messing with my light to create haziness. i look sad because i dropped my iphone in the toilet this morning. it’s in rice right now but i had to leave it for 8 hours until i got home so who knows its future? i also fucked up my last classics mock because i was so preoccupied thinking about my poor phone. i’m an idiot!!!

happy new year!!!

i had the nicest night hope you all did too!!! went to some bars from 9-11:30 with 2 of my friends then went to this kind of warehouse/apartment/gig space/bohemian hangout party where the black tambourines were playing, stayed until about 3:30, danced with so many people, had a really nice chat about films with this guy i met at end of the road who had recognised me from town, my level of drunkness was perfect - didn’t even feel sick at all just so happy and warm and confident…..big love to the falmouth music scene community i’m going to miss it so much