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Okay so like the other day I saw a confession that basically said that Shino had a deeper relationship with Kirito than Asuna and I literally wanted to flip my desk over like have they even SEEN the Aincrad Arc???


Sinon and Kirito have a great platonic best friend bond. Asuna and Kirito are literally soul mates. They are literally each other’s other half. He will never EVER have a bond like that with someone ever again. Not even just the fact that nobody will ever understand what they went through together, like she is his every equal and they complete each other oh my god



I’ve decided to join in on these OTP week things and host a komasa week! I’ve created a secondary blog for it here, so we can have everything in one place. The tag tag komasaweek will have to be in the first five tags in order for me to keep track of everything. Or you can submit here, and it will post straight to the blog!

Im accepting submissions of any sort, art, fic, quote, video, poetry, headcannons, as long as it’s komasa/masako anything goes! Nsfw is acceptable, but please make sure it is tagged as such!

I’ve decided on the prompts for each day. They’re not mandatory, but I thought they could be fun if anyone wants to take a shot at them. 

Day 1: Reincarnation 
Day 2: Gakuen
Day 3: Separation
Day 4: Confession 
Day 5: Marriage 
Day 6: Royalty 
Day 7:Gangster/Mafia 

That’s about it! Tell you’re friends, and spread the word! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Komasa Week Blog




As many of you know I’ve just had two family members pass away within 3 weeks of each other. So my confession making has been slow. I also have many things to do for my classes as the semester is ending in less than a month. So here’s what can be expected over the next few days:

Confessions will be posted tomorrow into Monday and Tuesday. 

Tattoo/Amon post (A few people have commented on my tattoo recently and also asked why I chose that specific design, and about my love for the character so I am going to answer that publicly). 

31 Day K-Drama Challenge

Day 18: Favorite love confession/proposal 

It’s gotta be Healer again because it’s just too cute.

Because Younch Shin’s like, “I like Healer.”  And on the inside Jung Hoo/Bong Soo’s like, “But I’m Healer!  You just don’t know it yet!”

Then he asks her if he (Healer) has shown up again.

She tells him to talk about himself instead of listening to her talk all the time.

Then he says, “Will I do?”

“Instead of someone you’re waiting for who won’t come, how about me, who’s next to you?”

*sigh* This nonexistent-yet-somehow-still-there love triangle gets me every time.

She laughs of course.  But then he says, he can live the way she wants him to, “for a long time, carefully, by your side.”

And theeeennn…

She rejects him!  For him!  She says, holding her hand to her heart,  “Right now, there’s no room in here.” (because you’re already in there, she forgot to say).  She says his rival is too formidable–HA!


Clothespins Challenge #20DaysOfDallas / Cameron Dallas  (by liiloxprincess)


As a young African American female, I sometimes feel ashamed and out of place revieling my race to people on the Internet because my interests don’t “correlate” with my race. But I’m finally feeling a bit comfortable with myself, my skin, my hair, my voice and my personality. Its been an incredibly long journey and I’ve been struggling with an overwhelming amount of self hatred and depression, so im doing this as a way to show myself that im accomplishing something.

I am not ugly. I am not stupid. I am not a failure. I am not a waste. I DESERVE TO BE ALIVE AND HEALTHY.
You loved me more than I cared to give back. You gave me the best gifts of affection you could think of: a freshly picked narcissus, chocolate on Valentine’s Day, an umbrella over my head on a rainy school day, and a brave confession the week before Christmas.

I may never have loved you the same, for all that I’ve done to protect you, but I certainly cared.

I may never have loved you the same, but believe me sweetheart, you didn’t bare your heart in vain.

Thus then forgive me sweetheart, for not loving you the same, and for breaking that golden heart. Though you taught me something important that day you gave me your confession:

I am loved, I can be loved, and I will never forget you.”

“A year ago, my class had a Disney Ditch Day. It was my first time, and the only thing I wanted was to get some Dole Whip. When we arrived, there was no line. I was happy and ready to pay, but my friends really wanted to chase a guy around the park, and told me that we could come back later. When we went back in the afternoon, there was a huge line and after waiting for a while, the machines broke down. I never got the one thing I’d come for and I’ve held a grudge against my friends ever since.”