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My food today in pictures!
Simple but tasty mango & raspberry nicecream for breakfast, then a salad bowl with soy protein strips for lunch. Went on a lil’ roadtrip so had a large bottle of carrot juice for snack, and for dinner we went to a local restaurant where we had lovely wine and great food (the chef’s made it vegan for me, yay!) and now I’m happy n content n about to go to bed n have lots of good dreams. ☺️☺️☺️

To read this today was very refreshing and encouraging. I have strayed from my path. I have been angry, resentful and sad. I have made mistakes that remind me of my former self but I know now that they are merely mistakes and I am still learning. I must forgive myself. I am still on the right path.

Good news and bad news, bad news.

Good news is I didn’t get to join the Inclusive Education course because they say there’s no more open slot (my name was at the bottom of the list and I was one of the unlucky few who was registered late by my school and not selected). So it means I will have some time for doodling and rest. And less stress for me.

Bad news, I didn’t get the course but hey maybe I could take it next year. Learning how to handle special needs children is something I want.

Bad news, I am not feeling well. Probably because of being out under the sun for nearly ten hours at yesterday’s event. But worry not, I’ll recover soon!


Sometimes I think that my life in addiction was a blessing because it gave me the opportunity to be where I am now and appreciate life so much more than I ever did before.
—  Lena Slaughter

Silence is golden. This is something I must practice. My mouth gets me in more trouble and often makes mountains out of mole hills. I also tend to dwell on things so I keep talking long after the fact instead of just letting go. Fortunately I know this about myself, now I just have to fix it. I have to learn when to shut up.


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If either one of them actually posts a picture from a winter wedding, I think I will need the rest of the day to recover!

I’ll never recover. I cry and freak out when they tweet each other or post a picture together. A wedding might actually kill me.

Oral surgery in 3 hours. Wish me luck! 

(More-Legit and Gr8 might be taking over the blog for the next couple of days while I recover, depending on how out of it I am post-surgery). 

When I began my sobriety journey I started in an outpatient treatment program and also attended 12 Step meetings regularly. I gained a great deal of knowledge about addiction, life and myself. Much of what I learned reminded me of the little I knew of Buddhism. I didn’t know a lot about Buddhism and I wasn’t studying it or practicing it but I have always been interested in it. The recovery treatment I was undergoing stirred my interest in it and I began studying.

Today, Buddhism is my higher power. It is helping me to be a kinder more compassionate person and to be more aware of my thoughts and actions. Buddhism, combined with yoga and meditation is helping me heal in a number of ways. I am becoming a new, better person and it is someone that I like.


(This one probably won’t be that good txhohood )

You used to be unbelievably sick, you were literally on your deathbed, until you miraculously recovered one day. Little did you know that your brother made a deal with demon!Luke to keep you alive.

Luke was reluctant to seal the deal at first, but then he saw you in your brother’s memory, and he knew he had to save you, you were too beautiful to waste, and even if he let you die he doubted you would end up in hell.

After that day he watched over you, acting almost like a guardian angel, except he made sure you made bad decisions in order to end up in hell with him, so you could live together for eternity.

Expectations are not a good thing to have. Having expectations so often leads to heartache, resentment, hurt feelings and sorrow. I don’t want that anymore and I have been doing much better, but it is difficult, especially in regards to family.

I do not expect much from my family, I just want to feel loved, valued, respected and cared for by them. It is very hard not to expect that from your family and it is even harder when you don’t feel that you get it. I am at a crossroads, I am not sure what to do. It seems that anytime I stand up for myself or express my feelings I piss someone off and than I find myself apologizing…AGAIN (I’ve written before about my chronic apologizing for the sake of others). It’s a pattern that I am having a hard time fixing and frankly it is hurting me. I have to let go of these expectations and provide myself with the things I am lacking from others. I have to accept rather than expect.

*I’m rambling*

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Good Evening. My Previous Questions Have All Been Of The Physical Variety. Now, I Have Decided To Probe Your Psyches. -What Is Your Darkest Memory?-

Please… I don’t want to remember.


I was super nervous about the first day of college. The day before I was in the e.r. then slept until I had work. I feel like I looked really cute for school and the first day went pretty well. My doctor was like, “yea we’re going to give you an lot of medication and we don’t want you to relapse so stay home even if you have school or work and don’t drive.” As soon as I got discharged I took a nap and drove to work then drove to school the next day. I work hard sorry not sorry.