always a rumor going around about him
  • he knows it can’t be helped, but it bothers him
  • MC says they’re ok! it’s bound to happen!
  • but each time a new fake rumor springs up MC becomes…
  • more distant
  • one day in the couch, Zen feels so alone
  • when was the last time he and MC kissed? or even held hands??
  • why is MC like this?
  • upon asking, MC just seems to feel awkward and shrinks into the couch
    • “I trust you and love you, but… It’s just… Those rumors, they bring up so many evidence, and I… I feel… No, it’s rude to say it, sorry, I’ll… Go to bed now.”
  • is that
  • is MC implying they actually believe he’d cheat?
  • and usually this would prompt to him reassuring MC that he loves them, that he’d never do that
  • but it’s just… those tabloids and news have brought him and his manager so much stress lately, so much problems-
  • and now MC believes them?
  • he feels like he’s been punched in the stomach
    • “Wow, you trust those kinds of people more than me? Your actual boyfriend?”
  • MC turns around at this, and quickly tries to clean up what they said
  • they didn’t mean it like that
  • but seriously, the uncomfortable feeling that built up with each news article seems to lead up to MC spitting out another comment
    • “No, it’s just, I trust you! I… I guess those fishy news outlets and crappy tabloids are just simply amazing at photoshop and can make a photo where you’re kissing someone else that easy, huh?”
  • what the fuck
  • what the fuck
  • his blood is heating up, and he sucks in his breath
  • MC is accusing him of cheating
  • he hasn’t done anything to deserve this
  • to be fair, he did have some beers before, and earlier practice was crappy and his day had been pretty stressful- he did have a fair amount of stress on his shoulders that caused him to snap
    • “Well! With that amount of trust we’ve got here, maybe you’re the one smooching others when you’re out- because you clearly share so much trust, huh?!”
  • MC raises their voice to his level- somewhat shakier- but standing firm
    • “I’m trying so hard to trust you! So, so hard! But we can’t even hold hands in public- I can’t switch from being completely cold with you to being lovey dovey at home- I’m a human! Guess what?! That and those pictures do bother me! It’s actually! Kind of stressful!”
  • that’s his last straw
  • nothing in MC’s words particularly sets him off- maybe it’s the whole thing, maybe it’s nothing
    • “Get out of my sight! If you’re going to be like that, I’d rather be alone in this house!”
  • cue dead silence
  • both of them are clearly regretting their words- maybe not as much as they should, due to the boiling-hot blood pumping through their bodies
  • which probably causes MC to utter “fine” and slam the door as they leave
  • the first two days are hell, but Zen’s pride keeps him from trying to reach MC in the groupchat where they show up sometimes
  • a call they don’t answer, a message left in seen… his efforts to try and be level-headed are failing when it comes to apologizing
  • the second week, he’s desperate
  • he has received the worst critiques in his life about his acting by now- too stiff, out of character, spacing out in the middle of acting
  • and it’s that what prompts MC to go back after Jaehee worriedly begs them too
  • at first, when they unlock the door and go to where he’s sitting on the couch, it’s hard to find words
  • he hugs them out of reflex- god he missed them- and it’s time for MC and Zen to properly apologize before spending an hour on the couch muttering about how lonely and miserable they were without the other


  • The argument is small at first
  • it’s about a little thing, nothing too big, and honestly, he can’t even remember what it was
  • he can’t even remember how it escalated like that
  • he remembers slowly getting more irritated with MC, voice ever so slowly growing in tone, frustration creeping up on him
  • he can’t really tell when the small argument became an actual argument
  • talking- if not almost screaming with loud tones- filled the penthouse
  • the guards were probably all incredibly scared, and in all honesty, they’d have the right
  • he wishes he hadn’t had so much wine before
  • all he knows is that when he woke up, MC wasn’t home
  • he felt panic. horrible, soul consuming panic- it was worse than when Elizabeth 3rd had gone missing
  • he calls Jaehee
    • “Deploy all my guards to comb the city for MC, look for any free ad space in big and noticeable places- if those are taken, offer a higher pay immediately- MC is missing, we need to find them right now, ask the design department to-”
  • a big sigh cuts him off
  • Jaehee can’t even understand what her boss is saying
  • his words are so fast and filled with panic they become a blur of sound
    • “MC is with me, Mr. Han. They seemed incredibly upset yesterday, and asked if they could stay. I… Have no business in asking you this sir, so I won’t, but if you and MC had a fight, it might be best to let them cool off for a while.”
  • those words feel somewhat like nails being laid on a coffin
  • he tries to communicate with MC to no avail- asking Jaehee to please relay a message to them is the only way to get anything to them, and even then, no reply comes
  • his work becomes a complete mess
  • his handwriting is incomprehensible, he shows up late to work, and his documents are full of errors
  • it’s so bad even Zen feels worried- which is a lot
  • the second the week ends, Jaehee knows this can’t go on and arranges for Jumin to meet MC at her place
  • even though he feels awkward and out of  place in his employee’s house (and probably so does Jaehee), the chance to talk and see MC is a certain yes
  • he brings so many gifts as apologies- anything and everything he saw that reminded him of MC, from clothes to electronics- and it almost is too overwhelming for them
  • apologizing isn’t that hard when he is pouring out words without a filter- a consequence of being away from MC so much and finally seeing them again


