days of arrow

an imp and her wolf


‘Since when are you such a badass?

Since always’

if i have to hear one more ‘be positive !! actual comic book dinah’ 

shut up. please just. stop. talking.

i love dinah. to pieces. obviously. she’s my damn icon.

but you don’t spend four fucking years propping up dinah laurel lance to just be like… know what? no. we’re killing her and then you bring dinah drake. when that. doesn’t. even. fucking. make. any. motherfucking. sense. remember laurel’s mom……named dinah drake. hmm??? 

writing laurel like they did and her into some metaphorical corner is their own damn fault. they did that. it’s not up to me to give them another chance. they had it and they blew it. the end. 

& i will fight you until the ends of the earth if you think fridging one dinah for another is acceptable. it’s not. they didn’t need to replace her. they needed to learn how to write for someone not named felicity. 


Female characters from TV/Animation DC Universe

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