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Embracing the Season - Mejhiren - Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]
Katniss and Peeta indulge in an afternoon interlude - alternately sensual and playful but always tender - before their college freshman daughter comes home for the weekend. Modern AU oneshot, submitted to Love in Panem for their 2017 Valentine's Day Challenge: "Love Is..."
By Organization for Transformative Works

[We] feasted on love, every mode of it—solemn and merry, romantic and realistic, sometimes as dramatic as a thunderstorm, sometimes as comfortable and unemphatic as putting on your soft slippers. - C.S. Lewis

“I got you a present, by the way,” I reveal, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Sexy lingerie for our afternoon interlude?” he teases, and I produce the stocking cap from my other pocket and tug it down to cover his curls.

“Well, if you want to wear it in bed…” I begin, and he hugs me so hard that I squeak.

“I love you too,” he sighs. “It’s perfect, Katniss. I’ll wear it in bed, at work, in the shower –”

“Just outdoors will do nicely,” I demur, but my hands can’t seem to leave his broad, sweaty back alone. I love every inch of this strong, stocky man and can’t wait another minute to have him all to myself.

“Pick you up out front?” I wonder, and he shakes his head against my shoulder. “I’ll follow you out – just need to grab my coat.”

Home is about a five-minute drive from the bakery, and we manage it quite complacently, even stopping for gas on the way, just in case the promised snowstorm hits overnight.

Love is like that sometimes, especially after twenty years of marriage. You can want each other so badly you think you’re going to combust and then have a polite conversation with a salesperson or run an errand or two like it’s no bother whatsoever.

Authors note ~ Happy valentine’s day! If you celebrate it. Hope you enjoy this. It’s my first ever one-shot for valentine’s day so I’m proud of it. Hopefully someone like this. Thanks for reading! This is my submission for Love is @loveinpanem.
To pluck a heart’s rose.

•~• •~•

The red foil shines as the light from the fireplace reflects onto it. The fake rose lays at the bottom of the handcrafted frame housing the faded photo taken the day they met, exactly four years ago. Katniss was sleeping in the children’s area of the library after reading the books of her childhood - the ones her dad had read to her mum whilst she was pregnant with her. She’d been volunteering at the local nursery and in her rush to leave she’d forgotten her library card, by the time she returned they’d closed for the day. Restless and desperate for some comfort she’d sat down to read but the sun shining through the blinds only aiding in lulling her to sleep.

Next thing she saw was the comically wide eyes of a young 12 year old boy trying to crawl away from her. It took two years until he confessed about the photo. Apparently, he’d seen the small girl and assumed she was taking a nap, after all, didn’t all sane teenagers do that? The boy - Peeta as she’d come to learn - was even more shy than she was, with dirty blonde hair that would block his sight and shirts with sleeves stretched out over his hands. He’d heard of valentine’s day but in a house full of boys and with few friends he’d yet to actually prove that he could connect with a girl. Until he saw her. Quickly he had dusted off his father’s camera, set the timer for ten seconds and crawled over to her. Katniss imagined he was poking his tongue out throughout the process as he had attempted to be sneaky and lift the sleeping girl’s head so it was resting on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he said, that he was acting too bold for his age and attempted to kiss her. He succeeded, giving her a peck on the nose as the second flash went off, except as he moved away.

Well she sneezed.

‘I thought you were allergic to me’ he’d told her shyly at the end of his story. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

That’s why the valentine’s gift made her want to cry. Four years later and he’d got her a half fake, half chocolate rose. Who would want that? She wouldn’t have minded previously but they’d been together for a year now. He was her boyfriend.

They were grown up.

They progressed in their relationship.

Oh yes, they were past nose kisses - although they were still ongoing.

They’d moved onto eye contact.

So a chocolate rose? Well Katniss wasn’t a romantic or anything, and personally she thought that valentine’s day was pointless, but surely he could have put a bit more effort into choosing her a gift. I mean she’d prepared his surprise gift for a week and all their pets came round to watch as they painted their favourite designs on each other, or at least he did as she gave him the supplies and made up stories for each image.

Not to mention he had to live up to her parents standards who viewed love as sacrificing anything for a small smile.

It hurt. It hurt a lot.

Cause Katniss cared for him, however unintentional. Sometimes it seemed she was the only one.

She picked it up as the door behind her creaked open. He’s slow, heavy footsteps showed he was hesitant. Damn well should be. She sniffed.

“Did, did you like it?” he stuttered as she turned to look at him. His hair hung over his glasses obscuring his vision just like it had years before. The dark green frames where her favourite colour and likewise the reading glasses she wore were his - a gentle orange.

“Yeah” she whispered watching as he bit his lip and tugged the sleeves of his T-shirt over his hands. “It’s” she searched for a word that he’d take as a compliment “sweet”.