  • Work, work, work, work, emotional stress, work, work, becoming cold, work, isolating himself, work, work, more work-
  • if MC had to make a list of what Seven has done the past days, it’d be that
  • completely enveloped in his work, not taking care of himself, letting his mental state fall down to the trash
  • even when trying, MC can’t help-
  • everything they do puts him off and he acts colder
  • it feels like back then, huh…
  • it’s too hard to brush it off
  • Seven’s usually odd but quirky humour wasn’t permanent- MC knew so much, and they loved even the somewhat cold and depression-riddled person Seven became
  • but… even this was a bit too hard
  • it wasn’t just being cold- it was plain rudeness sometimes, to downright ignoring MC
    • “Am I bothering you now…?”
  • MC knew the answer they’d receive- cleaning up the trash around Seven,being in the room; all that probably bothered him in his mood
    • “Yes. Get out.”
  • pressing their lips firmly, they stood up and packed some bags
  • was it petty? … probably.
  • but maybe it was for the best- a couple weeks alone would probably be what Seven wanted, right? and maybe going out and taking their mind off things would be good for them too, no?
  • the first day, Seven has already riddled their phone with calls, begging for an answer
  • he’s regretting it. he’s feeling like shit
  • but MC can’t just return yet- even if they feel bad for Seven, they have feelings to, y’know? they need some time too
  • so turning off the phone, days fly by and the small wounds on MC’s soul heal up
  • but the overwhelming guilt of leaving Seven for so long is unbearable
  • it’s not that it was even planned, but Seven can easily find them,and finally decides to show up to the restaurant where MC was planning on eating that day
  • he looks… better, but also worse
  • he showered and dressed in fresh clothes, and that’s an improvement
  • but the circles under his eyes are darker than ever, and he looks so lost and sad that it hurts
  • it takes all his strenght to not simply hug MC then and there, and cry
  • at first, MC fears they made it worse- now that they left, Seven will be colder than ever, he’ll hate them-
  • but it’s not… that bad
  • he feels like crap, too; for making MC feel so alone like that, and for acting like a stranger- he gladly assumes part of the fault and hopes to keep going on with the relationship
Remus Lupin
  • Remus was twice as nervous as the other kids when he got on the Hogwarts Express for the first time
  • He felt as though “werewolf” was branded into his forehead and they’d all scream and run away
  • He didn’t want to lose one of the few good things to happen to him in a while
  • He almost had a heart attack when Peter asked to sit with him on the train
  • How could this kid want to sit with him and not scream in fear
  • Didn’t he know what Remus was hiding
  • Remus was very close to straight up leaving the compartment once James and Sirius barged in
  • They kept asking Remus questions
  • He saw how left out Peter looked though and deflected them to him
  • He accidentally made three new friends
  • Remus had no breath when he saw Hogwarts for the first time
  • How could something so beautiful be so accessible to him
  • He spent the first night ignoring the other boys as they chattered on… and on… and on…
  • Remus didn’t get much sleep
  • He woke up the next morning fairly grumpy
  • But tried his hardest not to get angry when they kept pestering him
  • Remus spent a lot of time in the library
  • Trying to keep his grades up
  • It wasn’t until he realized that Peter actively tried to seek him out that he confronted him
  • Peter confessed to trying to get his attention to be friends
  • Remus reluctantly agreed to sitting with the other boys during their meals but that was it he was just doing it to help Peter be more social
  • Peter was glad that he’d started breaking the resolve surrounding Remus
  • It took a few months for Remus to realize that he’d been staying up later and later at night talking to the boys
  • He only figured it out once he saw the sun rising
  • Remus chuckled, realizing that they’d pried their way into his circle
  • He sobered up fairly quickly though when he got a streak of fear
  • Because what if they found out
  • He shook it off though
  • There was no way. None at all
  • When his first year at Hogwarts, he went home with three addresses in his pocket to owl
  • His father had shook his head
  • “You know I love you, but do you really think that these people will want to be friends with a monster?”
