Stydia Month - Week 3 - Day 4

Week 3 - Fanfic Week
Day 4: Your choice

story based on au prompt I saw on

“I had to be ur fake boyfriend/girlfriend bc some creep was hitting on you and it was making you uncomfortable and now I have busted knuckles and a cut lip but hey are u okay” au

I twisted it a little but Stiles still saves the day, of course. Enjoy!

All Lydia wanted was a girl’s night.

She didn’t want to dance with some random strangers, she didn’t want to grind, she didn’t want to leave with a guy and have a one-night stand. She just wanted to have fun with her girls.

Sadly, God was not in her favour.

“We should go dance,” the man next to her mumbled, making her face scrunch up in discomfort. She could clearly smell the alcohol on his breath.

“No, I’m okay, thanks.”

“Oh come on, it won’t be bad. It’ll be quick. We may not dance the whole time either,” he mumbled, moving the hair from her neck.

“I said I’m good, thanks,” she snapped, standing up and leading the girls to a table. They all sat, Lydia pushing her hair back over her shoulder.

“Maybe clubbing wasn’t such a god idea,” Malia sighed under her breath. “We probably should have just went bowling instead.”

“I wanted to party,” Lydia whined. “That was the whole point. If some men weren’t so creepy all the time…”

“No, you know what? We’re going to dance anyway,” Kira stated, standing. Allison stood up with her. Lydia eyed the both of them, raising an eyebrow.


“Yeah, who cares? We’re going to dance with each other. If a guy tries to come, we just push him away. That’s easy, right?” Allison asked. Sighing, Lydia stood up, agreeing with her friends. “Alright fine, we’ll go dance.”

It can’t be that bad, after all.

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Jersey Day - Liam Dunbar

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This was requested by anonymous. Here was the request:  hey love! can u do an imagine where the reader and Liam are dating and they’re at his lacrosse game? and like you wear his jersey and he teases/embarrasses you? by the way I love your blog!! A/N: Thanks for our first request, I hope you like it, I love you too. Requests are still open.

Today’s lacrosse game happened to be Jersey Day, when the significant others of the team members would wear their jersey. Malia was wearing Stiles jersey, Kira would have been wearing Scotts if she wasn’t on the team, and you were wearing your boyfriend Liam’s number 9 jersey.

You fumbled with the hem of it as you argued with Liam outside the school. It wasn’t really arguing, more expressing your concern repeatedly and him trying to reassure you. “Are you sure you have it under control?” You ask for the fifth time.

“Yeah (Y/N), I’ve been practicing at controlling my shifts.” He reassures.

“But that’s not good enough.” You almost whine. “I practice doodling and singing all the time but that doesn’t make me Picasso or Beyonce. Playing lacrosse makes you start to wolf out and you can’t deny that. I just don’t want you to hurt anyone or more importantly, yourself.”

“I’ll be fine. Scotts been teaching me control, I’ve gotten a lot better.” He protests, grabbing your hand and squeezing it.

“Fine, just promise me if you even start to feel yourself turn you’ll get off the field.” You beg.

“I promise. I gotta go.” He leans forward and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before jogging through the doors.

You hoist your bag over your shoulder and walk towards the bleachers, thinking about the last few months at Beacon Hills. Not long after you moved here towards the middle of your freshman year you became friends with Liam and his friend Mason. After two weeks of preparing a speech and Mason shoving him towards your locker he finally managed to sputter “willyougooutwithme?” without pausing. Since then you two had started dating.

One day you noticed him being dragged into the locker room by Scott and Stiles. Naturally, being the loving yet curious person you were, you followed them to see what was going on. Liam was pinned against the wall with the cold water from the shower soaking him. His normally blue eyes were a golden yellow, he hand fangs like a dogs for teeth and claws for fingernails. That was the day you found out your boyfriend was a werewolf. It was a bit of a shock, but it didn’t change how you felt about Liam. You actually thought it was kind of cool, it was more interesting than anything that had ever happened at your old town.

It did cause you to worry about him and the others a lot. You were pretty jumpy now too, you didn’t know if the people around you were supernatural creatures of just human. That was why your heart stopped when Mason touched your shoulder.

“Nervous about the game?” He asks with a smirk as you clutch your chest dramatically.

“You’re the one who should be nervous after I get you back for almost causing my death.” You  pretend to threaten as you both climb the bleachers stairs.

Lydia sees you guys and waves you over to where she was sitting with Malia. “Liams jersey looks good on you.” She says with a grin as you take your seat.

You blush and pretend to focus on the game which had just started. “Knock it off.” You mutter under your breath. She smiles and shakes her head before turning towards the field.

The game was going well for the team. Scott, Kira, and Liam were scoring points constantly, the other team barely had the ball. You cheered every goal they scored, but you were on your feet for everyone Liam won. He would glance up at you for approval and smiled when he saw your reaction. Even Stiles scored a point and Malia froze and looked at Lydia for a sign on how to react. This didn’t happen very often, but once Malia realized what to do, she cheered louder than anyone there. Towards the end of the game Liam got knocked off his feet and laid on the ground refusing to move. Stiles distracts Coach so he doesn’t go to question Liam and Scott hurries to his side.

You stand to your feet to try and get a better look as Scott pulls him to his feet. Liam looks to the ground with his eyes closed and his hands in fists as Scott talks to him. “Whats going on?” You ask Malia, who was listening to their conversation.

“He’s turning right now.” She responds as she closes her eyes to focus better.

Liam glances up at you, eyes bright gold, before glancing down again and shaking his head at whatever Scott was saying. Others were beginning to notice what was going on. “Come on Liam.” You whisper, knowing that he could hear you. “I know you can control this. You can get through this. I believe in you, as cheesy as that may sound.”

