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Legs felt more rested after yesterday’s day off, but still had some cobwebs.  Did a slow and easy 8 miles to the park and back to clear them out a little.  A beautiful sunny morning, in the low 60’s.  I think the legs will be loose enough to have a good 5k Sunday morning, will take it easy on them the rest of the day to continue recovering from early in the week.

The new shoes made the run feel light and easy, even with semi-sore legs, as I took an enjoyable lap around the park along with a throng of runners, runners of all sizes, shapes, and speed, and they were all beautiful - all runners are beautiful when they’re running - while a few slower and ‘novice’ runners seemed perhaps embarrassed about being 'slower’ or 'larger’ than 'normal,’ I hope they weren’t because they were beautiful to me.

anonymous asked:

A nurse told me today that I just "need to get over these fears and get on with my life and stop making excuses" after our appointment. Our appointment about how I literally passed out in the shower today. How I can't stand for more than 15 minutes without passing out. How it takes days for me to recover from an appointment, and days to build up the strength for one at all (but obviously because I'm there at all I'm fine). I really hate nurses sometimes.

*exasperated sigh*

Anon, I’m hugging you in my brain right now. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that this ignorant person made you feel bad.

If I were you, I’d call her out on it. I’d call her back and tell her that you were asking for help, and instead, she belittled you & your concerns. That if that’s the kind of care she gives in her profession, she should consider a new one because she was unprofessionally dismissive and a horrible medical provider.

That being said, sounds like POTS. POTSies, help this Anon please. Sounds like they need a solid support system.

*love & spoons* 💙

“”Bale will be OUT of the Atletico game. Needs at least 15 days to recover.”” NO?????????? NO NO NOOO??? NO!!!!!

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