  • His mother had saved them from the fire and given them to him under a piece of brownie
  • “Your father doesn’t know what he’s saying; go owl your friends”
  • During his second year, Remus almost had a heart attack when Peter slammed a book about various creatures on the desk in front of him, opened to a page about werewolves
  • “I swear, I won’t tell anyone Remus” Peter said, fingers crossed behind his back
  • He’d tell the other boys if it was necessary
  • Which it was, when Remus showed up in class the day after the full moon looking like he’d run face-first into a tree
  • Remus almost killed Peter when James, Sirius and Peter all told him they’d become Animagi to help him out because it took you the whole damn year it wasn’t necessary
  • In third year, Remus wondered when exactly Sirius had started looking so attractive and fuck he needs to stop running his hand through his hair he’s killing me and that smirk tells me he knows it
  • Fourth year presented a challenge in the form of Peter trying to ask out Mary
  • His advice from Remus to just “go for it” wasn’t really working
  • Sirius decided to give Peter some flirting tips
  • Unfortunately, Remus was in the room at the time, and Sirius being very obvious, if the fact that they were having a staring contest while Sirius spoke was any indication
  • Peter scrapped Sirius’ suggestions when he saw how flustered Remus was getting and knew that Sirius had much different intentions
  • Remus was a Prefect in fifth year
  • Dumbledore had hinted that one of the reasons for this was so that he could try and keep the other three Marauders at bay
  • Remus figured that it would be better for everyone if he stop being involved
  • It might discourage the Marauders, but he’d be able to keep his friends
  • Friends that he had become very worried about losing over the summer
  • Peter hadn’t written because he was in America for the summer
  • James was forbidden to send owls by his parents, who had found out about a certain prank that had happened and were severely disappointed in James
  • And Sirius… Remus didn’t know why Sirius hadn’t written, but if the choppily cut hair and the various scars he spotted on his slightly-more-then-friend when he came back were any indication, it wasn’t anything good
  • Speaking of being slightly more then friends, Remus wasn’t sure as to what the relationship status between him and Sirius was
  • At least, he wasn’t until he found himself cornered one evening on Prefect duty
  • His partner pretended not to notice the various red marks on Remus’ neck when they met up at the end of the night
  • The whole school tried and failed to ignore the matching one’s on Sirius’ the next morning
  • It was very obvious to everyone(including Remus) as to what the relationship status between the two boys was
  • And Remus was quite pleased
  • In sixth year, Remus was happy to hear that Sirius had escaped to live with the Potters
  • Peter had finally asked Mary out on a date
  • The two were celebrating their three month anniversary a little bit after sixth year started
  • Sirius and Remus were going strong
  • And James
  • James was still trying to get Lily
  • Remus tried to give him suggestions
  • But James was set in his ways
  • It wasn’t until Lily called him and egotistical asshole who didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself that he started changing
  • The pranks lessened
  • He and Remus had more study sessions
  • And Remus found much more chocolate on his bedside table then usual
  • In seventh year, Remus was slightly dissapointed to find that it was James, and not him, who had been selected as Head Boy, but didn’t let envy over-take him for long
  • After all, James had worked hard to deserve it
  • It’s not like Remus was the tamer one
  • That he worked hard every single day
  • That he was struggling all of the time but still managed to do fairly well
  • Peter had had to take Remus aside to talk to him after Remus swung at James
  • Sirius had the unfortunate task of informing James of what was wrong
  • The next week was a bad mix of glares and almost hissing
  • It was only when Lily threatened to slap Remus that he apologized
  • He’d seen the receiving end of Lily’s slaps before
  • James had had to keep an ice-pack on for a couple days
  • As soon as he’d apologized, James quickly pulled him into his arms, and the two stood in the middle of the Common Room, hugging for about an hour
  • Sirius was crying
  • Peter was timing them
  • And Remus knew that whatever happened after Hogwarts, he’d at least have his friends for the rest of his life
  • How wrong he was
Fic Masterpost