Liam focused on your words. Knowing that you were up there, wearing his jersey, telling him it’d be okay made him calmer. You picked him, you stayed with him, you cared about him, you believed in him, and that’s all that mattered. You pulled him back to normal, and in that moment he realized you were his anchor. He opened his eyes, back to his normal blue, and looked at you with a small smile. You let out a breath and sat down, whispering the words, “I love you.” His smile grows and the game starts again.

The buzzer signaled the end of the game a little while later, Beacon Hills being the winner of course. You followed as everyone filed out onto the field. Malia tackled Stiles into a bear hug, causing him to stumble back. Lydia congratulated Scott and Kira and Mason wandered off to flirt with an attractive lacrosse player from the other team. Someone grabs your shoulder, but this time you don’t jump. The touch was warm and familiar.

You turn to congratulate Liam on the game but were cut off when his lips met yours. It took you a full second to realize what was going on, but after that you reacted by kissing him back. You pull away first, both of you out of breath. “What was that for?”

“Because I love you too.” He says simply, eyes warm and inviting.

“You know what I love about their relationship. Its so passionate and carefree, so young and innocent.” Stiles says with his arm around Malia.

“We’re only two years younger than you, Stiles.” Liam argues, his arm draped around your waist.

“A lot can happen in two years.” He says seriously. Scott nods along, trying to keep a straight face.

Liam rolls his eyes but you kiss him before he could say anything else. You blush as red as his number 9 jersey when you feel the eyes of bystanders on the two of you. But it didn’t matter, you were in his arms and had no plan on leaving anything soon.

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Could you do a fic where Stiles and Lydia are dating and Stiles gets really jealous because Lydia and Parrish are starting to spend a lot of time together?

Sorry this isnt my best but it has a PLOT TWIST 

submitting this for stydia month week 3 day 4!!!!! 

Jealousy Is The Fear of Comparison

“You must be kidding me? Again?” Stiles demanded, jumping up from the bed where he and Lydia had been laying.

“I don’t know why you have such a problem with this!” Lydia shot.

“Well, let me think about that, Lydia,” Stiles mockingly adopted a pensive look. “Maybe I have a problem with the fact that my girlfriend has been spending more time getting hot and sweaty with another man who is- wait for it- not her boyfriend!”

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Stiles: Happy Valentine’s Day! *hands you a box of chocolate*

Y/N: Aw thank you! I… um… don’t actually like chocolate though…

Stiles: You’re kidding right. Well then, you can always have something else…

(I’m sorry I’m trash okay)

Requested by anon: I don’t really have a proper prompt but I was wondering if you could do a Stiles imagine where the reader hates chocolate 

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is this me did i send this to myself

The Anchor || Kai & Seth || FB1

The farm kept attacking his senses in enriched life, Seth’s ears twitching to pick up every sound, to savor all that he was surrounded in for hours on end. It was more days, and weeks in actual passing, but the wolf hadn’t a clue of the drifting of time. How could he when years slipped by without his knowing? He was a man now, not having seen his face since he was a little boy of twelve, and it was startling to not know the face everyone saw now. He often paused in front of the mirrors through out the loft lost in expression at who was looking at him. It didn’t feel like him, and he wanted to be furious over the fact nine years had passed of his life. A time that should have been filled with puberty, and finishing school– becoming something more to Armand. But he felt so tired. So withdrawn– broken in ways he didn’t know how to get out of.

“Why are you still here?” he asked for the hundredth time, his voice gruff and deep in additional difference to wolfish accents hovering under his vocal chords always. Human words were coming slowly, the difficulty to speak again was taking it’s toll on him. Not that he saw anyone but Kai right now, and Stan– the war vet farmer who was on guard duty over the newly released wolf. He continued starring in the mirror, swallowing to watch his adam’s apple drift under the thin skin of his throat. His face was scruffy too, and it oddly was the only thing he liked about himself. Hints of gray whiskers of his beast gave the dark hues of his hair along his jaw a salt and pepper appearance in a way that could be amusing if he would let it. 

Kai was still here. The Alpha this anchored presence in his space, and Seth fought urges to throw something at him childishly only for Kai to hurt him, or maybe infuriate him enough to leave him here to be alone. He turned away from the stranger in the mirror on the wall, his hands gripping the back of the couch tightly while he cracked his neck and growled low in his chest at the warm, heated feeling he wanted to sweep up to cloud his head, but instead it hovered to a soft noise of pain when it all overwhelmed him again. The farm was another cage, this loft another prison because he was something they didn’t trust, he was still viewed as weak minded. The monstrous blood lust within him something to watch, study even. 

He clenched his jaw, gasping for air as his pupils dilated to near black as a panic swept him like a strong riptide. Seth hunched forward, pressing his forehead into his outstretched forearms along the back of the couch trying to keep from crying, or showing any ounce of weak emotion because he was born Ultio, and he wanted to be strong willed always. But it suffocated him. Being here. A new home. Alpha. Pack. Face. Voice….life. 

He partially whined curling his fists closed while he refused to look at Kai in anyway. 

“I’m trapped here…you’re trapping me just like him. I can’t do this.”

gay shit you might not know about leonardo dicaprio and tobey maguire pt.1

I got to ask Crystal a question during her panel on Saturday, and I asked what the most important thing was that she added to Allison as a character that has effected her development/character arc, and she said that when she finds out her mom died, she was supposed to come home and just see an ambulance out front and that was kind of supposed to be it, but Crystal decided Allison needed more than that. She thought we needed to actually see Allison dealing with that because of how pivotal it was to how her character changes after that point.

Thank god for Crystal.