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Okay, so I just wanna talk about this shot from La La Land for a second. First off, this is from the end of the opening number (”Another Day of Sun”). Not only is this shot beautifully composed and executed, the color scheme is so pleasing, and there’s SO MUCH DEPTH. Also, this number is one continuous take with no cuts whatsoever which means that after running around catching everything happening among the cars and dancers, the camera operator and director still got this shot to wrap it all up. This is hands down one of the best shots on film in a long, long time, and I love La La Land so very much.

Ok but as much as I love newtina, I’m SO GLAD that they didn’t kiss at the end of the first film. Like so so much bc that would be just so out of character? Esp for newt, and tbh with the slow burn the character development will be there when it eventually happens (prob in the last film???).

But yeah, so happy the directors didn’t go forcing anything bc that would have put me off tbh.

pinkfordka replied to your post “Why are all young romantic lead men in old movies from the 60′s to the…”

Thts how it is now too

Yeah that’s true but i’m thinking like this specific and extremely disgusting monotone grimy white that i see a lot in this era

Like how am i gonna support a romance between a girl like this 

and CHEVY CHASE… Stop it’s unbelievable and they really act like he’s a stud or something get out of here


The Emoji Movie (2017) | Teaser


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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