This is a list for you to navigate my fics a bit easier. Sorry for the lack of good titles. All of them include a little summary/some things you might want to know! 

I will update this as much as I can (: Thanks for reading, angels.

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dean has a confession to make to his teacher. teacher/student au


dean loves waking up under angel wings. wing!fic, morning fluff.

“I just want a hug.”

dean gets bullied, castiel wants to make him feel better. bullied!dean, high school au, angst, fluff

Dean’s Doughy Delights

the happy baker dean gets an unsuspected customer. fluff, tiny bit of angst, chubby!baker!dean, homeless!cas, possible series


dean and castiel study outside in the garden. high school au, fluff, there’s art by crxstalcas


dean and castiel have a date on the fair. high school au, fluff

“I remember kissing you, why do I remember kissing you?”

last night, dean drunkenly kissed castiel and cas kissed back, sober. angst, fluff 

“I thought you’d never hurt me, but I was wrong. You hurt me the most.”

dean doesn’t like losing. established, fluff, high school au

I confessed to you riding shotgun underneath the purple skies

set in season 13, dean and cas finally talk about cas being human. canon!verse, angst

“Kiss me.” 

dean brings cas as his fake boyfriend to his hometown reunion. fake relationship, fluff, dancing


cas will do anything for dean, but being left behind every night eventually hurts too much. end!verse, a lot of angst

“If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

this is what happens when dean and cas tease each other on t he baseball field. high school au, short and a little smutty 

12x19 Coda

alternative ending to 12x19. angst, smut, bottom!dean, top!cas

12x23 Coda

dean and sam’s right after castiel’s death (aka how i want 13x01 to go), angst, could be tfw idk

“Is that a threat?”

the baseball team wants their captain, dean, to remove an unwanted visitor from the field. short fluff, established, high school au

two miserable people meeting at a wedding

dean is forced to go to a wedding, but he meets someone who seems as unlucky as him. cop!dean, writer!cas, minor angst

The Jealousy’s Evening

castiel can’t stand that his best friend dean has a girlfriend, especially when she ruins their movie night. angst, minor dean/lisa

“The blood’s just from a nosebleed. Don’t worry about it.”

cas is worried when his husband doesn’t come home on time. teacher!cas, firefighter!dean, fluff, married!au

“Don’t touch him!”

when castiel gets bullied by alistair, dean will make sure cas is okay. punk!cas, bullying, high school au

Patience And Faith

dean hears his roommate crying in the shower and wants to know what’s wrong. angst, fluff, roommates!au

The Piano Man

every time dean gets off the train, a handsome man is playing the piano and simply mesmerizes him. winter!fic, strangers, pianist!cas

“You’re warm.”

cas isn’t used to the cold, and dean has to keep him warm. fluff, winter!fic, bed sharing, canon!verse with human!cas


when a guy starts hitting on cas, dean gets a little too jealous. canon!verse, jealous!dean.

“Please, don’t leave.”

dean doesn’t want his boyfriend to leave on a trip with his family. high school au, established, fluff and a bit of angst.

“I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.”

castiel knows he and dean are just friends with benefits, but he can’t stand it when dean goes out with lisa. angst, fwb


dean and cas are a little drunk. short, drunk fluff.

A Hard Day’s Night

cas makes an appointment with an escort, but things don’t go as planned. escort!dean, student!cas, chapter fic 

Possibility Days

as a single father, castiel has a hard time, but he keeps getting saved by the same stranger. chapter fic, single!father cas, mechanic!dean, i probably won’t continue this


Jibcon 2017

quick drabble i wrote when we all thought jensen wasn’t wearing underwear (a girl can dream)


“Stop biting that fucking lip!”

sam has a few reasons for cas to stop biting his lip. high school au, fluff

Sam’s favorite student

there is one person in sam’s yoga class that he likes most. dirty and smutty, i lost my shame somewhere

Breath of the Wild in the Downfall Timeline longpost

I’ve seen a few posts recently where people are suggesting that BOTW either takes place in the Child Timeline or doesn’t fit anywhere at all, so I thought I’d make an evidence masterpost…

1. Subdued Ceremony:

So to start things off lets address the primary reason many have for placing BOTW in the Child Timeline, as it’s also the only result that appears when trying to google the Zelda Timeline these days

As is common knowledge by now; Zelda references the events of Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess in the ritual featured in the first memory, saying “Whether skyward bound, adrift in time, or steeped in the glowing embers of twilight…”

Her voice is overshadowed by Daruk and Revali in the English version, but she can still be heard in other regions as she continues talking.  In Japanese she says “You cross the seas when you seek the gold made by the gods” (I had a link to a good source page but tumblr messes up posts with links in) with the second part referring to ALTTP’s Japanese name.