“Well it is chocolate”.

She hummed and swayed slightly as they stood opposite each other, neither moving. From a look he could sense that she wasn’t pleased with his gift.

“But I… you like food” he says scratching his head as a blush spreads on his cheeks. “I mean that’s what you said”.

“I did” she murmured trying to dismiss the feeling of sadness that his gift caused. “But it’s not cheese buns” she replies, grateful that she found an excuse.

Peeta clears throat and uses his sleeve covered hand to wipe at his glasses, a nervous tic she’s noticed. “I can make you some if you like. Its past eight but I’ll stay up past my bedtime and run to the bakery if you-”.

“No” she interrupts pausing as she remembers the curfew his mother made him follow since he was born. If he ran home and got caught then he’d probably end up with a beating from the woman, though for some reason she doubts he wouldn’t do it for her. He was odd like that. “It’s okay”.

He gestures to the gift as his voice cracks during his attempt at a romantic speech, “You rose above all other girls and stole my well you know…” he blushes and evades my eyes “my heart and my… I shouldn’t finish that sentence. I’m not old enough to. So um could you be my valentine?”.

She replied with her a small smile and a pun of her own. “Rye wouldn’t I?”.

Katniss lifts up the rose with a smile. “I guess I’ll go um, eat this. Thanks”.

He huffs, the breath blowing his curls up before they lazily drift back down. “Can I just. Do you mind if I…”.

“What?” he shuffles over at the sight of her furrowed eyebrows and pecks her cheek, his thumb brushing against it as she blushes as though trying to wipe it away. Ease her discomfort. She blushed harder.

•~• •~• •~• •~•

She stumbles down the stairs as she recalls what happened prior to the nap Peeta took with her. She remembered crying after she’d ate the rose and was left with a plastic stem. She’d wasted his gift and was too embarrassed to admit that she’d have preferred a real flower even if it would’ve died a day later. It seemed only she would make the sacrifices in their relationship.

Yet soon as he saw her bloodshot eyes peeta dragged her into the kitchen and melted down some chocolate so that he could make her some more roses in an attempt to cheer her up. Katniss argued that valentine’s day was over at 12:01 but Peeta explained that the time zones were different in every district so technically they had at least four hours left of valentine’s day. That made her smile. She still didn’t think he deserved her. But he’d do anything for a small smile. He was odd like that. So very odd.

Whilst it was melting on the stove he showed her how to pipe flowers and imprint a design into ingredients like flour which consequently ended with her giggling and Peeta standing in the room blushing despite being covered in flour.

As they settled into the last hour, they had drawn their name and the date into the chocolate before placing it in the freezer to act like a little fossil that they could eat in the morning.

They had then sat on the floor and he wrapped his arms around her with a promise to spend their next valentine’s day at the beach. How she got to her room she doesn’t know but that doesn’t mean she regrets it.

Katniss strolled over to the fridge and pulled out some of the chocolate before she sat down and began to read the book logs of their savings. Her nose crinkled at the taste. The chocolate seemed different than the rose, which she resigned to the idea that however useless a gift it was it made her happy if only for a moment. The chocolate was still flavourful and would melt within seconds if she didn’t chew but it didn’t seem as rich. The rose must have been dark chocolate? But that must be artificial. No-one can afford real dark chocolate. Well unless they were from the Capitol which her and Peeta weren’t.

She flips open the log and scans through the records. Income from bakery, coins spent on trade. A violet coughing racked her body and she clung to the table, squeezing her eyes shut as she heard his footsteps thumping down the stairs. Forcing herself up she ran to the sink to get a drink of water, trying not to choke herself in the process.

A deduction. They were missing at least ¾ of their college funds, or at least Peeta’s. She knew he’d been saving. They both had. That money would have taken almost his whole life to earn. Did he give it away? Damn his mannerisms. “Peeta” she screamed slamming the empty cup down, her eyes darting around rapidly. Sixteen times two meant thirty years. He couldn’t wait thirty years to go to learn. “What the hell? Where’s the money? You son of-”. She jerks to a stop.

A labeled tag lays among their rubbish. Crumpled and torn she catches a glimpse of the words written.

“Peeta… what?” her voice trails off as she goes silent, stunned.

{Authentic Gourmet Chocolate, Hand Crafted.

Distribution - Capital.}

The familiar price lays scrawled at the bottom as she gapes at it with a small phrase.

{Love is sacrificing all for the smile of someone who sees you as no-one.}

She doesn’t deserve him. Oh no. Oh no. Her gaze collides with his as she blinks back tears.

He flattens his hair down. Straightens his glasses and with a shy smile, he shrugs. “Happy valentine’s katniss”.

