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Mabel, my precious baby momma kitter. She was a great cat, with a lot of love and personality. She was stolen one day from our truck, and never seen again. I’m sure she’s okay, wherever she is. Goodbye my fat lazy love

Happy Birthday. Your growing up (even though your older than me lol) so much and i don’t want you to get any older. Another year goes by and its another year with Seventeen. I can’t truly thank you enough for these past years. Ever since I laid eyes on you i fell in love. You were so different from the others; Everything about you seemed perfect. We both share a love for music and lyrics. I can’t relate to some artists the way i relate to you. I love you so much. Your such a handsome, talented man. Your dancing is amazing, your singing is amazing, your rapping is amazing, you are amazing. Seventeen should be proud to have you as their composer. Another year goes by and another year of outstanding music from Seventeen. Today is a day where we get to honor our talented and loving composer, Woozi. I truly thank you for saving me from what could have been a horrible depression. 

Leon Draisaitl - Listen to your heart

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Hi!! I <3 your writing! do you think you could write a fluffy story about Leon proposing to you? thank you!!

Author’s Note: Hello Doll! Awww thank you so much! We love the love you guys give us, makes our day!

Prompt: (loosely) 

Song : The Maine - Listen to your heart

Dating was hard, but dating a hockey player who happened to play for the NHL was harder. Long road trips for up to two weeks. Missed phone calls, missed texts. Lonely, nights, along with an empty bed. Of course you didn’t mine most days. You knew what you signed up for, and it was his job. A job that he worked hard for, so all those long lonely, nights were worth it, just to see his smile after a game.

It had been a week since you last saw Leon. He had a wonderful week with the Oilers. Non-stop asskicking from the boys. It was a week to be a proud Oiler fan. Leon, was due back tomorrow, so when you saw his car in the driveway you thought something bad might have happened.

“Leon?” You called out placing your shoes, and bag on the floor by the door.

You got nothing. You made your way into the closet room to you; the living room. Nothing. Next you tried to downstairs bathroom. Only to find nothing again. You huffed as you called out his name once more, before making your way into the dining room.

“There you are. I was calling you.” You smiled at a worried looking Leon.

He smiled as you got closer. You pulled him in for a kiss. He smiled into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around you.

You never realized how much you missed the little things, like kissing, hand holding, being able to smell him on the bed in the morning after he left for morning skate. Or just being able to see his smile. You never realized until you didn’t get to see or have those on a daily bases. Just, another reason why being with him was so special.

“I’m going to be weird for a moment, but I need you to promise me that you will let me finish before you say anything, okay?” He said his voice shaking.  

“Okay.” You smiled trying not to show that you were worried.

“I need you to sit at the table, and put these on.” He said pulling out his phone along with a pair of earbuds.

You did as he said, sitting so your back was too him. You waited for him to fumble with his phone before walking closer to you. He handed you the ear buds, which you placed in your ears.

“Now, I need you to sit here and listen to the whole song, Okay?” He said looking ill.

“Okay.” You said not sure what he was up too. “Is this like the ring, I’m I going to listen to this and then get a phone call saying I have like seven days until I die?” You joked, but also feeling worried.

Leon laughed. “No.”

“Okay.” You smiled.

You turned around and waited for him to press play. You waited for a moment before a familiar tune started making it’s way into your ears. It was a song that was basically your song.

When, you first started dating Leon, your friends and family disapproved, due to hearing stories about sports players and how they are never faithful. It broke Leon’s heart because even from a short start he cared too much for you. So, you played him this song, and after he heard the whole thing you kissed him and told him “That it doesn’t matter what everyone else things. All that matters is you and I.”

As the song came to the end you couldn’t help but feel some tears. How you two have come so far since that first night. You pulled the earbuds out and turned around. You almost fell out of your chair.

“I can’t tell you how much I love you and keep loving you more each day. You are always there, after a bad day or bad game. You put up with my moods. Actually, you put up with a lot of shit, but you never once stop loving me. You’ve always said to follow my heart, that it would lead me to the right decision no matter what. Well baby, my heart is saying I want you to be mine. Y/N, will you marr-”

“YES!” You yelled before jumping out of your chair.

You kissed him hard.

“You didn’t even let me finish.” He giggled as he placed the ring on you.

“Do it matter.” You said holding him close.

“No.” He chuckled. “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!”


Praise to God, immortal praise, for the love that crowns our days; bounteous Source of every joy, let thy praise our tongues employ: for the blessings of the fields, for the stores the garden yields, flocks that whiten all the plain; yellow sheaves of ripened grain, all that spring with bounteous hand scatters o'er the smiling land, all that liberal autumn pours from its rich o'erflowing stores. These, to thee, O God, we owe, Source whence all our blessings flow; and for these our souls shall raise grateful vows and solemn praise. ~ Anna L. Barbault, 1772

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Lmao my boyfriend and I met on Xbox, we both weren’t looking for someone on Xbox or someone at all! But something about him really made me gravitate towards him and idk. We talked through Xbox until one day I jokingly said “email me” and he said “bet” and so our loved blossomed over email and I really want to marry this man. We met once he’s lovely in person, We see each other again in December and I’m so happy! (Don’t worry we switched to FaceTiming everyday not just emailing lol)

HAHA this is so great! Thank you for sharing! I hope you two have lots of fun together and sounds like a great future is ahead for you two!

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If the kids were to get married one day, what would the wedding theme be?

Roman: The theme would be our love! Nothing should distract from us! (maybe Wizard of Oz, could be cool too, but mostly our love!)

Patton: I would love to get married in a beach! Or in a forest! 
Logan: I don’t know if I want to get married. Dad says it’s very expensive. If I get a spouse, we’ll be very discreet and not throw a big party. 
Virgil: Getting married sounds awful! Everyone has to dress up for you and everyone keeps staring at you as you kiss your partner. And then there’s a party and music and ugh… Cake. Nope! If I was getting married, the theme would be “send me presents and we will open them in a video together and that’s what you’re getting”. 

yo I feel like including loki in thor: ragnarok as neither a hero nor a villain was marvel’s way of saying “we know you still love this psycho after all that he’s done, so let’s ease your conscience a bit with this movie” and I really appreciated that

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