This could therefore be evidence for any of the timelines, and is likely the result a past Princess Zelda’s prophetic dreams allowing her insight into other timelines.

2. Tunic of the Wild:

In potentially the most obvious indication of BOTW’s timeline placement, the Tunic of the Wild bears the Downfall Timeline design (my personal favorite) with brown sleeves and more Peter Pan vibe compared to the Tunic of Twilight or the Tunic of Winds. This design has only appeared in Downfall Timeline games, usually as the starting armor. As for why it seems to be a rare set in BOTW, with no legacy attached to a ‘hero in green’ at all, this is likely the result of 10,000 passing since the most recent Ganon attack, or Hyrule’s prior decline, leaving the story of the Kingdom’s heroes a faded legend. This may also explain why the Hero and the Champions wear blue instead of more historically significant green.

3. ‘Other World’ versus ‘Ancient Age’:

An interesting note about the language used in the descriptions for the TP-based weapons and armor is that they are commonly referred to as being from “the world where a hero fought against the twilight”. This also happens when Wolf Link gets too far from Link, as he is stated to have “returned to his own world”

In comparison, the descriptions for the classic Sword and Tunic of the Hero set refer to that Link as a hero from ancient times. This is important because it suggests that Twilight Princess takes place in a different reality from Breath of the Wild (different timeline) while the events of Zelda I take place in the past of the same reality. The term ancient is very prominent in BOTW as it is used to denote things from 10,000 years ago or older, which support the downfall theory.

4.  Reoccurring Locations:

The Lost Woods and the Master Sword pedestal

In the Child Timeline, the lost woods are located in the Faron region to the south, like in OOT, whereas BOTW follows the Downfall location identical to that of ALTTP, having it as separate from Faron and close to the Eldin region in the north. This connection is further emphasized by the design of the Master Sword’s pedestal, which is also identical to its ALTTP appearance, even down to the flowers surrounding it.

Hyrule Castle Town

One of the main reasons for a Child Timeline placement is the design of Castle Town, which heavily resembles that of TP. However this can be argued against as it is likely that the reconstruction of Castle Town post OOT happened soon enough after Ganon was sealed that the same people were in charge and thus the same architectural influences were used, regardless of the timeline.

Bridge of Hylia

Similar to with Castle Town, the building of the (Great) Bridge of Hylia seems to have occured recently after OOT, as TP takes place roughly 100 years later and the bridge had already seen better days in that appearance. the bridge was most likely built by the same people regardless of the timeline, providing a reason for it’s similar design.

Arbiter’s Grounds

The ruins of the Arbiter’s Grounds can be found in the Gerudo Desert, however this does not really prove that BOTW is in the Child Timeline because it is likely the Grounds existed even before the time of OOT but were just not accessible. Some had argued in TP that the Grounds were built over the ruins of the Spirit Temple, yet it seems much more likely that the Spirit Temple rock was instead carved into Gerudo Town, judging from the carved out theme and the large chunk of red rock atop the palace. The Goddess of the Sands was sacred to the Gerudo so it is unlikely they would allow for their temple to be turned into a prison for wider Hyrule’s use.

The Mirror of Twilight

A strange artifact resembling the Mirror of Twilight can be found near Lurelin Village. Similar to the Arbiter’s Grounds the Mirror is suggested to have existed for a long time prior to TP which would give it a valid reason to show u in the Downfall Timeline. The Mirror was shattered by Midna in TP so if anything it being still existent (if broken) in BOTW implies that the two games take place in different realities.

5. Aonuma interview

In a pre-release interview Aonuma hinted that BOTW takes place in a timeline that has been attacked by Ganon numerous times (again, can’t provide a source) which only applies to the Downfall timeline based on the stories we’ve seen in the series. Ganon has only attacked Hyrule twice in the Child Timeline, and went by Ganondorf for both of those appearances. Compared to the Downfall Timeline which has seen six Ganon-related calamities.