Random Hunger Games History Headcanon

The Games were never supposed to be indefinite. Rather, when the Treaty of Treason was signed, there were supposed to only be 15 Games; one for each year of the Dark Days. It doesn’t make sense for the Capitolites to come in swinging about how they love watching kids die, and it’s unlikely that the districts would agree to surrender with such terms.

Going along with that, the President Snow who presided over this legitimately believed that this would be the districts’ penance for their actions. The flow of resources would be increased to all the districts in increments after each Games, with the ultimate plan being that all the districts would be welcome back into fold after the last blood debt would be paid.

Moral objections were met with the counterargument that the rebels willingly sent child soldiers even younger than 12 to fight and die; why should this be so heinous?

The first decade of the Hunger Games was characterized by tributes in every district volunteering. To all the former child soldiers who were no strangers to death, combat, or killing, this was just another battleground, and it was better that they went instead of some unlucky kid with no experience. Even after the last former soldier was reaped, volunteering was still very common.

The Games themselves were simple affairs. Going with the president’s rationale that this was penance, he also thought that it was a dirty business that should be over as soon as possible, So tributes were shunted into a facility where they would train and live in the lap of luxury for a week (there were no interviews, parades, stylists, or sponsors) before being taken to an amphitheater in the city.

There was no Cornucopia; the tributes had a weapon of their choice from the beginning. They weren’t even required to kill each other; the arena would be filled with mutts from the get go. There were no early Games that lasted longer than half-an-hour.

After the last standing tribute was crowned victor, they become a citizen and received schooling; the president felt that the Games were a victor’s trial by fire and that they thus deserved to potentially become the next leader of Panem. There was no official tour; the districts were also going through their own trail by fire and there was no need to rub it in.

Of course, we know things didn’t end at Year-15.

So what happened?

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by @notanislander

This idea started with just a quick image in my mind: Katniss and Peeta holding hands for the first time since he returned to 12 after the war. Thank you to @titaniasfics @mega-aulover and @louezem for their eyes and ideas. You ladies inspire me every day.

For Peeta and Katniss, life has never been simple. Or has it?

“You’re back” she croaks at him, her voice rusty from disuse.

“Yeah, Dr. Aurelius wouldn’t let me leave until yesterday. By the way, he says you need to answer your phone…” he says almost apologetically. He knows how much she must be hurting, how hard it must be for her to face her ghosts alone. But he also knows the best way for her to face them is with someone else, and with Dr. Aurelius’s advice. So, while he’s sorry he has to tell her to answer the phone, he knows it’s what is best for her.

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Strawberry Cake

Have some fluffy Gadge and Eversee friendship! 


Because true love is best friends. And maybe cute boys with cake.

“You’re killing the foam,” Katniss points out and Madge blinks, comes back to the moment.

“Huh?” she asks, can feel her cheeks start to heat up at being caught spacing out.

“The foam,” Katniss repeats, points at Madge’s mug. Madge looks down at her hot chocolate and sees that she’s been stirring absentmindedly this whole time, effectively killing the whip cream on top.

“So?” Katniss asks and Madge looks back at her in confusion.

“So what?”

Katniss rolls her eyes.“What’s wrong?”

Madge thinks of saying ‘nothing’, but she doubts Katniss would believe her. Her eyes drift a little over Katniss’ head and land on the shiny cupid hanging from the ceiling. She sighs.

“Well, it’s just…this was supposed to be our fist Valentine’s Day together, but Gale’s busy all day.” Katniss’ eyebrows draw together and she looks like she might say something, so Madge hurries to continue,  "I mean, I’m not angry at him or anything, and it’s not really that important. I’m used to spending it alone, and I don’t need a day to know Gale loves me, I already know that.“ She pauses for a moment and Katniss looks a little lost.

Madge sighs. "But…I guess it’s just a little sad, having to spend this one alone when I actually have someone to spend it with. And you don’t need to say anything, Ms Valentine’s-Day-is-totally-pointless, I know I’m being silly. I just…” Madge trails off in a sigh, wishes paper hearts weren’t mocking her from every corner of the cafe. Katniss doesn’t say anything and Madge doesn’t look at her, doesn’t need to see that Katniss thinks she’s being stupid.

“Why don’t you come to my place,” Katniss says and Madge jerks her head up in surprise.

“What?” she asks because Katniss tends to turn into a hermit on February fourteenth, hides away to avoid what she thinks is the dumbest “holiday” around.

“We could…watch movies and stuff,” Katniss answers, sounds a little embarrassed.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean, I’d probably be sitting at home watching movies anyway. Why not do it with you?”

Madge beams.

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Birth  days in Panem

@kleeklutch mentioned that the Hawthorne kids have birthdays in the first half of the year (Do you have the reference on that? I feel like I vaguely remember something in Mockingjay but could use a refresher.) It got me thinking about reasons birthdays might come in bunches.

