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1D Hiatus: Day 363

* Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Niall arrives in London

* Louis and Steve Aoki perform ‘Just Hold On’ on The X Factor

* The boys, their families and close friends attend The X Factor to support Louis

* The Sun publishes an article about Louis’ performance and the boys joining him backstage

* Harry meets a fan backstage at The X Factor

* Lou Teasdale posts a selfie with Louis on her Instagram story

* Fizzy posts a picture of Louis performing on her Snapchat story

* Louis appears on Steve Aoki’s Snapchat story

* #ProudOfLouis and #JustHoldOnLouis trend on Twitter

* More pictures of Harry out in London three days ago are released

* Pictures and videos of Niall performing and backstage at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City come out

* You can now follow Louis’ very own Spotify account

It’s Dec 10th, 2016.

Mistletoe [Newt x Reader]

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A/N: Day 11/31 PEDID. Still bringing out a mistletoe one with Cedric and one with Sirius, but if you’d like to see another character, just let me know below.

  • You were out in London, a couple of days before Christmas, and snow was falling.
  • He was talking to you about the beasts he had most recently caught, but he was doing it quietly because you were walking around a muggle market.
  • It was bustling with muggles doing their Christmas shopping, so you didn’t notice that you had walked under a stall laden with mistletoe. It was hanging down above the two of you, but neither one of you noticed.
  • You stopped to put on your gloves, fingers trembling because of the cold. Newt waited patiently until you were ready to go.
  • Before you could move, the stall holder said,
  • “Can I interest either of you in some mistletoe?” The man smiled,
  • “It’s very effective at this time of the year.”
  • He winked, making both of you blush.
  • “I’m not sure…”
  • Trying to avoid Newt’s green eyes, you wished you would just have the nerve to kiss him…
  • Suddenly you were very aware of the bunches of mistletoe hanging above you. Glancing up, you knew your companion had seen them too. 
  • Shifting nervously, you heard Newt clear his throat.
  • “It does seem rather a shame to waste the opportunity.”
  • He says it quietly, but he doesn’t stammer, finally meeting your eye. It was as if the crowds had melted away. White flecks of snow were caught in his unruly hair and your breath caught in your throat. 
  • You blushed but nodded in assent.
  • Cautiously he stooped a little lower, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. His lips were cold, but they still managed to bring you warmth. It was brief, barely brushing your mouth, but your mind did cart-wheels anyway, sending shivers down your spine
  •  As you slipped your gloved hand into his,he gave you a lop-sided smile, giving your hand a light, reassuring squeeze.
  • “We’ll take some after all, if that’s alright.”
Once I was 30 Years Old

Summary: Phil’s 30th birthday brings a flood of growing up-related anxieties, much to his dismay. Dan, however, knows just how to fix it: by recreating the day they met, swapping out Manchester for London–and with a surprise Phil never sees coming.

Word Count: 4.4k

Genre: Fluffy angst

Extra tags: Comfort, domestic

Warnings: Some anxiety/worry? Otherwise none

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A/N: Okay, I know it’s not actually Phil’s birthday yet, but I really, really wanted to use this idea and I just couldn’t wait. I hope you enjoy this giant fluff-fest, it made me really happy to write!

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In comparison to Alex’s list, my list is 1. reasonable, 2. well-thought out, and 3. comprehensive. Moral of the story, listen to Lu. 

January 9 - Out in London - Details (shoes)

I remember the day Harry was spotted wearing this look like it was yesterday, even though it’s one of the early looks of 2016. I also remember the hours I spent trying to dig up the coat (that’s still in our google docs as unidentified). It’s a great coat, it’s simple, it’s to the point. It also catches your eye and gets permanently stuck in your brain as that January look that you wish would make a reappearance. Like soon. 

August 25 - At Cafe Habana - Details (sunnies, shirt, shoes)

Quite frankly, Harry hit a homerun with this Prada shirt. The fact he paired it with Saint Laurent’s popularly nicknamed “alien glasses” gives it an even more unique, edgy feel. Perfect summer color palette paired with the right attitude. 

December 20 - Out in London - Details (coat, sunnies)

Amongst ourselves, we’ve often commented that this year felt a bit underwhelming regarding Harry’s appearances (or better said, lack of appearances). So when he stepped out in that furry shearling coat - a look many were silently lighting candles for years (multiple wick!) - I had one of those taa-daa moments. Not to mention, Harry brilliantly paired it with his hoodie to tone it down just enough. And right there and then, he did it, he saved 2016. 

Happy New Year 

- Lu