6. Anniversary Celebration

From a game design perspective, the Downfall Timeline makes the most sense, as BOTW, being the 30th Anniversary game, aims to show the progress the series has made since Zelda I, so for them to take place in the same timeline would make for ideal comparisons.

I personally like the thought of a merged Downfall and Child Timeline, with the opening of ALTTP being altered to fit after TP, referring to a revived or reincarnated Ganondorf (like in Four Swords Adventures) instead of the same one as in OOT and TP.

Sorry that this was so long and probably not new information and feel free to add anything else that I might’ve missed or give an alternate argument, but please don’t reply with “it’s not meant to be a timeline” or that “Aonuma and Fujibayashi don’t care” because I don’t want bitter Zelda-genwunners on my post lmao

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First vacation HC with the DEH Sincerely Three HC's???

omg okay


  • So basically, at first Connor was like :/ when u asked him whether u could go on vacation together
  • He only recalls bad memories from all the Murphys vacation (he used to fight a lot with Zoe and Loser Larry)
  • It took you a lot of time to finally persuade him into really leaving your town for some days
  • As both of you are very broke, you just decided on making a small road trip with Connor’s old truck
  • he put a mattress in the trunk of it, so you can sleep under the stars
  • Connor thought it was pretty romantic, while you were just afraid of a serial killer
  • “Y/N, that only happens in these crime shows” – “Yeah, but where do the writers get their inspiration from? …Real life, Connor. Real life.”
  • He just rolled his eyes, promising you won’t die
  • The trip was very romantic and cute
  • You just went to every city on your way, eating in these small diners, then walking around, taking picture of every monument you saw
  • Luckily, you found a campsite near a lake, where you both could just like park the truck and go swimming (You guys didn’t have any bathing clothes with you, so you just went swimming with your underwear // one night Connor convinced you into skinny dipping with him and it was like a lot of fun ;-))) )
  • At night, you were laying on your mattress, looking at the stars
  • Before falling asleep, Connor whispered “You know, I always hated vacations, but you made them beautiful again” in your ear
  • v cute, you two were v much in love with each other


  • When you asked Evan, whether he wanted go on vacation with you, he was #schockiert
  • He was v excited, but also nervous
  • The last time he’s been on holiday was when he was like 6 years old, before his father left the family
  • Poor guy
  • You asked him whether he wanted to go to Disneyworld
  • Evan smiled and was so happy about your suggestion
  • Basically, when you two booked the flight and bought tickets to the park, you were screaming and yelling out of pure happiness because it is in fact the happiest fucking place on the world alright
  • Evan thanked you like a million times, he was so happy to have you in his life
  • On the day you flew to Florida, you two were behaving like little children
  • Except during the flight bc there were #turbulences and both of you thought you were going to die
  • Usually you would try to comfort each other, but in that moment, you were just grabbing the hand of the other one, hoping that nothing bad happens
  • Narrator: Nothing bad happened
  • Evan and you were walking around like 7 year old kids
  • Pointing at everything and everyone
  • Maybe you two had to pull yourselves together not to cry, bc you were too happy
  • Evan was all excited about the people in costumes that were walking around
  • “Look! It’s Buzz from Toy Story” – “Evan, calm do- is that mICkEY MOUSE OH MY GOD”
  • You got your photo with Mickey Mouse (which is like the hardest challenge in your life honestly fight me that is the truest thing I have ever written)
  • Evan instantly set it as his lock screen bc he thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • A lot of cuddles and smooches when you were waiting in line
  • At the end of the day, you both just dropped in your bed, instantly falling asleep
  • Evan just hugged you real tightly, telling you over and over again how much he loves you
  • You did the same
  • wow luv