  • Couples aim for spring babies
    • It’s easier to take care of a baby in the spring
    • The woman is not heavily pregnant in inclement weather of winter, nor is she suffering through the heat of summer
    • If the woman works in the mines she can go back to her job before 19 year olds start working. Helps preserve any perks of seniority.
  • A spring baby has some time to get big before winter, and is therefore more likely to survive
  • Summer (August for May babies) is ripe for getting down
    • The Games fall in this window. A holiday for the reaping. There might be special school/work cancellations for feasts. The end of the games has the recap. Distractions might be desired. Or the days off allow more convenient coupling. Or workers are less tired.
    • More creative locations are available in the summer. If you live really close to other people or there are a ton of people in your house this can be a bonus of warm weather.
    • People are feeling optimistic.
    • After the Games are over, the power is out a lot.
    • Summer heat + no A/C. Walking around not wearing much can be inspirational for a lot of couples.
  • Capitol manipulation 
    • These kids are younger than others in their reaping group. Since the reaping in the summer means 12 years olds *just* turned 12 and are probably particularly tiny. Maybe Careers tend to have birthdays in September or something.
    • Limits the amount of useful tesserae a child can obtain. If eligibility for signing up is tied to birthday, but cessation is tied to the reaping then spring babies lose months of possible aid. 
    • Treat them like cattle, have a birthing season like cattle.
    • Reapings are a great time for census taking, and no one can try hide a baby from being registered when the district is full of extra officials and Peacekeepers.

Then there are fairly mundane reasons the Everdeen girls are born in May. Sometimes things just work out that way. Both my kids have birthdays approximately 9 months after my husband’s birthday because even though we’d been trying for a while, that’s when babies happen for us. I know I came from my parents being anxious and excited for my sister to start kindergarten. My husband was born 9 months after his parents’ anniversary. My extended family is full of New Year’s Eve babies. Valentine’s day, blizzards, power outages are all frequent explanations.

So there’s my fic and conspiracy theory fodder for the day.

Countdown to MJ: Masterpost

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A Christmas House - Star

Thank you for the wonderful prompt from @loveinpanem Star and for the dare from @titaniasfics who also beta this chapter, it has a Jose-Jose song Piel De Azúcar .(Skin Spun Out of Sugar/ Sweet Skin)..hehe sounds like a song you would have hear in a malt shop but with amorous sad lyrics ! Also thank you for @akai-echo for creating this amazing banner. 

Rated G

Ch3 Star

-2003, Age 12, December 14th-

Peeta rode his bike to Katniss house, straight after school. He stopped just before he reached her house. He saw Delly and Jo walking past Katniss house, deep in conversation. He hid in the bushes. He didn’t want to talk to the girls. They would detain him with questions he didn’t have answers to and he had a job to do. Peeta eavesdropped, he wanted to know what they were saying.

“Have you seen Katniss?” Jo asked.

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  • Mercy: But you can’t retire, Reyes is afoot!
  • Soldier-76: Reyes? REYES!!!!! (Runs away trying to hide) Wilheim, come quick, Reyes is here!
  • Mercy: I just said that Reyes is afoot.
  • Soldier-76: REYES!!!!! (Firing everywhere in the room)
  • Reinhardt: Would you please stop saying that? You diagnosed him with PTSD and now you just brought it back, does the Hippocratic oath worth nothing these days?
  • Submitted by Panem-Circus-Et-Metal

Love is…

What is love in The Hunger Games Universe?

If Love is the question, let your story or artwork be the answer.

From Friday, February 10th through Tuesday, February 14th, we invite you to submit your stories and art for this year’s Valentine’s Day theme, 

Love is…

Any pairing. Any universe.  Let your art speak for itself. You may submit directly to our page or you may tag us and we will feature your work.  

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day, Panem style.

A Christmas House - Carol

Once more my many thanks to @loveinpanem for hosting this event. It brings us together to celebrate the season of love and miracles.  Thank you to @titaniasfics my beta for this chapter and also to @akai-echo whose Banner is a work of art. 

Now Ch2 Carol (part one can be found on the @loveinpanem​ site)

Rated: T -2003, Age 12, December 1st -

“Again children, these are Christmas carols. You must show more enthusiasm!” Miss Effie chided as she directed the children’s choir for Merchantville’s annual Christmas Pageant.

The boys, who were being forced to be angles, used their battery operated candles likes lightsabers. Miss Effie stopped directing the choir. “Boys those are not lightsabers, those are candles. Why can’t you be like the girls? Primrose Everdeen, please stand up straight!”

Peeta watched Prim, Katniss’s little sister try harder. He grinned, for a six year old, Prim was a well behaved girl. She was going to make a pretty angel.

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