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In honor of National Coming Out Day, a candid shot of us just moments before walking down the aisle.

I love this picture. I remember feeling such tenderness + joy in this moment - being on the precipice of this life-changing moment. We had already been together for half a decade, but marriage meant putting a stake in the ground. A proclamation to the world.

There’s also a bittersweet undercurrent to this moment. I had lived a huge part of my life in various closets - hiding or omitting portions of myself to make others comfortable. And when our wedding day arrived, my mom was present, but refused to participate.

It broke my heart. It cast a conditionality on our relationship that I’ll never fully recover from.

It’s why I now live my life so openly and visibly. Not because our life is perfect, but rather because we’ve endured heartache to get here. I’m proud of our life, our family, our partnership. Never again will I compromise my joy for someone else’s comfort. And I hope you don’t either. 🏳️‍🌈




July 29th: Wedding

So this one is my favorite and I put much more effort into it than it was planned! I wanted them to have a happy and joyful day with their friends. Their wedding takes place on an evening in the woods. ♥

Part 2

Concept: It is my wedding day. The guests are waiting in the pews at the ceremony, all my family and the groom’s family have come together on this day and it’s so lovely. I am dressed beautifully in white and there are flowers everywhere. At long last, I enter. The organist plays those familiar first “bum-bum-bum-buumm“ notes of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. “bum-bum-bum-buumm”, again. “bum-bum-bum-buuuum”. The organist repeated the rythm an extra time, and the last note was wrong. Do they really know what they’re doing? “bum-bum-bum-buuuuum… bum-bum-bum-buuum… bum-bum-bum-BUUMMM”… Now all the notes are wrong. All the rhythm is wrong. It suddenly dawns on my guests. This is not the Wedding March. The orchestra rises from the floor on the enormous trap door. The organ is replaced by a solo trumpet. The family members are in complete chaos, as I walk triumphantly down the aisle to Mahler 5,

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Prompt: @paperxheartx
Author: @queenofthyme

It was something Harry had seen in muggle movies as a kid. The sunlight would stream in from the window, highlighting the sleeping face of the heroine. The protagonist would stare at their lover fondly and have an epiphany, or realise their love.

Harry found himself thinking of that now as he stared at Draco sleeping beside him. Only there was no sunlight. There didn’t need to be. Draco radiated a light all on his own. And there was no epiphany for Harry either. No realisation. Only confirmation he had made the right choice.

If it really were a movie, he would reach a hand out and stroke Draco’s face, or place a stray hair behind his ear. But Draco didn’t like to be touched in his sleep. Didn’t like to be caught unaware. After what he’d been through, Harry could understand that. He had similar fears. Although he was quite amenable to waking up to Draco’s touch. Not that he did much. Draco slept in late these days.

Harry had learnt early on that the longer Draco slept, the safer he felt. When they first starting dating, Draco hardly slept at all when Harry stayed the night, and he refused to even try Harry’s bed. But after time, the trust grew, and now Draco always slept longer with Harry. Not that they slept apart much anymore. Only occasionally when Harry worked overnight on a case.

Draco smiled in his sleep. It was only small but it was enough to bring a flutter to Harry’s heart. Even after all this time, a smile from Draco was enough to make Harry weak. In the best possible way.

“I know you’re watching me,” Draco mumbled, his eyes still closed. One of his hands found Harry’s and held it, tracing the new band on Harry’s ring finger.  

Harry wondered what Draco would think if he knew Harry had been comparing their morning to muggle movies. He smiled, realising Draco made quite the unconventional heroine.

‘Good morning, husband.”

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Literally Every Voltage Inc. guy: “Fall in love with her? Of course not! She’s weird and-”

Them usually by episode 10: FUCK..