  • You’d ask him and he would be all like “Alright but why”
  • He thinks you can also just stay at his house, or your house and do nothing, except making out and playing video games and watch films
  • One night, when you were staying over at his house, you both were cuddling
  • You were on the brink of falling asleep, when he asked you where you would like to go
  • You just whispered “Los Angeles, by all means Los Angeles”
  • Boi knew what he had to do
  • So one day he texted you to get ready
  • Well, he really just texted you “Pack some clothes and other shit in one of your hipster bags and then we fucking go”
  • You thought ??? but it’s Jared, what do you even expect from that
  • He picked you up from your house, standing in front of his car like Ferris Bueller
  • “You asked for Los Angeles?”, he said with a small grin
  • Oh God, you freaked out and screamed and hugged him
  • He hugged you back, kissing you and laughing
  • You were so happy and that made him happy
  • So, you just were on your way to Los Angeles, which was like a 6 hour trip, but Jared drove, while you were asleep
  • Sometimes he looked over to you and thought like “Oh God, I’m so happy wtf”
  • As soon as you were in L.A., he woke you up and then the nerd menace began
  • Alright, but at first you went to your hotel, finally getting some sleep + cuddling a lot v cute omg
  • THEN the nerd menace began
  • Everywhere you went was just one big “They filmed that part of that film (or tv show) right there!”
  • Don’t get me started when you visited the Universal Studios
  • Jared nearly died bc he was so excited
  • That made you so happy, how he laughed and smiled and omg you two were so in love
  • You two made film references everywhere
  • “Roads? Where we’re going…we don’t need roads” – “Jared, just fucking drive”
  • “We should tap dance now” – “Y/N, this is not fucking La La Land and I’m not Ryan Gosling”
  • You two cuddled a lot, kissed each other a lot
  • v cute, you just loved each other so much
Bad Day || Jughead Jones

Prompt by @smhshelby: I’m really excited to put a request in omg. I was hoping for a Jughead x reader && I’m honestly putting the rest in your heads, but basically a comfort fic that will make me feel warm fuzzies about the reader having way too much on their plate and kind of snapping at something small that jughead does? && they apologize and try to shove their own problems aside but he tries to cheer her up and help her relax and stuff? i feel like we all need a fic like this on our off days

A/N: I’m in love with comforting!Jughead omfg.

Gif by @ravemreyes


This was the worst day of your life. You were pretty sure about that. It was one of those days where you woke up in a great mood and were excited to start the day. You had gotten dressed in your cutest outfit and had even walked to school because it was such a nice day. But when the doors of the school opened, hell was unleashed. First there was Cheryl who made fun of your clothes and made you feel insecure. Then there was that math pop quiz that you were sure you failed. Then your favorite teacher wasn’t in class today and you got the mean substitute who snapped at you multiple times for not doing your work (which you were doing and doing correctly you might add!) The worst part? Your boyfriend Jughead was nowhere to be seen. Usually the two of you would sit together at lunch and talk about the problems the both of you faced that day. But he wasn’t there. So you sat alone and kept your emotions bottled up. Reggie catcalling you from the next table didn’t help your mood either.

By the time the bell rang signaling the end of the day, you couldn’t wait to get out of there. You rushed home as fast as you could, ignoring your mom’s offers of a snack. You ran upstairs and slammed your bedroom door, trying to keep your tears at bay. Then your phone rang and you answered it without looking to see who it was.

“Hello?” you asked as you sat down on the edge of your bed.

“Hey, sorry I didn’t see you at school today.”


I was working on an article for the Blue & Gold. How was your day?” he asked.

You sighed and laid back on your bed.

“Fine, I guess.” you mumbled.

Despite not seeing him, you could tell that Jughead’s eyebrows rose at your statement.

“Really? Because you don’t sound so fine to me, Y/N.” he joked.

Rage boiled in you. Why couldn’t anyone leave you alone for just one day?

“I said I’m fine, Jughead!” you snapped.

There was silence on the other end of the receiver and the anger you had felt was now replaced with guilt.

“Oh God, I-I’m sorry, Juggie. It’s just been a really bad…” you trailed off when you felt the hot tears from behind your eyes.

What was the point?

“Never mind. I’ll just see you tomorrow, okay?” you said quietly, your voice cracking on the last word.

Before Jughead could say anything else, you hung up the phone and curled up into a ball, crying softly into your pillow. Soon enough, you cried yourself to sleep.

A small tapping at the window was what woke you up. You groaned and sat up groggily, rubbing your eyes. You felt a little bit better now that you had slept for an hour or two but the guilt from yelling at Jughead still remained. The tapping started again and you turned towards the source of the sound. Your eyes widened when you saw your beanie-clad boyfriend at your window.

“Jughead?” you asked as you walked over to the window.

He looked up at you as you pulled the window up.

“Hey there, Juliet.” he said.

You furrowed your eyebrows at him.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” you asked.

Jughead climbed into your room and it was only then that you noticed he had a small backpack on.

“Well, by the sound of your voice over the phone earlier, I figured you needed a little cheering up.” he said as he took his backpack off.

You sighed, remembering your tone at him.

“Juggie, I’m sorry,” you began. “I didn’t mean to—”

“I know,” he said, cutting you off.

