We end our days with tears in our eyes and we start our days with fake smiles on our faces and however we behave in between are just calculated moves to not breakdown
—  Days Of Our Lives // JustScribbledWords

i live in north east texas and go to the school jensen ackles went to. i was talking with my art teacher who has been teaching here at the jr high for over 30 years and we got to the topic of jensen. she said his parents used to live super close to the school and she was friends with him. she started telling me stories about him. one of her friends was a big fan and she talked to jensens parents and asked him to sign something for her friends. his parents said that they can’t even go out and eat in town when he’s here, and when they do he has to sit at the back of the restaurant and face away from everyone. one of her close friends was a huge fan of days of our lives and her wedding was coming up. she asked jensens parents to talk to him to sign something for her and she framed it beautifully and gave it to her as a wedding present. everyone told her to put her wedding photos in the frame but she refused bc it was so special to her. she even confirmed the story jensen told about him modeling that pajama thing and how some boy hung up the photo all over the school. jensen came here for a basketball game one time and the power went out and they had to stop playing but everyone was freaking out cuz he was there. there’s probably plenty of more stories i could ask her to tell.