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It was the day after the Brexit vote and both Jemma and I had spent the entire day bursting into tears and being really genuinely upset. That was the very last scene being shot on that day, so we were both genuinely knackered, upset and deeply stressed out and we did the read through for that scene sitting on the floor and the director said: ‘That’s it, don’t move, do it like that.‘
—  Catherine Russell, X
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Okies, so I got tagged by @takara-kaede-chan & @taracelica

I did this a lil while back, and that post is here.

But!  I will come up with some other stuffs.  =3

Favorite Anime/Manga: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (this was a glaring omission for me.  I can’t believe I forgot it the other day.  >_<), Akira, Attack on Titan, Knights of Sidonia, Wolfs Rain, Psycho-Pass, Record of Lodoss War… gonna stop there ‘cause this list could just keep growing.

Favorite Video Games: That list was actually fairly complete.  I suppose I could add the Warcraft series of RTS games which I played the fool out of back in the day.

Favorite Books: Really, anything by Heinlein, and anything by William Gibson.

Favorite TV Shows: I forgot The Expanse!  I am pissed that we will have waited a whole year for season 2 though.  >_<  I really don’t watch much TV anymore.

Last Song I Listened to: Cloudland - In Japan by Patrick O’Hearn

Edit because oops!

Favorite pastimes: Video games, table top roleplaying games, reading, writing (some)

Favorite drinks: Tea (iced or hot), fruit juices, water, 

Favorite colors: Green, blue, silver

Zodiac sign: Leo!  Mew!  ;p

Smoke: Never.

Alcohol: On occasion I enjoy a good beer, margaritas and other mixed drinks

Favorite music genres: I don’t really have a favorite.  I listen to some of everything from Classical, to 40′s Jazz, to classic Rock, modern Pop, EDM, Electronica, Techno…  umm…  eclectic is the word here.  ;3

Edit finished!

Thanks for tagging me!  ♥

kaiyeti  asked:

you are so amazing and awesome with your breathtaking talents and skill my wolf goddess. I hope that one day I'll e able to stand before you and thank you in person for all of your hard work. nun\(>u<\) *yetihug*

aww thanks 0//u//0 I’ll wait for you hehe~

eosnyxlordofcreation  asked:

Allo, it's fun for me to just scroll through my news feed and see what furs ask you and your fierce response. Pun intended. It kittens up my day/night. Keep being a awesome, feirce, cute wolf. Kay?

I’m glad I can entertain you with my silly answers~ <3 I’ll do my utmost best to keep it up! :D <3 

As always, I’m not cute! >:c