He smiled softly at you.

“I know, Y/N. Which is why I brought you these,”

The raven-haired teen unzipped his backpack, pulling out a handful of snacks and movies.

“Figured we could watch a couple of your favorite movies with your favorite snacks. Got my laptop and everything.” he said.

You beamed.

“I’d love to.” you said.

You snuggled into Jughead’s chest more as he began to play the third movie of the night, smiling widely.

“Thank you, Jughead.” you said softly.

Jughead smirked and kissed the top of your head.

“Anything for you, Y/N. Anything for you.”


A/N: Hope you liked it! Send me feedback!! :)


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Updated: August 7, 2017

Tony Stark:


Treat You Better


Bucky Barnes:

Ghost of me


Catching Up For Lost Time

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Tail Of Good Fortune (1) (2)

Love The Way You Lie (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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You Don’t Kill Me, I Don’t Kill You

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If Peggy Carter Was Alive For Civil War

Peridot’s Lost Days

A search for a corrupted Gem splits the gang up, with Pearl and Peridot arriving in Empire City at night. Their search gets sidetracked when Peridot bumps into a girl she met when she was on the run back before getting captured by the Crystal Gems. Peridot confides in Pearl that she’s worried her friend might think less of her without her limb enhancers, leading Pearl to suspect that Peridot regards this human to be more than just a friend, not unlike her own feelings towards the Mystery Girl. Pearl helps Peridot get over her anxiety and the two return home with no corrupted Gem, but with a better understanding of each other.

Weak- Cassian Andor (Part Two)

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC


A/N: This literally took me hours, lol. I’m not even ashamed, I just hope it turned out aright since I’m not normally a smut writer. Also– ft. alternate ending for Rogue One but fair warning, it’s still mildly depressing. It’s not fluff, it’s not angst…it’s like…flangst. I’m also a huge hopeless, romantic sap. Okay I’m done waffling now. #fixitfic2k17


@libsybum @princeofsassgard

Cassian’s grip was tight around my shoulders as we watched the world around us fade away. Fear clutched my heart in a cold, iron grip, making it feel as if my blood had turned to ice. The three of us exchanged worried looks, Cass slung in-between Jyn and I, too weak to stand on his own. Hopelessness began to replace the triumph I had felt only moments before, until I heard the sweet sound of a ship engine. I craned my neck and heard a relieved laugh escape Jyn as a rebel fighter ship lowered itself onto the beach and hovered over the sand. Inside, several rebel fighters were watching frantically at us and I knew we had maybe seconds before Scarif was gone.

Cassian grunted in pain as I helped him climb into the ship, two other pairs of hands reaching from inside to pull him him. Jyn and I followed, hopping in just as the pilot began to pull away from the beach. My entire body ached with exhaustion, but it was nothing compared to the state of my heart as I looked around the ship and saw no other familiar face. I tugged on the sleeve of the nearest rebel fighter. He leaned toward me, turning his head to hear my voice over the road of the engines.

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Witchy Planner Inserts Masterpost

For more information about what a Witchy “Planner” is, please see this post.

In celebration for the arrival of 2017 (Holy Hera, it cannot get here fast enough), I revamped my Witchy “Planner.” In short, a Witchy Planner is a tool I use to help me keep my spiritual life organized.

To help out my fellow tumblr witches, I’ve decided to make a list of all the “inserts” I have in my planner. 

Esbat Cheatsheet Spread **Added 2/16/17**

 “Law of Attraction Planner” Chart

 Tumblr Challenges

 Love Notes

 Simple Book Blessing

 Daily Practices

 Self-Care Days

A list of things I can do when I need a “Self-care” day.This list includes not only the “fluffy” stuff (like, build a pillow fort and color all day) but it also includes those practical things (like, take a shower for goddess sake, you know you haven’t had one in three days).

 100 Things To Do in 2017

Yearly Goals and “A Magickal Year” Overview

 Yearly Tarot Reading


 Magickal Monthly Overview

 Sabbat and Esbat Planning

Spells and Rituals (Planning as well as just notes)

Personal Reflections

Every week I go over my “Daily Gratitude” entries and I review how I felt that week. To make it a little more fun and a little less daunting, I use the five emotions from Inside Out: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear (I even have stickers and everything). Each week I write down something that made me joyful, something that made me sad, angry, disgusted, and something that scared me. Some weeks, not all of these apply.