days recovered


rey: giggly drunk, laughs a lot. tells people how pretty they are. dances like a dork. needs at least four days of sleep to recover before she wants to talk to anyone again.

finn: responsible. takes everyones keys before they go out. puts them in cabs at the end of the night. knows his limits.

poe: asks a lot of random questions. probably tells weird stories that never happened. comes up with really bad ideas. tries to convince finn that these ideas are actually good ideas. gets told he is pretty by rey at least fourteen times.

kylo: sad drunk. starts fights with people but ends up crying. has an existential crisis. wonders why rey doesn’t think he’s pretty.

hux: denies he is drunk, but is actually very drunk. yells over the music. can’t hear anything.

phasma: can drink anything. exhibits no major change in personality. mysterious drunk. always goes missing.

bb8: key storage unit. loves everyone, wants to keep everyone safe and happy. is excited by everything. the world is beautiful!!! takes peoples shoes off before they crawl into bed. makes hangover pancakes.

i keep tellin people just because i’m introverted doesn’t mean i’m shy. i can talk to people and have really good conversation for hours.





and then i need to be in my room, by myself, for a day or two to recover

I think healing is something that is ongoing. Every day, I am recovering from myself and the things that happen to me. Every day, I am learning more about myself. Healing is both sacred and ordinary. It’s about creating sustainable, holistic changes in your life that pave the way towards wellness, but it’s also about forgiving yourself for not being perfect and making mistakes. Healing, to me, is being gentle with yourself no matter where you are on your journey.
—  Sierra DeMulder

Corypheus: You shall be dealt with harshly, Tevinter- The Imperium suffers no traitors!

Dorian: Your Imperium will never be mine.


After the long night of driving we slept in and woke up around noon. The day was spent recovering, unpacking, and catching up on life at home. Even after putting away our suitcases and gear there is still evidence of our trip all over the house. Our table is covered in instax and polaroids, there are boxes of treasures that Cricket found along the way, and the computer is full of photos to edit. We took it easy for most of the day, staying in for the evening and enjoying the feeling of being home. → Peter Schweitzer

A Year Every Minute Pt. 49

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic

The following few days passed as normal, or as normal as it could after such a drastic event. Sans was predictable held up in bed a lot, only coming down to eat and lay around on the couch. It still amazed him that his little brother, who had looked so fragile as a kid and was so sweet to everyone he met, could pack such an impressive punch without missing a step. Papyrus had only needed a single day to recover before he was back to normal. Meanwhile Sans was still sweating and puking on day two.

Both of them were sat together on the couch, Sans laying across it with his brother at his feet. Papyrus had gone back to sentry duty today and had filed their reports for them with a little help. Sans could tell that their conversation about Gaster had rattled him quite a lot, often catching his usually chipper brother staring off at nothing and looking forlorn.

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The Ferris Wheel

After reading a book, Killian discovers the wonder that is the Ferris Wheel. Emma formulates a plan to show him one. Pure CS fluff.


“Swan, did you know that there is a large rotating wheel that can lift its passengers skyward?”

Killian asks Emma this the moment she enters the bedroom, still toweling down her hair after a quick nighttime shower. He’s sprawled on their bed, book in hand, looking at her with an awed sort of expression, almost as if the tome he’d been reading just revealed something magical. And to Killian, maybe it just did.

His question catches her off-guard at first. She had not necessarily been expecting any sort of sudden inquiries, her mind elsewhere sorting through all the tasks that lay on her to-do list for the next day. She recovers quickly enough though, mentally processing just what her pirate means by “large rotating wheel.”

“Oh, your mean the Ferris Wheel?”

Killian looks surprised, almost as if he didn’t expect her to know of the thing. “You’ve experienced one?”

“A few times yeah. They’re pretty common at fairs and amusement parks and the like,” Emma says as she drops the damp towel to the floor, ignoring the flash of annoyance that crosses Killian’s face at her brazen show of untidiness – a characteristic he’s been trying to get her to break, mostly to no avail. “They’re pretty okay, I guess, nothing too wild. Tilt-a-Whirls are much better.”

“This book makes it seem like quite the mechanical feat,” he tells her as he slides a bookmark into the text. He’s always some meticulous about taking care of his books. Emma could only imagine how he would react if you discovered she was a dog-ear kind of girl.

“Oh, and what else does your book say?” She inquires, flicking off the lights as she crawls into bed beside him.

It’s become a sort of bedroom ritual for the two of them, Killian recounting information he’s picked up from his latest book. As such, over the course of a few months, Emma has learned quite a bit. She now knows more about the guy on the ten dollar bill than she ever needed to know. She can recount quite a number of WWII battles, something that surely would have impressed her old high school teachers. Now, she’s learning all about Chicago’s World’s Fair. She honestly never knew it had one. Thanks to Killian though, and his enjoyment of sharing newfound information, she does now. (One of the many perks of keeping him around.)

Killian is quite the reader, a habit he said he picked up to stave off bored during quiet moments on his ship. He sticks to mainly non-fiction in an effort to learn more about the history of realm in which he inhabits. Emma also knows, though he won’t admit it, that he finds comfort in the familiarity of books. They are one of the few things that mostly stayed the same between the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke. (Kindles notwithstanding, though she hasn’t introduced him to that technological device yet.)

They lay like that for awhile, Killian’s arms wrapped around her as he highlights the more interesting parts of his book. His fascination with the Ferris Wheel and other engineering marvels present at the World’s Fair is evident. As much as his “Man Out of Time” shtick may annoy others – such as her father – it only endears him further to her. It makes her wish that she could experience so many new things the way he can and has. Sure, Ferris Wheels were never the most exciting carnival rides to here, but they way Killian’s eyes light up as he recounts the book makes her reconsider their merits. If only they could see one…

It doesn’t take her long to formulate a plan. The next morning, a quick Google search and a few clicks of a mouse turn her plan into a reality.

All that’s left to do is wait.

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I was looking through some old pictures and came across one that literally brought tears to my eyes, and not the happy kind. The picture in the bottom left corner was a picture taken when I was sick. I looked so sad and so disconnected from my daughter. This, of course, put my addict brain into action and I started searching more pictures of me while I was sick, and in almost all of them I saw the same; No smiles, dead eyes and completely disconnected.

I used to look through those pictures and only recognize how skinny I used to be. Today I see how miserable I was. What a change! I’m going to share something with you, the only reason I was skinny at that time, was because when I was sick I wouldn’t eat. I would literally go 4, sometimes 5, days at a time without eating a thing. A liquid diet you might call it. Today I wouldn’t trade the 25lbs I gained in recovery to go back to the shell of a woman I was back then.

To counter my suddenly depressed mood, I started going through pictures that were taken after I started my recovery journey; October 16th, 2014. Those are the pictures surrounding the old me. In those pictures, I see a mom, a happy mom, who is completely invested in her child. A woman who is simply trying to do her best every single day. A mom who might even love herself a little too!

Sometimes, the smallest changes in the way we operate, in the way we think, make all the difference in the world.

Feeling proud and motivated today! ❤️😘❤️

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